... and a New Season Begins

Monday, April 11th, marked the beginning of the 2005 season as the Emerald Isle left her berth at the Beaver Island Boat Dock and ventured across the lake to Charlevoix. For those adventurous souls it was a bumpy ride to the mainland. Some folks pay big bucks to go to places like Cedar Point for exciting rides, islanders can catch the ferry on a windy day and have the same experience without the cost. Monday was definitely a windy day!

In the afternoon she slipped into the harbor without much fanfare and the 2005 season was underway. Lots of freight arrived on that first boat - building supplies, bird seeds of various kinds, house supplies, new cars/trucks, snowbirds who had spent the winter months in warmer climates. As the season moves on the number of passengers will swell as will the amount of freight that comes across. After a long winter, it's so nice to see blue water - big waves or not - and see the ferry ply the distance between here and Charlevoix. Over the next month or so we'll see more and more old friends returning to the island now that the ice and snow have retreated.

Concerned summer resident Don Holzhauer wanted to warn the citizens that Ken Taylor would be returning on the first ferry. The warning was made to the resident population and we thank Don for doing his civic duty.


"The Emperor's New Clothes"  5th and 6th Graders' Play April 22, 7:00PM , Holy Cross Hall

More Spring Signs

As the warmer days trickle in and the ice slowly melts, Mother Nature begins dressing for the new season. Pussy willows are showing up along the marshy edges of the lake and along the roadways, seagulls are hitching rides on small ice floes, and vacant birds' nest will most likely find new residents before long.


Citizen of the Year Banquet

Make your reservations now at Stoney Acres for the Citizen of the Year Banquet on April 23rd. Seating is limited so call right away! Come and discover who was selected for 2005.

Annual Sock Hop

Dig out those saddle shoes! Find that poodle skirt! Where'd you put that leather jacket? Practice those dance steps! The AMVETS Auxiliary Sock Hop is on April 30th. Are you ready? It's one of the best parties of the year. Step back to the 1950's and '60's and enjoy all those great songs. You'll have the time of your life.