2010 October 6 St James Township Meeting

Minutes approval


Approval of Bills for payment


Agenda changes and correspondence includes Gary Vogt letter


Phragmites report by Jacque LaFreniere


NRETC report Jim Jones


NRETC Report Sandy Birdsall and Jim Jones


Airport Agreement Discussion Begins


Airport Joe Reed and Ed Welter


Airport Jim Wojan Rick Speck and Ed Welter


Airport Welter "Impeach" Jim Wojan etc


Gerald LaFreniere comments on Northflight and fencing the township airport


Keith Teague, airport questions


Airport comments by Skip McDonough


Resolution to authorize fund loan


B I Development Corporation agreement


Guidelines for Senior Housing Project


Approval of Waste Management Bylaws


December Board of Review Date Set


Appointment of Election Inspectors


Kathy Speck about Recognizing the Phragmities Volunteers


Pete LoDico thanks St James Board


Kirk McBride Question on Whiskey Island


Joe Reed Airport Comments


Gerald LaFreniere Airport Committee Comments


Rick Responds and Mike Scripps Questions