Listing of Quicktime Streaming Clips

Airport Business:

1 Jack Gallagher states rules

2 Introduction of the two townships board members

3 Jack Gallagher on public taking of private property near airport

4 Jack Gallagher on federal and local funding for airport land purchase

5 Rick Speck states agreement on Airport Committee needed first

6 Tim McDonough and Ray Cole make comment

7 Jack Gallagher states the airport committee has no powers granted

8 Township Lawyer comments 1

9 Township Lawyer comments 2

10 Township Lawyer comments 3

11 Jack Gallagher and Township Lawyer comments 4

12 Township Lawyer comments 5

13 Township Lawyer comments Authority Recommended 1

14 Township Lawyer comments Authority Recommended 2

15 Township Lawyer Authority can levy up to one mill

16 Pete Lodico to Township Lawyer Question

17 Larry Kubic to Township Lawyer Question

18 Jim Birdsall Questions Authority versus Contract

19 Sandra Birdsall states Authority members not elected

20 Sandra Birdsall suggestions

21 Township Lawyer suggests possibilities

22 Jim Wojan and Sandra Birdsall exchange comments

23 Audience member suggest the Island's best assets include the harbor and the airport

24 Jack explains the issue on airport expansion

25 Township Lawyer suggests jeopardy using current airport ordinance

26 Tim McDonough comments and Jack Gallagher responds

27 Jean Palmer states nothing has been hidden, Jack Gallagher responds, Jim Wojan comments

28 Paul Welke suggests side-by-side comparison of authority versus contracts

29 Ray Cole and Jack Gallagher discuss airport expansion information presentation

30 BJ Wycoff wonders if two issues don't make this confusing

31 John Works speaks on safety reason is true, expansion is not the reason

32 Jack Gallagher states the paperwork uses expansion, John Works repeats the need is for safety

33 Jim Wojan asks township lawyer a question about legality

34 Pete LoDico requests, Paul makes motion for Peaine

35 Ray Cole makes motion for St James

36 Rick Speck airport committee's present make-up needs resolution

37 Ray Cole makes motion to table Resolution of Necessity and Joint Meeting scheduled

38 Peaine's motion

Waste Manangement Business:

39 Jack Gallagher speaks on Waste Management Committee

40 Jean Palmer and Jack Gallagher disagree on committee make-up

41 Jack Gallagher states two members from each township board and three members at-large

42 Jean states that changed when no interest, Ray suggest interest present now, Jack comments

43 Ray Cole suggests revert to previous make-up, St James says no

44 Tim McDonough and Jack Gallagher exchange comments on Darrell Butler's member of committee

45 Jean Palmer comments on this conflict and Jack Gallagher answers

46 Township lawyer clears up conflict of interest confusion

47 Jim Wojan, Pete LoDico, Jean Palmer, and Colleen discuss if Darrell is interested

48 Jack, Jim, Rick, and Paul comment

49 Judi Gallagher comment, Jean Palmer comment, Jack admits error, Jim Wojan comment

50 St James motion to repost for waste management committee

51 No appointment, New posting

52 Jack and Ray discuss contracts between the townships

53 Peaine motion and St James motion

54 Jack Gallagher states millage set by St James with 50 50

55 Jack Gallagher states budget agreement needed before millages set

56 Rick statements about 50 50 and Jacks budget timing too early

57 Jack and Rick comment on possible new budget agreement

58 Rick states Peaine SEV higher 50 50 should change

59 Jack states the operations are in St James and budget guess is better than nothing

60 Rick comments on millage rates, Jack suggests joint budget meeting

61 Jack and Rick discuss joint budget topics

62 Rick, Jack, Ray full millage discussed

63 Ray and Jack discuss joint budget meeting

64 Jean Palmer states current proposed budget process

65 Jack Gallaghers analysis paying too much with no detail explaining why

66 Tim and Jack exchange comments, Rick concerned about timing

67 Jack suggests joint budget info provided prior to Feb 15, Jim and Rick comment

68 Ray Cole asks township lawyer about 50 50

69 Ron Wojan applauds the two boards for discussion of issues