2010 November 20, 2010 First Airport Commission Meeting

Welcome and Don Vyse Electected as 7th Member to BIAC


Mike Scripps Appointed Chair


Discussion of Vice Chair Position


Discussion and Motion on Rules


Officer Discussion, Update Ray Cole on Progress


Organization Matters and Records Storage Discussion


Discussion of Content of Letters to the Townships


Jim Wojan Offers Governmental Center for Records, Ray and Don Discuss Townships' Resolution


Discussion of Mail Pickup, Bills, and Budget


Next Meeting Date Set for 12/9/10, 6 pm Peaine Hall


Don Vyse and Jim Wojan to Do Interim Inspection instead of Meade-Hunt to Save $6000


Funding and Land Acquisition Cost Discussion


Land Acquisition Discussion Continued


Pete LoDico States Rules Approved by Peaine Township Already


Discussion of Records Location


Discussion of Airport Improvement Program Funding


Discussion of Airport Manager Position


Funding Pipeline Discussion Provided Including Obstacles


Steve West Thanks Commission Members


Mike Scripps Thanks Don Vyse for Years of Service


Ken Taylor Speaks to the Necessity for the Inter-Governmental Agreement Process


Mike Scripps States that Politics Should Be Left Out, Some Issues Are a Matter of Opinion


Jack Gallagher Comments About Budget Issues and Availability of Budget Information