2009 June 6 BICS Graduation at the B I Community Center

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The school crest was hung from the podium.

Mr. Jon Bonadeo played "Pomp and Circumstance" as the Class of 2009 processed onto the stage. The seniors walked through the raised flowers held by the junior class, the Class of 2010, and then proceeded to present the flowers to their parents in recognition of parental support.

The juniors holding the flowers while the seniors entered...

Caitlin Boyle..........Deven Cook..........Patrick Cull

Maeve Green...........Heather McDonough

Members of the Junior Class Honor Guard were Kristy Bousquet, Jenna Butler, Lindsey Kenwabikise, Alex Kuligoski, Cameron LaVasseur, Briana Maudrie, Dereck McDonough, and Bryan Timsak. The high school faculty for 2009 included Connie Boyle, Beth Croswhite, Tim Eaton, Anna Martell, Dan Martell, Judi Meister, Matt Ritchie, and Miranda Rooy.

Deven Cook lead the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, and was followed by Heather McDonough welcoming everyone to the Graduation. Kathleen McNamara then also presented a Welcome and said a few words to the seniors.

The seniors listen as Kitty McNamara speaks to them....

Patrick Cull and Caitlin Boyle, Summan Cum Laude, presented the Salutatory Address and the Valedictory Address respectively , and then the Class Song was played "Your Life is Now" by John Mellencamp.

Maeve Green, Magna Cum Laude, introduced the Commencement Speaker, Father Patrick Cawley

Father Pat, as he is known to most of the Islanders, told an interesting story of how during one of the previous graduations somewhere else, there was a definite desire to purposefully leave and religious references out of the program. Everything went well until one of the students who was speaking got up to speak, and all of the 90 graduates sneezed at the same time. This prompted the student speaker to say, "God Bless You, God Bless You,....." This got a good laugh from the audience. Father Pat also spoke of how important it is to remember Beaver Island, and the fact that each graduate has the Island as part of his/her history. "Don't forget that you came from this Island. You probably won't ever meet anyone else who has come from an Island (as special as this one)."

Father Pat spoke....the Seniors listened.....So did the two school board members on stage..

The diplomans were conferred represented by the BICS Board of Education Trustee Gail Weede and Board President Barb Schwartzfisher. Heather McDonough told the seniors it was time to turn the tassels....

Mr. Jon Bonadeo performed the recessional "Pomp and Circumstance" as the seniors exited the auditorium. The seniors then formed a greeting line outside the Community Center.

Deven.............. Caitlin.......................Patrick.........................Heather

An outside picture of Maeve was way out of focus...(Sorry, Maeve)

................Father Pat looks on......the crowd outside the Community Center

Happy Seniors, the Class of 2009...

Congratulations Caitlin, Patrick, Deven, Maeve, and Heather!!!!