B. I. News on the 'Net, April 6-12, 2009

Streaming Video is Currently Not Working

As we await the technical support people to return our phone calls, the streaming video does not work right now at 5 p.m. on April 10, 2009. We apologize for this inconvenience. The 60 hours of work on the Peaine Township video clips will not go without your ability to view them. That much is a promise! The problem will be corrected.

Update: "The link to the Quicktime streaming server was down," technical support indicated. All links should be working at this time. 9:15 a.m., Saturday, April 11, 2009.

Ice Classic Ends

Last minutes before it went down...

Time the tower went in the ice 1:58 PM April 9, 2009

The winner is Mike Welke of Coldwater, MI with a time of 1:52 PM on the 9 th

Close to Mike were:

John Haggard 2:10 PM

Trish Scott 2:15 PM

Jeff Powers 1:47 PM

Peggy Kinsely 1:45 PM

There were a number of April 9th guesses

Thanks to all for entering the contest and supporting the Beaver Island Community Center

Controversy at Peaine Township Meeting

The regular meeting of the Peaine Township Board took place on Wednesday, April 8, 2009, beginning at 7 p.m. at the Peaine Township Hall.

A little over thirty people were in attendance at this meeting. The meeting minutes from previous meetings and the bills were presented for payment. The minutes were accepted and the bills okayed for payment. The next thing on the agenda was public comment, and several persons made comments. Printed copies of some comments were available. Here is a link to Kathy Tidmore's comments. HERE

Other comments came from Bob Tidmore asking about the Peaine Township Board Policy for getting bids for projects. Ken Taylor made comments related to his concern over the fund equity. Others can be read about or watched in the video coverage for this meeting.

Peaine Township passed a Resolution Regarding Open Meetings and a draft may be viewed HERE.

Terry Saxton resigned from his Trails Committee position. There was much discussion about the Cemetery Committee.

Bob Tidmore provided information at the end of the meeting about cormorant control measures. You can read his fax to the Beaver Island Boat Company HERE.

Rory Connaghan did the digital video from the back of the Peaine Hall. Rory got the reactions and responses of the Peaine Township Board members. Thank you, Rory!

You can view more than forty video clips of the Peaine Township Meeting if you have a high speed Internet connection and Quicktime. This streaming video can be viewed HERE.

If you can't watch the video clips, you will have to await the posting of the draft minutes when they are received.

At the Community Center

Emerald Isle Makes First Trip

Photo courtesy of Richie's webcam at http://www.beaverislandrealty.com/webcam

The Beaver Island Boat Company officially started their season this morning, Wednesday, April 8, 2009. The first trip of the boat is really the signal that spring is here no matter what the weather outside is doing. The 2009 season is underway. What it will bring in today's economy is questionable, but we welcome the season with open arms. The spring fever should begin to hit us all, and the February blues and "cabin fever" should be leaving us to make way for another great summer on Beaver Island.

More on the first boat of the season (pictures) HERE

Video Clip of Emerald Isle entering the harbor and docking HERE

Special Sunday 4/19/09

Dinner with a special purpose!

Wishing Jake and Kara a farewell and welcome the new deputy and family!

Chamber Selects 2008 Citizen of the Year

On April 6th at a secret location the Beaver Island Chamber of Commerce selected the Citizen of the Year for 2008.

“The community participation was the highest in the eight year history of the award,” said Executive Director Steve West. President Kathy Speck who chaired the meeting by speaker phone from California said, “It is wonderful and gratifying to have such deep community support and a challenge to make a selection from so many fine nominees.”

The Chamber received 31 nominations for 18 different individuals, couples or organizations. The selection will remain a secret until the award banquet.

This year's banquet will be held at the Shamrock on April 25. There are three meal selections with prices starting at only $17.00 for full meal deals that include appetizers and desert. Reservations are necessary and can be made by calling the Shamrock at (231) 448-2278.

Prime Rib  $24
Half Roasted Chicken  $ 17
Grilled Salmon $21

All Entree prices include Appetizer, Salad, Starch, Vegetable and  Dessert

Monday is Last Day of Spring Break

While Monday, April 6, 2009, is the last official day of spring break for the students of the Beaver Island Community School, the only students in the building for this week, Tuesday through Thursday, will be the elementary. The rest of the students, accompanied by teacher chaperones, will be heading to Chicago for a trip. The trip will conclude just in time for the beginning of the Easter celebration with all students having no school on Good Friday.

Sweets for Sweetie

There will be a Silent Auction of Easter desserts and breads during the Easter Brunch. All proceeds go to Larry, Laraine and Sweetie Dawson. When Laraine goes over to Petoskey for her treatments for Leukemia, Sweetie must stay in a kennel.  This fundraiser is to help with that cost. The silent auction will be held at the Easter Brunch at the Gregg Fellowship Center.

Nancy Tritsch and Jayne Bailey

Beaver Island Golf Course Story

The first round of golf was played on April 4, 2009, by two very dedicated and almost frostbitten golfers. The round was begun as just an effort to loosen up after the snowy winter on Beaver Island. The plan was just to go out and hit a few golf balls down fairway number one and back up fairway number two and maybe go back and forth a couple of times. The plan also included taking a couple of golf clubs and a putter so no bags, extra balls, or extra tees. The score keeping was not even considered an option since there was no competition involved, just a good opportunity to socialize while playing a game loved by both participants. The wind was blowing out of the northwest, guessed at about 30 mph by the golfers, so getting to the green in four or five was considered a good day on the golf course. (By the way, any day on the golf course is a good day when compared to some of the other options.)

On hole number two, when one of the premature golfers hit the ball into the sand trap between the green of number two and the tee of number three, there was a short pause in the game as both golfers tried to figure out how to retrieve the ball from the sand trap. You see, the sand trap was still full of snow, and the ball was in the middle just out of reach of a rake or a golf club. When one of the early golfers decided to go in after the ball, there was a moment when he wondered if he was going to get out of that sand trap. After a couple of ankle deep steps, his right leg went down, down, down into the snow, and it didn't stop until it found the bottom of the sand trap. That would be no big deal except his left leg was only a little more than ankle deep in the the same snow drift. The rescuer on the side of the sand trap, who was looking on, was laughing so hard, he was immobilized and unable to help. Finally, the snow-drift-captured-premature golfer worked his way loose from the "snow trap," reached out with his one golf club, and dragged the ball to safety. The comment "how do we score this one?" brought another round of laughter and the next comment was "do we go back or do we go on?"

"Why not keep going?" the chuckling golfer said with tears of laughter running down his face. "We're out of the wind now." And so began one of the most delightful early spring golf outings in our history. Nine holes in less than record time with no more than two clubs and a putter were played by one of the golfers who confessed, "I couldn't find my golf bag, but on the way to the golf course, with every intention of borrowing a club or two from the clubhouse, I stopped by the transfer station to do a drop off of garbage and cardboard. Tim Myers said, "I think I have a couple of golf clubs around here somewhere," and sure enough he did. A couple of golf clubs and some old golf balls. "I think I'll pass on that pink golf bag," the confessor told Tim. "So I played the first nine holes of golf of the year with clubs from the Beaver Island Transfer Station." (The confessor's clubs were located the next day.)

April Fool's Day a Busy Day

The first of April was to become a really busy day for Beaver Island. Thinking that the first opportunity to exercise in front of the Big Screen in the Beaver Island Community Center was looming, and a St. James Township Board meeting was scheduled, imagine the surprise when the phone rang with the message that the Coast Guard was coming in the harbor to break up the ice for the beginning of the BI Boat Company's 2009 season. So this Wednesday, April Fool's Day, was really a joke on those who thought things would be really quiet on the Island for Spring Break, BICS being out for the week.

USCG Ice Breaker Helps Clear the Harbor

(These photos were taken from BIBCO dock by Rory Connaghan. Thanks, Rory!)

The BIBCO will now have a much easier first scheduled run. The Coast Guard cutter took several trips in and out of the harbor breaking up the ice. More on the Coast Guard with pictures HERE.

You may view Quicktime streaming video clips of the ice breaking by clicking on these links:

Rory Connaghan's Clip from the Beaver Island Boat Dock

Icebreaker Clip 1 from LakeSports

Icebreaker Clip 2 from LakeSports

Icebreaker Clip 3 from LakeSports

Icebreaker Clip 1 from Whiskey Point

Icebreaker Clip 2 from Whiskey Point

St. James Township Meeting, April 1, 2009

An interesting meeting was forecast, and an interesting meeting it became. There were many things that were discussed, but the most interesting was the possibility of a Coast Guard Appreciation Day suggested by Gerald LaFreniere, who was at the meeting to get the St. James' Board's support. It was pretty interesting that the USCG cutter was breaking up the ice in Paradise Bay, just behind the board members, as Gerald made his presentation.

Gerald makes his presentation...

More on the other events of the April 1st St. James Township meeting, including video clips, may be found HERE.

All video clips of the board members were taken by Rory Connaghan. Thanks, Rory!

Kayaking Near Gull Harbor

What a difference a day can make! In this case, there are four days separating the pictures taken in the above story and this one.

Some are looking forward to the wonderful weather of springtime. Kayak Ken decided that March 29, 2009, would be a good day to put in a kayak at Gull Harbor and do some paddling around out from shore toward the floating ice. Take a look at the pictures that were taken of this early spring kayak adventure.


A streaming Quicktime video clip taken from his kayak by Ken Bruland--it gives you an idea of what it was like out there--HERE

Parking Rates to Increase at Charlevoix Airport

The following information was received in an email. The parking rates will increase as of April 1, 2009, for parking a car at the Charlevoix Airport. The smallest increase is 33%.

Parking term Cost as of 4/1/09 Previous fee % increase
Daytime only
Six months
Six months premium parking
Yearly parking
Yearly premium parking

While possibly eliminating the $1 enplanement fee, the City Council of Charlevoix will be increasing the parking rates. There is a difference between the two fees. The parking fee gives you a choice. You can choose to park your vehicle somewhere else. Perhaps, parking will become available somewhere else and some competition will become a possibility.

From another email: Parking is available at Don Seeley's Equipment $75 per year;  and Fresh Air is going to offer more parking as it becomes available at their new terminal for possibly $100 per year. 

Beaver Island Christian Church Announces Activities

Wednesday, March 25  Potluck: Dinner 6:00 p.m.

Good Friday service 7:00 p.m

Easter Sunday service at 10 a.m.

Community Easter Brunch  12:00 noon

Everyone is welcome to all of these events.

Winds Farms Coming in June (BIA)

Wind Farms will be the topic of a presentation on Monday, June 22, 2009 @ 7-9 p.m. at the Peaine Township Hall. Dean Solomon, Charlevoix County Extension Director, will present an overview of wind energy development potential in NW Lower Michigan and Beaver Island . Citing issues related to wind towers, new state renewable energy legislation, planning and zoning issues for wind energy will be discussed. This lecture is being sponsored by the Planning Commissions of Peaine and St. James Townships along with the Beaver Island Association. Open to the public and free of charge. Please, join us as Dean Solomon shares his expertise. Light refreshments provided.

At the Shamrock

The Boodlers, Easter weekend

BICS National Honor Society Sponsors Quiz Bowl

In an effort to raise funds to travel and compete in the State Quiz Bowl Class D Tournament, the Beaver Island High School National Honor Society is running a Quiz Bowl Tournament here on the Island. Teams of at least 4 people (you can have a sub or two, if you wish) will compete against each other by answering general knowledge questions in categories including history, literature, math, science, mythology, sports and miscellaneous. The requested donation is $15 per person. Spectators are welcome for a free-will donation. The winning team wins a trophy and bragging rights!

If you like Jeopardy, Cash Cab, trivia or just trying to buzz in faster than the next person, contact one of the NHS members by phone or email to sign up your team. If you'd like to play, but don't have a team, let us know that and we'll form a team for you. We can only have 8 teams, so call soon!
In an effort to raise funds to travel and compete in the State Quiz Bowl Class D Tournament, the Beaver Island High School National Honor Society is running a Quiz Bowl Tournament here on the Island.

Teams of at least 4 people (you can have a sub or two, if you wish) will compete against each other by answering general knowledge questions in categories including history, literature, math, science, mythology, sports and miscellaneous. The requested donation is $15 per person. Spectators are welcome for a free-will donation. The winning team wins a trophy and bragging rights!

If you like Jeopardy, Cash Cab, trivia or just trying to buzz in faster than the next person, contact one of the NHS members by phone or email to sign up your team. If you'd like to play, but don't have a team, let us know that and we'll form a team for you. We can only have 8 teams, so call soon!

Thanks for your support -- it should be a fun night! (Starts at 7:00 pm on Wed, April 15)

National Honor Society Members:

Kristy Bousquet, Caitlin Boyle, Jenna Butler, Patrick Cull, Maeve Green, Alex Kuligoski and Connie Boyle (adviser -- connieb@beaverisland.k12.mi.us )
Thanks for your support -- it should be a fun night! (Starts at 7:00 pm on Wed, April 15)





News from the Chamber of Commerce

Contact: Steve West (231) 448-2505 / Chamber@BeaverIsland.org

Citizen of the Year Banquet Change

The Beaver Island Chamber of Commerce Citizen of the Year award banquet will be held at the Shamrock on Saturday April 25. The change from the Beaver Island Lodge was made because of a change in Lodge's planned opening date.

The banquet will start with cocktails and hors d' oeuvres at 5:30. Dinner will be served at 6:30 followed by a visiting speaker and the award presentation. The Shamrock will offer three dinner selections beginning at $17.00. The “full meal deals” include

hors d' oeuvres and desert. Seating will be limited. Reservations are needed and can be made by calling the Shamrock at (231) 448-2278.

Michigan Tourism Expert to Address Banquet Crowd

One of Michigan's most successful independent tourism business marketing representatives will speak at this years Citizen of the Year award banquet. She has been called a cheerleader for Michigan travel and tourism.

Dianna Stampfler is a graduate of Western Michigan University and worked for the West Michigan Tourist Association (WMTA) for seven years before starting her own business, Promote Michigan. She hosts two radio programs, is a contributing editor for Michigan Blue magazine and is a regular guest on the syndicated Travel Queen radio show as well as many other travel related programs. He client list includes St. Julian Winery, Traverse Tall Ship Company and the Michigan Apple Committee to name just three.

Stampfler is an expert on developing media coverage and as Marketing Director for WMTA developed more than $3.5 million in accumulative media coverage for members, including the Beaver Island Chamber of Commerce. She will speak at the banquet about how to use the internet to market your business on a shoe string budget.

Chamber Expands 2009 Print Guide / Free Map

The Beaver Island Chamber of Commerce 2009 Visitor & Business Directory will nearly double in size from previous additions to 8 ½ inches tall by 5 ½, about the size of the Island Telephone Directory. The colorful cover, designed by Jeff Cashman, features a three masted tall ship on Paradise Bay and eight additional beautiful Island photos.

Both Island lighthouses are pictured on the cover and a new section inside focuses on the many lights that can be visited by boat or plane from Beaver Island. Copies for the new publication will be distributed at the Citizen of the Year banquet.

The Lake Michigan Circle Tour & Lighthouse Map published by WMTA features “The many lights of Beaver Island,” in the editorial copy and includes a Chamber / Boat Co. / Fresh Air Aviation ad. A free copy of the large map will be available at the banquet. You can order one at www.wmta.org or by calling (800) 442-2084.

Ill Islanders Doing Well

Update on Phil Gregg:

Phil and Lil are both home. Please call them before visiting.

Lauraine Dawson is back on the mainland for daily assessments and treatments.

Paul Nelson is doing much better and has been moved to an assisted living center. His new address is

Paul F. Nelson, 1501 Woodworth St NE,  Apt. 110, Grand Rapids, MI 49525
He would love to hear from his Island friends.

UPDATED: Information about Leone Schellenberg from her husband Chuck HERE

Beaver Island Community Center


Welcome Center: Full Menu Available

Monday – Thursday 9am - 3pm

Friday – Saturday 9am - 9pm

Sunday – 10am – 2pm 

The Hangout: Snacks & Cold Beverages Available

Monday – Saturday 9am – 9pm

Sunday 10am – 6pm

Come check us out!

Senior Events and Activities brought to you by...

Charlevoix County Commission on Aging at the

Beaver Island Community Center !

Schedule of Events

•  Every Monday thru Friday 11:30 am – 12:30 pm

Senior Congregate Meal Program – the Best “Fast Food” on the Island !

Delicious and nutritious daily meals are served up fast and hot!

Monthly menus and weekly sign-up sheets are available at the Community Center and will soon be available on-line. Participants are encouraged to sign up in advance on a weekly basis, for ordering purposes. Don't worry if you can't make it that day—we'd rather have too much than too little! If you didn't sign up in advance but want to join in if possible, just call Ann—or leave a message—at 448-2022 by 10:30am. Suggested donation for Seniors 60 and older is $2, and those under 60 $4.

•  Don't Forget...

FREE Senior Transit is available thru 2009!

Any senior residing in Charlevoix County/Beaver Island is able to obtain free transportation through the Charlevoix County Transit program! Call Ann at the Center (448-2022) to coordinate your ride with our other Island Seniors!

Since all rides are mapped-out and scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis it is recommended that interested parties schedule at least 24-hours in advance.


Stay Tuned to www.pabi.beaverisland.org and visit the Beaver Island Senior Center at the Beaver Island Community Center for MORE DETAILS!


April Schedule of Events

Senior Events and Activities sponsored by the Charlevoix County COA

April COA Congregate Meals Schedule

April Community Center Movie Schedule

Beaver Island Trivia

Last Week's Trivia Question:

Can you name the business that was located in the Malloy Meat Market, but will be moving this year to a new location?

Sally Lounsberry was the first correct answer, and she provided some extra interesting information. Whimsy will be moving from the Malloy Meat Market to the location of the former Beaver Boatique, which has closed its doors after many years of service. In this same location, many years ago, a business known as Ruthie's Bits of Beaver operated right next door to the municipal Beaver Island Marina and "kitty-corner" across the road from the post office.

This Week's Trivia Question:

Starting with the current director of the Beaver Island Historical Society, can you name the most recent three directors?

The first correct answer will earn a gift subscription to News on the 'Net for the months of April, May, and June for the person of your choice, anyone who is not already a subscriber. Email your answers to: medic5740@gmail.com

Where's This?

You may drive by this every single day and not even notice that it is there. Where is this located? Send your answers to medic5740@gmail.com

Meeting Minutes

The minutes of all public meetings will be posted

as soon as they are received.

News on the 'Net welcomes minutes to all public meetings. All organizations are welcome to submit meeting minutes for publication on this website. Please email them to medic5740@gmail.com.

Beaver Island Cultural Arts Association Minutes

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