Edith Eileen "Jug" (Gatliff) Flynn

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of our dear “Jug”. She was a beautiful spirit who truly personified the lilt of Irish laughter. Edith Eileen Flynn was born on Beaver Island, the loving daughter of Mary (Tom) Gatliff, and beloved wife for nearly 50 years to husband Tom Flynn (49 years, 7 months, and 15 days to be exact). Her dear daughters MaryPat (Joseph) Pena and Barbara Flynn will miss her terribly, as will their children: Molly, Kyle, Matthew, Amanda and Brian. Jug was preceded in death by her parents; her brothers Bob, Corneil, Perry and Danny Gatliff; and her sisters Margie (Tom) Zank, Dorothy Licavoli, MaryRuth (Ken) Robbins, and Ellen Gatliff. She is survived by sisters Audrey Smallwood Driscoll, Grace Doig, Kathleen (Glenn) Wood, and Ann (Bayard) Kurth; sister-in-laws Jeannie, Georgie, and Ruth Gatliff; and brother-in-law Buster Licavoli. While she was unable to make the Gatliff family reunion last month due to her failing health, we take comfort knowing that she will enjoy a very special homecoming. The funeral mass will be held in Torrance, California, where Jug raised her family and spent many happy years. Memorial arrangements have been tentatively scheduled for an evening rosary on August 15 th at Rice Mortuary, 5310 Torrance Boulevard, Torrance, CA 90503 (310) 379-2446, and funeral mass on August 16 th at 1:30pm (with reception immediately following) at St. James Catholic Church, 415 Vincent Street, Redondo Beach, CA 90277 (310) 372-5228. May God bless and keep her family during this difficult time.


This coming weekend will be Homecoming. That means loads of folks coming to the island via boat and plane. It also means lots more traffic, lines at the stores, and folks partying. Let's all be careful! This has been a busy summer for the island EMS so lets try not to add to it. Let's keep the speeds down, seatbelts buckled up, and bikers - please all stay on one side of the road and not split into two groups. Watch for the stop signs and for kids, especially in town, at the ball field and around the playground area. Lots of people come to the island for Homecoming, let's have a safe one!

Interested in the 30th Annual Homecoming Baseball Game schedule? Click on the schedule below for a printable one so you won't miss your favorite team playing.

A Quick Hello

It seems as though we only just said hello to Deputy Justin Holzschu. Justin has accepted a full-time position with the Otsego County sheriff's department and he'll be leaving the island right after Homecoming. Justin has certainly been as asset to the community with his cheerful personality. The kids have enjoyed playing basketball with him at the school and he's always willing to lend a hand to EMS when necessary and visiting with the island residents while on patrol. He's certainly been a help to Deputy Jim Campbell, our permanent law enforcement officer. We'll miss you, Justin, but we also wish you well at your new job.

Farewell, but not Goodbye

This past week was a sad one for the St. James Episcopal Mission and congregation as Joe and Jeanne Howell made the decision to leave the island and return to Grand Rapids. Joe's health has not been up to par this summer so in order to be closer to his doctor they made the difficult decision to return to the city. According to Jeanne, "we will be back, and rent a cottage next summer. We have the island sand in our shoes." Some gifts you hold in your hand...Some you hold in your heart. Joe and Jeanne Howell are those gifts, not only to St. James Mission, but to the entire island.

Everyone has favorite memories of friends, one of mine is when our youngest, Andrea, was about 3. As the congregation was kneeling just prior to communion, Andrea scurried up to John Works, Jr. in the front row, and whispered something to him. We could see John's shoulders shaking but didn't know what she'd told him until later when he told us that her comment was, "That's not God, he's got pants on under that tent" referring to Father Howell's robes.

Joe married our son and his bride, Jessica, one windy autumn day at the Whiskey Point lighthouse making their wedding a special day long to be remembered. He stood beside our daughter, Courtney, as she was confirmed by the Bishop. He's definitely been a part of our lives.

Jeanne - this is one mover-shaker lady. Jeanne has been one of the major moving forces in bringing Baroque on Beaver back year after year with Jane Maehr. Not only that, but she's done the church bulletins, played her flute for services, and helped out where needed. The first summer on the island she generously offered to baby sit our youngest for an afternoon so that we could attend a funeral. Watching an active 3-year-old isn't an easy chore.

If you'd like to keep in touch with them, their email address is: jhowell@biip.net or snail mail them a note at: 148 Sligh Blvd. NE; Grand Rapids, Michigan 49505.

After serving St. James Mission for twelve summers - plus holidays - we'll sure miss them, however, we're not taking this as a final goodbye, but as a short farewell and look forward to seeing them return for "relaxing" summer visits. Cead Mille Failte, Joe and Jeanne.

Signs of Progress?
Vandalism hits the Big Birch

Pictures and story by Frank Solle

[August 4-2005] Sometime in the last 11 days vandals struck at the Big Birch near Fox Lake. I suppose it was inevitable, given the times. But really, why was it necessary? Besides initials carved in the trunks, bark was peeled off in more than one place.

Although the sign requesting visitors to respect the tree has apparently been absent for some time, the fact the tree was a 'blank canvas' should have been a clue to leave it as one.

While I first visited the tree some 37 years ago, I'm sure others have done so for much longer. And yet in all those years until now. . .



Very Nifty Invention

Phil Gregg says he doesn't want a computer, he has me. He says he knows nothing about computers and doesn't want to learn. He listened to me complain about trying to type on my laptop so he invented a gizmo that raises it up on a slant making it so much easier to both type and see the screen. A few folks have seen me using it at the library or at home and wanted one so now he's going into production. They are made from island cedar, very light and easy to carry. If you'd like one or would like to give one to someone as a give, fill out the Order Form, enclose a check/money order, and he'll send it off to you. Definitely an added bonus for those of us who hate trying to type on those flat laptop keyboards.

Ernie Martin

Normally we don't ask for prayers on this site, but this week an exception is being made. Ernie Martin, senior, had a terrible fall from scaffolding a few weeks ago. He was transported via Coast Guard helicopter to Munson Hospital in Traverse City where he remains in a coma. Ernie, Jackie, Mary Jane, and Ernie, jr. could sure use all the prayers they can get at this time.

Rita Gillespie Memorial Blood Drive

Thursday, August 11

12:00 - 5:45 p.m.

Beaver Island Community School Gym

Must show photo ID or donor card to donate

Questions call Jerry @ 448-2296 or Lars @ 448-2470

Bake and Yard Sale

August 13

9:00 a.m.

Gregg's Yard

In case of rain it will be moved to the

Beaver Island Christian Church