Beaver Island Health & Human Services Fair

Live Well, Feel Well, Be Well


The Health and Human Services Fair will provide Beaver Island residents and visitors with information about and opportunities to connect to organizations that can help them improve their total well-being.





June 1, 2010





I am writing you on behalf of the steering committee for the Beaver Island Health & Human Services Fair. The aim of the fair is an extension of the aims of the Human Services Commission: To help make sure that those in our community are happy, healthy, and cared for. We are excitedly gearing up for the important island event—September 16, 2010—and are seeking a variety of donations.


Contributions of money are one way to help us meet our goal of a successful fair. These contributions would help us with food for members of the various participating organizations as well as our volunteers, and other items such as decorations and a banner. We hope to be able to send the fair attendees home with a bag full of goodies related to their health and wellness, and so another way to donate is by providing a few dozen of some particular item that we can put into these goodie bags.


We will thank all those who have made contributions on a large display board at the fair, as well as in the island’s electronic and print news sources.


If you would like to make a donation or ask further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.



All the best,






Judy Boyle



Beaver Island, MI / P.O. Box 120 / 49782