Shades of Mutiny on the Bounty

On Wednesday evening we were treated to a short demonstration of Mother Natures' temper as strong winds and rain raced across the island. Those seeing family and friends off on the 5:30 ferry noticed a three-masted tall ship heading towards Sand Bay and the lee of the island. Although I received a call telling me about it, I decided against venturing out into the storm for pictures and then proceeded to forget all about it. Luckily, Kris Stableford gave me a call early Thursday morning and I headed out to their cottage to get a few pictures.

It turns out that this was a full-rigged frigate, the Bounty II, built by Smith and Rhuland Shipyard, Luneberg, Nova Scotia, Canada and owned by the Tall Ship Bounty Foundation with her homeport being Battleship Cove, Fall River, Massachusetts. She is a replica of the famous 18th century frigate and was commissioned by MGM studios in 1960 for the film Mutiny on the Bounty with Marlon Brando.

Completely seaworthy and built exactly the way it would have been done 200 years ago, the Bounty II was constructed from the original ship's drawings that were still on file in the archives of the British admiralty. After the filming and a promotional tour, MGM berthed the ship in St. Petersberg, Florida where she was a permanent tourist attraction. Ted Turner bought the MGM film library and the ship with it in 1986. He used it for his enterprises which included the film Treasure Island with Charleton Heston in 1989.

Her movie making days weren't over, as she was used in the DVD release of the Pirates of the Caribbean, a documentary on Captain Bligh for the History channl and the new Sponge Bob Square Pants movie that is due for release in November 2004.

In 1993, Turner donated the ship to the Fall River Chamber of Commerce which in turn established the Tall Ship Bounty Foundation to operate it as an educational venture. In February of 2001, the Tall Ship Bounty Organization LLC bought her from the Foundation. The Tall Ship Bounty Organization LLC plans to keep the ship sailing and using her for teaching the nearly lost arts of square rigged sailing and seamanship.

It's a Mystery

Those of us who grew up here have heard many a tale from our parents. Russ Green claims that they were so poor that they couldn't afford a horse, let alone a car so they had to ride the family pig. Russ gave me this old photo to scan in hopes that someone will be able to name the child riding this porker. The house in the background is the old Green farmhouse off the Kings' Highway. The name of the four-legged vehicle isn't important, but we sure hope that someone will recognize the child. According to Russ, the person is much older than he is. If you know who it is, please let us know on the Forum. Thanks.

"Charley" touched Beaver Island

Unless you live on Squaw Island, you know about Hurricane Charley. Many island residents winter in the Punta Gorda and Port Charlotte, Florida. At least one we know, Nancy Cull, has lost her home to Charley's temper. Not only did it destroy her home, but her car was stored in a garage whose roof collapsed. We haven't heard how any of the other island residents' homes survived, or if they did. It's almost hard to believe that something happening almost 1500 miles away can affect us living here in the middle of northern Lake Michigan. We sure hope that no one else here for the summer had a devastating loss and that Nancy and Maureen's insurance will kick in quickly and that they will have a place to live in Florida come winter... not that we wouldn't love having them stay here when the snow starts to fly.


Approved at the August 14, 2004 meeting

Beaver Island Rural Health Center

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Saturday, June 26, 2004 10:00 am

Peaine Township Hall


PRESENT Board Members Anne Glendon, Dr. Brad Grassmick, Angel LeFevre-Welke, Pete LoDico, Barb Murphy, Dr. Paul Nelson, Joe Reed, Don Spencer, Rick Speck , Eula Thomas, Connie Wojan; Contractor Grace Matela, Accountant Staff Donna Kubic

I. Call to Order & Welcome

President Connie Wojan called the meeting to order at 10:00 AM , welcoming all board members and guests in the audience. Mr. Webb Martin and Mr. Fred Schmoll joined the meeting. Connie Wojan thanked them for attending the Grand Opening and taking part in the Board Meeting at no cost to the Health Center .

II. Review, revisions to agenda.

The agenda will be revised to take advantage of Mr. Webb and Mr. Schmoll's time at the meeting.

Under Old Business no action is required for the By-laws and Articles of Incorporation. There will only be discussion today and no action taken. Discussion of the Bylaws will begin at the start of the meeting and time permitting O & D Insurance and the Radiology contract will then be reviewed.

III. Review, revisions and approval of minutes.

Motion to approve minutes of May 1, 2004 Meeting and Special Meeting May 26, 2004 (Glendon/LeFevre-Welke) approved. Eula Thomas read the following to be corrected on the March 20 th meeting: Eula Thomas requested for the Board to have one report that's run from the Medisoft billing software that shows both charged amount and allowed amount the production summary by Provider is a 2 page report that reflects this data.

IV. Bylaw and Articles of Incorporation Discussion

Mr. Webb Martin, BIRHC Counsel began the discussion by commenting on the right combination of skills present on the BIRHC board, which includes Doctors, Nurses, and Management. He has served on many boards who have not accomplished what the BIRHC board has accomplished in such a short period of time.

Mr. Martin presented in length all the changes which were made to the current Bylaws. A copy is attached with the current Bylaws on the left hand of the paper and changes in bold and in italics on the right side. Today would be a discussion of the new draft changes. The current Bylaws dictate that the content be presented 14 days ahead of time. Mr. Martin stated he would try and present the legal, not political nor business issues. The current Articles of Incorporation are not inconsistent with the Bylaws.

V. Old Business

A. By-laws & Articles of Incorporation

The committee to set a deadline for the board to communicate to Dr. Grassmick or Anne Glendon any changes so they can then be in touch with Mr. Webb Martin.

B. D & O Insurance

Mr. Martin commented on two issues to look at in the D & O Insurance Policy.

•  dollar one coverage

•  claims made or occurrence policy

Motion made for attorneys to look at D & O Insurance (Glendon/LoDico) approved.

C. Radiologist contract

Dr. Harlan has been presented with the contract, but to date has not responded with acceptance or changes. Mr. Martin suggested presenting it to the Board for approval, advising the Board that Dr. Harlan has not yet reviewed it, and seeking authority for the President to negotiate and agree to reasonable changes consistent with the basic intent.

Motion to approve Dr. Harlan's contract and to allow Connie Wojan to negotiate minor changes (Reed/Grassmick) approved.

•  Dr. White's Bills

Dr. White was present to request that the Health Center pay bills she had incurred as a result of her move to the new facility. Don Spencer stated that there would be additional electrical costs before all of Dr. White's outlet needs were met. There was a discussion as to whether or not the Health Center should be responsible for the bills presented by Dr. White and the additional electrical costs which have yet to be incurred.

Motion to pay Dr. White's bills as presented, (Reed/LeFevre-Welke); an amendment to the motion to limit the payment to the amount donated earlier this year for dental services less the cost of installation of one more outlet (which will be billed to the Health Center) for Dr. White was made.( Spencer/LoDico) approved. (Thomas/Nelson) opposed.

VI. Financial & Utilization Reports

A. Financial reports presentations & discussion

Grace Matela reported on the financial report. Raffle monies on the truck are started to come in. Universal Grant monies are received later in the year. Motion to accept the financial report (Reed / LeFevre-Welke); approved.

B. Reports on Earned revenue services

Report on earned revenue, it was decided to look at aging at every board meeting.

C. Utilization Reports

Donna Kubic reported on the Patient Data. No significant changes other than year to date for permanent patients are up from 73% to 87% of patients. Patient encounters, year to date are up by 16%. Weekend and after hour calls are down from last year.

VII. Resource Development Report

A. Grant updates

$5,500 Grant has been received from the Charlevoix County Community Foundation. Another Grant has been written for Education and Prevention to the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa & Chippewa Indians with endorsement from the townships and partnership.

B. The High Tea

This new event will take place July 8 th at Deerwood, tickets still available.

C. Capital Campaign Update

Joe Reed reported the Capital Campaign has been launched. On the first day a $300,000 Challenge Grant was given. The Welters have graciously agreed to donate the cost of paving the parking lots at the new facility. Several other contributors have pledged donations.

D. Raffle Update

Raffle tickets are slow this time of year. Joe Reed passed out a sheet for the Directors to sign up to sell tickets. The winning ticket will be drawn on Labor Day at the Shamrock at 7 PM . Connie indicated good record keeping was needed as the Michigan Lottery Bureau could audit a raffle.

E. Other Fundraisers

Lenore Jacobson is promoting the silent auction which will benefit the Health Center and will end on July 8 th . Ray and Nina have offered to designate the proceeds of a benefit dinner to go to the Health Center . The date will be September 18 th .

F. Thank-you to Grand Opening helpers and donors

Thank you's were given to the Resource Development Committee, BJ Wyckoff, Bob and, Eric Hodgson for the donuts, coffee and pastries, Mike Crawford, Mark LaFreniere, Don Tritsch, and Pete LoDico setting up the tent and chairs, Rick Speck for moving chairs and the Paul Armstrong and the Am Vets for use of the sound system. Thanks also to Frank Solle for taking pictures of the day and an anonymous Board member who paid for the tent and chairs.

VIII. New Business

Karen Whitecraft presented a letter to be considered to fill the vacancy from EMS .

Motion to appoint Karen Whitecraft to fill Jerry LaFreniere's seat on the board from EMS (LoDico/Reed) approved.

•  Operations Report

Donna Kubic reported July Remec schedule will be posted the beginning of the week. Munson was kind enough to designed a brochure announcing Remec to the public. A newly diagnosed diabetic patient receive instruction from a Diabetic Nurse Specialist from Charlevoix Hospital using Remec for diabetic teaching. The patient was very pleased with this service, saving her the cost of a flight over and two nights in a motel as the instruction was for two days. EMS requested using Remec in July for a meeting. A detailed inventory of the Health Center with serial numbers was completed. A Physicial Assistant who was interested in the position has declined. A Nurse Practitioner who is very interested in the position is being referenced. There is coverage for SueSollel for every weekend until the end of August.

X . Public Comment

No public discussion.

XI. Next Meeting

The next scheduled Board Meeting will be August 14 th at l:00 pm.

XII. Adjournment

Motion to adjourn at 1:45 p.m. (Reed/LeFevre-Welke); approved.

Respectfully submitted,

Anne Glendon, BIRHC Secretary

Donna Kubic, Office Manager