Fourth of July 2007

Since the Fourth of July celebration happend in the middle of the week, I'm not sure if it belongs anywhere, but by itself on pages named for that holiday. So, beginning on this page, here is the 2007 4th of July celebration, and what a celebration it was!

Celebration Preparation

People were beginning to arrive downtown as early as noon, boats arrive, people stocking up for refreshments at McDonough's Market. The parking lot was quite full.

Set-up for the Carnival was progressing very well. The dunk tank was filled and ready to go.

The people began to gather just before 1 p.m. for the Community Choir singing.

First some of the guys sang "There Ain't Nothing Like a Dame."

Then Denise Hoffman sang the military march songs for different branches of the service.

Then the assembled choir, under direction of Kathy Speck, sang patriotic songs.

We're almost ready for the parade to start, and here it comes!!

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And here it comes