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"Dudley de l'Orange" the Rescued Duck

A family get-together at the beach found two dogs chasing a couple of ducks. One of the ducks did not appear to be able to fly, so Pam Moxham decided to help the duck out. She took the duck to our local veterinarian Jeff Powers on August 5, 2007, who diagnosed this duck has having “angel wing” that caused it not to be able to fly. This is a young male mallard duck. Pam described the condition as “something similar to a twisted elbow. Although the wings look normal, the duck has long feathers on the left wing.”

Pam began looking for places that a duck could go for rehabilitation and discovered that there were four and one half pages of rehabilitation centers for animals in Michigan that were approved by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR). She discovered that there were specific requirements in order to be able to keep and help this duck. The first requirement is that you have to have a federal permit since the mallard is protected by the Federal Migratory Bird Act, and you have to be licensed to rehabilitate them. Detroit and the Grand Rapids John Ball Park Zoos each declined accepting the duck, but through a friend's recommendation and a list found on the Internet, a rehabilitation center has been found for the young male mallard named “ Dudley ”

Pam Moxham will fly with the duck to the mainland and drive it down to St. Helen , Michigan , A. R. K.—Association to Rescue Kritters, where they will attempt to rehabilitate the duck. Michigan DNR regulations require the duck to go to this kind of center and will determine the outcome for “ Dudley ” after it is rehabilitated.

Good job, Pam, for the hours spent researching the condition, and good job, Pam, for finding a center that gives this duck a chance at a normal future-- "To be WITH oranges" instead of "IN oranges."

Beaver Island Trivia

Last Week's Question:

I've decided not to move on to another question until we get at least two more responses to the one that I put up last week. so Last Week's question will stay and become this week's question. No answers will be given until we get a few more guesses.

This Week's Question:

To mix things up a bit, this week's Trivia Question includes identification of children from a photograph. The person that can identify the most will be able to send a gift subscription to the Beaver Island News on the 'Net for the one year to the person of his/her choice. Please identify them by front row first, then back row, and left to right. If there is a tie on the number correctly identified, then the first entry will win.

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Homecoming Stories Here

The Bud McDonough Memorial Ball Field was a very busy place this past Friday and Saturday, August 10 th and 11 th, 2007, with thirteen softball games in a double elimination tournament. Participating in the tournament were teams sponsored by Island Airways, Ryan Smith Construction, Aarmor Seal, Flight Deck, Art Form Fabricating, Swanson's K and D, McDonough's Market, and Carlson's Home Improvements.

Friday Softball Games

Friday Night Nightlife

Saturday Softball Games

Winner of 2007 Softball Tournament

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