B.I. News on the 'Net, April 14-20, 2014

Easter Brunch Invitation

Over eighty of the island people attended the Easter Brunch invitation that was held this morning and noon at the Gregg Fellowship Hall. A complete layout of brunch items was set up just inside the windows of the center. Besides scrambled eggs, pancakes, ham, rolls of many different kinds, Lil's breakfast caserole, fruit mixes, hash brown potoatoes, some other breakfast caseroles, salads, as well as coffee, tea, orange juice and water.

This community brunch has been a tradition of the Beaver Island Christian Church for many decades. It was very nice to see reprentatives from most of the island churches attend the brunch on this day of celebration for the Christian religion. If you missed this wonderful meal, you can plan on attending one next year as the tradition continues.

Many thanks to Judi Meister for her organization of this year's brunch. Thanks also to Joshua, John, and Carol Runberg for their help in the kitchen with pancakes and eggs. Thanks also to Rose, Tom, and others who also helped out, making this another successful community event.

Cellos in a Storm

The Nicholas Tube

A haunting, mellow, yet invigorating song.
This song features a cello duet, taking place during a thunderstorm. It is amazing how the thunderstorm mixes back and forth with the music, almost as if it is playing along with the composition. But not really!
All of the nature sounds that you hear in the background, including the thunderstorm, are actually individual sound effects that are mixed into what I call, a "Virtual Environment".
See the "Discussions" tab on my YouTube page for more information about how I create these virtual environments.
I hope you enjoy, "Cellos in a Storm"

Created by Ted Nicholas, copyright 2007
About my Virtual Environments

Many of my compositions include nature sounds, mixed into what I call a virtual environment. For example, when listening to a seashore, you can hear the waves rolling in onto the beach, seagulls darting about overhead, a distant ship's horn, even loons calling from the distance, while songbirds echo from the trees.
This is "not" a recording of the seashore. Rather, it is many different sound effects recorded individually and mixed together as a composition in GarageBand. Many of the sound effects that I use in this "mixing" are supplied with the GarageBand software. Additionally, some of the sound effects I recorded myself, in Summit County Colorado, or right here on Beaver Island. Some of the sound effects were also downloaded from websites like the "US Fish and Wildlife Service".
Some of my virtual environment projects have as many as 10 or 12 audio tracks in them, with multiple tracks being used for the same type of sound effect. For example, the "Island Bells" song contains three "waves" tracks, and includes waves supplied with the GarageBand software, a softer waves sound downloaded from online, and several individual waves recorded on Beaver Island. None of these "wave sounds" are longer than 10 seconds each. By mixing and repeating the sounds back and forth across three separate tracks, along with spreading the sounds from left to right across the stereo spectrum, I ended up with a more natural seashore sound of waves crashing on the beach, that does not simply repeat over and over. So keep in mind, if you hear songbirds in my compositions it is actually several individual songbird recordings mixed over two or three separate tracks and spread from left to right individually. In some of my compositions, I even use virtual sound font instruments, a rain stick for example, with special filters applied to give it a recorded nature sound, like soft waves. I have used a echoey distant flute to mimic the loons, or even a staccato flute and clarinet to add fill to the songbirds.
Many of my compositions will contain both virtual environments, and musical instruments. Some of these ended up with so many tracks in them that the final composition was actually the mixing of two or three separate GarageBand projects. A first project to compose and mix all of the nature sounds. A second project to compose the musical portions, many virtual instruments often mixed with my own live recordings. Then a third GarageBand project to mix the first two projects together. Some of these types of compositions took several months to complete.
Why didn't I just go out and simply record a forest or seashore? Many times while recording in the wild, you will inadvertently record sounds that you do not wish to include. Sounds like; airplanes flying overhead, a burst of wind hitting the microphone, my own clothes rustling, a car driving by on a distant road, or even myself coughing or clearing my throat. Because of these accidental inclusions, using refined sound clips actually works better. In most of my compositions I am trying to present a certain mood or feeling. Having more control over the individual sound effects helps me keep them in line with the mood or feeling I am trying to present in the composition.
So, while you listen to my compositions you are hearing actual recorded nature sounds, but the virtual environment that they create was carefully orchestrated by me.
I hope you enjoy my "virtual environments" as well as my many musical compositions and recordings.

"Virtual Environments", created by Ted Nicholas.

I Owe It All Too Smoked Fish

by Paul Cole

Fishing the lakes for years my Dad decided to have a market down at our boathouse on the harbor. We put in a floor, closed things off, cooler, scale and a cash register and off we went. We would brine the fish and then smoke them for hours with apple wood, slowly and sell them at the market. We did not make a million, but it allowed us to buy gallon milk and few other things--like rosary beads and light a candle for some poor soul like Kevin G.

Us boodlers would ride around after mass (after saying the rosary)--with some holy water--of the PBR kind. I always kept a key to the fish market just in case we had a “hankering” for some smoked fish--usually about 1ish--in the evening. We would unlock the door and grab some fish out of the coolers, crackers, and some “smoked fish dip”, and continue our rides on a warm summer nights.
The labor of the business (us) defiantly affected the profit margin if it was a nice summer. That summer was when I learned the importance of not “losing your keys.” I owe it all too smoked fish--It started teaching me responsibility--how to eat while driving! That is an important skill for the adult world--and one of the most important skills to learn when your boodling--and I owe it all too smoked fish.

Wellness Garden Summer Silent Auction Ready to Start


You know the routine! Please bring your handmade garden-related art pieces and craft items to the BIRHC lobby for summer bidding. We will accept decorated birdhouses, Garden signs, hand painted pots for decks or porches, framed photos and artwork of flowers, landscapes,  birds, butterflies, etc Any merchant wanting to support us can offer items such as work gloves, tshirts, tools,  fertilizer, (all garden-related). We will put them together in "packages" to auction off. The auction begins June st and ends after the Garden Tour. The proceeds from your donations will be used to continue our Wellness Garden efforts as well as Forest View Landscape Project this year. Last summers auction  of birdhouses alone brought in over $750! Thank you again to all our participants.

Connie, Leonor and the Wellness Gardeners

YOU, Yellow Bellied Sap Sucker, YOU!

In the maple tree on Carlisle Road

First seeing this bird in the maple tree, it was suggested that it might be a woodpecker. However, this bird was not pecking at the tree. It look like he was interested in the sap of maple oozing out of the holes made by a woodpecker over the winter. This one flew off, and yet another one came up the tree from the bottom of the trunk.

EMS Responds to the BIRHC

Six minutes after the beginning of the Holy Cross Catholic Church Holy Thursday service, April 17, 2014, the pager went off for Beaver Island EMS. Beaver Island EMS is paged to the Beaver Island Rural Health Center for a patient with an acute abdomen, an abdominal illness. Both the BIRHC provider and BIEMS determined that the patient needed to go to the hospital for evaluation and treatment. The patient was flown off Beaver Island at the level of Advanced Life Support using the Island Airways aircraft licensed by BIEMS as an air transport vehicle for just such emergencies.

From the BI Boat Company

The 2014 scheduled ferry runs for April 21 & 23 have been cancelled due to extreme ice conditions on Lake Michigan between Charlevoix and Beaver Island.  The next scheduled run after these dates is April 25th, however, if conditions do not substantially improve, this trip may also be cancelled.

Ferry service will begin when ice conditions permit and we are able to safely operate our vessel.  Please refer to our web page www.bibco.com  and Facebook page for any updates.

Beauty in the Snow

Every island person living here right now is pretty sick and tired of snow, but there really is beauty in the snow whether it is the way the snow makes the pine trees look, the snow along a branch, or the snow beginning to turn into ice crystals. Here is the close-up of the snow and ice crystals.

The snow and ice crystals on the trees and deck at 8 a.m., 4/16/14

A closer look

Even closer look

Information on School Election, May 6, 2014

Road Commission Accepts Bid for King's Highway Project

Thanks to Rich Gillespie for the information provided here.

The 3.85 miles of the Kings Highway are one step closer to completion as the Charlevoix County Road Commission approved the bid of Rieth-Riley Construction in the amount of $1.75 million for the project. The project is not just the paving as some may think. There is a lot more to do in preparation for the paving. The project includes "grading, drainage improvements, bituminous paving, intersection paving, aggregate shoulders, and restoration of the Kings Highway." Kings Highway is a county road. This project is to have a tentative completion date of September 12, 2014.

The information comes from a road commission document prepared on April 14, 2014, by James G. Vanek, staff engineer.

B. I. Christian Church Newsletter 2014

Island Treasured Closed Friday

The Resale Shop will be closed on Friday, April 18 due to Good Friday observances.  We will be open on Thursday and Saturday this week. We are in need  of seasonal clothing, household goods, and furniture. Please call the shop at 448-2534 or Donna at 448-2797 if you need help with your donation.

Thank you for helping the Fire Department and EMS.

Waste Management Committee Meeting 4/15/14

The Beaver Island Waste Management Committee met at the Peaine Hall on April 15, 2014. Present was a quorum of the committee members with Angel Welke calling in from off-Island. Members pressent were Bill Kohls, Bill Haggard, Jean Wierenga, Ernie Marting, and Joe Moore.

The committee had quite a full agenda, but, even though the meeting started a little late, it was over within just over an hour. The minutes were approved. Ernie Martin was welcomed as the At-Large member of the WMC, having been approved by both townships. Brad Swearingen gave the transfer station manager's report . Angel Welke spoke to a needed fix in the budget. There was a discussion of the purchase of a roll-off truck, and discussion about who would evaluate the possibilities. Brad was requested to bring his recommendation to the committee for next month's meeting. Brad was told to bring a recommendation to the board for next month's meeting.

The employee review was presented by Brad Swearingen, his review of Bob Marsh and Amy Burris being positive. The issue of increase in wages was discussed. There was a motion to increase the employees hourly wages by 3% to match the townships' rate of increase for cost of living.

The bids for transport of the waste from Beaver Island to the mainland were opened. It was noted that there was a significant savings to be had by using St. James Marine Company compared to the Beaver Island Boat Company. The board voted to approve the St. James Marine bid.

There was significant discussion about using the 30 yard open container for shingles. The board discussed possibilities related to cost including labor and shipping. There was a tentative cost discussed, but since the first request had come from the Christian Church, since they did not have a need until September 2014, and since the costs needed to be researched, it was decided to table the cost determination until the research was completed, possibly by tne next meeting.

Video of this meeting is available HERE

Spaghetti Dinner at Peaine Hall

April 14, 2014

The Beaver Island Lighthouse School students provided a spaghetti dinner including salad, spaghetti, and homemade desserts on Monday, April 14, 2014. Seniors were served at 5:30 p.m. The doors will open to the rest of the ages at 6 p.m. Quite a few came out to support the Lighthouse students. The dinner was provided for a Free Will Donation on Monday evening!

This event is meant to introduce the community to the Lighthouse students, and the event also gives the Lighthouse students an opportunity to serve others. This evening was all about the Lighthouse students and their mentors at the Lighthouse School. Although all students didn't get his/her picture taken, meet some of these wonderful young people.

We start with Josh Runberg who cooks down at the Lighthouse School.

A couple of helpers in the kitchen.

Individual students and some posing with Steve Finch

Attendees and servers and staff

Locals out for spaghetti and one came from Traverse City for the dinner

An a good time and a good meal was had by all!

Video of the early dinner and introductions:


Beaver Island Traverse Magazine Ad

The full page ad will run in the May issue of Traverse Magazine. The colorful advertisement follows one in the April edition of the popular northern Michigan publication. “This is an important landmark in group member cooperation in the Beaver Island Chamber of Commerce marketing effort,” said Chamber Executive Director Steve West. “Competitors put there money together in support of the whole Beaver Island community. It’s great to see such team work.”

Illusions of My Inner Vision

by Ted Nicholas

Illusions of My Inner Vision
A poetic description, by Ted Nicholas

A persistence of words as I lay down my head,
haunting my dreams from my nurturing bed.
Avoidance avails me nothing each night,
as I struggle to sleep through diminishing light.
And so, as morning seeps forth from yesterday,
I wrestle for what my words want to say.
To illustrate the haunting, I succumb the decision.
And express to the world my lingering vision.

I see...
Granular shadows of both black-and-white,
mix brilliantly blue-white in the deepening night
A shimmering curtain, sand drawn over my sight
washed sparkling red in each morning's light.

Glowing white ripples begin to play,
Floating like seabirds on the morning breeze.
Dancing and hovering, not here to stay,
each vanish from sight with an elegant ease.

Ghostly reflections hover before me,
layers of remnants from an earlier time.
Lingering shapes from across my sea,
wavey memories from my optical mind.

Dark shapes float by, I strive to see them.
Here and gone before I recognize.
Like shadowy bubbles on a stream, they blend
in the narrowing tunnel engulfing my eyes.

Please don't feel sad on this beautiful day,
for such is my wandering fate.
None of us knows what our lives may say
as it delivers our future plate.
To be happy in the here and now, I feel
is better than some may ever know
To embrace a current life that is real
no matter which path it may show.

As my eyesight diminishes, more with each year
and this terrible beauty inside increases,
I discover I no longer react from my fear
It is my mind's eye that now besieges
my wonder and amazement at life's turning past
I have no real choice in my mind's decision.
For all things in this world are not meant to last.
And I relinquish my eyes to my Inner Vision.

A few tips: (offered for better awareness and understanding.)
Of note, the above poetry describes the optical sensations and so-called illusions that many people see after losing their eyesight. It is a known fact that most people who are born with eyesight, and subsequently lose it, experience what I am describing above, in some form. The medical reasoning for this has to do with the optical centers of the brain becoming dependent on eyesight. When the eyesight is no longer supplied by the eyes, the optical centers of the brain will invent illusions to replace the lost sight. Inconsequently, people who make use of sensory deprivation tanks have reported many of the same illusions.
Note, blindness does not mean blackness or darkness. What I tried to poetically describe above is actually what I see, whether my eyes are open or closed. In my particular eye disease, Retinitis Pigmentosa, these "Illusions" are also triggered or enhanced from any light source. Because each person's mind is individual, the created illusions could be just as individual. Although, many people seem to see the black-and-white TV noise pattern, and the glowing white curly ripples. Red and blue sparkles, white and red flashes, dark floaters, bright halos, and even organic honeycomb patterns are also common.

So keep this in mind when interacting with someone who has low vision, or diminishing eyesight. Turning on a bright light may or may not help them. Moving things to what seems like an obvious position, may not be obvious to them. It is always best to ask, then listen to what they say, then help if needed.

Additionally, many people who lose their eyesight, in part or in whole, not only see these illusions but also have an increased awareness of their hearing. It is amazing how the brain can sort out the billions of bits of visual information that enters one's eyes every split second. We are not born knowing how to do this. It is something that we train ourselves to do as infants. After a loss of eyesight, the increased awareness of our hearing forces us to train ourselves again.  So, if you are conversing with someone who has lost eyesight and they seem a bit distracted, they may simply be dealing with visual illusions, and sorting out their hearing. Just give them a moment, and politely ask if they need you to repeat something.

Feel free to share this anywhere that you wish. If you do, please include the entire text.

Illusions of my Inner Vision.
Written by Ted Nicholas, 2014.


Save the date of Wednesday, July 16, 2014, (RAIN OR SHINE!)

Where: Beaver Island North End Gardens  -- 9 am until 4pm

Tickets: Available at the BIRHC lobby starting  July 1st

This year's all day tour will be through the gardens of 6 unique residences starting early with a wake-up al fresco breakfast,  having lunch at the Beaver Island Lodge, then ending with a dessert tea and home tour. Each host will be showing us the highlights of their gardens; some being container gardens, some with elaborate decks and water systems. All of them as unique as their proud owners.

As usual the price will reflect the cost of the lunch and transportation as needed.  We ask you to remember that the ticket price will include a donation to the Wellness Garden and Forestview Apt. Landscape Project.

More details including price and transportation logistics will be in the June newspapers and at Beaver Island News on the Net starting June 1st.

Call Leonor for more questions (448-2894)



Donate to the Food Pantry

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Donation goes to the Christian Church Food Pantry--Click the Donate Button on the far left and above.

Peaine Township Meeting,

March 12, 2014

Video of the meeting HERE

Information from Our School

Beaver Island Community School Board Meeting Schedule

St. James Meeting, March 5, 2014

Video of this meeting is available HERE

Waste Management Committee, March 18, 2014

Video of this meeting is HERE

Beaver Island Community Center


At the Heart of a Good Community


Mon – Fri 11am – 5pm

Sat 11am – 9pm

Sun Closed!


Community Center Information for April


Check www.BeaverIslandCommunityCenter.org or the Community Center for listings

List of Birds Seen on Beaver Island

This list was compiled by Eric Myers with help from others. If you know interested persons, please pass on this list of bird seen on Beaver Island. Perhaps a brochure could be compiled with the time of year and some likely locations. If anyone has an idea that could be posted electronically, please contact BINN via email at medic5740@gmail.com

Click to see the List HERE

Link to the Beaver Island Airport 10-year Plan

Human Services Commission Resource Manual

Complete Guide to Charlevoix County Human Services HERE

On the Beach of Beaver Island

You will need Quicktime or another music player to enjoy this link.

The music played in the Holy Cross Hall in the late 70's and early 80's, recorded for posterity and shared here.

Beaver Island Association Annual Meeting

The video of the majority of the meeting can be viewed HERE

When Santa Missed the Boat to Beaver Island

as read by Phil Gregg

Click HERE

Community Calendar

A completely new feature includes a monthly calendar for each month of the entire year of 2013. Please send me your events and they will be posted so others can schedule their events without conflict. Email your schedule of events to medic5740@gmail.com.

If you or your organization has an event you'd like posted on this Community Calendar, please contact me and I'll add it in.  Please try to get me the information as early as possible.


Meeting Minutes

The minutes of all public meetings will be posted

as soon as they are received.

News on the 'Net welcomes minutes to all public meetings. All organizations are welcome to submit meeting minutes for publication on this website. Please email them to medic5740@gmail.com.

Airport Committee Minutes

Beaver Island Cultural Arts Association Minutes

Beaver Island District Library Board Minutes

Peaine Township Board Minutes

BIRHC Board Meeting Minutes

St. James Township Meeting Minutes

Beaver Island Community School Board Meeting Minutes

Beaver Island Ecotourism Goals Draft, rev. 3, 19 Jan 2010

Beaver Island Natural Resources and Eco-Tourism Steering Committee Minutes

Beaver Island Transportation Authority Minutes

Joint Human Resources Commission Minutes

Waste Management Committee Minutes

Beaver Island Airport Commission Minutes New for 2011!

Barbara Huston

May 19, 1928--April 10, 2014

Barbara Huston passed away April 10, 2014. Barbara was raised on Beaver Island by her parents Frank and Grace Nackerman.

She is survived by her loving children James (Kathleen), Kenneth (Frances), SharAnn Chesshire, and their father Arthur Huston; her grandchildren Kimberly Huston, Rebecca (Mark) Allen, Stephen (Ashley), Nicholas (Krystal), and Andrew Chesshire; great-grandchildren, Julia, Elena, Luke, and Gavin; her siblings Rodney Nackerman, Rose (Harold) Smith, Ellen (Richard) Verduyn, Colleen Krusky, and many nieces and nephews.

She was employed by Republic Die & Tool for over five decades. She enjoyed reading, travelling, fishing and the outdoors; walking, fishing, feeding the deer and birds and tending the flowers.

Private family services will be held at Schrader-Howell in Plymouth on April 15 with graveside services later in the spring on Beaver Island. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the Beaver Island Rural Health Center through (Schrader-Howell.com.)


from Leonor Jacobson

I am happy to announce that the September  8 -12  Watercolor Class is ready to accept registrations. A generous mini-grant from BICAA this winter has made the classes more affordable this year. Details of the sessions, times, supplies provided, and more will be available in the June newspapers and on Joe Moore's website.  Class size is limited so please let me know asap.

Please email me at  leonor.jacobson@gmail.com if you are interested in signing up now.

Remember to look at Sharon Long's website also:  sharin2art.com/blogspot

Signs of Spring

Beaver Island's first sign of Spring this year was the unexpected early arrival of the USCG Biscayne Bay to break some ice in Beaver Harbor. There are other signs of Spring this year including the run-off creeks and the waterfalls caused by the run-off. The purple finches, the red wing blackbird, and the robins are also a sign of the beginning of the Spring for Beaver Island.

A robin in a tree, day after day, since last week

Gracie Martin's Hill

Jordan River Flowing

Darkeytown Road

The most important thing is missing from these photos, the sounds of the water movement.

Video of all three locations


Church Services Starting This Sunday for Easter Week

Palm Sunday Service:

Holy Cross 10 a.m.

BI Christian Church 10 a.m.

Ligthhouse Fellowship 10 a,m,

St. James Episcopal Mission 10 a.m.

Holy Thursday:

Holy Cross 7 p.m.

Good Friday:

Holy Cross 12 noon

BI Christian Church 6 p.m.

Holy Saturday:

Holy Cross 7 p.m.

Easter Sunday:

Holy Cross 10 a.m.

BI Christian Church 10 a.m.

Lighthouse Fellowship 10 a.m.

St. James Episcopal Mission 10 a.m.

Easter Sunday Brunch:

Everyone Welcome!

Gregg Fellowship Hall 11:30 a.m.

Donna Kubic Receives MCRH Award

The Beaver Island Rural Health Center is very proud to announce that our director, Donna Kubic, received the Loren O. Gettel Award at the April 10th  Annual Michigan Rural Health Conference. This award is given in memory of Mr. Gettel who was a board member and president of the Scheurer Community Hospital Board of Directors for many years and a major donor to MSU programs which promoted rural health initiatives. It recognizes “Outstanding leadership and commitment to the health of Michigan’s rural residents.” Winners are selected by Michigan Center for Rural Health (MCRH) staff.

According to John Barnas, executive director of MCRH, “Donna is a deserving candidate and we all think so highly of her. Great friend of MCRH.”  Donna is the 20th recipient of the award. Dr. Phil Lange was the 2nd winner in 1995.

The board and staff of the Health Center could not be happier to see Donna’s selfless dedication to improving health care on Beaver Island recognized on a statewide level. We thank her for the countless hours she has spent over the past 11 years keeping things running smoothly, expanding services, and always looking for ways to help those in most need of medical care  in our community.

From all of us,

Congratulations, Donna!

Claire Elizabeth and Molly Ann McDonough

Claire Elizabeth McDonough was born on April 9, 2014. She weighed 4lb 13oz and was 17 3/4in in length

Molly Ann McDonough was born on April 9, 2014. She weighed 4lb 12oz and was 18 inches in length

The proud parents are Shane and Emily Milroy McDonough.

Peaine Township Board Meeting, April 9, 2014

The regular monthly meeting of the Peaine Township Board met at 7 p.m. on April 9, 2014. The Peaine Board had quite a few items on the agenda, but moved through the items efficiently. The minutes of the March 12th meeting were approved, moving on to the March 29th meeting minutes for the electors meeting, the budget hearing, and the special meeting. Riley Justis was not present at the point in the agenda regarding the school millages, so the board moved on. They schedule a meeting for April 23, 2014 at 7 pm for the purpose of approving the ballot language for the August elections. The board also approved the election inspectors for the May 6, 2014, school election.

The was discussion of the Emergency Services Authority with the general recommendations to fill the positions and work on changing the representations on the authority increasing beyond two total. The retirement letter presented to Joe Moore was discussed. Joe Moore provided his assessment of the current condition of Beaver Island EMS, and affirmed the retirement date in his letter as March 15, 2015. Joe answered questions from the public with the permission of the Board. Danielle Dedloff had also tendered her resignation as EMS Executive Director, but would serve for a short period to allow the opportunity to get another person up to speed on EMS.

The zoning administrator Doug Tilly will be retiring this June of 2014, so posting for this position was discussed and a suggestion was made to post this as a joint position for St. James and Peaine Townships.

The bills were reviewed and approved for payment. At this point, Riley Justis entered the hall to make his presentation.

The pager for EMS went off, and the video was stopped. The meeting video up to the Justis' presentation was live streamed.

View video of this meeting HERE

Charlotte Ann and Lillian May Wellman

Charlotte Ann and Lillian May

Charlotte Ann and Lillian May Wellman were born at 3:30 pm on April 8,2014, at Kettering Memorial Hospital in Kettering, Ohio. Mom and babies are doing well. Mom will be discharged on Saturday, but the girls will spend 2-3 weeks in the NICU. Proud parents are Ryan and Susan Wellman.

Another Wonderful Beaver Island Example

If there was any doubt about why the Beaver Island experience is different than other places, last night was another wonderful example of how the people, groups, and agencies can work together. It is public information that last evening, April 9, 2014, the pager went off for an injured individual. The injured individual was ten miles from downtown St. James. The pager announced that the patient was in a cabin approximately 200 yards off the roadway with no driveway plowed. It was announced that snowshoes may be needed to get in to the cabin due to deep snow.

Enroute to the scene, 57E4, the emergency response vehicle, requested that the Beaver Island Fire Department respond with a special piece of equipment, a rescue sled. Additional personnel were also requested. Arrival on scene required wading through snow for approximately 200 yards. Upon arrival of the ambulance and fire crews, the patient was convinced to go to the BIRHC for evaluation of his injury. The patient was loaded onto the rescue sled and manually pulled out the 200 yards to the ambulance. Once at the roadway the ambulance cot was removed from the ambulance into the muddy road and the rescue sled was placed on top of the ambulance stretcher. Excellent teamwork loaded the patient into the ambulance, and the patient was transported to the BIRHC.

Evaluation and treatment of the patient took place at the BIRHC. There was a discussion about how the patient was going to get back to his cabin. It was determined that the same method of using the rescue sled was the only method that made sense, so the emergency response and transport was performed in reverse. The patient was returned home and a fireman assured the patient that the firemen would check on the patient in the morning.

Cleaning a muddy, inside and out, ambulance took some extra time, and the paperwork was completed after midnight. Just one more four hour Beaver Island emergency-successful due to the efforts of the caring individuals on Beaver Island EMS, Beaver Island Fire Department, and the Beaver Island Rural Health Center.

Thank you all for your service during National Volunteer Appreciation Week, April 6-12, 2014!

Meet Conlan Patrick Wearn

Big brother Ronan and "Baby Con"

Conlan Patrick Wearn was born 4/8/14 at 8:16pm to Brenna and Tim Wearn. He weighted 8lbs 6oz and was 21 inches long. Grandparents are Kitty and Mike Green and Linda Wearn.

Jacqueline Ann Howard Passes

Jacqueline Ann Howard, 82, of Charlevoix, formerly of Beaver Island, and Grattan, passed away Wednesday, April 9, 2014, at Charlevoix Area Hospital. She was born September 13, 1931, in Grand Rapids, the daughter of Russell and Gertrude (Barry) VerDuin.

She married Martin L. “Lew” Howard on August 29, 1953, in Parnell. They made their home in Grattan and owned and operated Greenville Farm and Garden. They moved to Beaver Island in 1991, where they had vacationed since the late 1950's. Lew died on December 22, 1997, and Jacqueline moved to Charlevoix in 2007.

She is survived by her children, Susan Howard of Charlevoix, Patricia A. (Bruce) Cull of Beaver Island, Robert Howard of Charlevoix; grandsons, Patrick and Matthew Cull, and Bobby Wilson.

A graveside service is planned for the spring at Holy Cross Cemetery on Beaver Island.

Please sign Jacqueline's guestbook at winchesterfuneralhome.com

Audrey I. Smallwood Passes

Audrey I. Smallwood, 77, of Cheboygan, and Beaver Island, passed away Tuesday, April 8, 2014, at McLaren Northern Michigan in Petoskey. She was born February 4, 1937, on Beaver Island, to Thomas and Mary”Tom” (McDonough) Gatliff, and grew up there. She served as a Dominican Nun for seventeen years, then attended Aquinas College in Grand Rapids where she graduated as a Registered Nurse.

Audrey worked in hospitals on the West Coast, Northern Michigan, and with Vital Care. On October 14, 1978, she married Thomas M. Smallwood, DDS, in Cheboygan where they made their home. Tom died in May of 1989. Audrey later married Laurence Ronald Driscoll, and he died on July 26, 2002.

Audrey was a member of Saint Mary's Church in Cheboygan.

She is survived by her step-son, Michael (Marget) Smallwood of Ann Arbor; step-daughter, Ann (Shawn) Sweeney of Ionia; grandchildren, Lehna and Liam Smallwood and Owen and Keegan Sweeney; sisters, Grace Doig of Chicago, and Kathleen Wood of Beaver Island. Audrey was also preceded in death by her brothers, Corniel, Danny, Bob, and Perry; and sisters, Ellen, Dorothy, Mary Ruth, Margaret, Eileen, and Ann.

Visitation will be 6-8 pm, Friday, April 11, at the Winchester Funeral Home in Charlevoix, where a prayer service will be recited at 8 pm. Funeral mass will be 12 noon Saturday, April 12, at Saint Mary's Church in Charlevoix, the Reverend Matthew Wigton officiating. Burial will be at Holy Cross Cemetery on Beaver Island, Friday, May 23.

Memorial contributions may be made to the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, 3949 Sparks Dr. SE, Ste. 100, Grand Rapids, MI 49546 or www.komenwestmichigan.org







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Vacation Bible School

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For children ages 3-12.

(Imagination Stations, Crafts, Music, Storytelling, Games & more!)
To be held at the Beaver Island Christian Church

***Family Picnic immediately following VBS on Thursday, July 3rd
Details to follow.***
As always, there is no charge to attend VBS.

Please register early:
Debbie Robert 448 – 2048 (home) 231 675 7155 (cell)
Or email me at debbier@bics.us

This program is sponsored by: BI Christian Church, Holy Cross Catholic Church, ST. James Episcopal Mission & the BI Lighthouse Fellowship

***Volunteers Needed***
***Donations Welcome***

BIRHC Meeting Dates Set

The board of directors of the BIRHC has set these meetings for 2014:
All are Saturdays at 10 AM in the Community Room at the Center:
June 21

Sept. 20

Annual meeting Dec. 13.

Charlevoix County Commission on Aging
Beaver Island Congregate Sunday Dinners 2013/14
(Subject to changes based on Island events!)




Stoney Acre






Stoney Acre

McDonough's Winter Hours

Moonday-Friday 8-6
Saturday 9-5
Sunday 11-1

Need Asphalt Work Done?

Paving Contractor Contact Information

If you are interested in getting some asphalt work completed on your property, it appears that the contractors for the Kings Highway repaving project are searching for additional work or side jobs. While the asphalt plant is on the island, you could get your driveway paved, a parking lot paved, or other work completed. Here is the information for calling to set up an appointment in the spring for an estimate:

Rieth-Riley Construction Company

Contact: Mark Wagner or Jim Pemberton, 231-439-5757, or 06795 US-31 N, Charlevoix, Michigan 49720

Payne and Dolan, Inc.

Contact: Matt Miller or Gery Hartman, 989-731-0700, or 1029 Gornick Ave., Suite 105, Gaylord, Michigan 49735

B I Christian Church Ministers

pastors for April

13: Pastor Howard Davis
20 and 27: Pastor Harold Kruse

Bible study

every Tuesday evening at 7:00; discussion led by pastor of the previous Sunday-

-Everyone welcome!!

  Bible study 7:00 - 8:00; coffee/dessert fellowship after Bible study.


Save the date of Wednesday, July 16, 2014, (RAIN OR SHINE!)

Where: Beaver Island North End Gardens  -- 9 am until 4pm

Tickets: Available at the BIRHC lobby starting  July 1st

This years all day tour will be through the gardens of 6 unique residences starting early with a wake-up al fresco breakfast,  having lunch at the Beaver Island Lodge, then ending with a dessert tea and home tour. Each host will be showing us the highlights of their gardens; some being container gardens, some with elaborate decks and water systems. All of them as unique as their proud owners.

As usual the price will reflect the cost of the lunch and transportation as needed.  We ask you to remember that the ticket price will include a donation to the Wellness Garden and Forestview Apt. Landscape Project.

More details including price and transportation logistics will be in the June newspapers and at Beaver Island News on the Net starting June 1st.

Call Leonor for more questions (448-2894)


Gregg Fellowship Center. Doors open at 6:15 pm and games start at 7:00 sharp on first and third Wednesday!

Beaver Island Human Services Commission 2013 Meeting Schedule

Beaver Island Human Services Commission
2014 Schedule of Meetings
3:15 p.m.
Beaver Island Community School
The Commission is a collaboration of organizations that advocates for the emotional and physical needs of island residents and visitors of all ages.
April 15, 2014
September 16, 2014
November 18, 2014
***additional meetings may be posted as needed

Members: _rotating_(Char-Em Human Service Coordinating Body), Adam Richards (BIRHC),  Alice Belfy(BICS), Judi Meister (Food Pantry), Ann Partridge(COA liaison/Community Center), Lois Williams (Hospice/Helping Hands), Kathy Tidmore(St. James Township Rep.), Pam Grassmick (Peaine Township Rep.),        ______ (AmVets)

Message to All B.I. Organizations

BINN is willing to post any and all events on the News on the 'Net website! There is one exception to this rule.

BI News on the 'Net cannot post your event if you don't send the information to BINN!

Subscriptions Expire

You can subscribe online by using PayPal and a credit card. Please click the link below if you wish to renew online:


USCG Cutter Biscayne Bay Visits

The USCG Buscayne Bay came up the East Side of Beaver Island this morning and with increasing speed came to the mouth of St. James Harbor, Paradise Bay.This was a somewhat unexpected visit even though the entire community was hoping that it was headed our way. The breaking of the ice in the harbor is the symbol of the beginning of Spring for the Island people. The Beaver Island Community School lets the students come down to watch the process, and a large gathering of community members were also down at the BIBCO dock. Several others headed out to Whiskey Point to welcome the USCG.

One of those symbolic things did take place today. John Works and Gerald LaFreniere made certain that the American flag was flying at Whiskey Point for the welcoming of the Biscayne Bay. This was a wonderful gesture, and many thanks should go out to those gents who made sure that there was a symbol of welcoming for those aboard the Biscayne Bay.

Two video clips of the Biscayne Bay breaking ice in the harbor

Clip 1


Clip 2


"The Coast Guard boat cometh."

It is out there. It is coming into the harbor. Lots went to the point to welcome it.

John Works and Gerald LaFreniere get the American Flag on the tower to welcome the USCG Biscayne Bay.

Closer and closer to Whiskey Point--Will it enter the harbor?

It's actually going to enter the harbor! The beginning of a Beaver Island Spring is at hand!

"When they get to the whiter ice, the boat is going to slow down because this white ice is thicker."

The Biscayne Bay enters the harbor enroute to the BIBCO dock.

Best move to the other side of the harbor to get some more pictures.

Watching from the yacht dock. The pumps are pumping--air or water or both?

The vessel approaches.

Skim ice from the freezing of the night before. Note the air trapped underneath.

The Biscayne Bay came in and turned and then began backing toward the BIBCO dock.

Pretty close but yet 15-20 feet from the Emerald Isle

The sun's reflection off the skim ice by the yacht dock.

Another trip out and back in--viewed from the public beach

The Biscayne Bay heads out the harbor entrance.

Thank you, Biscayne Bay and crew!

The flag flies at Whiskey Point....The Biscayne Bay heads out..

Advanced Care Planning

Beaver Island Airport Terminal Video Walkthrough

April 8, 2014


For those of your who are not able to watch the video above due to slow connection speeds, there are seventy pictures of the same walkthrough being processed. They will be posted on another page and a link will be posted here for your access to the pictures.

Pictures of the Walkthrough

Downtown Sewer System Thawed

The downtown sewer system has been giving the St. James township customers fits for a few weeks now. The issue was even brought up at the St. James Township Board meeting on April 2, 2014. Today, April 8, 2014, at approximately 2:30 p.m. an announcement was made that the sewer system was thawed out and was now working. The pipes had been frozen out on the Donegal Bay Road from the Emerald Isle Hotel out to near Ed and Connie Wojan's home. All of the downtown sewer system customers will be happy to hear that the system is now working, although the bill for the repairs has not yet been determined.

We all hope that this issue is resolved for good, and that the downtown businesses will be ready to continue to operate through the summer using this system.

Early Boats Canceled by BIBCO

The 2014 scheduled ferry runs for April 14, 16, and 18 have been cancelled due to extreme ice conditions on Lake Michigan between Charlevoix and Beaver Island.

Ferry service will begin when ice conditions permit, and we are able to safely operate our vessel. Please refer to our web page www.bibco.com  and Facebook page for any updates.

National Volunteer Appreciation Week

April 5, 2014

It is National Volunteer Appreciation Week, the week of April 6-12, 2014.

BINN pays tribute to the dedicated and generous individuals that volunteer in our community.

It is with sincere gratitude that we celebrate BIEMS, BIFD, and Island Treasure’s volunteers during Volunteer Appreciation Week and every single day. They provide invaluable help to our community, to individuals, and families on Beaver Island. There are many other volunteers in many other groups on the Island as well. They help accomplish a wide variety of tasks with dedication and generosity. We would certainly not operate in the same manner without their donation of time, talent, and energy.

Please know that the contributions of BIEMS and BIFD, and all other volunteers make a significant and positive difference in these two Beaver Island Townships!

BIEMS Responds

As public knowledge, BINN reports this morning at approximately 9 a.m., BIEMS responded to an emergency in front of the post office. Several community members had reported that the individual in the vehicle was unresponsive. BIEMS arrived two minutes after the page. The patient was loaded into the ambulance with help of bystanders and transported to the BIRHC, where the patient received treatment. A second call for emergency responders was initiated, but no further transport was deemed necessary. The patient was released, the paperwork completed, and the ambulance readied for another response by quarter to twelve.

Thanks to our EMS responders who participated today to help a fellow community member.

From Ted Nicholas

I know that I promised to upload "I Dream of the Island", the original song, as the first of my island songs section. However, I decided that perhaps a more fitting song would be better for the beginning of spring on Beaver Island. I will be uploading the original "I Dream of the Island" next. Promise!

This song is an instrumental and features a cello, a stringed orchestra, a choir, and my rendition of the Beaver Island church bells. It is mixed with nature sounds, many of which were recorded right here on Beaver Island. It is dedicated to Beaver Island, and the islanders who work and play and raise their families here on the Island, many of them for generations.

I created this song almost 10 years ago, after first moving to the island. It is composed around a melody that we all know and love, and can be heard almost every morning over the entire north end of the island.The video that presents this song is about 10 minutes long. If you live on the mainland and you miss the Island, please take 10 minutes out of your busy schedule and have a listen.

The link to the song will be shared at the bottom of this post. But first, a bit of writing to help create the mood in which the song was composed.

The Island Bells

An imaginative writing about a very real place.


I awaken early, the lingering chill of coyotes yipping and warbling in the distance still echoing eerily from my dreams. The scent of steaming coffee accompanies me to my small cedar deck, where I await the rising sun, surrounded by tall pines and birch. The spring's first rays peek through the thick forest across the lane, warming the air. Sweet grasses and the growing leaves of spring dance slowly back and forth in the dappled sunlight, as if awaiting the melody to come. The scent of fresh growth drifts through the air, accompanied by the early songbirds calling to each other in the distance. As I sip the hot goodness in my cup, my mind wanders across the lane and through the towering trees, their shadows still clinging to the morning's chill. In my mind's eye, I escape the trees and emerge into a brilliant sunrise, sparkling over the big lake, crimson and gold dancing on the waves. I wander over the bluff and down to a remote rocky shoreline, the sounds of the rolling surf surrounding me. A gathering of white seagulls dart and call overhead, as if beckoning me onward, the booming of a ship's horn on the distant horizon their only accompaniment.

The first arriving pair of Loons thrum a path across the sky, their wingbeats softly drumming a rhythm as ancient as the island itself. I wonder how many people have wandered this same path, loggers, fishermen, or even the Island natives of the past? I cannot be the only one. And yet I feel as if I have discovered a newly created world, with each rising dawn. Even still, I know that I am not alone in my wonder. Many more have come before me, and have helped to shape this beautiful place, filled with the light and sounds of the Northern Lakes. The morning sun begins topping the trees, bringing me back to my small deck and steaming cup. The air begins to warm as the songbirds increase their calling. Loons echo in the distance as the soft ringing of the "Island Bells" drifts across the waves, filtering through the trees. I smile and sip slowly from my cup. I am home!

If you like what I am doing, please share!


Writings and the Island Bells song created by Ted Nicholas.

Look for "Island Bells" on my YouTube page.
The Nicholas Tube

Need A Cab in Charlevoix?

There is a new cab company serving the Charlevoix area. Apparently the older company went out of business. The new service is operated by Rob Reider and is called First Class Cab. You can contact them at the following number--231-675-7393

Cross Country Skiing from the Mainland to Beaver Island

(Photos and story by Mike Everts-Permission to use photos and story granted to BINN)

Contact email:



Hi my name is Mike Everts. Last Sunday,March 30, 2014, I skied across the ice from Waugoshance to Beaver Island. I live on the Charlevoix side of Petoskey just up from Bay Harbor. Here at my homestead, I have a artisan farm and catering company named Blackbird Gardens. In fair weather, when the leaves are down I can see the faint line of the south end of Beaver Island. With this year’s full on winter, I have been looking at
white snow and ice as far as the eye can see.  I am an avid cross country skier, and keep a close eye on spring snow (crust) conditions for my yearly pilgrimage to Wilderness State Park for a long day of skate skiing. With an ice crossing in mind, for some weeks now, I have kept an extra close look at the conditions and the weather.
Last Sunday was the day-sun, calm to 5 mph south wind, high temp 44.  The snow we got Thursday morning March 27, combined with the warm temp and light rain that night, made for a perfect skiable crust once it got cold on Friday and Saturday nights.

I packed extra water, food, and a light weight down jacket, in addition to usual map, compass, knife, waterproof matches, camera, etc.  There is allot of ice this year. The thinnest ice I saw around any of the pressure cracks was at least 8”. The biggest risk as far as I could see was not falling through the ice, but falling on the ice and breaking yourself or your equipment and having to deal with the distance, time, and the potential for hypothermia. The most stable technique for rough areas and glare ice, for that matter, is the good ole double pole.

It took about five and a half hours with about twenty stops for photos and a 45 min. lunch stop when I reached Hog Island. I started from Wilderness State Park at the base of Waugoshace point, where the plowed road ends. This ski ended across the street from the Shamrock. A total of about 34.5 miles best I can figure with my county map and ruler.  The ski skating conditions were excellent except for about four miles of rough and   drifted ice just west of Gray’s reef lighthouse, and mostly glare ice between Garden and Beaver islands. I started a little before 11:00 am and finished just after 4:00 pm.  The typical xc ski marathon race is 50 km. Average skiers like myself usually race this 30 mile distance in about 3 hours.  World cup level elite skiers, in good conditions can cover that distance in around 2 hours. Thats 4 minute miles or 15 miles per hour fast!

The day and the ice were beautiful. It was a unique experience to cover distance in that environment at that speed. You could see the east side of Hog island (barely) from Waugoshance island, but it took till about half way across to make out Beaver in the distance. I do wonder where all the sea gulls will find food till the ice breaks up. There were no droppings anywhere around their tracks, perhaps they just arrived on Saturday. I figure that it would probably be the only chance I would have in this lifetime to do this ski crossing as I am in my early 50’s and it hardly ever freezes up like it has this year.

I spent the night, and skied to the airport along the lake in the morning. As I cut in to the west from Sandy Bay just south of St. James, I thought; This is great skiing. I don’t need the lake to freeze up to ski here. Next year I will keep an eye on the spring crust conditions, when it is right I can catch a flight and ski the Beaver island Lake Michigan shore that way.

On the flight back I was honored to sit next to Barbara, an island matriarch on her way to an appointment. From the air that morning, the ice with its snowdrift lace was even more  beautiful. You could see formations from all the weather events, wind directions, flow pile ups etc. Easy to see when you have that bigger picture.

Take care, ski-ya later,

Mike Everts

Link to a few more pictures HERE

St. James Township Board Meeting, April 2, 2014

The St. James Township Board met last night, April 2, 2014, the first meeting in the new fiscal year. It began with a moment of silence in memory of Joan Vyse.

The minutes and bills were approved after a few questions were discussed. The WMC report was given by Jean Wierenga, the most pressing issue being the search for a replacement roll-off truck. This truck is needed to move the containers that are shipped off the Island. The fund equity of the WMC will be used for this purchase. Rick Speck reported that the grant applications for the proposed boat launch was completed. Next will be applications for the additional grants needed to help with the local match required by the grants finished on time. Ernie Martin was approved as the member-at-large for the WMC finally getting the Waste Management Committee back to the seven member requirement of the founding document.

The District Library Board's recommendation, presented by Jean Wierenga and Sally Lounsberry, to replace Lil Gregg was approved. Welcome, Kimberly Mitchell, a volunteer at the library for story hour and participant in the Stategic Planning for the library, to the library board. Kathy Speck was appointed to the Board of Review.

Riley Justis made a presentation on the importance of the school operating millage since the BICS receives no state aid. The CTE occupations millage is also up for renewal. Mr. Justis stated that the local millage needed to provide the dollars that come to the island for these occupations' education programs would cost the local taxpayers almost twice as much if this program was funded locally. Instead the Intermeeiate District millage funds these programs. The millage on the May election will include a renewal of the 15.7908 operating millage and the .75 Voc/Tech millage. Mr. Justis also explained the programs at the school benefited by the Voc/Tech millage.

There was discussion of the gravel needed to be purchased for road improvements. The purchase for 22A or 23A gravel was approved for all the gravel needed.

The downtown sewer system has had serious problems this winter. The problem is the freezing of the tranfer pipe(s) going out the Donegal Bay Road. Several workers and Darrell Butler, both as a township employee and as a buisnessman, have been working hard attempting to fix the problem. Discussion took place about who would received the bill for these problems, as well as the discovered need for more clean-outs for this system. Jean Wierenga will contact the township attorney to determine if this agreement could be amended or whether those participants, whether required or voluntary, would be the the sole fund source for the frozen issue. To cover the extra expenses, the St. James Board voted to borrow from the road fund to cover the sewer loan payment.

The NRESC had sent a letter to the township requesting that Cindy Ricksgers be added to the membership of the NRESC. The St. James Board was not willing to make any appointments until such time as the issue of the NRESC's specific structure and by-laws issue was resolved. The decision had nothing to do with the appointee, but more related to the failure to resolve the paperwork issues of the NRESC. The St. James Board tabled this.

The retirement of Doug Tilly, effective June 1, 2014, was discussed. Doug is the Zoning Administrator for both townships, but specifically the St. James Township Zoning Administrator. The board decided to post for a zoning administrator with the requirements as posted when Doug was appointed, approximately three years ago.

The board asked Joe Moore to explain his retirement letter, a letter giving March 15, 2015, as the retirement date. Joe Moore explained some of the issues that needed to be resolved. The primary issue was the licensing of an island paramedic. There would be no additional paramedic classes taught on Beaver Island due to changes at the national level. It would be impossible to retain the Advanced Life Support level of Beaver Island EMS unless at least one island resident was licensed at the paramedic level. Joe stated that he had trained his replacement three times, and that it was unrealistic to expect an older paramedic to be on-call 120 out of the 168 hours in the week. Joe stated that he would do this for the summer of 2014, but would not do that after March 15, 2015. Moore also spoke on the age of the vehicles and equipment, the need to provide better pay and incentive to get the on-call list completed, and the need to assure that the agency had a good leader like Sarah McCafferty and Danielle Dedloff. If a good leader could not be found, then an authority with the ability to levy taxes should be put in place. The deadline for completion was restated as being March 15, 2015.

The Beaver Island Cultural Arts Association had requested use of the Lighthouse Park for 8/2/14. This would require access from 7/31 to 8/3 to allow for setup and teardown, and they would need electricity from the township hall. This was approved by the board.

Video of this meeting is available HERE

Joan Vyse Passes Away

Joan Deary Vyse has passed away. Joan passed away yesterday, April 1, 2014.

Joan Carol (Deary) Vyse passed away at home, surrounded by her family, on Tuesday, April 1, 2014. She was born in Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan on June 18, 1931 to Roy Charles Deary and Daisy Irene (Player) Deary. She was married on July 30, 1955 at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, Detroit to Donald Gordon Vyse, who survives her.

Surviving are children: Carolyn Works (John); Jenifer Harless (James); Michael Vyse (Cathie); Suzanne Harasti (John); grandchildren Meg (Margaret) Works; Audrey and Henry Harasti; Kristin and Matthew Vyse; step-granddaughter Elizabeth Harless; great-grandson Connor Vyse; numerous nieces and nephews including her godchild Karen Piering Bass.

Joan is also survived by her brother, Roger Deary (Carol) of Jacksonville, FL.

She received a B.A. from Central Michigan University and also attended Wayne State University. She graduated from Denby High School, Detroit, in 1949. Joan especially enjoyed her work in the Detroit Public Library System as well as with the Bay County District Library System and the Beaver Island District Library. She was an avid reader her entire life; enjoyed crocheting gifts for her family and friends, playing Bridge, following international soccer, doing genealogical research and traveling.

In lieu of flowers, Joan requested that memorial contributions be made to the Beaver Island Rural Health Center at: P.O. Box 146, Beaver Island, MI, 49782.

A memorial service will be held this summer at St. James Episcopal Church on Beaver Island, MI.

Thanks very much for the kind words, they are much appreciated.

The Vyses

BINHS Food Drive Successful

Knowing that the Beaver Island Food Pantry was in need of donations, the Beaver Island High School National Honor Society readily agreed to help. They organized a food drive competition between classes in grades PreK-12. Principal, Mr. Justis, offered a pizza party to the winning class! The students and staff collected 416 pounds of food and household items!

The winning class was the PreK-2nd grade class that collected 138 pounds!

Thank you to all who participated in helping others.

Healthy Michigan

BICS End of School Year Calendar


The Beaver Island Townships’ Planning Commissions are seeking feedback from the Beaver Island community and other stakeholders concerning a draft of the Beaver Island’s Master Plan. The draft was developed in response to state requirements to update the Master Plan every 5 years. This plan is intended to provide direction for both townships into 2025. The draft can be read or downloaded from the following website: http://www.charlevoixcounty.org/govern1085150.asp. Printed copies are available at the Beaver Island Library, Zoning Administrator’s office, and both Peaine and St. James Supervisors’ offices. Additions and/or changes to the previous Master Plan are noted in blue. All the original text has been retained in black. There are 7 chapters total for review. Chapter 4 will be forthcoming when we have current demographics provided by the County planning office. If you send in suggested changes, please identify the chapter insertion point in the document.
All comments must be received by April 15, 2014. The document will be reviewed by the Beaver Island Planning Commissions before public hearings of the Master Plan takes place and finally submitted to the township boards for adoption. There are several ways to provide feedback:

  1. Online: krys@kryslyle.com and/or Ed Troutman (St. James): beavertrout@comcast.net
  2. Send written comments to: Krys Lyle, P.O. Box 54, Beaver Island, MI 49782 and/or Ed Troutman, P.O. Box 249, Beaver Island, MI 49782

All comments will be made public. We appreciate your review of the Master Plan and providing input.
Peaine and St. James Planning Commissions

Citizen of the Year Award Banquet

Stoney Acre to Cater at Holy Cross Hall – May 17

This year’s Citizen of the Year awards banquet will be held on Saturday, May 17th, at Holy Cross Hall and will be catered by Stoney Acre Grill. Cocktail hour will start at 6 p.m., dinner at 7 p.m., followed by the announcement of this year’s Citizen of the Year. It is always a wonderful evening to honor those who go above and beyond for the benefit of Beaver Island.

Please call Stoney Acre at 231.448.2560 for your reservation and please give them a menu choice from one of the wonderful meals listed below. The cost for the meal will be $25 and does not include tax and gratuity. Beverages are extra. A cash bar will be available with wine, beer and spirits. The Chamber of Commerce and select members will pick up the tab for beer and wine.

Menu Choices:

Sirloin Tips Gaelic - Braised Sirloin Tips w/ Shallots, Garlic and Seasoning, deglazed w/ Irish Mist and finished w/ Cream. Served over Penne Pasta and topped w/ Grated Ramano.

Roast Chicken Piccata Prcini-Roast - Bone-in Select Chicken Breast Topped w/ a Lemon-Parsley Sauce and accented w/ Porcini Mushrooms. Served w/ New Potatoes and Asparagus.

Baked Rainbow Trout Nantua-Whole - Butterflied Rainbow Trout topped w/ a Shrimp-Butter Sauce and Grilled Prawns. Served w/ Wild Rice Pilaf and Asparagus.

All dinners are served with Amuse, Small Garden Salad, Herbed Bread and Dessert.

Boat Launch Project for St. James Township

The current plan for Phase I

The Grant Summary for Phase I

Project Budget

Gail's Walk

Date, Registration, and Order Form

Donate to the Food Pantry

Use this button below to donate to the Food Pantry.

Donation goes to the Christian Church Food Pantry--Click the Donate Button on the far left and above.

Mary Beth Kur Running for Circuit Judge


Charlevoix County Commission on Aging Beaver Island Congregate Sunday Dinners 2013/14
(Subject to changes based on Island events!)




Stoney Acre






Stoney Acre

Need Asphalt Work Done?

Paving Contractor Contact Information

If you are interested in getting some asphalt work completed on your property, it appears that the contractors for the Kings Highway repaving project are searching for additional work or side jobs. While the asphalt plant is on the island, you could get your driveway paved, a parking lot paved, or other work completed. Here is the information for calling to set up an appointment in the spring for an estimate:

Rieth-Riley Construction Company

Contact: Mark Wagner or Jim Pemberton, 231-439-5757, or 06795 US-31 N, Charlevoix, Michigan 49720

Payne and Dolan, Inc.

Contact: Matt Miller or Gery Hartman, 989-731-0700, or 1029 Gornick Ave., Suite 105, Gaylord, Michigan 49735

Township Airport Terminal


Floor plan

Charlevoix County Transit

6:00 a.m.--7:00 p.m. (Monday thru Friday - except Holidays)
9:00 a.m.--4:00 p.m. (Saturday – except Holidays)

8:00 a.m.--5:00 p.m. (Monday thru Saturday - except Holidays)

11:00 a.m.--4:00 p.m. (Monday thru Friday - except Holidays)

(Hours subject to change.)

Children under 6 years .50
Senior Citizen (60 and over) .50
Handicap: .50
Youth: (ages 6 to19) 1.00
Regular Fare: (ages 20 to 59) 1.50

Note:  All passenger fares are double 15 miles and over.

(Fares subject to annual review.)

Mainland: (231) 582-6900
Beaver Island: (231) 448-2026
Toll Free (800) 918-3447

Jill Drury, Manager
Charlevoix County Transit
1050 Brockway Street
Boyne City, MI  49712

Since 1980, Charlevoix County Transit has been providing public transportation throughout the County, and Beaver Island a few years later. The transit system operates 20 ADA accessible buses and provides over 117,000 rides annually.

Township Airport Floor Plan and Site Plan

Site Plan

Subscriptions Have Expired in April and Some Will Expire in May

Several family and business subscriptions expired in March and others expire in April . This is a reminder to those that wish to renew online. If you do renew online using a credit or debit card, and the Paypal SUBSCRIBE button, BINN will automatically make a donation of $10 in your name to the Beaver Island Food Pantry. If you are not sure when your subscription expires, please email the editor at medic5740@gmail.com, and your subscription expiration will be included in a return email.


Donate to the Live Streaming Project


The Live Streaming Project includes BICS Sports Events, Peaine Township Meetings, Joint Township Meetings, and much more.

Your donation may allow these events to be live streamed on the Internet at http://beaverisland.tv