2011 March 9 Peaine Township Meeting Video

Dave Broder Announcement, Pledge, and Moment of Silence


Jack Gallagher Request for Civility


Ed Wojan Request about Bill McDonough Presentation, Jack Gallagher about Letter to DNRE


Paul Welke Requests Bill McDonough be added to the agenda


Approve Minutes and Bills


Beaver Island Association Letter Read Regarding NRETC


Sandra Birdsall Letter Read


Jeff Powers Update on QDM and Antler Point Restrictions for 2011


Ed Wojan Comments on NREC CAMP


Ed Wojan and Jack Gallagher back and forth


Jim Wojan and Jack Gallagher back and forth


Judi Gallagher comments


Pete LoDico and Judi Gallagher back and forth


Sandra Birdsall Further Comments


"Truth Needs to Come Out" pt 1 Jeff Powers


"Truth Needs to Come Out" pt 2 Jeff Powers


Jack Gallagher and Jeff Powers back and forth


Ed Wojan Agrees With Jeff Powers and other comments


Judi Gallagher and Pete LoDico back and forth


Connie Wojan Asks Sandra Birdsall a Question


Sandra Birdsall Answers Connie's Question


Bill Kohl's Comments


Paul Welke Makes Motion to Postpone Action for 90 Days


Judi Gallagher Comments


Jeff Powers Explains BSA


Angel Welke Comments


Charles Donaldson Comments


Judi Gallagher and Bill Detwiler Comments


Paul Tries to Get Back to His Motion and Pete LoDico Explains to Jack Gallagher the Reason for Disagreement with the Two Letters


Jack Gallagher Responds


Jack Offers Compromise, but Not Acceptable


Don Tritsch Comments


Kathy Jones Comments


Jim Birdsall Asks for Explanation of Jack's Compromise


Multiple Comments by Multiple People


Jim Wojan Suggests Closed Joint Township Meeting


Bill Kohl's Comments


Connie Wojan Fear that NREC Would Again Contact MDNRE without Both Township's Approval


Bill Detwiler Comments


Ed Wojan Comments on Trail Map Project by NREC and Errors on the Trail Map


More Discussion on Paul Welke's Motion and Kryl Lyle Question


Further Township Business


Air Ambulance Report


Road Clay


Posting for Clay, Jim Wojan Suggestion


Bill McDonough Possible Special Meeting Discussed


Ed Wojan Board of Review Suggestions