News on the 'Net, April 2-8, 2007

Emerald Isle Departs for Charlevoix

This Friday morning, April 6, 2007, the Emerald Isle left its dock on Beaver Island headed for Charlevoix for the first boat trip of 2007. There will be pictures on this website next Monday of its departure. Plenty of preparation went into getting the boat ready for this trip.

No Boat Today, Wednesday, April 4, 2007

With some really nasty wind and wind gusts forcast for today, the Beaver Island Boat Company's Emerald Isle stayed tied up to the dock. There was a lot of preparation going on this week on Tuesday to get ready for an early boat, but the weather is not really conducive to boating. Interestingly enough, as I write this, there is a complete white-out as I look across the street from my house. I'd say the visibility is less than 100 yard right now when the wind is not gusting hard.

Perhaps the boat will run on Thursday or on the planned day of Friday. We'll keep you informed.

From the Chamber of Commerce

This Friday (4-6-07) at noon is the deadline for Citizen of the Year nominations. You can send a nomination by email if you wish to your chamber address shown above. Questions? Please contact the office by email or phone, (231) 448-2505. Don't forget the banquet at Nina's on the 28th.

BIBCO Announces Early Boat Trips

The Beaver Island Boat Company has posted two early trips, weather permitting, on their website

The early trips will leave Beaver Island at 8:30 a.m. and Charlevoix at 11:30 a.m. on April 4, 2007, and on April 6, 2007. They request that you call ahead as space (for freight) is filling quickly.

Thanks to Rich Gillespie for the tip about this story.

Ed Wojan Wins The BI Ice Classic

On foggy Monday

Ed Wojan collected over $1,200 for his 1/2 of the gross sales. That's double from last year. Thanks to all those who purchased a ticket and thanks for supporting the effort to complete the Community Center.

After the ice went out

Thanks to Bob Tidmore for the photos and information.

Happy Holy Week

I almost never do anything with the tons of email that I get with jokes and interesting pictures, and particularly the junkier junk email, but this past weekend I got one from my sister that I though I should share during this most holy week in the Christian churches and particularly the Catholic Church. There is a quote from the Bible that includes, "Wherever two or three are gathered in my name..."

Does this qualify?

I am quite certain that this situation is what most parents and grandparents would love to see happen with their children or grandchildren or even great-grandchildren at any time, but specially during holy week.

I hope you agree with me because my answer is, "It certainly does."

Holy Week Church Services

Church Services for Holy Cross include Palm Sunday at 10 a.m., Holy Thursday at 7 p.m., Good Friday at 12 noon, Easter Vigil on Saturday at 8 pm.

Church services for the Beaver Island Christian Church include Palm Sunday 10 am, Wednesday 6 pm family potlock dinner, Thursday film, JESUS, at 7 pm, Good Friday at 7 pm, Easter Sunday 10 am, brunch begins at noon. Everyone is invited to all of the Christian Church events especially the Easter Brunch.

St. James Episcopal will have a Morning Prayer Service on Easter Sunday at 10 am.

Summary of March 12, 2007, Regular School Board Meeting Minutes 

Mike Myers attributes the lower number of discipline incidences on February's discipline report, as

compared to a year ago, to a higher degree of pro-activeness, including earlier interventions, on behalf

of the discipline team.

The technology update is tabled until the April 16 Board Meeting.

McNamara updated the board on the 2006-2007 General Fund budget and reviewed parameters

in planning for next year's budget.

Bret Kronlein of BETA Design reviewed the schedule for an August 2007 bond election, including

historical enrollment data; input previously gathered from community and staff; and areas for

remodeling and re-building. A motion was entertained and supported to move forward with Plan C.1,

eliminating the oldest parts of the building, with an estimated price tag of between 3.1 and 3.4 million

dollars. A preliminary bond qualification meeting is scheduled April 13 with the Treasury Department.

One vendor, Dalwhinnie Bakery & Deli, attended the required school meals pre-bid meeting. The

Michigan Department of Education grants final approval for food service contracts.

The MME (Michigan Merit Examination) is replacing the MEAP. Our Juniors, along with Lighthouse

School students, will begin testing the week of March 12.

In almost all instances, BICS students who MEAP tested last fall, scored in the two highest categories of achievement, which was above state averages.

Per school policy, the marijuana detected from the last canine visit was turned over to local law enforcement.

After-school programs are beginning in elementary basketball and indoor soccer. Girls' volleyball

finished first in the Northern Lights League (NLL) and 3 rd in district competition. The boys'

basketball team took second place in the March 9-10 NLL tournament at Manistique High School .

Dennis Halverson, former Chief of Police for the City of Charlevoix and current School Safety

Coordinator for Charlevoix-Emmet Intermediate School District , will meet with school staff to assist

in the development of school safety plan for the district. The local deputy and fire chief will also be

involved in the planning.

John Robert's crew will replace shingles lost during the wind storm.

Still no final decision on BIYC Director position. McNamara reported good and open discussion at last BIYC Meeting, with another meeting coming up.

Submitted by: Alice Belfy

I CARE Awards

A few citizens in our Beaver Island Community have received the I CARE Award recently. This award was given by the editor of the Beaver Island News on the ‘Net to those who significantly emulate the five behavioral categories listed below:

I stands for Integrity

C stands for Compassion

A stands for Accountability

R stands for Respect

E stands for Empathy

Recipients in the healthcare profession include:

Connie Harris, FNP, Beaver Island Rural Health Center

Sue Solle, FNP, Beaver Island Rural Health Center

Gerald LaFreniere, EMT-Specialist, Beaver Island EMS

Jim Stambaugh, Medical First Responder, Beaver Island EMS

Recipients in other careers areas are:

Father Pat Cawley, Holy Cross Catholic Church

Reverend Steve Skinner, Beaver Island Christian Church

Jeff Cashman and Bill Cashman, editors and writers for the Beaver Beacon

Who Are YOU?

Can you identify these former Beaver Island Community School EMT students? Answer on the bottom of this page.

Where is This?

Clue: On a roadway untraveled, near a busy airport, the musical name, rhymes the same.

Answer at the bottom of this page.

Rural EMS IS Different, by Joseph Moore

CHAPTER 20---Fourteen Years of Existence for BIEMS—We Need Advanced Life Support!

This story deleted.

Answers to Who are YOU?

From left to right in the background are Erin Russell, Abigail Adams, and Kelly Gillepie. The patient is Heather Cary. The EMT students had completely immobilized the patient and loaded her into the back of the ambulance in a testing scenario of the Basic EMT class offered at Beaver Island Community School. Obviously, all four have graduated high school several years ago.

Answer to Where's This?

The picture was taken by Andrea Moore as she checked out the properties owned by Don and Dorie Welke and son Don and Lisa Welke. The picture is of the road that goes past Paul and Angel Welke's house, alongside hole numbers five and six of the Beaver Island Golf Course, to the Don and Dorie Welke farm.

On a roadway untraveled, near a busy airport, the musical name, rhymes the same.

The answer, of course, is Melody Lane.

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