B. I. News on the 'Net, August 17-23, 2009

BIRHC Holding Fundraiser Golf Outing

Charity Golf Outing and Picnic Supper

To Benefit

Beaver Island Rural Health Center

Sunday, August 23, 2009, with sign in at 12:30, tee-off at 1 p.m.

4-person Scramble Format with Three Flights: All Men teams, All Women Teams, Mixed Teams (2 men, 2 women)

Prizes for each flight, plus individual prizes for men and women, Closest to pin on 4 & 6, Longest putt on 1,Closest to center of fairway, Longest drive

Lots of Door Prizes

A fun Outing –buy Mulligans & Other Aids to Help the Team Score

Don't Golf?—Try it or just join us for the picnic supper following golf

Sign Up Now –No Later than August 19, 2009

TDS DSL Down Again

The TDS DSL service to "St. James" (Beaver Island) was interrupted for the second time beginning Thursday afternoon. The service had been slow for a while and then just went out completely. Several patrons at the Beaver Island District Library were quite upset, but there was nothing to be done here on the Island. The problem was elsewhere again. The service resumed last night, Friday, August 21, 2009.

Upset in Men's Golf League

On Wednesday, August 19, 2009, the Wayne Nix Memorial Men's Golf League play-off occurred. The first place team was pitted against the second place team, third against fourth, and so on. The team of Joe Moore and Howard Davis were comfortably in first place with a ten point lead. More story and pictures HERE

Previous Winners of the Wayne Nix Memorial Beaver Island Golf League

1999 John Roberts and Bill Hirschey

2000 Chuck Gengler and Rob McPherson

2001 Chuck Gengler and Rob McPherson

2002 Jeff Mestelle and Greg Cary

2003 Joe Williams and Larry Laurain

2004 Jeff Mestelle and Greg Cary

2005 Jeff Mestelle and Richie Gillespie

2006 Jeff Jestelle and Richie Gillespie

2007 John Runberg and Frank sole

2008 Larry Roy and Patrick Roy

B. I. Christian Church Announces Benefit Concert

This Event has been Canceled!!

The 2nd Annual Gregg Fellowship Hall Benefit Concert will NOT be held on August 23, 2009, at 7 p.m.

B. I. Christian Church Announcement

Mark your Calendar! Everyone Welcome!

The Beaver Island Christian Church invites everyone in the whole community to a pot-luck supper on Wednesday, September 23, 2009, at 6 p.m. at the Gregg Fellowship Center. This pot-luck is a "Welcome to Beaver Island" for Pastor Ed Campbell, the new pastor for the Beaver Island Christian Church. Everyone is welcome to attend! Please bring a dish to pass. Beverage and table service (dishes and silverware) will be provided.

Everyone is Welcome!

Beaver Tales

Another successful performance of the talented cast of Beaver Tales took place on Friday night, August 14, 2009, at the Beaver Island Community Center. The wonderful musical and dramatic play about the house parties that have taken place in the history of Beaver Island. This performance was again a resounding success due to the talents of not only the cast, but also the co-directors Jacque LaFreniere and Elaine West with musical director Scott Kasbaum, artistic consultant Frank Galati, Party Worker Ron Stith, Beaver Island ABCs by Jayne Bailey and Suze Bonadeo, and Programs by Ann Partridge. The musical number "If We Don't Have It, You Don't Need It" was composed by Scott Kasbaum and lyrics by Elaine West.

This "Beaver Island House Party" was hosted by Lisa Vance Gillespie and John Fiegan and was a combination of wonderful stories, the lore of Beaver Island; an assortment of musical styles, from country and western to Irish tunes; and good old fashioned "belly laugh" humor. The party guests on stage were Jayne Bailey, Bob Bass, Phil Becker, Susie Fisher, Scott Kasbaum, Doris Larson, Barry Pischner, Miranda Rooy, Mike Scripps, Shelly Scripps, Sheri Timsak, Kevin White and Wendy White.

Two more shows are scheduled onFriday, September 4; and Friday, October 2. This is a must see production that warms your heart.

For Pictures of the July premiere performance, click HERE

Quicktime Streaming Video Clips of Selected Parts of the Premier Performance in July

Bob Bass Intro Barry Pischner Sings Doris Larson tell tale Kevin and Miranda duet
Kevin White singing Mike Scripps tells tale Miranda Rooy sings Phil Becker tells tale
Sheri Timsak sings Suzi Fisher sings Wendy White sings GREAT JOB!

PHIL LANGE MEMORIAL  - Saturday, September 26th

4pm - GRAVESIDE SERVICE - Holy Cross Cemetery
5-9pm - OPEN HOUSE
- Beaver Island Community Center
Join family and friends in celebrating the life of Dr. Philip Lange.
Bring your remembrances and stories to share! Drop off photos by
9/15 and we'll scan and share those, too!

Phil desired a good ole' Island Potluck so look for sign-up sheets at McDonough's in September!

Peaine Township versus St. James Township??

In fast and furious written communication, it appears that there is a growing gap between the fiscal philosophies of the two Beaver Island townships. To provide the reader the correspondence between the two entities is probably the best way to allow the reader to develop his or her own opinion, so the documents have been reproduced in their entirety.

St James letter of August 7, 2009

Peaine letter to St. James of August 9, 2009

Let the reader draw his or her own conclusions based upon reading these letters.

Excerpts from Peaine Meeting, August 12, 2009

Quicktime Streaming Video Clips HERE

Posted on August 15, 2009

Men's Golf League News

With the league-end play-off taking place next Wednesday, August 19, 2009, league play last night, Wednesday, August 12, 2009, was crucial to those aspiring to do well in the league standings. The team of Joe Moore and Howard Davis maintained there first place standing by defeating Jeff Mestelle and Ryan Smith. This caused a changed in the position of the first four teams. Joe Williams and Larry Laurain moved into second place, pushing Jeff and Ryan to third. The exciting situation is that only ten points separate the first two teams and only eleven points separate the top four teams. Next Wednesday's play-off could completely change the order of the teams. This handicap league play keeps the teams quite close and competition is evident.

From Buck Ridgeway: Howard Davis and Joe Moore are on the verge of winning this year's Men's Golf League Championship following a 13-7 victory Wednesday. They have a 10 point lead over the second place team of Joe Williams and Larry Laurain.  Their magic number is "6!"  If they get a minimum of 6 points next Wednesday 's playoff night, the victory is theirs. Last Wednesday saw Larry and Joe move ahead of Jeff and Ryan for 2nd place. Jeff and Ryan fell into a tie for 3rd place with Ron Wojan and Jeff Powers. Frank Solle and John Runberg are only 2 points behind 3rd in 5th with Chuck Carpenter and Ernie Martin a point behind them in 6th.

With the playoff schedule of 1 vs 2 etc. movement can and probably will take place between 2nd and 6th.  The competition will be fast and furious
next Wednesday.  2nd is not 1st, but it is a sure better than 6th.  That in itself should give the teams between 2nd and 5th motivated.

The entire schedule for playoff night:

1st place Howard and Joe vs 2nd place Larry and Joe
2 teams tied for 3rd, Ron and Jeff vs Ryan and Jeff
5th place Frank and John vs 6th place Ernie and Chuck
7th place Ivan and Buck vs 8th place Rob and Dan
9th place Neal and Kevin vs 10 place Francis and Larry

Following the matches everyone will meet at Buck's for a cookout, handing out League awards, discuss any changes for next year, and celebrate another great summer (even if the golf was not often) of golf.

Gull Harbor Water Levels

With the wind driving the water, the location of the shoreline changed a little bit on August 16, 2009. The water was quickly approaching the roadway as can be seen in these pictures.

But, the wind will change direction and the water will move back out...

AMVETS Announce Scholarship Recipient

AMVETS Post 46 announced the results of its scholarship award program, and this year's recipient is Brenna Green.

Brenna graduated from the Beaver Island Community School in 2007 and is currently attending Northern Michigan University in Marquette, Michigan, where she is majoring in Communication Studies.

Post 46 is named after Tech. Sgt. Emmett Burke from Beaver Island. He was a member of the United States Army Air Force and was killed in action June 29, 1944. Emmet was 30 years old.

Post 46 raises money from its pancake breakfasts and pizza sales. All proceeds go towards supporting Beaver Island veterans and the community.

Wildlife Pictures

As anyone can tell from taking the time to look around, wildlife is prospering on Beaver Island this year. While drama is part of nature's plan by providing predators with prey, the two loon "babies" have survived on Barney's Lake and at least two osprey "babies" have survived in the nest on top of the microwave tower. These and other wildlife have been videoed and photographed throughout their development. Here are a few pictures taken on August 12, 2009.

Pictures of wildlife

Two loon "babies" continue to surive on Barney's Lake on August 16, 2009.

Doves and Turkeys along Sloptown Road..

Eagle at Gull Harbor in the rain on August 14, 2009

Rick Speck Appointed Supervisor

At the St. James Township meeting last night, August 5, 2009, Don Vyse's letter of resignation was accepted with regret by the rest of the board. In Don's place, a new supervisor needed to be appointed by the board. Rick Speck was appointed St. James Township Supervisor at this meeting. Rick was sworn in by Clerk Jean Wierenga at the end of this meeting.

St. James Meeting-Happy and Sad

The township meeting on August 5, 2009, had its happy and amusing moments, and it had its sad moments as well. Pictures of the appreciation, the transition, and the new St. James Supervisor are HERE.

Don Vyse's Comments at the End of the St. James Meeting

Quicktime Streaming Video clips are HERE

Excerpts from St. James Township Meeting

Quicktime Streaming Video Clips HERE



Great Lakes to Decommission Dial-up

The old BIIP dial-up, taken over by Great Lakes and managed by TransWorld Network, Corp., will end service on Beaver Island. Below is a copy of an email received by one of BINN's subscribers.

TransWorld Network, Corp. will be decommissioning the local dialup number in your area effective December 8, 2009. We have been able to identify that you have used the dialup telephone number that is being decommissioned, to access the Internet over the last 30 days:

Beaver Island Pop# 231-448-2132

Action is now required on your part if you would like to continue accessing the Internet after December 8, 2009 as your current dial-up number will no longer
work. We apologize for this inconvenience and would like to help you find an alternate provider. TDS Telephone provides Dialup (There is no TDS dial-up on Beaver Island.) and DSL Internet access and service is available in most areas. To find out if their service is available in your area, please call 1-866-571-6662 or visit http://www.tdstelecom.com

Once you have transitioned service to another provider, please contact us so that we may terminate your account and mail you a final adjusted invoice.

If you do not take any action after receiving this notification your Dialup Internet service account will be terminated on December 8, 2009, and you will
be mailed a final prorated invoice for this service.

If you currently have an email address through TransWorld Network, Corp., your email account will remain active for 1 year at no cost to you.

Please contact us as soon as possible if you have any questions. You can reach a customer service representative at 1-866-711-6290, Monday through
Friday between the hours of 8:00 am and 10:00 pm EST or Saturday between the hours of 8:30 am and 5:00 pm EST.


TransWorld Network Corp.
Your Great Lakes Energy Internet Service Partner

Late Afternoon at Gull Harbor

Gulls fighting over fish entrails--Wait--That's not a gull! That's a heron!

More pictures of the heron and the gulls HERE

Letter Received Regarding Seney Wildlife Refuge Meeting

We felt we had a successful open house event at Beaver Island on Wednesday, July 22.   We had a total of 29 people who signed in on our sign-up sheet at the event.   We feel we had another 10 people  who stopped by during the event but didn't sign our sign-up sheet, thus estimate about 40 people total stopped by during the time period 3:00 to 7:30 pm.   We also meet with the Beaver Island Wildlife Club from 3:00 pm to about 4:15 pm prior to the scheduled open house event (4:30 - 7:30).   There were about 14 people from the wildlife club at this early event and they are included in the 40 people total estimate.    Cormorant control was the primary topic brought up with most people, but not all who attended, supporting it.

This open house event was the first step in development of the Comprehensive Conserviation Plan (CCP).   What we hear about Refuge management, including this open house event and any written or email comments (have received two written comments in the mail to date), plus the purposes for which the refuge was established and the policies of the National Wildlife Refuge will be the basis for developing different management alternatives.   These alternative will be evaluated through an environmental assessment.   Once we've completed the environmental assessment and selected a preferred alternative for Refuge management, we will release a draft CCP and that will be open for public comments.   Then we will revise the document as necessary based on the comments received and issue a Final CCP.   This whole process usually takes around two years.

We are not expecting the plan to be finalized in 2010.   Thus, in 2010 cormorant management will continue to follow guidelines from the Public Resource Depredation Order (PRDO) from 2003.   The PRDO authorizes Wildlife Services to kill or harass double crested cormorants and also oil their eggs.   In 2007, 2008 and 2009, Seney National Wildlife Refuge issued Special Use Permits to Wildlife Services to conduct these activities on Shoe and Pismire Islands and off shore of Hat Island.   In addition, a 2006 environmental assessment established an allowable take of up to 10,500 double crested cormorants annually in the State and waters of Michigan.   This environmental assessment is being looked at and may be updated this winter which may change the total allowable take of cormorants allowed in 2010.   Wildlife Services is the lead agency on this EA with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources working with Wildlife Services.      These will all be considered in any permit we issue in 2010.

We will consider all comments received at the meeting in looking at our management for 2010.   As an example, we received several comments concerning the issue of tree nests of double crested cormorants on Gull Island.   Unlike the ground nests which are available for egg oiling, most tree nests are unavailable.

I hope I have anwered your questions.   If you have any followup questions, please let me know.


Greg McClellan
Seney NWR
1674 Refuge Entrance Road
Seney, Michigan 49883
PH:  906-586-9851 Ext. 13, Fax:  906-586-3800

Marathon Update

Athletes Guides and Information about the Marathan including Frequently Asked Questions

Aid Station Information

Here is the most recent Beaver Island Marathon NEWS direct from promoter Ron Suffolk. I hope you will give it plenty of advance and event day coverage. I will keep you posted as we move closer to the event. Currently 615 runners and family are slated to visit Beaver Island. Runners are (8-7 Noon) at 270. 

It is hard to believe that the Inaugural Beaver Island Marathon is less than a month away and we are working very hard to bring a quality event to the Island. Presently we have 270 runners registered for all events including the 5K fun run.  Aid Stations are an important aspect of any marathon but will be especially important on Beaver Island.  The Beaver Island Marathon will not have spectators at every turn or every street corner observing runners and generally watching and encouraging runners.  Aid stations will have three duties:

1. Providing runners with nutrition, water and Gatorade and energy supplements (GU)

2. Providing encouragement, maybe squirting them with water and having some background music playing

3. Providing a watchful eye for those possibly facing dehydration, cramps or any other issues.  Please let us or the EMT know of any problems you witness.  We will have others on the course also watching for potential issues, also.

As the race date gets closer I will call each of you to chat.  I have also attached 2 files:  Aid Station duties and the other is the Athlete's Guide so that you will know what I am telling the runners.   

Also, we will be awarding the top 2 aid stations with “bonus” money.  Thanks for working an aid station,

Ron Suffolk


If You Don't Have It, You Need It!

The wonder of watching a video clip of loon parents feeding their babies, the wonder of watching the ospreys in the nest on Sloptown Road, and a glipse of the Beaver Tales performance, and many other clips will not be yours unless you have high speed Internet and Quicktime to view these video clips. If you have a dial-up connection, you might still be able to view them, but it will take a while to download. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video clip is worth ten-thousand words. We hope you will give the video clips a try. Quicktime Streaming Video clips are viewable by anyone with a high speed connection and a Quicktime viewer.

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Episcopal Mission Church Announces Summer Schedule


All Services at 10 a.m.

ST. JAMES EPISCOPAL MISSION CHURCH, 26055 Pine Street (448-2241), Church on Gallagher Avenue, Beaver Island, MI 49782

Aug 23, 30 Rev. Ted Sirotko

(Editor's note: All church service notices that have been directed to the public will gladly be posted here. Send them to medic5740@gmail.com)

Mixed Golf Outings for the Spring and Summer

First Outing Story, Picture, and Results are HERE

Second Outing Story, Pictures, and Results are HERE

Third Outing Story, Pictures, and Results are HERE

Fourth Outing Story and Pictures are HERE

August 16th Fifth Outing Story, Pictures, and Results are HERE

The date for the last Mixed Alternate Shot Outings is September 13th


Mixed, Alternate Shot, Golf Outing

Beaver Island Community Center

8am - 9pm Monday through Saturday and 10am - 6pm Sunday

The Hangout: Snacks & Cold Beverages Available

Monday – Saturday 9am – 9pm

Sunday 10am – 6pm

Come check us out!

Click HERE for more information about Summer Activities

August Events HERE

August Movies (click to enlarge)

September Events for Seniors and the Community HERE

Meeting Minutes

The minutes of all public meetings will be posted

as soon as they are received.

News on the 'Net welcomes minutes to all public meetings. All organizations are welcome to submit meeting minutes for publication on this website. Please email them to medic5740@gmail.com.

Beaver Island Cultural Arts Association Minutes

Peaine Township Board Minutes

BIRHC Board Meeting Minutes

St. James Township Meeting Minutes

Beaver Island Community School Board Meeting Minutes