Some good news we just have to share!

A little over a year ago our mom (Carol LaFreniere) was told she had uterine cancer. That was bad enough, but.. it was going to get worse. There was nothing that could be done, because of her “extenuating circumstances” She was very overweight, had diabetes, congestive heart failure.. and the list went on. We were worried sick; cancer certainly hadn't been a friend of our family's. Something HAD to be done. In order for her to have surgery she was going to have to lose some serious weight.

 We did have three things on our side. 1) God 2) Family and Friends prayers and 3) Mom's well-known determination to get what she wants.

We are happy to say that one year and two weeks later, Mom has just today passed her 100 pound mark. That's right she has lost one hundred pounds (That is like losing Hannah and Jessica!) Not only that, but because she lost the weight she was able to have surgery for the cancerthis spring, and they got it ALL! We are so incredibly proud of her, and want everyone to know.

Her new goal is to be able to walk to Daddy Franks. We promised her when she can walk that far we will buy her an ice cream cone so when you see her out walking give her a shout out and a wave, but not a ride!

Way to go Mom.. We sure are proud of you..

Michelle & Craig, Jerry & Tammy, and Debbie & John

Beaver Island ~ Busy Place

For those who thing everything on the island moves at a snail's pace, they haven't spent the summer working here, or attempting to attend every single event. This past Saturday was a good example with a CMU Field Trip, the AMVET's Annual Pig Roast, the Port St. James Association Annual Picnic and the EMS 20th Anniversary Dinner. What do we do on the island in the summer? We meet ourselves coming and going. There doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day to attend everything so one must pick and choose. Since our family is sort of involved with EMS, that was my choice for the evening. As with most things that we try to attend, an emergency interupted the dinner at least this time I wasn't left several miles from town with no vehicle and no money to pay for lunch (previous outting this summer).

Sunday wasn't far behind with events to participate in as there was the Beaver Island Rural Health Center Open House/EMS 20th Anniversary Celebration and the Preservation Association Sunset Dinner. I did make it to the first but had to miss the second.

Needless to say, that's how the entire summer has been. With Homecoming looming this weekend, Labor Day is beginning to look pretty darn good about now.

EMS Celebrates 20 Years

With twenty years under their belts, the Beaver Island EMS has grown and developed into a cohesive force able to deal with the variety of emergencies that they have been paged out to. Over the years they have responded to heart attacks, boat accidents, firearm accidents, allergic reactions, car accidents, and numerous other incidents, many of them life-threatening. These trained professionals have dealt with it all with calmness, knowledge, and competency. The hundreds of hours of training have paid off making the island residents and visitors safer. In conjunction with the staff of the Beaver Island Rural Health Center they smoothly deal with whatever emergency they are handed.

A quick look at the graph to the right shows how the number of emergency runs has increased over the years. These men and women have responded quickly without complaint of missed dinners, birthday parties, and family events. When you read the chart though also remember the families of this specialized team who can't really plan on Mom or Dad/husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend being there. They have also spent hundreds of hours alone while their family member was learning the trade and/or responding to an emergency. Sometimes that patience gets a little thin but they are still proud of the accomplishments and know that the island is safer because of them and their quick response.

At the Beaver Island Rural Health Center Open House/EMS 20th Anniversary Celebration, Joe Moore, island resident paramedic, was given a plaque from the Beaver Island Emergency Medical Service for his twenty years of service and dedication to both the community and to EMS. The Beaver Island EMS is constantly striving to meet the standards set by the state of Michigan and by the medical community so look for continued growth from the elite emergency team as the next twenty years pass.

Dockside's Face

The old Dockside Market, now known as the Community Center, is finally receiving it's face. Work has begun on placing the original facade onto the new building. An interesting note is that one of the workers helping place said facade is Rory Connaghan. Rory's ancestors owned LaFreniere's Store before it became Dockside Market.


Beaver Island Christian Church Bake and Yard Sale

August 12th

Gregg's Yard ~ Next to the Post Office

9:00 a.m.

The Things You Find Surfing

The things one finds while surfing the 'net constantly amazes me. Today it was this old postcard from the 1940's of the Whiskey Point Lighthouse. Note that what was referred to as "Charley's Net Shed" was still located at the point. Pretty neat. By the way, if you'd like to buy it, I found it on eBay doing a "Beaver Island" search.

Library Notes

The Beaver Island District Library has been the place to be this summer. In the month of July alone records were broke with circulation hitting 2003 and a grand total of patron visits of 3,624. It's a busy, busy place. The library has been the "hot spot" this summer. With three public PC's to allow patrons to access the internet at no charge and WiFi available around the clock for patrons it's not surprising to find folks in the parking lot at 2:00 a.m. catching up on email. In July there were 903 computer users not including those with personal wireless laptops.

With all these record numbers comes the down side for any library... the over-dues. With summer on the wane please throughly check your summer home, cabin, backpacks, under beds, between the sofa cushions for library books, tapes, DVD's, etc. It would break another record if the library could end the month of August with NO over dues of any kind.

Looking For A Job?

Due to circumstances I haven't been able to give this website justice. My first job, at the library, has been taking up most of my time making it almost impossible for me to cover island happenings. I'm looking for someone interested in taking over this website for me who can give it the attention it deserves. If you're serious, live on the island, like attending events, have a camera, and are willing to learn MacroMedia Dreamweaver MX 2004, please contact me. I'd hate to see it come to a stop next year but I really can't do it all and feel that I've not been giving readers what they deserve.