Island Evacuated

Wow! The streets are empty, one can wander through McDonough's Market and not meet another shopper. What's going on? It's spring break on Beaver Island. Had you been at the airport on Friday you would have seen two planes flying every hour with all seats full as families took advantage of a week free from school. Folks are off to places like Tennessee, Hawaii, Florida, and to visit Aunt Nettie and Uncle Bert or whomever. It sure makes for a quiet place this week.

How Observant Are YOU?

All of us drive around the harbor to see what's going on but just how much do we really see? Every so often I'll put some small picture up and let you see if you can find where it was taken. The answer will appear next week. Let's see if you know where this was taken. It sort of resembles a red trailer hitch. Only hint is that it's in the harbor area on Main Street.

Additional Boat

There is an additional boat scheduled for April 9th. It leaves Beaver Island at 8:30 a.m. and leaves Charlevoix at 11:30 a.m. Call now for reservations. After the 9th, the ferry will adhere to the schedule posted at

Aerial Views

Last Friday I flew home and of course had my camera. Keith Teague was kind enough to allow me a front seat on the Islander to get these aerials of the island as spring begins to show her face. The ice is just a little rim around the island and the trees are just now beginning to bud. Thanks Keith.


Neal Green has been deployed and will be shooting golf balls off the end of the earth on his birthday which is April 16th. He is on his way to the Polar Cap. If you'd like to send him a card, his address is:

ETSN Green, Neal T.

USS Hampton 767

FPO-AE 09573-2423