2009 New Year's Eve at Donegal Danny's

As was state on the previous page, this night's music at Donegal Danny's was one in which a large number of Island musicians participated. Here is at least a partial list of those that performed while these pictures were being taken: Rich Gillespie, Danny Gillespie, Cindy Gillespie-Cushman, Joe Moore, Rita Palmer, Danny Johnsten, Brandon Maudrie, Randy Osborne, Jeremy Sowa, Cory Sowa, and Hilary Palmer. Pretty amazing to see these musicians getting together in impromptu configurations. With one individual on drums one minute, and on bass the next, or on bass one minute and on the fiddle the next, or singing old time country one minute and Irish songs the next and rock and roll next, this night was the largest variety of music this Island has seen in quite a long while. Like has previously been said, reminiscent of older hall parties.

Quicktime Streaming Video Clips:

Danny Johnsten plays fiddle

Cindy sings Jewell's tune

Danny sings a waltz

Jeremy sings Evil Ways

Jeremy sings Folsom Prison

As you entered the pub, you had Cindy, Danny J, Danny G, and Rita immediately to your left, making old time Island music come alive.

With Julie and Mary and Marie staying close to the band and helping direct the order of the music, the fun was just beginning.

Joe Moore playing bass, then on the fiddle..(photos courtesy of Marie LaFreniere)

The crowd was obviously enjoying the music and the company...

Danny chats with Jimmy....... Heather and Hilary pose for photo

Hilary got up and sang a couple with Jeremy joining in on harmony

Brandon Maudrie playing bass..

Cory Sowa on drums and Jeremy Sowa playing lead and singing

Close-up of the Sowa Brothers at work

Cory Palmer on bass with Randy Osborne on rhythm guitar

The whole night was filled with local musicians, obviously enjoying what they were doing. Musicians also took breaks and, either before performing or during a break, checked out the music at the other establishment. A tough night to be a reporter, trying to figure out when to be where, and still be home at midnight to share the New Year with family.