2011 April 13 Peaine Township Meeting Video

Additon to the Agenda--Pete LoDico Request for Township Lawyer Opinion on Differences of Function Between a Committee and a Commission


Libarary Board Meeting Minutes and Peaine Township Meeting Minutes Discussed by Kathy Jones, Donna Stambaugh, and Krys Lyle


Simple Statement that these minutes were available on Beaver Island News on the 'Net


Resolution Regarding the Open Meetings Act Brought Up by Jack Gallagher


Angel Welke Leaves the Meeting--States that She Will Be Available by Phone


February Minutes Discussed and Corrected


March Minutes Discussed and Corrected, at odds were private versus public meeting for NREC discussion


March 26 Meeting minutes were discussed and corrected


Bill for Payment Discussion 1


Bill for Payment Discussion 2


Airport Legal Fees Discussion 1


Airport Legal Fees Discussion 2


Assessor Contract Discussed 1


Assessor Contract Discussed 2


Assessor Contract Discussed 3


Assessor Contract Discussed 4


Assessor Contract Discussed 5


Assessor Contract Discussed 6


Assessor Contract Discussed 7


Assessor Contract Discussed 8 Gary Morgan


Assessor Contract Discussed 9 Connie Wojan


Set Board Meeting Dates


Planning Commission


Trails Committee


Air Ambulance Discussion 1, Presentation Sarah McCafferty


Air Ambulance Discussion 2, Kathy Jones


Air Ambulance Discussion 3, Keith Teague


Air Ambulance Discussion 4


Air Ambulance Discussion 5


Air Ambulance Discussion 6


Air Ambulance Discussion 7 Motion approved


Public Comment and Adjournment