2011 April 23 List of Items to Remove at Little Sand Bay House

Here is a list of the stuff that needs to go to the Transfer Station. Looks like they may need some help.

Inventory September 2010 includes at least :

Materials with known fees for disposal at the transfer station:

4 tires

3 tires mounted on wheels

2 lawnmowers

3 refrigerators

In the house (as of 2009):

electric stove

wood stove

hot water heater

2 refrigerators

chest freezer



miscellaneous trash

Scrap metal:

metal farm equipment

barbed wire and other fencing

5 55-gallon metal drums (empty, rusted)

metal roofing

auto gas tank (empty)

kitchen sink

car parts

misc. scrap metal


boat (approx. 16' fiberglass, no motor or trailer) - can be cut up and crushed in compactor

fiberglass shower insert - can be cut up and crushed in compactor

Landfill waste   Gaylord containers (1 cubic yard) $80 each :

wood with tarpaper or other materials attached

treated wood


asphalt shingles

misc. plastic

miscellaneous trash


cinder blocks


wood (untreated) - free, it can be ground up in chipper