2009 July 20 Music on the Porch

This is the first evening of the BIHS Museum Week, and it is always a very good opportunity to hear the talents of the Island residents and visitors. The hostess of this event for the last 20 years has been Doris Larsen. Doris always has done a wonderful job of organizing and scheduling the talents of the performers, and performing is also one of her strengths as well. A special thank you goes to Andrea Moore for helping with photographs and video.

Doris Larsen Introduction

First on the porch was Mike and Shelley Scripps, Jayne Bailey, and "Butch" singing gospel songs.

Mike and Shelley, Jayne and Butch

Then Butch gave us a history of some of the Island music and performed a waltz and a polka-jig tune.

Butch Intro and Waltz

Butch Play BI Stomp Tune

Butch talked about Dick's store and the only thing that Dick was never out of was harmonicas.

Next up was the community choir with solos by Sheri Timsak and Mike Scripps.

Sheri with Choir

Mike with Choir

It's pretty obvious that some of the youngsters were enjoying the night...

Scott Kausbaum performed as well as filled-in with music between performers.

Scott on Piano

Several performers got up to sing with music accompaniment

Melissa sings and Desire sings

Mrs. Hurkmans sings

Mike Hurmans sings

Then Joddi Croswhite performed without aid of accompaniment two moving songs

Joddi sings

Joddi sings

Joddi sings

Joe Moore performed a couple of old time Beaver Island polka and jig tunes

Joe plays classical

Joe plays polka

Joe plays jig tune

Then the youngsters of the Gerrish family and friends performed two wonderful pieces including Copland's "Hoedown"

family and friends

family and friends

Terry Bussey, a former BICS teacher from years ago, put in a repeat performance.

Terry sings

Terry sings

Terry sings

Terry sings

Jeff Connors performed an original song about Ernie Martin

Jeff sings

Joyce Runberg and Paul Niehaus performed the Shamrock jukebox hit "Seven Old Ladies"

Seven Old Ladies

Seven Old Ladies

A few more singers including Phil Beckers and Signe Thomas sang karaoke..

Phil sings

Bob Bass sings

Signe sings

Ricky Nelson song

Sheri sings

L. D Ryan got up and read some excerpts of articles of family veterans and played unaccompanied saxophone "I'll Be Seeing You"

LD plays

The evening ended with Doris Larsen singing "Summertime."

Doris and Scott with pan of crowd