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Wednesday Night Golf League--Possible Discrimination??

The following was posted on the on April 18, 2007.

With the weather improving and the anticipation of summer, my thoughts are consumed with my favorite pastime; Golf. Throughout my adolescent and young adult life my summers have included many rounds of golf which have usually ended in success. Unfortunately, my greatest weakness is my biological makeup… I am female.

I am a fairly new resident to the island and was excited to be invited to play in the Wednesday night golf league this summer. I know fairly well that playing in the men's league would include proving myself. However, I never imagined I would be denied the right to play by the golf league administrator. I understand the concern of wanting to keep the level of play high, however, my experience and qualifications give me the same right as any other skilled golfer to play on Wednesday evening. Not only was I a four year letter winner at Hope College of Holland, Michigan, captain of both my collegiate and high school golf team my senior years, two time State Finalist at my class A High School in Midland, Michigan, two time City of Midland Golf Champion, and current reigning City of Midland title holder. With my love for golf and experiences, a spring intramural golf league has been added at BICS.

The 21st Century is upon us and this sort of discrimination should not be tolerated. The Nineteenth Amendment was passed in 1920 giving Women the right to vote, the Civil Rights Act was passed in 1964 which outlawed discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin, the LPGA was founded in 1959 and numerous women have qualified and successfully competed in PGA events. I do not believe I should be denied the right to play because of my biological makeup.


Marianne Brown

Today, Thursday, April 19, 2007

A Mexican Dinner will be held at Dalwhinnie's

on Thursday, April 19, 2007, from 5:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.  Take-out & delivery are available.  The dinner includes:  a “Two Taco Plate” for $5.00 (2 tacos, choice of coffee or lemonade, and dessert) and the “Combo Plate” for $10.00 (1 enchilada, 1 tostada, 1 taco, rice, beans, beverage & dessert). 

Proceeds benefit the all-night senior party – Beaver Island Community School's SENIOR BASH – and is open to all high school students, their guests and next year's freshman.

Greene's Bay Dunes Picture from Frank Solle

This picture is another in a group that Frank had taken from the air.

Beaver Island Community School's Annual School Election Coming on May 8, 2007

Voters will be asked to vote on two Beaver Island Community School (BICS) issues and one Charlevoix-Emmet Intermediate School District issue. These issues are NOT related at all to any building project that may be considered in the future. They are specifically related to the operations of BICS and Char-Em Intermediate District.

Issue 1 is whether to renew the amount of taxes levied on the non-homestead property at the level approved by Beaver Island Voters in 1994. If you own just your primary residence (homestead property) or qualified agricultural property, you DO NOT pay this tax.

Issue 2 is a list of nominated people to fill two vacancies on the Beaver Island Board of Education: Katrina "Tina" Drost, Richard Speck, and Gail Weede.

Issue 3 is a list of nominated people to fill three vacancies of the Char-Em Intermediate School District Board of Education. All are encumbents: Robert Anderson, Jay Essenberg, and Mary Jason.

If you own a business or non-homestead property in almost any other school district in Michigan you would be paying 18 mills in local school tax rather than the 15.7908 that Beaver Island levies. This millage generates more than 75% of the Island school's operational funds.

From the Chicago Daily Herald:

Thanks to Jim Flanagan, posted on

For many who visit Beaver Island , getting there is part of the fun. Enjoy a breezy (and often cool; take a jacket) 90-minute ferry ride aboard the 130-foot-long Emerald Isle. Explore an island where the pace is slower, the beaches pristine.

Beaver Island was the site of the region's first non-native settlement (in 1847), when James Strang, an elder of the Mormon Church, led followers there and promptly appointed himself king. The island has strong Celtic roots and abounds with Irish names. Irish commercial fishermen succeeded the Mormons (who disbanded and left after Strang was assassinated). Census records show that of the 881 residents in 1880, there were 141 Gallaghers, 123 Boyles and 90 O'Donnells.

The Failed Attempt

Rural EMS IS Different by Joseph A. Moore

The rural EMS stories that were posted here had some really very lofty goals which were hopelessly a failure. First, I would like to state what those stories were not supposed to do. The stories were not meant to embarrass, demean, or specifically identify anyone. The stories were not meant to cause anger, frustration, or worries about liability. The stories were not meant to stir up issues about health privacy information. The stories were also not meant to prevent someone from calling for help because (s)he might get written about in this or any other writing attempt.

One lofty goal of the stories was to show a caring, compassionate, empathetic group who gave up time, both personal, work, and family time, to help neighbors and friends fighting against the elements that got in the way of providing that care. Another lofty goal was to demonstrate through stories the difficulty of assessing, treating, and transporting severely injured or severely ill patients from an island in the middle of Lake Michigan . And yet another goal was to show that rural EMS does this better than urban EMS .

Unfortunately, the whole project was an utter failure. Thinking that one is a writer because he remembers a bunch of stories and can put them down on paper is to demean what real writers are able to do. The only success was to convince readers that scary, scandalous situations are an everyday occurrence even in rural EMS . To do this without inflaming friends and neighbors may be possible by someone who works at being a writer, but I was unable to accomplish any of the lofty goals mentioned here and many more that have not been stated.

I apologize for any negative feelings that might have been generated from this feeble attempt at telling the story. I apologize for any embarrassment or any suggested violation of confidentiality that may have occurred. The stories that have been posted can never be unposted. Copies, either written or electronic, will continue to exist. For that I also apologize. I can only do what I can physically do to end the negative feelings. To that end, I dedicate my time.

The beginning was to purge this website of any rural EMS story content that might have caused any negative feelings, so every EMS story that was written for the book has been removed from this website and any other website under my control.

James Martin Obituary

William James (Jim) Martin, 72. of Palatine , Illinois and, of late, Hallandale Beach , Florida , passed March 23rd. He was the dear brother of (late) Mary Margaret Long, Charlotte McDonough, Catherine Kohn, Eileen Zimmerman, Jude Martin and Bernard Martin. He will be fondly remembered by numerous nieces, nephews and friends in Illinois , Michigan and Florida . A memorial mass, in celebration of his life, will be held at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, April 21st at St. Theresa's Parish, 455 N. Benton St. , Palatine , Ill. Interment will be, at a later date, at Our Lady Queen of Heaven Cemetery , 1500 S. State Road 7, North Lauderdale , Florida . In lieu of flowers, masses are greatly appreciated. (847) 373-4581

Cables Creek

The Lake Geneserath-Lake Michigan Connection

Every year the melting snow could cause Lake Geneserath to overflow. With the melting snow all around the lake draining into the lake, there really is no other place for the run-off to go, so it runs into Lake Geneserath . The overflow for Lake Generserath could cause a problem for the property owners down there, except for the pathway from Lake Geneserath to Lake Michigan known to most of us as Cable's Creek. Cable's Creek begins at Lake Geneserath and empties into Lake Michigan by the Henry Hill property. Here are a few pictures taken of the creek on one of the few sunny days that we have had.

Left: A look at the opening from the shore of Lake Geneserath

Right: A look at the opening from the opening from the bank of the creek

Anywhere else this would be considered a flooding creek, but here on Beaver Island, it is considered to be normal.

Walking up the creek toward Lake Michigan from Lake Geneserath

Most have seen the creek on the Lake Michigan Side of East Side Road, but those pictures were last week.

Victoria Mogford Holding Her Little Brother Philip

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