2015 April 12 Biscayne Bay Breaks Ice Pictures

A quick telephone call from Captain Kevin McDonough allowed BINN editor Joe Moore to get to Whiskey Point in time to capture the Biscayne Bay breaking up the ice in Paradise Bay. Thanks to Kevin and Joe McDonough for the heads up!

The Biscayne Bay was moving at approximately 14 knots as it approached the ice just outside the Beaver Island harbor. The ice did slow the vessel down, but it just kept moving toward the BIBCO dock.

The Biscayne Bay approached Whiskey Point with lots of ice versus vessel sound, chunky sounds.

The Biscayne Bay turned around to place the stern toward the Emerald Isle and back in toward the dock.

The prop wash seemed to do the job by pushing a volume of water under the ice and helped break up the ice near the Emerald Isle.

The Biscayne Bay made more than one trip in and out of the harbor making a larger opening with each trip.

The cutter did another back up maneuver and then headed back out of Paradise Bay headed toward shipping channel northeast of the Beaver Archipelago.

Thank you, Biscayne Bay! The boat's first trip signifies Spring coming to the Island!