B. I. News on the 'Net, April 26-May 2, 2010

District Library Closed Next Week

Due to the purchase and installation of new carpet, the Beaver Island District Library will be closed next week from Monday through Thursday, May 3-6, 2010. If you are getting close to the end of your book, or if you are in need of a few movies to tide you over, you should get in before Saturday at 5 pm. There will be no computer access nor any wireless access during this period of time. There are public computers available at the Beaver Island Community Center. Check with them for hours and terms of use. They do have wireless too.

This Weekend at the Shamrock/Beachcomber

Moomers Arrives at Harbour Market

Moomers Ice Cream is made in Traverse City. It was voted #1 in the country by 50,000 voters on Good Morning America. The ice cream is made fresh for us every time we place an order. We now have 16 flavors in at Harbour Market. www.moomers.com Special this April 28th & 29th $1 kiddy cones available to all ages to try Moomers!

Island Mystery Partially Solved

Three of these have to located on Beaver Island recently. There are those that consider this a mystery because neither township, nor county government can provide any information about them. The CMU Biological Station is also unaware of the purpose of these. The three have been found by a resident who lives at the south end, but verified by the editor. Phone calls are in to several other levels of government to help resolve the mystery. If you know and can verify the purpose of these, please email medic5740@gmail.com. Please, only verified answers.

Calls were made to CMU, MSU, Charlevoix County Equalization, the federal Geological Survey agency, State of Michigan DNRE, who offered to research this more, as well as Beaver Island motels, Beaver Island car rentals, Island Airways, Fresh Air Aviation, both township supervisors, the US Department of Agriculture, the Charlevoix County MSU Extension agent, and the local police agencies. Not one single phone call provided any help in determining what was happening and why these were placed on the Island.

The object is approximately in the shape of an "L." It is approximately three feet in lenght for each leg of the 'L." The white plastic is secured to the ground using pins that resemble something found in a special knitting kit. The plastic is between 12 and 14 inches wide.

Alice Belfy provided the first clue. She had had some contact with two ladies who were doing survey work for MSU. She also stated that information could possibly be obtained from Kevin White. Kevin White's daughter Chelsey had a friend who might know something about this. Kevin White got a phone number to be called to verify this information. The information was partially verified in a phone call on Monday, April 26, 2010.

Update: With the help of Alice Belfy and Kevin White, the following information is available on April 26, 2010. These were used by the Michigan State University Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Service for GIS mapping of Beaver Island for a contracted project. GIS stands for Geographic Information Service OR Geographic Information System. Aerial mapping and 6-inch high resolution aerial images is the purpose. More information may be available later.

For more on the uses, purposes, and definitions of GIS, click this link to go to Wikipedia. HERE

The following was provided to the editor in an email to help further explain the process and the reasons for completion.

Hello Mr. Moore,

The details and history of this project are many and long and I’d be happy to discuss them with you, but in an effort to get your questions answered I’ll give you a little background information and then address each of your questions.

I work within the Center for Shared Solutions and Technology Partnerships (CSSTP). We are an office within the State of Michigan, Dept. of Technology, Management and Budget. We work on a wide variety of things in support of State agencies and local units of government but specifically this project falls under GIS / Mapping, aerial photography, and partnerships.
In September of 2009, CSSTP / SOM entered into a 3-year agreement with Microsoft that collects 11,000 square miles of air photos per year, and allows all units of government in Michigan (state, county, city, village, township, & regional planning groups) access to the Bing Maps for Enterprise development platform.
Immediately upon initiation of the agreement, every county and regional planning organization in Michigan was contacted and given the opportunity to participate as a partner. The county cost for the imagery was $28 per square mile, a price that is far below the going rate if a county were to undertake a project like this alone.
Seven counties chose to partner. Since the Michigan Dept. of Transportation is the main contributor of the funding from the State side, they chose the rest of the counties to be flown to make up the 11,000 square miles. Charlevoix was included based on MDOT priorities. I’ve attached a map displaying the counties flown.

To answer your specific questions:
So, who at the level of Charlevoix County government should have known about this?
I was the main State point of contact for this project to promote the partnerships. In an effort to get the word out statewide, I used a combination of email lists comprised of GIS staff and equalization directors. I asked them to then forward the information on to departments, decision makers, and units of government within their jurisdictions. So ideally, board of commissioners, road commissions, drain commissions, equalization directors, assessors, and anyone else they could think of who could use imagery and the Bing Maps platform would have heard. In addition, it was suggested they also include city, township, and village officials in effort to build partnerships within the county.
Who did know about this?
My contact for Charlevoix county was Brian Kelly, GIS Coordinator and Sarah Merz, Northwest MI Council of Governments.
Why have I been repeatedly told, "Don't quote me on this," when I finally got some small pieces of information?
I’m not sure. Perhaps they didn’t feel knowledgeable enough about the details of the project and didn’t want to present any mis-information. If you are willing to put me in touch with them, I’d be more than happy to answer any questions.
Why is this such a secret?
This should have been anything but a secret. Because of a fairly tight timeframe to get the partnerships in place, I had to rely on my contacts in each county to spread the word and I encouraged them to do that at every opportunity. I can assure you there is nothing purposely secret about this project. Because partnerships are a key component to the success of the project, a good deal of effort went into getting the word out. In addition, I will soon be contacting everyone again to establish the partnerships for the 2011 flight.
Is this type of information available to the local townships?
Aerial photography is used by many townships in Michigan. It typically becomes available via a county-wide project managed by the county or a regional planning organization. In regards to this Bing project, any county that partnered has the right to share the photography with any city, village, or township within the county. Charlevoix county falls into the non-partner category but I will be contacting them soon to confirm with them that they were flown and offer the opportunity to partner and acquire a copy. If they choose not to, I’d be more than happy to make a copy of your township available for the $28 per square mile rate and you’ll get full access to the Bing Maps platform.
What is the cost to the local townships if it is available?
$28 per square mile.
Are the maps available at this moment?
Flying was completed April 23rd and processing is underway. We expect delivery in 2-3 months.
Who owns the rights to the maps?
The rights to the air photos is shared by Microsoft and the State of MI. Microsoft will be loading them into their Bing Maps website and the State will be making them available to all State agencies, State employees, and State web mapping applications. The State also has the right to sub-license a copy to partners. The 7 counties that have partnered to date will get their copy through this arrangement. The partner county in turn has the right to sub-license to any unit of government within their jurisdiction. The State and partners also have the right to share and sell the photos. The recipient of the shared or purchased image is considered an end-user and can NOT resell, redistribute or display the image on a website.
Who owns the contract for this aerial photography?
From the Microsoft side, the project is being managed by their wholly owned subsidiary Vexcel. Vexcel hired an ortho photography company named Pixxures to do the flights, process the imagery, and deliver the final products.
Does the State of Michigan require this?
Aerial photography is a very valuable asset to many State agencies as they conduct their day-to-day business in support of programs and citizen support. Probably a lot more than I can describe at this time. I’ll follow up this email at a later date with some examples, or there are several examples available from our website for your review.
Why doesn't the federal Geographic mapping agency not know that this has been completed or that it was in progress?
The United State Geological Survey (USGS) state liaison, Steve Aichele, was well aware of this project. I also communicated with Federal staff representing several agencies from all around the country. A great deal of effort went into trying to bring the Federal government in as a partner. We offered them a copy of the data for only $12 per square mile. If they would have participated, we were going to apply the Federal dollars to the county’s cost, reducing it from $28 to $16.
So you have the full story, allow me to elaborate. As part of Microsoft’s effort to gain an advantage over their competition and allow them a return on their investment, this imagery is not allowed to be freely distributed into the public domain without the end-user restrictions described above. Public domain is reportedly a requirement for data that is paid for by USGS funds. We presented this requirement to Microsoft as we really wanted the USGS on board. Microsoft came back with a compromise that they would allow the photos to go into the public domain 1 year after delivery. So sometime in the summer of 2011, this 2010 imagery could have gone into the public domain and met the USGS requirements. Unfortunately, after several discussions at many levels of government amongst several Federal agencies, it was decided that they would rather not make the $12 per square mile investment.
I’d be glad to discuss the details with anyone at the Federal level that you’ve spoken with who wasn’t aware of this project, so please feel free to share my contact information.

As initially stated, this was a long process to get this in place and there are many more details I’d be glad to discuss. I still have all of my emails if you’d like to see what was sent out in an attempt to get the word out. I also presented at conferences and was willing to make myself available to meet anywhere at anytime. In fact, in an effort to establish the 2011 partnerships, I’m still available. All folks have to do is ask.

I appreciate the opportunity to answer your questions. If I can provide any additional information, please feel free to contact me.

Best regards,

Everett Root
Center for Geographic Information (CGI)
Dept. of Technology, Management & Budget (DTMB)
State of Michigan
PH 517-373-7910
FAX 517-373-2939

Mailing Address:
111 S. Capitol Ave
10th floor Romney
Lansing, MI 48933


BIRHC Presents

Cancer Support Group Meeting
May 5th, 2010 - 10:30 AM
at the Beaver Island Rural Health Center Community Room

In conjunction with the
Circle of Strength Cancer Support
Group in Charlevoix
Via REMEC Telehealth

Interested call Muggs at 448-2444


Lumbar Spinal Stenosis: New Treatments

Wednesday, April 28, 2010 6:00 – 7:30 pm 

Call the Beaver Island Rural Health Center for Information 448-2275

Presented live via the REMEC TeleHealth Network from Munson Hospit al

  What is spinal stenosis? As we age, our spines change. These normal wear-and-tear effects of aging can cause the space around the spinal cord to become narrow. This condition is called spinal stenosis. When stenosis occurs in the lower back it is called lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS). This puts pressure on the spinal cord and the spinal nerve roots, and may cause pain, numbness, or weakness in the legs.

Persons who have this condition may have tried treatments that don't give lasting pain relief. This program will discuss the latest non-surgical and surgical treatment options for LSS.

Dr. Eric Zimmerman & Dr. Howard Beck

Dr. Howard Beck, from the Munson Spine and Nerve Pain Treatment Center, will discuss non-surgical management for LSS. Dr. Eric Zimmerman, Neurosurgeon, will discuss surgical treatment options including a new minimally invasive alternative which is an interspinous process decompression device: the X-Stop spacer.

Citizen of the Year Dr. Jeff Powers, DVM


More than 80 people attended the award dinner

Steve West explains the billboard

Steve West introduces Chamber President Kathy Speck

Kathy Speck presents the nominees in her speech

2010 April 24 Kathy Speck Introduces Nominees and the Citizen of the Year Speech

Citizen of the Year Jeff Powers

Dr. Powers gives an acceptance speech

Jeff Powers' Acceptance Speech

Beaver Island Comedy Group Performs at Award Banquet

The B.I. Comedy Group performed at the Citizen of the Year Banquet after the dinner and the presentation. As usual, the group's efforts were very successful, making us laugh and laugh. The many skits were wonderful with some making the men laugh and some making the women laugh, but all bringing at least a big smile to your face. This group's presentation was a little over an hour long.

First comedy skit after dinner, click HERE

This is a little over five minutes from the very beginning of the evening's performance. It's topic is deer hunting and deer blinds.

The comedy group even started off the evening's banquet with the Hardware Jeff character bickering with another member of the group.

Then the dinner and presentation of Citizen of the Year took place as reported above. After that, there was almost a continuous stream of laughter in the Community Center theater as skit after skit provided a wide variety of humor.

There was stand-up and sit-down comedy. There were skits to laugh at hunters in their hunting blinds, diary writings from a wife's perspective with the same situation from the husband's perspective, as well as a "How to Tell a Joke" session

This stand-up routine was absolutely hilarious.

A snowmobile repair scene brought tears to our eyes as we laughed.

We look forward to the next production from this comedy group. Hurray!!! Bravo!!!

The next production is scheduled for Thursday, July 1, 2010. If you can attend this event at the Beaver Island Community Center, you should. Laughs and hearty laughs are the reason for this season.

Sports Boosters Fundraising Chinese Dinner

May 14, 2010, at the Shamrock

Our Newest Supporter

  From the Beaver Island Conservation Club

The Beaver Island Conservation Club is pleased to announce its new partnership with Northern Development. Northern Development is owned and operated by island resident Paul Johnson. Paul has extended Northern Development's charter to include Wildlife and Habitat Management. Northern

Development will provide the following services for your property.

•  Food Plot / Crop planting and maintenance

•  Soil Testing and Preparation

•  Seed and Fertilization

•  Tractor Services

•  Trail Camera Placement and Reporting

•  Scouting and Stand Placement

•  Blind Construction

•  Other landowner / hunter needs

Northern Development has the most competitive rates for Tractor work and land management on the island. Moreover, through our partnership we have established reduced rates for BICC members. These rates can

Result in savings up to $100 for a complete 1 acre food plot. Paul Johnson can be contacted at 231-448-2168

Or via email at KPJohson@tds.net

For BICC membership information please visit our website at www.beaverislandconservation.org . You can also contact BICC leadership at the following email address and phone numbers.

Gavin West gavin.w.west@gmail.com 269-369-1788

Todd Ireland todd.ireland@immersi.com 616-340-3672

Donations and dues ($50 annually) can be sent to:

Beaver Island Conservation Club

PO Box 334

Beaver Island , MI 49782

For all information regarding this Press release please contact Gavin West at the above number or email.

Historic First Dermatology Clinic Today

In a historic first occurrence, today, April 23, 2010, the BIRHC hosted dermatology clinic physician Murray Cotter, MD, PhD. The offices at the BIRHC were very busy with more than dermatology. Today, there were regular clinic hours by Sue Solle, FNP, the chiropractor Jessica Carden, and the visiting psychologist in addition to the dermatology clinic. Dr. Cotter brought two medical assistants with him to Beaver Island. They are Lisa Price and Michelle Trotter. This is planned to perhaps become a bimonthly clinic at least during the summer and fall. Winter and spring are, as always, weather dependent.

Dr Cotter Interview Video Clip

More Wildlife Pics and Clips

Mute swans on nest at Barney's Lake

Clip of mute swan nest

Sandhill crane at Barney's Lake

Clip of Sandhill crane

Ospreys at the nest

Clip of ospreys

Turkey buzzard??

Wellness Wednesday at Charlevoix Hospital

Charlevoix Area Hospital 's next “Wellness Wednesday” will be from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. on Wednesday, May 5, 2010, in the hospital's Solarium. The Wellness Wednesday Health Screens include: Total Cholesterol, HDL, ratio, and Glucose levels, Body Mass Index (BMI) score, Fat Percentage, and a Blood Pressure reading. No fasting required! Cost for the service is $12. Participants will also receive a blood pressure log and pedometer as well as all test results at the time of the screen. A Registered Nurse will adapt health Consultation and educational materials to individual results. Appointments can be made in advance by calling the office of Community Health Education at Charlevoix Area Hospital,

The normal cost of a cholesterol screening is about $180. This would now offer the full panel for those who are fasting which includes all the tests mentioned above plus the LDL and triglycerides.

(231) 547-8906 or by email: kjacobsen@cah.org Walk-ins are always welcome.

An Early Morning Walk

The black indicates the early morning walk locations.

There are those who believe that the early morning is the best part of the day. Then, we have those that talk about early being around 9 a.m., and then others talk about early being around 5:30 a.m., and still others that talk about early being later than either of these suggestions. This early morning began with a phone call notifying this reporter that there was a large ship outside of the harbor. "It's off the point and looks like it might be aground," was the message that was received through the sleepy haze prior to coffee. Up and at 'em at 7 a.m. with a quick cup of coffee aboard, the trek began to investigate and solve the mystery of the aground ship. By the way, the date is April 20, 2010.

"It can't be seen using either webcam," was the next report received, so off we went down Carlisle Road to see if there was a ship aground. Upon arrival at the very end of Carlisle Road and a fairly long walk out to the beach and, looking everywhere in any direction, there was no ship to be seen at all. "Okay," the thought process a little slow with only one cup of coffee ingested, "we'll try Esch Road and see if a ship can be seen," the end of the screen of sleepiness beginning to fade.

Walking back to the car, a phone call placed to notify a specific plan and location in case of a casualty for this reporter, the quick trip back up Carlisle Road was thought filled. "What if I can't find it? What if this is just another wild goose chase, and the ship was completely gone by the time I get there?" Down Kings Highway after taking a left turn and a left turn onto East Side Drive, the car seemed to be driving itself, and the driver began to wake up fully. A left turn down Esch Road was made off of East Side Drive and the bumpy pot-holed road was jiggling, spilling the second cup of coffee all over the car seat. The car was stopped and the burning coffee wiped from the hand with the cup placed on the floor of the passenger side. Down to the end of Esch Road the car continued.

The second cup or half cup of coffee was cooled and consumed in two or three gulps. Getting out of the car and beginning the early morning walk was exciting and exhilarating. Once on the beach, looking in every direction on the water, the vessel, perhaps aground, was not to be seen anywhere, but, "What was that?" was the exclamation that no one else heard. The sound of a diesel engine purring in the distance. "Was that the clanging of metal chain on a metal deck?" was another sound heard only by the speaker. "It must be around the next point," was now the thought process. "It's a long walk, but maybe just around this point. Let's get moving now before it does disappear into the early morning haze."

So began the early morning walk with the deer, the geese, the ducks, the deer, and other wildlife wondering about the wandering human, walking on the rocks and through the shallow pools of water rushing to get around the next point and then the next and the next. Pretty soon Little Sand Bay would be seen, and sure enough, there was the vessel seen through the binoculars from the Lil Gregg residence. "Yes, it would appear aground from there, as the points were lined up," was the thought process of this reporter. The USCG vessel was anchored out from Little Sand Bay, probably spending the night anchored out there with only one engine idling away.

The photos were difficult to see in the morning sun, so the identity of the ship was unknown until the photographs were downloaded and viewed in a slideshow. This was the buoy tender Alder anchored off of Little Sand Bay for the night. Before the Alder began its slow trip back to the Mackinac Bridge area, the wheelhouse personnel noticed the loan cameraman standing in the shallow water with a video camera and provided the traditional departure and return whistle blast of tooot, tooot, toooot.....toot, toot.. This whistle was heard at the Beaver Island Golf Course and at workers at Welke Airport.

Clip of USCG Alder and the fall in the lake

Here are a few other pictures taken on the walk back to the car on this same morning.

The harbor from Luney Point

USCG Buoy Tender Alder Visits to Change Buoy

Late last fall the Alder, a buoy tender in the USCG service, stopped by to take out the Whiskey Point buoy and replace it with an ice buoy. This Sunday, April 18, 2010, at about four in the afternoon, the Alder returned to pull out the ice buoy and replace it with the normal buoy for navigation purposes. With the water so low this year, it was quite easy to get close to the ship and to watch the fascinating process. In addition to this buoy, the USCG also placed the navigation buoys in the harbor and the ones for navigation between Beaver Island and Garden Island as well. This is a twice per year event, once in the fall to remove the buoys, and once in the spring to replace the buoys. There were a few people down on the point to watch this process take place.

Video Clip of USCG Alder Replacing Whiskey Point Buoy

The skiff used to take the buoys into the harbor and out for the Garden Island buoys

The USCG crew gets ready to attach the crane to the ice buoy

The USCG Alder comes alongside the ice buoy

More pictures of the process HERE

Wildlife Club Releases Fry into Rearing Pond

Walleye fry from an upper peninsula hatchery were delivered today and came across on the Emerald Isle. After a two hour wait to make certain that the chemicals in the transport water were mostly gone, the walleye fry were released into the rearing pond on John Fogg's property, formerly know as the Sanctuary near the grain bins. The pond had been filled over the last three weeks to get it ready for the very, very small walley fry. These small fish could not have been hatched for very long as you can see by the pictures below.

Doug Tilly poses with the container used to bring the fry to the Island. It's hard to imagine almost 20,000 walleye fry in that small container, isn't it?

Video clip of the walleye fry

2010 Chamber of Commerce Directory Premieried at Citizen of the Year Banquet

The new 2010 Chamber of Commerce Visitors and Business Directory was available for the first time at the Citizen of the Year banquet, Saturday, April 24, 2010. Jeff Cashman designed the publication and his lighthouse / fireworks photo is featured on the cover of the 43 page book. The Beaver Island Chamber of Commerce prints 6000 copies of the brochure each year as well as 8000 color rack cards for Michigan Welcome Centers.

The booklet contains more than 150 business listing of members of the Chamber of Commerce in nineteen separate categories. The self mailing visitor user friendly design starts with transportation. A brief description of each member business is includes along with phone and email contact information. The format follows the organization’s web site. www.BeaverIsland.org

Peaine Township Regular Meeting

The Peaine Township Board meeting took place on April 14, 2010, with four of the five members present. The missing trustee was Paul Welke. This meeting took only one hour and ten minutes, which seems to be a long time to some, but this was one of the shorter meetings in a long time. The business was conducted with great care, but also with efficiency. The sound system does make a very big difference in being able to hear the comments and the information provided. Even a short, small problem with the sound equipment didn't increase the length of the meeting by much.

The specific topics discussed at the meeting included a somewhat lengthy presentation by Don Spencer on the Beaver Island Rural Health Center finances and the almost desperate need of the full two mills of taxes to maintain the services at the current level. Explanations of the attempts at getting funding from the State of Michigan and grants awarded to the BIRHC were included in Don's presentation. Although lengthy, the presentation was quite complete, and his knowledge of BIRHC finances was obvious. The Peaine Board voted unanimously to put the full two mill renewal on the ballot.

Jack Gallagher reported on the progress of the airport committee formation negotiations with St. James Township. It is progressing however slowly. Perhaps another meeting in the next week may bring the two townships into an agreement about the method to govern the airport. Two possibilities are an airport authority and an inter-governmental agreement. These have both been discussed and some decision may be made in the near future.

There seems to be a shortage in the number of members on the Zoning Board of Appeals, and this has been posted for about 60 days. The public was encouraged to try to get someone to send a letter of interest for this position. There was an appeal by Donna Stambaugh in the public comment portion of the meeting for this need to fill this position.

Full video of the entire meeting and descriptions of the information provided may be found HERE.

Beaver Island Transfer Station Information

Future Webcam??

The next location for a webcam on Beaver Island should be the top of the microwave tower, so that everyone can keep track of the ospreys when they fix up their nest and raise their young. In the past, Jim Gillingham was supportive of the idea and telephone Rick seemed to think it was a good idea. This is the wrong time of the year to be installing a webcam on the tower because the ospreys are already back and rebuilding their nest, but it is the right time to suggest that this project get underway for next year's pair of ospreys. If you think you might be interested in seeing the results of this webcam and/or if you think you might be interested in helping to support the costs surrounding this kind of project, please email me at medic5740@gmail.com.


You saw a posting on the Beaver Island Forum about a Health Fair in September sponsored by the Human Services Commission, and you might have asked yourself: "The Human Services Commission--What is it? Who is it? What is it doing?" Good questions!! Let's try to answer them.

In the fall of 2009, both townships passed a resolution that established a commission to (in part) "identify and prioritize the island's human needs, identify sources for providing those, advocate for the Island with off-Island agencies to work toward providing for the needs of Islanders." And so, the Human Services Commission was born.

The mission statement of the HSC states: "The Human Services Commission is a collaboration of organizations that advocates for the emotional and physical needs of Island residents and visitors of all ages." The Commission membership is from across the island and identifies with the diverse needs of the Island. Current members include: Pam Grassmick, Peaine Township representative and HSC chairperson; Donna Kubic, BI Rural Health Center and HSC secretary; Alice Belfy, BI Community School; Steve Finch, BI Lighthouse School; Judi Meister, Food Pantry; Kathy Tidmore, St. James Township representative; Nancy Tritsch, Council on Aging; Bob Tidmore, Amvets; Lois Williams, Hospice and Helping Hands. Joan Vyse, as St. James representative, regrettably was unable to complete her tenure.

The Commission has set three major goals: Build collaborative partnerships to foster physical, social, emotional, or spiritual well-being of residents and visitors; Implement structure to coordinate information re: access to services for community use; Support the economic vitality of our community by ensuring that services are available and accessible.

Putting it simply: We are hoping that as a group of people representing many different service organizations, we will have more credibility and "clout" than any of the organizations might have operating individually. We want to ensure that Beaver Island receives its fair share of tax-supported services, and we want information about those services to be available in user-friendly form.

In January, four members of the Commission traveled to Charlevoix to meet with Shirley Roloff, Charlevoix County Commissioner representing Beaver Island, and 15 members from various county agencies to discuss improving communication regarding services available to all Charlevoix County residents, however removed from the mainland, the efficient delivery of those services, and developing a gap analysis of services.

The Commission continues to work toward ensuring that living on Beaver Island remains a viable option for low income, elderly, visitors, and all those in-between. In September 2010, the Commission will offer a Human Services Fair for the Island community with participating agencies of Emmet and Charlevoix counties.

The HSC holds monthly meetings the third Tuesday of each month at 2:00 at BI Community School. The HSC also meets monthly (by teleconference) with the Coordinating Body of Emmet and Charlevoix Human Services for the purpose of obtaining relevant information in a timely manner. There is much we hope to accomplish as the HSC connects with mainland resource services to work toward providing for the needs of Islanders.

The HSC plans to provide a brief monthly article in publications and websites on a issue of common concern for the purpose of disseminating information.

St. James Township Public Hearings and Board Meeting

Public Hearings

On April 7, 2010, the St. James Township Board held two public hearings and it regular monthly board meeting all on the same night. The public hearings were related to the need for rental housing and the need for senior housing. This need was expressed very succinctly and completely by Pete LoDico and Sandy Birdsall with comments by Connie Wojan as well. The report provided by Pete LoDico indicated the need for the $400,000 grant to build a six unit rental apartment structure on the property near the BI Rural Health Center that was donated for this purpose. All federal regulations related to senior housing income levels for qualifying for this housing were included in his report. Also suggested was the need to sell a one acre parcel of this property to a developer for the purpose of building duplexes or other living quarters for seniors not qualifying for the federal income levels of the rental units. Excellent reports were provided to any in the public interested in this project.

Regular Board Meeting

The regular township board meeting followed the two public hearings. The highlights of this meeting included the statement from Wolverine Power which allows an agreement to be drawn up for the veteran's memorial project location at the old power plant property. The township zoning administrator position was given to Doug Tilly, a twenty year veteran of the zoning board, thoroughly familiar with the zoning ordinance in both townships.

Video Clips of the St James Meeting and Public Hearing:

St James Public Hearings on Senior Housing

St James Regular Board Meeting

Holy Cross Parish Presents a Parish Mission

Parish Mission Sunday, April 25, 2010, at 7:00 P.M. "Accepting God's Love"; Monday, April 26, 2010, at 7:00 P.M. " Who is Jesus"; and Tuesday, April 27, 2010, at 7:00 P.M. "Healing and Forgiveness." This mission will be led by Father Bob Miller who is well known to the Island. He is from Chicago. Everyone is welcome!

Beaver Island Natural Resources/ Eco-Tourism Commission

Part I of a Series of Symposiums on Understanding and Managing Beaver Island's Ecosystems

For Sustainability and Economic Growth 

Symposium Number I

Managing our Forest and Wildlife for Sustainability

June 28, 2010, Beaver Island Community Center

8:15- 8:45a.m. Registration, coffee and snack

8:50 am. Welcome, Keynote Address -- Eric R. Myers

Each speaker will address the most important issue(s) concerning their topic.

9:00 -- Our Beaver Island Forests Today

•  A look at our existing forests (types of forests, soil types, tree species, habitat provided/GIS data

•  Regulations and Management Practices as they occur today ( Private land , state land, DNR compartments for logging, state land management)

9:45 -- Our Forest of the Future / Effects of Land Management Decisions on Our Forests

•  Forest Succession and Sustainability -- Eric R. Myers

•  Managing Threats: Differences between types of logging and their effect, Poor practices for sustainability, Invasive Species (garlic mustard and emerald ash borer) and disease (Beech Bark Disease)

•  Private Land Management (Decisions to Log, Contracts, Conservation Easements)

Short Break

11:00 -- Effects of Land Management Decisions on Wildlife Species/ Habitats of:

•  Deer, turkey, ruffed grouse, woodcock, wood duck, beaver (45 min)

•  Song birds and Ecotourism 

12:10 -- Questions for Morning Session Speakers 

12:30 -- Break for Lunch: On your own.

1:45 -- Roundtable Discussions: 1) Rank the most important forestry, wildlife, and ecotourism issues discussed in the morning. 2) List economic factors to be taken into consideration. 3) Recommend future management ideas including proven ways of monitoring resources. 4 Miscellaneous.

2:45 -- Roundtable Presentations- conclusions and questions from each table

3:15 - 4:00 -- Panel Discussion by experts on issues raised –questions from roundtable and wrap up—where do we go from here?

New Transfer Station Hours Start May 1st

The Transfer Station will go to spring/summer hours beginning May 1, 2010. The hours will be 8:00-5:00 Monday - Saturday. Closed Memorial Day and Labor Day.

April at Stoney's and Donegal Danny's

“What Do We DO on Beaver Island?” DVD

DVD proceeds benefit the Beaver Island Rural Health Center, the Beaver Island Food Pantry, and the Beaver Island Fire Department Auxiliary.

“What Do We Do on Beaver Island….when you're not here,” the important happenings on Beaver Island in the year 2009, is a LIMITED EDITION!

The DVD may be purchased online at the link below, or it may be purchased from stores and businesses on the Island.

You can order your DVD today by sending $20 plus $5 postage to DVD, c/o Joe Moore, P.O. Box 50, Beaver Island, Michigan 49782 or you can order yours over the Internet from the provided link.

Order online using the secure PayPal server:

Brett Maudrie's Military Address

He can receive letters and pictures, but no care packages.

PVT Maudrie, Brett Roster 437
E Co., 1-50th ITB, 4th Platoon
198th Infantry Brigade
9747 Second Armored Division Rd. Bldg. 3560
Fort Benning, GA 31905-5919

Health & Human Services Fair Scheduled for September 16, 2010

The Beaver Island Human Services Commission is hosting a health and human services fair this fall. The event will take place at Gregg Fellowship hall on September 16, 2010, from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. Mark your calendars so that you do not miss out on this great opportunity to get in touch with a wealth of information aimed at improving your health, happiness, and well-being.

Editor's Note: The Human Services Commission is working to get a wide variety of mainland services introduced to the needs of Beaver Island, a part of Charlevoix County.

NEW Community Calendar Feature

New Events Scheduled!

At a request from a couple of emails, the BINN Community Calendar has been extended from one or two months to include the rest of the entire year of 2010. Several people wanted to schedule their events without having a conflict with another event. The BINN reply via email was, "Of course, we would be happy to include a full calendar year in the Community Calendar!"

Please send us your calendar of events for the the entire year. We will put all scheduled events on one calendar with one place to check!

This will only work if all those people with scheduled events send a quick email with those events to the editor of this website. We will gladly post them on a community calendar available to everyone. Please take the time to send your events to:


Beaver Island Bike Festival

Click each picture to view the brochure.

Free T- shirts -1st Beaver Island Bike Festival

Online registration information is now available for the 1st Beaver Island Bike Festival on June 26th. FREE T-SHIRTS for the first 250. The registration brochure will be available at the Chamber of Commerce office in the Community Center in early April.


"The Beaver Island Bike Festival (June 25-27) is your chance to experience the unique unspoiled beauty of Lake Michigan’s most remote island in a fun festival atmosphere. Bikers will ride at their own pace and enjoy incredible scenery, island monuments, historic sites, a beach picnic lunch, a downtown after party and all the friendly hospitality Beaver Islands residents are famous for,” says promoter John Sohacki.

For complete information and registration information for the new Beaver Island event see the events section on the home page of The Beaver Island Chamber of Commerce web site www.BeaverIsland.org .

The new route map and course description for the second annual Beaver Island Marathon (September 4) is now available on the Chamber web site.

The Beaver Island Chamber of Commerce is a principal sponsor of both events.

Subscriptions to Expire

There are quite a few subscriptions that will expire or that have already expired in April 2010. We appreciate your support and ask you to renew your subscription as soon as possible. Emails have been sent out, but quite a few have been returned without delivery, which means that BINN does not have your current email address.

You can subscribe online by using PayPal and a credit card. Please click the link below if you wish to renew online:


Beaver Island Community Center


At the Heart of a Good Community

Calendar of Events

January 2010

Thank You SO MUCH for supporting your Beaver Island Community Center !

We have another great year in store...stay tuned!


Mon – Thurs 10am-6pm

Fri – Sat 10am-9pm

Sunday – Closed


Every Friday and/or Saturday 7pm, PLUS Matinees!

Check www.BeaverIslandCommunityCenter.org or the Community Center for listings

April COA Menu click HERE

April Senior Center Activities click HERE

May COA Menu click HERE

May Senior Center Activities click HERE

May Community Center Ad page

Meeting Minutes

The minutes of all public meetings will be posted

as soon as they are received.

News on the 'Net welcomes minutes to all public meetings. All organizations are welcome to submit meeting minutes for publication on this website. Please email them to medic5740@gmail.com.

Beaver Island Cultural Arts Association Minutes

Peaine Township Board Minutes

BIRHC Board Meeting Minutes

St. James Township Meeting Minutes

Beaver Island Community School Board Meeting Minutes

Beaver Island Ecotourism Goals Draft, rev. 3, 19 Jan 2010 NEW!

Beaver Island Natural Resources and Eco-Tourism Commission Minutes NEW!

Joint Human Resources Commission Minutes (includes agenda when available) New Feature for 2010!

Waste Management Committee Minutes (New for 2010!)