2009 July 12 Mixed Golf Outing


Today's Mixed Team Alternate Shot Golf Outing was the biggest and best yet. Sixteen (16) teams played this afternoon with various results. Actually the number of teams would have been 18 but an injury and sickness forced two teams to drop out.

As the teams waited for other teams to finish, the was a whole lot of socializing going on. What a wonderful Sunday afternoon of golf and good company.

After the 9 holes were completed we had a winner, a 3-way tie for 2nd and a 3-way tie for 5th. Lars and Doris Larson won the Outing with a score of 45.

The teams that were tied for 2nd teed off on #1 (reversing the tees with the women hitting) and 2 teams teed off on #3 (reversing the tees).  The third team had to leave early and did not  play. The teams of Joe Moore &Annette Dashiel, Frank Solle & Nel Worsfold, and Jim and Kaye Mcelwain tied for second with 48's and were on the playoff tee number one.. After the first playoff hole, Frank and Nel lost the hole and finished 4th. Joe & Annette and Jim & Kaye played the 2nd playoff hole, and Joe & Annette won placing 2nd and Jim & Kaye finished 3rd.

In the playoff for 5th place, Larry and Theresa Laurain played against Buck Ridgeway & Jane Bailey on the playoof tee number three.  After tying on the 1st playoff hole, Buck and Jane won the 2nd playoff hole to finish 5th.  Larry & Theresa finished 6th.  The third team that initially tied for 5th with a score of 51 was Howard & Sally Davis, but they were unable to stay for the playoff.

The next Mixed Team Alternate Shot Golf Outing is being moved to July 26 at 1:30 p.m. due to a conflict with other island activities. For the next Outing the Tees will be reversed, with the womenl teeing off on the odd holes and the men will teeing off on the even numbered holes. A signup sheet is in the clubhouse on the desk.

Thanks again to John & Carolyn for another great day of golf.  Carolyn did a great job ordering the weather and John has the greens in great shape. Most importantly, thanks to everyone who participated.  We are looking forward to seeing you on the 26th of July.

Buck Ridgeway