Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Jerry LaFreniere!

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Holy Cross Catholic Church was the site of the wedding celebration of Marie Szcepanski and Jerry LaFreniere, Sr. on Saturday, August 30th.  With family and a multitude of friends the wedding couple took their vows with Father Pat Cawley performing the ceremony.  Following the wedding a reception was held at the bridal couple's home... the Free Soil Museum and a fabulous time was had by all in attendance.  Congratulations, Marie and Jerry!

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Marie and Jerry ~

Friendship and love,

Laughter and caring,

May these keep on growing throughout all your years together.

Morgan's 4 Years Old

Although everyone was celebrating Marie and Jerry's wedding, there was a little one in attendance who also had something special to observe.  Morgan LoDico was four years old.  Morgan is the granddaughter of Sandy and Pete LoDico of Beaver Island.  Congratulations, Morgan!

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