Rita Gillespie Memorial Blood Drive

Thursday, August 11

12:00 - 5:45 p.m.

Beaver Island Community School Gym

Must show photo ID or donor card to donate

Questions call Jerry @ 448-2296 or Lars @ 448-2470

Bake and Yard Sale

August 13

9:00 a.m.

Gregg's Yard

In case of rain it will be moved to the

Beaver Island Christian Church

It's a Girl

Ainsley Martin is excited to announce the arrival of her new baby sister, Aiden MacKenzie who weighed in a 7 pounds, 1 ounce on August 1. Very proud grandparents are John and Connie Harris of Beaver Island.


After 57 days of drought, the island has finally received several thunderstorms accompanied by terrific light shows, not that I stood around outside watching them. My idea of watching lightening ranks right up there with slamming my fingers in the car door. The Moore family pets have to fight me for space under the bed. My youngest, on the other hand, would like nothing better than to stand out in the middle of the yard and watch (must be some of those genes from her father). As I said, we got the much needed rain however now we're back into the high heat and humidity. Summer is the season when green things turn brown, add in humidity of 99.9% and everything else starts growing green mold. I think one of our cats has a slight green cast to his fur.

Baroque on Beaver & Beyond

Last week end was modern music while the weekend of July 30-31 was a classical one. With two SRO performances, the Baroque on Beaver was again a hit for the fourth year in a row. It's certainly growing every year with 2005 seeing performers come from Seattle, Washington; Jekyll Island, Georgia; Key West, Florida; along with Nebraska, Iowa, Indiana, Wisconsin, Ohio, Illinois, mainland Michigan and of course, Beaver Island.

The idea for the program began with Chas. Krutz, Professor Emeritus of Concordia University in Seward, Nebraska who gathered together family members and island musicians for the first "Bach" performance in 2002. It was a huge hit, has continued to grow and thrive each year, and with the help of Jane Maehr and Jeanne Howell along with support from St. James Episcopal Mission, Michigan Council of Arts and Cultural Affairs and the Cheboygan Area Art Council the 2005 program "Baroque on Beaver & Beyond" was a resounding success.

The Orchestra

Click on any of the photographs to see the full size

First Violin
Patty Baser John Gerrish
Jason Economides
Barbara Hiranpradist Sandy Gerrish
Mary Beth Liederbach Jeanne Howell
Krist Tuan Steve Velloff
Sherry Weng
Peggy Wheeler Lynn Hansen
Second Violin
Kathleen Light
Jenny Alman
Harriet Groenleer Constance Currie
Charles Krutz Tammy LaFreniere
Anna Lutz
Holly Lutz Drew Hinderer
Tim Lutz
French Horn
Ella Villa Lisa Honeycutt
Jimm Sipe
Holly Attar
Jan Caputo Len Allman
Robert Dudd Charles Krutz
Adam Sypniewski
Mark Mantel
Amy Gillingham
Katie Lutz Jane Maehr
Sherrill Smith  

The Choir

Will Nichols, Bass
Wilson Nichols, Tenor
Victoria Walker, Soprano
Rachael Allman Jeanne Howell
Brenna Adams Roger Lutz
Christy Albin Tim Lutz
Annette Dashiell Paul Niehaus
Krys Lyle Wilson Nichols*
Elizabeth Nichols Deb Plastrik
Shirley Traugott
Victoria Walker* Phil Becker
Bill Detwiler
Katie Gienapp John Gienapp
Doris Larson Jack Kelly
Liz Niehaus Marty Maehr
Jean Palmer Will Nichols*
Helen Spangler  
Kathy Speck  

While I missed the previous days performance, the Sunday evening one was fabulous. With music by Troelli, Mendlessohn, Bach, Handel, and Schubert one could see various audience members bobbing their heads in time to the music of some of the more familiar tunes. Bach's Coffee Cantata brought forth plenty of grins and a few laughs as the soloists sang and acted their parts. Kudos to Nichols, Nichols and Walker for making classical music "fun" for those who hadn't had the experience of hearing it before.

It was great to see quite a few younger people in the audience. From a few months old to teens, they all seemed fascinated by the sounds being emitted from the variety of instruments. Hopefully this small encounter with the classical forum will entice them into learning more about it and perhaps even to take lessons.

I think it's safe to say that quite a few folks are looking forward to see what next summer will bring. Although the heat and humidity in Holy Cross Hall was high, so was the enthusiasm of both the audience and the performers. Maybe someday in the future the island will have a band shell where the comfort level will be more moderate. Nevertheless, it was a great evening and one that we sincerely hope will continue to be an annual event. Our admiration and congratulations go to all the musicians and singers for a job well done.




Gatliff Family Thanks

On behalf of the Gatliff family, I would like to thank both the EMS and BIRHC for their professional response and assistance rendered during the near-fatal accident our family suffered last week while staying at the convent. After one of the boys slipped and fell headfirst through the double-plate glass window, cutting his neck wide open on the jagged glass, we later learned that another 1/4" was all that stood between his life and death. What might have been a tragic incident was handled quickly and calmly by those responding, and our family will be forever grateful for the care and consideration extended during that effort. Thanking you all again ~ and hoping you know how very much your skills and expertise were appreciated.

Shirley Cole

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