2010 February Homegame Islander vs Laker Basketball

Lady Islanders on Friday night:

The Lady Islanders were up against a much more aggressive team this past weekend on February 5 and 6, 2010. The Lady Lakers were hard runners and scrappers went it came to playing the game against the Lady Islanders. Some of the Islanders were surprised by such an aggressive game, but soon, the Islanders began to work their way ahead of the Lakers in both games. Friday's game pictures and clips show more of the story.


Lady Islanders win 42-35

Friday Night Girls Highlight Clip 1

Friday Night Girls Highlight Clip 2

Rebounds were hard fought......Defense was serious business.....Kristy ready to run.....Jenna against aggressive Laker

Fighting for possession of the ball with many tie-ups for a jumpball was part of the Friday night game. Good defense, Ladies! All the Lady Islanders were given a physical workout.

After a serious workout, the Island game plan became serious. "Run hard, move, and back, back, back," was heard from the Islander bench.

Concentration and hard work won this game for the Lady Islanders.

Offense end of the court brought the Islanders to the foul line or an inbound from the baseline......

Male Islanders on Friday night:

The Lakers came to play, and their team leader's number was 14. Paul Fisher was the Lakers' leader and principal ball handler. He was an excellent shot, and he set up most of the Lakers' plays. All the Lakers played a very aggressive game with the fewer number of players on the bench for backup.


Islanders win 66-53

Friday night Boys Highlight Clip 1

Friday night Boys Highlight Clip 2

Friday night Boys Highlight Clip 3

All the Islanders had their hands full with Paul Fisher, as well as the other Laker players.

Working hard and running hard, the Islanders rebounded, ran, and sometimes committed fouls. One on one-Bryan versus Paul

Doug, Matthew, Gus, and others rebound, rebound, rebound...................Foul shot

Mom and Dad watch their son together...

Halftime entertainment too!


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