Spring Spaghetti Dinner

The students of the Beaver Island Lighthouse School will be serving a spring spaghetti dinner on Saturday, April 17th. Dinner will be served from 5:30 until 7:30 p.m.. It will be held at the Peaine Township Hall. Students will be presenting their musical talents throughout the evening. Donations are welcomed. Please plan on attending.

1st Annual Sock Hop


Get out your poodle skirts, saddle shoes and cardigan sweaters!!

The AMVETS and Ladies Auxiliary Post 46 are having their 1st Annual Sock Hop featuring music from the fifties and sixties



* Music provided by Joe Nagabra - playing all your fifties and sixties favorites (Professional entertainer for 25 years)

* Admission $10.00

* Cash Bar (Drinks $2.00 - Pop $1.00

* Snacks

* 50/50 Raffle Drawing

* Door Prizes

* Contests*

*Best Dancers - Male, Female, Couples

Best Attire - Male, Female, Group

Hula Hoop Contest

Must be 18 to attend - 21 to be served

Easter Egg Hunt

Saturday morning saw the Beaver Island Community School yard teaming with children and they weren't there to attend classes over the Easter weekend but to scramble for eggs that a certain Mr. Benjamin B. Bunny had left scattered from the front clear out to the soccer field. We don't know what caused Mr. Bunny to hop off so quickly that he dropped his colorful eggs all over the place but we do know that the kids up to 6th grade sure had an exciting time finding them despite the flakes of white stuff floating in the air. Thanks go to the AMVETS and to the Ladies Auxiliary for organizing this special event.

Susie Fisher gives the "official egg hunting" rules to the participants

On your mark... ready, set, go.......!

... and the egg hunters were off with pounding feet and quick eyes

For some it was the very first Easter egg hunt (of course Dad was there to help)

Easter wouldn't be Easter without little girls in new spring hats!

How Observant Were YOU?

All of us drive around the harbor to see what's going on but just how much do we really see? Every so often I'll put some small picture up and let you see if you can find where it was taken. Last week it was the above photo which resembled a red trailer hitch. The only hint was that it was located in the harbor area on Main street. Did you guess right? A lot of folks said Barb and Bud Cruickshank's house... they were wrong. Click on the picture above to see where it really is located.

Let's see if you know where the photo above was taken. It's a pink star hanging on a tree in the woods easily seen from the road. The only hint is that it's located on the King's Highway somewhere between the school and the four corners. The answer will appear next week.

Armed Forces Update

The Marine Corp has announced that the 22nd MEU (SOC) has deployed to Afghanistan to engage in combat operations against the Taliban and al Queda forces. Lt. Gavin West is currently serving in the mountains along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.