2015 June 3 BICS Awards and Elementary and Middle School Graduations


Clip 1 Welcome by Ms. Roberts

Clip 2 Ms. Miranda Rooy, PreK, K, and 1st Grade Awards

Clip 3 Ms. Thompson, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Awards

Clip 4 Ms. Roberts 5th Grade Awards

Clip 5 Ms. Roberts 6th Grade Awards

Clip 6 6th Grade Awards Continued

Clip 7 Dan Burton and John Roberts Elementary Basketball Awards

Clip 8 Mr. Justis and 6th Grade Graduation

Clip 9 Secondary Students Awards, Mr. Justis Welcome, Ms. Boyle 9-12 Academic Awards

Clip 10 9-12 Citizen of the Year

Clip 11 9-12 Student of the Year

Clip 12 Ms. Croswhite Darrel Dimwhiddie and Scholarships

Clip 13 Mr. Richards with Middle School Scholar Awards and NLL Awards

Clip 14 Mr. Justis with Citizen of the Year for Middle School

Clip 15 Mr. Justis Student of the Year for Middle School

Clip 16 Emily Jines, 8th Grade Speaker

Clip 17 8th Grade Graduation