2011 September 7 St James Township Board Meeting

Minutes, Additions to the Agenda, and Bill to Be Paid


Correspondence and J. LaFreniere Resignation


Don Vyse Lighthouse Report


Millage Discussion 1


Millage Discussion 2 and Approval of Millage Rates


Five Year Recreation Plan Discussion 1


Five Year Recreation Plan Discussion 2


Appointments to BITA for St James


Zoning Change in Fencing and Hedges


Zoning Change continued and NRESC Appointments Made


NRESC Discussion Continued


Internet Banking Discussion and Use of Whiskey Point by GT Balloons discussed


Trash Pickup Comments and Yacht Dock Reservations Begin Anew


Yacht Dock Reservations Cont.


Yacht Dock Reservations Cont. 2


Yacht Dock Reservations Cont. 3


Public Comment