2010 June 2 St James Township Board Meeting

Additions to the agenda



Approval of the minutes


Approval of the bills


Bills payment motion


Whiskey Island purchase and correspondence


Old Business Veterans Memorial


DNR lease agreement and garden maintenance awarded


Trash Pick-up Bids


Fourth of July Supervisor for Carnival


New Business Oil Bids


Assessor's Meeting about Re-appraisal


Zoning ordinance about lawn care in the town area discussed


Suggested ordinances for St James township--Disorderly conduct and/or Disturbing the Peace presented


Township to look over and discuss ordinances at future meetings


NRETC Symposium Discussed


Elaine West Comments about NRETC, Rick responds


Legal counsel request about what township can do to influence NRETC


Motion to support Human Services Commission or support meeting with CC Road Commission, Connie Wojan comments


County Commissioners stand on COA services, Jim Wojan comments


Requests for information: Jim Wojan explains airport committee trip, shows frustration, and Elaine makes comments


Public comments Kings Highway unsafe, Turn off street lights to save money