2011 April 6 St James Township Meeting

Additions to the Agenda


Approval of Minutes and Bill for Payment


Correspondence--Letters Read including Bob Tidmore Letter about Sewer System


Letters read about clearing Donegal Bay Road Curves and Travis Martin Resignation and discussions


Rick Begins Discussion on Sewer System


Bill Cashman Asks Questions--Rick Speck and Ray Cole answer


Bob Tidmore Questions--Jim Wojan Answers--Bud Martins Questions


Rick, Buddy, and Jim Discuss Size of Tanks and Sewer Issues


Sewer System Discussion Continues 1


Sewer System Discussion Continues 2--Bud Martin, Sandy Birdsall, Rick Speck, and Jim Wojan


Motion to Repair Tanks in Sewer System


Further Discussion of the Sewer System


Planning Commission Resolutions to Dissolve and Recreate


Air Ambulance Presentation and Vote


Motion to Post Previous Position of Travis Martin on Planning Commission


Jim Wojan Asks About Roof on Township Hall


Roof on Township Hall 2


Public Comment and Adjournment