2011 March 19 Fish Toss

The fish this year were either lake trout or salmon, quite long and thin. It didn't take long for the fish to be demolished. Perhaps next year, they'll opt for a hardier type of fish like a carp. The fish was frozen and, unfortunately, fell apart before all the contestants wanting to participate could. It's just too hard to throw a fish that is broken in several pieces. The competition was strong, but the winner in the ladies fish toss was Teresa Martin, who set her aim on her former teacher, Mr. Moore, who was quite a ways away from the throwing line. She wound up and sent the fish flying in the direction of the video camera and its operator. Mr. Moore moved back so that anyone that wanted to beat that distance had to hit him. No one did.

This starts with the lady's fish toss because we don't want you to think that we were only interested in the men's competition.

Interestingly enough, the competition did start with the men. Just getting started was interesting because the organizers couldn't get the men to follow the instructions of where to start throwing and what direction to throw the fish. Getting this across to the throwers wasn't working so the organizers just gave up and had them start at the same place that the women would start throwing.

At the wrong location and throwing in the wrong direction didn't faze these enthusiastic participants.

Thanks to Andrea Moore who took these wonderful pictures.

The men had various different techniques as you can see in these photos.

The men worked hard to get the fish out there the longest distance possible, but the frozen fish went quite high and came down to break in at least two pieces.

Last year's lady's champion got up to set the bar quite high and distance was quite far.

But, the winner was the quite tall, very thin, fuzzy haired young lady Teresa Martin.

Even the youngsters wanted a try.

Although the fish was frozen, not too many ladies used her bare hands to grip and through the fish. This was just a lot of fun to do and to watch. The fish went straight, low, high, off to the right, off to the left accompanied by laughter.