2010 June 5 Graduation Ceremony


Mr. Chittle greeting previous graduates and others in the auditorium

Juniors preparing the flowers

Procession and the reciting of the pledge


Pledge of Allegiance  

Kristy Bousquet welcomes everyone

Kristy's Welcome  

Ms McNamara welcomes and gives seniors a final word of wisdom as the graduates look on..

Ms. McNamara's comments  

Jenna Butler gives her salutatorian address

Jenna's salutatorian address  

Jenna introduces Alex  

Alex Kuligoski giver her valedictory address

Alex's Valedictory address  

Danielle Cary Scheller sings class song"My Wish" accompanied by Scott Kausbaum

Danielle sings  

Bryan Timsak introduces the commencement speaker

Bryan's introduction and Adam Chittle, part 1  

Adam Chittle gives his commencement address with humor and emotion and logic.....the seniors give Mr. Chittle a standing ovation


Mr. Chittle, part 2  

Mr. Chittle, part 3  

Mr. Chittle, part 4  

The class of 2010 receives his/her diploma


Presentation of diplomas

The turning of the tassels and the recessional begins

Turning of tassels  


Recessional played by Jon Bonadeo

Outside after the ceremony is over with a receiving line


More pictures outside


And .....another graduation is successfully completed with another group of wonderful students!!!

Congratulations to Kristy, Jenna, Alex, Cameron, Bryan, Lindsey, Dereck, and Briana!!!