2013 August 7 St James Township Meeting

Clip 1 Pledge, Minutes approval, and Bills


Clip 2 Don Vyse Reports on Lighthouse Restoration


Clip 3 Reports: Fire Department, Harbor Dredging


Clip 4 Jim Wojan reports on Ground breaking at BI Airport


Clip 5 Danielle Dedloff to take a leave of absense


Clip 6 Report on Stop Sign on Maple, and on the County Garage by Bill Haggard


Clip 7 Bids on Township Hall heating


Clip 8 Report on Fishing Pier and Boat Launch


Clip 9 Deputy Supervisor Appointment


Clip 10 Approval of NRESC Plan with stipulation


Clip 11 Pete Plastrik Thanked for service


Clip 12 Island Airways and BIEMS agreement extension for 90 days


Clip 13 Resolution for BIAC Loan for $100000


Clip 14 Approval of Language for Millage at Election


Clip 15 Specifics of Millage discussed


Clip 16 Millage Inequity Question posed


Clip 17 Posting for Library Board Position


Clip 18 Public Comments by Don Vyse


Clip 19 More public comment


Clip 20 Jim Wojan on Supervisor Hours