To Parents and Residents of Beaver Island

Beaver Island Community School has several volunteer positions open for the 2003-2004 school year.  If you are interested in volunteering in any capacity please contact the school office (448-2744).  

_____ Safety Patrol/School Store 7:50 a.m. to 8:20 a.m. – Monday through Friday – Duties include supervising 5th and 6th graders on safety patrol and at the school store.           

_____ Breakfast Volunteer 7:30 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. – Monday through Friday - Duties include setting up breakfast:   cereal, milk, juice & yogurt.  

_____ Elementary Lunch 11:00 a.m. to 11:50

_____ Secondary Lunch 11:50 a.m. to 12:30 - Duties include setting up and serving lunch, supervising cleanup, and monitoring elementary students on the playground or secondary students in the lunchroom.  

_____ Library/Computer Room Supervisor Noon to 3:15 p.m. – Monday through Friday – Duties include

monitoring student use of library and computer room.  

_____ Playgroup Supervisor 2:00 p.m. to 3:15 p.m. on Mondays for grades one through four.  

_____ Student Council Advisor – Meet monthly with students in grades seven through 12 to oversee student council sponsored activities.  

_____ Peer Mediation Advisor – Meet once or twice a month with a student group of trained mediators to encourage children to use positive behaviors.  Last year’s sponsor will guide you in this very simple but fulfilling role.  

_____ PM Recess Supervision 2 p.m. to 2:15 - Duties include outdoor recess supervision along with a teacher for students in grades one through four.  

_____ Office Receptionist 1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. – Monday through Friday – Duties include answering phones, assisting students, and doing errands (school car available).  Note: volunteer time could be any time during the above time slot.  

_____ Monthly Calendar – Once a month you compose the school calendar on your computer at home or at school.  

_____ Keeping Score at Athletic Events – Fridays at 5:00 pm and Saturdays at 9:00 a.m. – Contact the office for dates of home games.  

_____ Chaperoning After-School and Evening Activities – dances, movie nights, etc.  

_____ Chaperoning Overnight Off-Island Field Trips/Athletic Events  

_____ Other – please specify

Letter to Concerned Citizens Group


37830 Kings Highway

Beaver Island, MI 49782

August 22, 2003

Kirk McBride

Chairman Concerned Citizens

Beaver Island MI 49782

Dear Kirk,

The  BIRHC Board could not be more appreciative of your group’s offer to purchase raffle tickets designating the health center as the winner. However, it has come to our attention that Michigan gaming laws make this impossible. These laws prohibit an organization from winning its own prize. Therefore, no one, neither any member of your group nor any other individual including a BIRHC Board member, can put BIRHC on a ticket stub. What would be legal would be for an individual or multiple individuals to put their names on a ticket, accept the prize if that ticket was drawn, and then write a check to BIRHC.

We want you and your group to know that whoever accepted the prize would have to report their Social Security number(s) to the health center so that a 1099 could be issued. The amount on that 1099 would have to be reported as income on the tax return of whoever ever accepted the prize.  The winner(s) would then have to contact their tax preparer(s) to determine the impact of that 1099 income on their tax liability for 2003. Unless the CCG has a tax ID number it could not win the prize as an organization.

Again we thank you and all members of the CCG for your support and regret that legalities make it so complicated for the BIRHC to win.


Connie Wojan

Response from CCG


Connie Wojan,President

Dear Connie,

Thank you for your letter. The CCG has not and most likely will not apply for organization status with the state. We hope to keep things simple as we move forward unless legal counsel advises otherwise. We are aware of the tax
implications and working on them as we speak. To date most of the tickets are in individual's names and therefore bare tax numbers for 1099 purposes. Hope to continue moving forward as planned with all details resolved before the drawing.

Thanx - Kirk D. McBride, CCG

History of BIRHC Support of Local Dental Care

Statement by Connie Wojan made at the 8/19/03 BIRHC Board Meeting

To the best of my memory, some time in the early eighties at a medical auxiliary luncheon, Joan Petrak was the first person to suggest that it would be a great benefit to island residents if some how we could get a dentist to come to the island to provide dental care. Joan was thinking of course of the big savings islanders would enjoy if they did not have to pay boat or more frequently airfare and miss a day of work every time they needed dental care.

The first dentist recruited by Joan was a Dr. David Miller, followed by Dr. Jeffrey Porter, Dr. Harry Suckert and most recently Dr. Wendy White. There is no record that the BIRHC Board or its predecessor the B. I. Medical Center Board has ever had a written agreement with or asked for compensation from any of the dentists who served the island over the years. I would guess that the reasons for this very informal arrangement were:

1)     That the medical center building was owned by the townships who charged the medical center no rent;

2)     The townships also paid insurance on the building as they do to this day;

3)     The dentists who preceded Dr. White practiced here only once per week on average;

4) Islanders saved significantly by accessing dental care locally.

In addition to not charging rent to dentists over the years it has also been, and is to this day, the practice for the BIRHC to provide: free utilities; free maintenance services including some cleaning; free use of the health center copier including paper; and free use of the health center fax machine including long distance fax charges. To summarize, over the years it has been the custom for the health center to spend a part of its 2 mills from property tax revenue on the subsidy of privately provided local dental care. The current board has consistently expressed its support of providing dental care as a component of overall health and wellness services.

As Dr. White’s practice expanded, the level of patient traffic increased and the Board began to discuss the need to come to some kind of written understanding. In the fall of last year the current BIRHC board began to discuss the need for a written contract with Dr. White primarily because we were beginning serious planning for our new facility. Dr. White was consulted on the design of the space for her use, including a separate entrance.

The new facility would be owned not by the townships but by the Beaver Island Rural Health Center , a non-profit corporation. This would mean that BIRHC would now have to pay for the cost of insuring the building including dental space. The new facility would provide considerably more square footage to Dr. White than she currently occupies and that designated square footage would be specially designed for the delivery of dental care only. About 11% of the new building will be used for dental care. That means the cost to the BIRHC for providing space to Dr. White will be 11% of the total cost of the new building or about $130,000. No assessment has been made to Dr. White for this investment.

In short we realized last fall that circumstances were changing and that we would be incurring substantial construction and increased overhead costs in order to continue to provide for the local availability of dental care. The decision to do so was seriously questioned at the time by some members of the community, particularly by our volunteer EMS who had hoped to occupy space in the new building. Nevertheless, the Board remained committed to supporting local dental care and publicly defended its decision to subsidize Dr. White, a private individual, despite the criticism. At the same time we also felt community pressure to demonstrate our fiscal responsibility in dealing with Dr. White.

The first step towards demonstrating our board’s fiscal responsibility concerning Dr. White took place at our January 2003 board meeting where the minutes reflect a list of potential topics the Board proposed should be covered by an agreement. The next step was a meeting between board member Paul Nelson, Dr. White and myself  on February 18th.  During that meeting Dr. White gave her input regarding topics she thought should be included in an agreement. At that time we also offered Dr. White the option of having her brother who is an attorney compose a first draft of an agreement and set a goal of May 25th to settle. Paul and I reported the results of our meeting with Dr. White later that day at our February 18th board meeting. Our report is reflected in the minutes of that meeting.

Shortly before our March 18th regular board meeting I received a phone call from Dr. White saying that her brother had not been able to complete a draft agreement. I reported that fact to the board and my report is reflected in the minutes of our March 18th, 2003 meeting. Around that time Dr. White and I had a phone discussion in which she indicated that her brother would probably not be able to draft an agreement. I stated we (the BIRHC Board) would research possible model agreements and present a draft to her. Other priorities have taken precedence since that time so that, while we have done some research, nothing has been presented to Dr. White in writing to date.

The most recent step taken by the board to formalize an agreement with Dr. White took place on July 29, 2003 when she was invited to a construction committee meeting.  The minutes of that meeting which are available here tonight indicate that the committee presented Dr. White with two options for determining payment of her share of utility costs in the new building.

§        The first option would be that her costs would be determined by applying a percentage based on the 11% of the building space she would occupy.  

§        The second option would be for Dr. White to have her own separate meter installed which would cost an estimated $5000. As part of this option the board offered to ease the expense by allowing Dr. White to pay for the meter over a period of 3 years.  

§        A third option discussed by Dr.White and Robert Gillespie a few days after the construction committee meeting was that Dr. White would pay  $100 per month for heat, air-conditioning and all other electrical use for a period of time until actual utility costs in the new building are known for sure.

Going forward our next step will be to get formal board approval for a list of additional considerations to be included in Dr. White’s contract. A draft list of considerations was included in your board packets. What I would suggest is that board members take the next month to look the list over, to add or delete items from the list so that we can approve it at our September meeting. We would ask Dr. White for any written input she might have concerning topics of consideration before the next meeting as well. Another decision we need to make at our September meeting is whether or not we want to make the signing of an agreement by Dr. White a condition of her occupying her new space. So I would urge board members to think about this issue, get community input and be prepared to make a decision at our next meeting.

NOTE: I'd like to thank Connie Wojan for submitting the history of the dental service for the island.

The Other Side of the Story

Contrary to comments, I've not stated a side in the Rural Health Center controversy and don't intend to.   I want each group to present their minutes, not something I'd write that would be biased no matter what.  It's never too late to add articles and I just received the agenda and minutes of the August 5, 2003 Beaver Island Rural Health Center meeting. I'd like to thank Arlene Brennan for sending them to me so that the public can read them.


Beaver Island Rural Health Center

Board of Directors Meeting

St. James Township Hall

August 19, 2003 at 7:00 p.m.




I.   Call to order, welcome & announcements



C. Wojan

II.  Review, revisions to agenda




C. Wojan

III. Review, revisions & approval minutes of Special August 5, 2003 meeting



*Action required

C. Wojan

IV. Financial Report

A.  July statement and FY 03 budget

B.  Request for millage from townships

C.  Review of funds held by other groups

      i.  Medical Auxilliary

      ii. Housing Committee

      iii. Lansing Delegation

      iv. B.I. Partnership



*Action required



R. Speck



V.  Resource Development Report


B. Capital Campaign

C. In-kind contributions received to date

     & anticipated for new facility

D. Discussions with State of MI




*Action required


A. Glendon

VI. Operations Report

      A. Utilization

      B. Recruiting of new practitioner

      C. Progress on objectives & plan for next

          6 months




A. Brennan


VII. Process and Timelines for Board 




C. Wojan

VIII. Construction Committee Report

      A. Financials

      B. Construction status report     







R. Speck

B. Murphy

IX.  Old Business

A.     Dental space

i.  History & current arrangement

ii. Considerations for lease agreement

iii. Proposed timelines for finalization of

     lease agreement

      B. Other





C. Wojan



IX.    Public Comments



A.     C. Wojan

X.  Next meeting – September 16, 2003


B.     C. Wojan


XI.  Adjournment 



C. Wojan


Beaver Island Rural Health Center

Special Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, August 5, 2003

St. James Township Hall



PRESENT -   Board Members -  Anne Glendon, Gerald LaFreniere, Pete LoDico, Barb Murphy, Paul Nelson , Joe Reed , Rick Speck , Don Spencer, Connie Wojan

Contractors -  Arlene Brennan , Transition Manager; Grace Matela , Accountant

Guests – Many attendees from the community


I.  Call to Order, Welcome and Announcements:  President Connie Wojan called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. and welcomed all in attendance with the following statement:  We have received a letter from the concerned citizens group asking whether the board as whole shares the view reflected by one board member’s inappropriate comment at our last meeting. Our reply is that the board member in question has already publicly apologized for his comment and indicated that he does believe in the values of public discussion and open meetings, as do I. Indeed, the board as a whole has strongly demonstrated its belief in these principles by relocating our meetings from Library earlier this year so that more members of the public could attend.  In addition, we listened respectfully to over an hour of public comment and several personalized attacks at our last meeting and made a good faith effort  in responding to that public comment despite the fact that there is no legal requirement to do so under the Open Meetings Act.  

     In fact the board allowed so much comment that we were unable to complete some important business, including discussion of two substantial resolutions and other policy issues. I have conferred with legal counsel and researched details of the open meetings act myself since our last meeting. In the interest of insuring we can complete a thorough discussion of the issues, I will not allow public comment to take place until we have completed essential business.  If anyone in the audience speaks outside of public comment they will be declared out of order. I sincerely hope you will understand and respect this decision.   We have a sign-up sheet for anyone who wishes to make a public comment.

 II. Review, revisions to agenda

There will be one addition. The letter from the Concerned Citizens Group will be read just prior to public comments.

III. Minutes of June 10, 2003 Meeting

Motion to approve minutes of the July 15, 2003 , meeting as distributed (Reed/Murphy); approved. No discussion.

IV. Financial Matters:  Rick Speck – A. Reviewed the fact that at the last meeting a draft of the three year  budget was presented and reviewed. The final version will be presented for approval at the regular September meeting. Subsequent to the July 15th approval by the board to apply for a line of credit, that has occurred. B. The certificate of deposit for construction money has matured and needs to be rolled into the money market account. Motion to roll the certificate of deposit over to the money market account (Spencer/Reed); approved. Now that Donna Kubic has been hired as the Business Coordinator at the health center, her name should be on the health center account as a signatory.  Motion to have Donna Kubic as a signatory on the health center account (Speck/Murphy); approved.  

V. Board of Directors Guidelines:  Anne Glendon – The draft document with Proposed Guidelines for Recruiting, Selecting and Orienting Members of the BIRHC Board of Directors was previously distributed at the July 15th meeting. Copies were again provided. Ms. Glendon reviewed the complete document. Of the three duties for members of the board, the third, the duty of obedience, is somewhat challenging because of the need to balance the fact that the organization is a health care organization (certain confidentiality requirements) with the requirements for the Open Meetings Act. These proposed guidelines also include a stipulation that at least 2/3 of the board members should be permanent residents. One of the Preferred Qualities was that all members of the board should support fundraising activities, including making a personal contribution. There was discussion about this from the standpoint that if board members work hard to solicit and raise money, that they should not have to donate personally. Ms. Glendon explained that the value of having all board members contribute, regardless of the amount given; is important when seeking outside grants and aid. It demonstrates full support. There was one correction to the draft. On page three, it should read that “terms generally expire at the end of the calendar (not fiscal) year.” Motion to adopt the Guidelines for Recruiting, Selecting and Orienting Members of the BIRHC Board of Directors with the correction to use the word “calendar” (Spencer/Murphy); approved with a vote of 8 for and one (1), Mr. LaFreniere, opposed.  

VI. Contributions Policies:  Anne Glendon – The draft document titled BIRHC Contributions Policies was previously distributed at the July 15th meeting. Copies were again provided, and Ms. Glendon reviewed the complete document. It outlines the types of donations/contributions BIRHC receives, and the processes that should be followed not only to acknowledge the contributions, but how the funds should be designated and reported. Because of its 501C3 non-profit status, BIRHC must follow certain steps and comply with designated requirements. After review and discussion, Motion to adopt the BIRHC Contributions Policies document (Reed/Spencer); approved.  

VII. Compensation for Susan Meis:  Arlene Brennan – Susan Meis has worked 63% of her third year of employment which provides 15 vacation days. The contract and the personnel policy are silent as to how vacation time is accrued. 63% of 15 is 9.5. Ms. Meis had taken 7.5 days prior to her resignation. Therefore, she should receive payment for 2 additional vacation days. Motion to pay Susan Meis for two (2) vacation days (LoDico/Glendon); approved.  

VIII.  Process to hire new practitioner:  Connie Wojan – Ms. Wojan explained that because of the Open Meetings Act, if any members of the board interview applicants, the interviews must take place at public open meetings of the board. There are actually two ways the process could go. One is to have board involvement with interviewing and hiring; the other is not have board involvement. Board involvement is not required; board approval to hire is not required. . In the past, there was not an actual BIRHC manager, and the board served in that capacity, thereby doing all the interviewing and hiring. The advantage of having board involvement is that the board members would get to meet the applicants and provide some input. Disadvantages to having the board involved are that scheduling open board meetings to accommodate the applicants’ schedules can take a long time, and prolong the process; the applicants could be intimidated by the open meetings; and from Ms. Wojan’s experience, interviewing is not always the best way to determine who is the best applicant. Staff involvement, checking references, and verifying credentials are good steps to follow. A draft process and policy to interview and hire a clinical practitioner was reviewed by Ms. Brennan. It includes all steps that would be followed and could be done without board member involvement. The process includes screening, interviews with staff, interviews with Drs. Newcomb and/or Mann, checking references, verifying credentials, background check and final decision to involve staff, Transition Manager and physicians. After discussion of the two options, Motion to adopt the process to interview and hire a practitioner as presented and not have board involvement (Spencer/Reed); approved.  

Ms. Glendon commented that the board should have a presentation about the Open Meetings Act so everyone can develop a much better understanding of what is involved.  

IX. Public Comments:  Connie Wojan – The following was read by Ms. Wojan:  It includes the Board’s response to the letter from the Concerned Citizens Group, Chairman Kirk McBride:  

“Unfortunately once remarks are made they cannot be taken back.  All that can be done is to apologize. As I pointed out at the beginning of the meeting, Don Spencer has already publicly apologized for his inappropriate remark and Joe Reed has apologized for and acknowledged his inaccurate statement. In hindsight I can see that it would have been better if I had had the presence of mind at the time to state that the board did in fact disagree with the inappropriate remarks. But actions speak louder than spontaneous comments or the failure to make a specific comment in a very pressured situation. The board demonstrated its belief in the principles of the open meetings act by the act of listening to over an hour of public comment. Everyone who wanted to make a comment was allowed to do so. After public comment was closed and the board attempted to respond, many members of the audience displayed very disrespectful and inappropriate behavior towards the board. I am aware of no apologies to the board by individuals who interrupted, shouted or booed after we listened respectfully to them.  

Nothing more can be done to change what was said or not said by the board at our July 15th meeting. All we can do is move forward and continue to give our best volunteer efforts to ensuring the long-term welfare of the health center and the community, which needs it so badly.  

No member of this board will be resigning because comments made under pressure do not outweigh hundreds of hours of dedicated service.  

No member of this board will be resigning because I am absolutely confident that no member of this board has ever made a decision that was not based on what they believed was in the best interests of the health center and the community.  

No member of the board will be resigning because each of us holds a piece of knowledge and experience, which is essential to the future success of the health center.  

And finally, no member of this board will be resigning because we want to be there to support our extremely capable transition manager, Arlene Brennan. The only hope for permanent improvement of health center operations is to allow her to finish the job she has thus far done so well.”  

After reading the above, Ms. Wojan accepted public comments. Highlights of those comments are:  Board members’ use of BIRHC services. The board clarified that while some members do not receive all of their care at the facility, they ALL do use it. There was a request that the board ask for immediate resignation of Mr. Reed and Mr. Spencer. Ms. Wojan asked if anyone on the board wished to move on that request. No board member indicated he/she wished to do that. There was a comment about financial status. If we have a deficit, why did the letter to the community state there is a small reserve? Ms. Glendon and Mr. Speck both addressed the fact that the cost of borrowing was less than interest earned, and that it was more financially advantageous to get the line of credit now while interest rates are so low. A prepared statement was read by one person identifying all the concerns she has, many of which related to the behavior of the community, and the need to support the health center and its volunteer, hard working board. She urged the community to move forward and not “nit pick”. Another person said he believes that all actions taken by the board ARE in the best interest of the health center, and he asks the community to provide support, constructively, not just criticize. Mr. McBride apologized on behalf of CCG for the behavior members of the community demonstrated at the July 15th meeting. He also had questions regarding the actual process and timelines for appointing new board members; Ms. Glendon will respond to him within the next several days. He asked that membership include 15 persons, as allowed as a maximum number, in the bylaws. Mr. LaFreniere supported that. Paul Nelson said that 15 members are too many.  

After all who wished to speak did so, Ms. Wojan thanked everyone for attending and participating. She also invited the public to attend all BIRHC meetings in the future.  

X. Next Meeting:  August 19, 2003 .  

XI. 8:25 p.m. Motion to adjourn (Reed/LoDico); approved.  

Respectfully submitted,

Arlene Brennan, Transition Manager

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