B.I. News on the 'Net, August 28-September 4, 2011

Break-In and Vandalism

It has been reported that the Chamber of Commerce office, next to the Beaver Island Boat Dock and closer to the road than the public yacht dock office, was broken into and vandalized sometime on the night of September 3, 2011, or early in the morning on September 4, 2011. According to sources, there was nothing stolen. Motive for the vandalism is unknown at this time. Perhaps the Charlevoix County Sheriff's Department will do a press release to inform the public of this crime. More information will be posted when it becomes available.

Seven Year Partnership to Come to an End

Cheryl Podgorski and her friend John Barrett have been informed that they are to move Cheryl's business off of the property belonging to Roger and Nancy Sommers. Cheryl's plant and flower business with green house has been located next to the Daddy Franks ice cream and fast food restaurant for seven years. What will the future bring for Cheryl Podgorski's business. Stay tuned for an update here on Beaver Island News on the 'Net.

Labor Day Weekend at Stoney

Please join us!
Thurs. Sept. 1st Last Rib Night - Stoney's Baby Back BBQ Ribs!
Fri. Sept. 2nd Yellow Lake Perch and a Tribute to Johnny Cash, Dean Martin and more, by John Morello @ 9pm!
Sat. Sept 3rd . Music by Danny, Danny, & Friends! *so bring your dancing shoes!
Sun. Sept 4th Happy Hour All Day & Complimentary Hot Dog Buffet until 5pm...then Jim's Pizza , Subs & Salads 5-9pm.
Mon. Sept 5th 1st year of being open Labor Day...join us for Lunch 11-2 and Dinner 5-8:30.
*and yes, finally... SHIRTS are in!!! You can pick them up at Stoney and I will be mailing the others out.
We appreciate your patronage....Happy Autumn! Stoney & Crew

Emerald Ash Borer Traps Negative

"Last week PPPMD inspector Jane Winkler removed and inspected the 15 EAB baited panel traps she installed on Beaver Island earlier this summer.

She submitted suspect adult samples from three of those traps for verification.  Yesterday, Mike Philip, PPPMD's entomologist, was able to confirm that none of the submitted samples were in fact EAB.  The specimens were of an insect very closely related to EAB, Bronze Birch Borer (BBB).  Both EAB and BBB are metallic wood-boring beetles in the genus Agrilus.  BBB is native insect that is well established in Michigan and infests almost exclusively trees in the genus Betula (birch).

As I am sure you are aware, the fact that EAB was not detected by any of traps does not mean that it may not be present on the island.  It will be critical to continue to monitor and investigate those ash trees that may begin to show the early symptoms of infestation.

I remain available to help support your efforts to protect the ash on Beaver Island from EAB," said John M. Bedford, Pest Response Program Manager, Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development Pesticide and Plant Pest Management Division.

Link to EAB Trap Map

More Bricks Installed at Veteran's Memorial

There are more bricks being installed at the Veteran's Memorial. The work began today, Tuesday, August 30, 2011, and will continue on Wednesday as well. The AMVETs are putting forth a great deal of effort to make this memorial beautiful and the Island should be more than proud of this wonderul memorial. The brick orders over the last few months have arrived and are now being installed. There is plenty of space for you to buy a brick for your loved one who was a veteran.

Thanks to Bob Tidmore for these pictures.

A Video Tribute to the Veteran's Memorial

With slightly over 270 bricks in the planned walkways and many volunteers of the AMVETS Post 46, the work at the Veteran's Memorial is moving along quite well. Beaver Island News on the 'Net offers this fifteen minute video to honor the veterans and the work of the AMVETs in getting this far in just fourteen months. In July 2010, the oldest veteran on the Island was Carl Felix, Carl turned the first shovel full of dirt in early July 2010. In this short period of time, a wonderful memorial has been created for the Beaver Island veterans. Here with music to accompany the walk to and through the memorial is our attempt to show off the memorial for those not able to view it in person.

Link to Video of the bricks

Beaver Island Marathon

The Beaver Island Marathon took place on September 3, 2011, following the course shown in the map below.

The Beaver Island Marathon Course

No roads were “closed” during the 3rd annual Beaver Island Marathon run this Saturday morning, September 3, 2011.. The course was the same Boston Marathon qualifying course as last year. There were many people along the course route to welcome and cheer the runners on. Many were there to watch the finish at the Public Beach. Lots of volunteers were out helping keep the runners safe with water stations, providing help to drivers to keep the cars and the runners separated, and to cheer the runners along the way. Thanks to the many volunteers.

Marathon Course................Medal Design.................Shirt Design

The Marathon, Half-marathon, and 5K race all started here. They're off!

(Pictures by Jim Stambaugh)

The weather was cooler, but the humidity was 100% with pouring rain as the runners were out on the course for the full marathon, half marathon, and 5K runs. The rain came down in buckets for a while, but, by the time, the last racer left the course, the sun had come out. The rain made the course muddy on the clay and gravel roads of Port St. James. The racers had the start of the race out to Whiskey Point that was paved and the bike path out to the St. James Campground that was paved. Other than that the pavement was not part of the race. One racing fan asked, "How can they keep track of who is in what race? They are going out toward Donegal Bay and others are coming in from Donegal Bay."

Our local Beaver Island EMS were well prepared for the health issues that come from these, having been involved for two years now. BIEMS transported two runners by ambulance to the Beaver Island Rural Health Center where they were treated and released. Other than these two, there were several with sore feet with blisters and a sprained or sore ankle or two. The temperature and the rain helped to keep the runners cooler than in past years.

The Full Marathon Runners made two laps of the route. Here they pass the Holy Cross Hall for the first time.

The 5K runners made one trip out to Whiskey Point, around Gull Harbor, and back to finish at the playground.

The finish line for the half marathon and the full marathon.

Results of the marathon will be posted when they become available.

Comedy Group to Hold Auditions

The Beaver Island Comedy Group is planning to add several members to their troupe along with possible guest stars for upcoming productions, and also meet with those interested in writing or working the technical aspects of the shows. They will hold open audition at the Community Center on a date to be determined.

Those interested in being part of the comedy group should be at least eighteen years old and should be prepared to participate in two of the following for their audition:

a. Improvisation;

b. Bring an idea for a comedy sketch to explain to the group;

c. Perform in a scripted role with others;

d. Prepare a monologue or stand-up routine (1 - 2 minutes in length);

e. or perform something original you've selected.

If interested in working behind the scenes on the production - writing, lighting, stage manager, props or videographer - please attend the audition, so the Comedy Group can talk to you about your interests.

Questions: give a call to any member of the Comedy Group.

Sign-Up Forms Available

The following fall event entry forms are now available in the Chamber office and at the Community Center. In a day or two they will be available on line for download and printing.

Questions about the events: Chamber@BeaverIsland.org (231) 448-2505

For information about the apple pie contest please contact Elaine West: (231) 448-2377

A New Slice on the Annual Apple Pie Contest


On October 8th, the former winners of the Bite of Beaver Island Apple Pie Contest will be the judges for the annual baking competition. As the judges won't be entering the contest there are even more opportunities for great bakers out there to “take home the crown” and win the Annual Pie Contest. You need to turn your pie into the kitchen at Holy Cross Hall between 10 a.m. and noon on October 8, 2011. Judging will begin at 1:30 p.m. with the announcement of the top two winners of the prizes at 2:30 p.m.

Please put your name on the bottom of the pie tin. All are welcome to watch the judging. Pies will be judged on taste, appearance and presentation. This is the eleventh year for this annual Beaver Island Pie Contest.

If you have questions, call Elaine West at 448-2377.

Stoney Acre Grill/Danny's Pub End of Summer Event

Friday Night Sept. 2nd . 9pm 'til midnight or later...
a tribute to Johnny Cash, Dean Martin, Roy Orbison, Conway Twitty, Frank Sinatra, ELVIS, Nat King Cole, & more, by John Morello! ...a night to remember!
...and bring your dancing shoes!
No cover charge or drink price increase.
Thank you for a Great Summer,
Our best to you,
Liam & Marilyn
...and yes, Thursday night RIBS!

Thomas Morlan Passes Away

Thomas Morlan passed away 8/23/11 after a long rehabilitation from stroke in 2001.Thomas Morlan was in the Lakeview, Michigan, . Kelsey Hospital Long term care and rehabilatation. He was admitted there 3/18/2002. He had had a stroke in mid-November of 2001. He returned to Beaver Island in the spring of 2002 for a memorial for his wife Doris Morlan, but this was the last time he was here. More information will be provided when available.

By Amanda Strong

After an exhausting day, all you want to do is put your feet up and spend time with the person you care about the most … and then your spouse walks into the room.  Upon their arrival, you close your computer hoping you don't appear too startled to raise suspicion.  Sharing intimate details of your life on Facebook with someone else probably wouldn't go over so well with your significant other.  Your relief is temporary, because this will likely become a reoccurring theme when you continue to “network” with that special person.

This deception happens every day when a person decides to carry on an affair, especially one where social media plays a prime role.  With over 700 million users on Facebook alone, many of those ask themselves, “am I crossing the line?” when they carry on with another “friend” either new or old.

Things become foggy when you're consistently tempted to look up an ex or confirm a friend who may not be the greatest choice to allow back into your life.  The lines begin to blur and lies turn into infidelity. Before becoming just another statistic, ask yourself these three questions:

IS THE RELATIONSHIP REAL?   Cyber relationships are tricky.  Either you begin to correspond or communicate with someone after a reconnection or you meet someone entirely new.  This excitement or newness resembles the easier days without responsibilities, work, and children. You feel special from all the attention solely focused on you, swept away with the thought of a less complicated life.

The reality may be difficult to swallow when you realize that the person you make that connection with a. may not be the person you thought you knew or b . turns out to be very similar to the person you're currently with when the fun times fade and reality slaps you in the face. Social networking hands you the opportunity to be anyone you want to be. Someone living in a fantasy may not grasp the impact on their family and themselves. Their new relationship is real to them, but could it be masked by all the hype that surrounds social networking. When you take away Facebook, and you're just one on one, can you look at the person and feel your new reality will stand the test of time?

WHAT IS LIFE LIKE? Lonely or feeling like you want more out of life? Vulnerability, mixed with the ease of connecting (or reconnecting) with people, is a recipe that may derail one's path.  A person may feel they're receiving more support from a friend than a spouse. This attention sometimes leads to a tighter bond with your social media “friend” than the person you sleep next to at night. But is this new relationship based on finding the support, more so than the person giving it? 

Sometimes the relationship is not about the attraction or compatibility but the needed strength to get out of a difficult or lonely situation. Ask yourself, are you using this new relationship as an out? Do you truly believe this person will be around in six months? Be honest with yourself with where you are in life, and why you've pursued another relationship in the first place.

WHY TAKE THE RISK? Some people are going to cheat, whether facilitated by cyber relationships or not. Others may look for their ex and get into trouble pursuing the past or innocently be struck out of the blue with a connection they never thought would happen. Are you impulsive and want to just go for it? Have you thought about the consequences and decided to cross the line anyway? Ask yourself, are you risking your marriage or relationship because you found a more exciting and passionate person; think this is your soul mate; or feel this is your way out of your current situation?

Even if you get wrapped up in the hype and the temptation seems too much to handle, there's always that split second before you post something or encourage communication when you know you shouldn't.  Your actions could destroy the ones you love and change your life completely.  Ask yourself, why would I choose to face those consequences? If you deal with the truth before you cross the line, you may save yourself from making a huge mistake.

Couples are now citing Facebook on their divorce papers as one of the reasons their marriage fell apart.  Can social media be blamed for giving everyone such an easy tool to cheat? Words of advice, be honest with yourself, because your decisions are yours, and only yours, to make.

Social networking sites aren't losing sleep over your choices, that job is solely your responsibility.

Amanda Strong graduated from Ithaca College with a degree in Televison/Radio and is the author of the highly acclaimed new book, With Just One Click, the first of its kind about the complexity of Facebook relationships.

Homecoming Softball Highlights

This video clip and others in process will provide highlights, offense and defense, for the McDonough's Market softball team for 2011. Time is the only reason that these are coming along slowly. It takes time to watch and process the video. Highlights clips are here now. At least the first one of the first game and part of the second game. It's pretty easy to tell the second game because it was played in the rain.

McDonough's Team Highlights 1


Men's Pinehurst Golf Outing

This year only four teams participated, which was quite a bit smaller participation than in last year's Pinehurst with nine teams playing last year. The team winning first place was the team of Frank Solle and Bob Evans, who won it in a play-off hole after tieing another team with a score of 39. Bob Simpson's team came in second place after losing that first play-off hole. All four teams had a good day playing golf on a very nice day with the wind out of the north.

New Feature--Birthdays This Week

Christie Heller Purdue on Monday, September 5

Dee Gallagher and Jessi Smith on Thursday, September 8

Sue Howard on Friday, September 9

Dave Bair and Judi Meister on Sunday, September 11

Meet the Soccer Officials

BINN asked the two soccer officials to introduce themselves to the Beaver Island Community. Both were from Traverse City.


Islander Soccer on Saturday

Click HERE for more pictures

With four players on the bench with elegibility issues, the soccer match was pretty much the same as the night before. Unfortunately, there were two injuries to Island players in addition to the Grand Marais team outrunning the Islanders. Olivia Cary was heading into the box

and was taken out by a Grand Marais player with a hard shoulder into the chest.

This obviously hurt Olivia,

but she did return to the game later on.

2nd Half Highlights Video


The game ended on another injury. This time a Grand Marais player, going after the ball, tripped McCaulley Connaghan, not with just on leg. The left leg of the GM player took out Connaghan's left leg, and the right one did the same to Connaghan's right leg, literally having both feet knocked from under him.

Game Ending Injury


The Grand Marais team outplayed the Islanders with a score of 6 goals to 1.

The only Islander goal was due to a trip inside the box which resulted in a free kick. The goal was scored by Gus Connaghan, who came out of the goal to score the only Islander goal.

Islander Soccer on Friday

In a soccer match against Grand Marais this evening, Friday, August 26, 2011, the Islanders had four of the more senior players sitting on the bench due to an elegibility problem.

At the end of the first half, the Islanders were behind 2 goals to 0 goals.

But the teamwork of the Islanders showed through during the second period for an Olivia Cary goal. Good job, Olivia!

The Grand Marais team seemed to be in disarray after that goal was scored, and the Islanders had a few more shots on goal, but couldn't get another score. Finally Grand Marais pulled it together to get a third goal. Shortly thereafter, the referees called the game due to thunder and the possibility of lightning. Grand Marais won the game with a 3 to 1 score.

Grand Marais' goalee is BINN MVP

The Islanders played Grand Marais again Saturday morning beginning at 9 a.m.

Friday Night Soccer-Video Highlights


Beautiful Sunset

A trip out to Donegal Bay was taken since the soccer game was called due to the thunder. The drive out there was well worth the trip to get some great pictures for the memory book.

King's Highway Road Striping Completed

Two different perspecitive shots of the striping on the King's Highway looking up Enoch's Hill.

Today, August 26, 2011, by three p.m. this afternoon the road striping was completed on the King's Highway. The road marking begins at the intersection of King's Highway and Donegal Bay Road and ends at the intersection called the 'Four Corners' where East Side Drive, Barney's Lake Road, and King's Highway come together by the Station or Island Energies. It did not take very long to do this short distance of painting lines or dashes on the road with the proper equipment for doing the job.

Speaker Scheduled to Present at B.I. Community Center

This presentation is open to the public. "A very dynamic speaker with a very dynamic message, " stated Alice Belfy. "He spoke at a conference that Kitty McNamara attended."

View announcement PDF

Fish Tug Being Shipped Off the Island?


Thanks to Bob Tidmore for this video clip.

Buddy Martin hauled Jiimmy Kenwabikise's boat, the Sonny Don, to Matt Fogg's dock to be hauled to Charlevoix. "It's going over to be cut up for scrap," said Buddy Martin. "Yesterday morning I had no intentions of moving that boat, but about noon, I made up my mind to get it on the barge."

Sunny Don Leaves the Island for the Last Time

The Sunny Don on the barge with lots of scrap metal.

The tug pulls the barge and is headed out of the harbor. Approximatley 9:00 p.m. 8/25/11

Fiber Optic Cable Being Buried Along Donegal Bay Road

Apparently Beaver Island infrastructure is being improved by use of the economic stimulus funding received by TDS Telecom. The two channels of fiber optics are being buried along Donegal Bay Road. The end of the fiber optic cable will be near the driveway of Shirley Sowa on Donegal Bay road.

Each of these workers has this job due completely to the use of the stimulus funds. One worker said, "Without the stimulus money, we wouldn't have this job at all."

B. I. Community School Board Meetings Schedule

View Meetings Schedule HERE

Beaver Island Rural Health Center Receives Grant

The Beaver Island Rural Health Center will be the site of a new emergency generator soon, thanks to the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians. The grant for $31,795.00 was announced by the Grand Traverse Band on August 10, 2011.

The Tribal Chairman is Derek J. Bailey.

Beaver Island Rural Health Center President Denny Cook and Charlevoix County Commissioner Richard Gillespie submitted the application for the propane generator. A recent assessment by Charlevoix, Cheboygan and Emmet County Emergency Management determined that the health center was especially vulnerable to localized power outages. Director Gregory K. Williams visited the island last year, and concluded that the health center would be a good candidate to serve as the working command center in the event of a community emergency.

The Charlevoix County Local Planning Team and Local Emergency Planning Committee also supported the grant application.

The BIRHC will be seeking bids for the 55kW propane generator project.

Frank Solle's Sandhill Crane Pics

Frank got these nice pictures of sandhill cranes on the move. Thanks, Frank!

Sunday, August 21st---An Evening of Music

Beaver Island Christian Church hosted an evening of music on Sunday, August 21, beginning at 7:00 p.m.  Among the participants in the musical extravaganza were   Scott Kasbaum, Sheri Timsak, Mike Scripps and the gospel choir, Jayne Bailey and Julie Roy, Suzi Fisher, Donna Stambaugh, Jayne Bailey, Joe Moore and Judi Meister, and John and Sandy Gerrish. There was also a special young participant that will be revealed in pictures of the event as they are processed. Audience participation was encouraged. Everyone was welcome; as this was not a dress up event. A free will offering was requested to help cover construction costs for the new kitchen in the Gregg Fellowship Center.

This evening of music was wonderful. The variety was amazing. The artistry was obvious, and the spirit was uplifting! If you missed this concert, you missed a terrific combination of sights and sounds from violin to recorder, from flute to guitar, and from honkey-tonk piano to synthesizer. BINN recorded the concert and will make it available as soon as possible, but probably not until the end of the week.

If you didn't attend, you can still see anf hear the spirit of the concert by watching the video. See the video HERE.

An Open Letter to the Beaver Island Community

The Beaver Island Association Supporting Environmental and Economic Sustainability

Board of Directors

Bob Anderson, Treasurer

Pam Grassmick

Peter Igoe, President

Jim Jones

Beth Leuck

Ken McDonald, Vice President

Taffy Raphael, Secretary

Craig Schrotenboer

Bob Tidmore

August/September, 2011

To the members of the Beaver Island Community :

I am writing to encourage you to join the Beaver Island Association.

Our organization has taken on important roles in protecting the island environment and in helping to promote the local economy. We need your support in these efforts.Summarized below are a number of the important initiatives underway.

The Environment :

•  The Beaver Island Association, under the leadership of Pam Grassmick, spearheaded the drive to eradicate invasive Phragmites from island beaches. The program has been exceptionally successful and we have now formed a committee, led by Craig Schrotenboer,to take the leadership roleto focus on the most harmful 9 additional invasive species threating the island. The charter of the committee is to identify the presence of invasives, create an inventory and then arrange for control or eradication.The committee is planning an Invasive Species Summit to be held at the BI Community Center on June 14, 2012. In addition to Craig, members of the committee are Beth Leuck, Annette Dashiel, Jim Jones, and Bob Anderson.

•  Craig also represents the association on the board of the Natural Resources and Ecotourism Steering Committee (NRESC). The work of the committee will be coordinated with the NRESC.

•  The BIA (under Ken McDonald) is the sponsor of the annual beach cleanup to remove trash and items harmful to wildlife, and provide data to a clearing house monitoring the Great Lakes (The Alliance for the Great Lakes [GreatLakes.org]). This year's cleanup is scheduled for Saturday, September 17 at 9 a.m. with a free hot-dog lunch at the Community Center to follow. Ken is coordinating this effort with the BI Community School,encouraging student participation in the clean-up.

•  We have contributed to the promulgation of common sense regulations regarding ATV use on beaches and dunes.

•  The association sponsors a free summer lecture serieson topics of interest to island residents and visitors, presented by expert guest speakers.

•  The BIA funded the placement of fire danger signs at critical island locations, and coordinated training with the fire department to maintain accurate fire danger warnings.

The Economy& Educational Initiatives

•  Our organization has undertaken various analyses and data presentations to increase awareness regarding property tax levels and spending.

•  Bob Anderson has initiated discussions with the townships and the Charlevoix Road Commission regarding enhanced maintenance and improvements of island roads. He is coordinating this with our representative on the Charlevoix County Board of Commissioners.

•  Paul Glendon, BIA president emeritus, initiated a thoughtful discussion of the concept of consolidating the St. James and Peaine townships. We intend to help facilitate this discussion.

•  The BIA (Taffy Raphael and Beth Leuck) has undertaken initiatives with the Kitty McNamara, the principal of the Beaver Island Community School, to expand the horizons of the high school students by establishing a “Career Day” program, bringing successful graduates and other good role models to Beaver Island to give the students a firsthandconnection with exciting educational and career paths. The first of these is planned for the Tuesday after Memorial Day, 2012.

•  Taffy and Beth will also be working with CMU Biological Station staff to initiate a series of educational field trips for students at BICS.

We also have initiatives to enhance communications on goings on around the island. 

•  Jim Jones is working to improve our website to include links to more relevant sites and the Beaver Island Forum. In addition, the website will include summaries of recent BIA Board M eetings and our Annual Meeting so that members can be informed of BIA activities and progress. Also included will be the BIA email address so that members may communicate more easily with the board.

•  The BIA publishes a twice yearly newsletter, mailed to homes, to provide members with an update of progress on our initiatives and future association plans.

•  Board members have been assigned to act as liaisons with the townships (St. James: Peter Igoe/Bob Tidmore; Peaine: Ken McDonald/Pam Grassmick), and we plan to report periodically via the website on township government proceedings.

Of course there are other things in which we are involved and we are eager to hear from members of their ideas of subjects of importance in which the Beaver Island Association might play a positive role. Please join and give us your thoughts.

Annual dues are only $20 (July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012). I hope you will consider becoming a member. Your support will benefit residents, property owners, and visitors to Beaver Island.

To join please send your check of $20 to : The Beaver Island Association, Bob Anderson, Treasurer, P.O. Box 390, Beaver Island, MI 49782


Peter Igoe, President

The Good Samaritan Foundation of Haiti, Inc.

Michael "Beans" Gardner is the founder and self-proclaimed "musicionary" of the Good Samaritan Foundation of Haiti, Inc. Beans has been performing on Beaver Island for many years at many events. His latest performance on the island was a fundraiser for this 501c3 non-profit corporation that he founded.

"The Good Samaritan Foundation of Haiti, Inc., was incorporated in the state of Colorado on February 24, 2010, as a non-profit corporation. The organization was inspired by the efforts of Michael A. Gardner of the Virgin Islands and Jean Phelix Joseph of Haiti, acting through a non-profit charitable organization known as Good Samaritan of Haiti (which they co-founded in 1994 in Haiti, to meet the needs of the people of Isle La Vache, Haiti).

It is the Foundation's purpose to facilitate the indigenous people chance of survival - with dignity and honor - not only against the adversity of poverty in this modern day and age but even greater giants that pose a threat to the human spirit. It is the vision of the Good Samaritan Foundation of Haiti, Inc. to cultivate personal integrity and support local culture."

To learn more, please go to http://www.goodsamaritanofhaiti.com/ or email Beans at michael@goodsamaritanofhaiti.com or mail your contributions to P.O. Box 264, Lyons, Colorado 80540. You can also call the foundation in the United States using 616-843-1692 or in the Virgin Islands using 284-545-5595.

Beans performance at the Beachcomber Bar was the fundraiser for this foundation along with a chance for an all expense paid trip to the Virgin Islands through a donation of $100. No further information is available about the raffle-type donation situation, but this sounds like an excellent opportunity to help those less fortunate than ourselves.

Ted Nicholas "I Dream of the Island" Now Public

This excellent Pictoral Video by Ted Nicholas and produced by the Beaver Island Chamber of Commerce is now available for viewing by the public. After a special showing last evening at the Beaver Island Community Center, "I Dream of the Island" is now available. The artistic quality of the animated photographs will amaze you. The original music by Ted Nicholas is pure Gaelic style. The narration by Ted Nicholas is well timed and inviting. Great job, Ted!

(Video courtesy of Tina Walker. Thank you , Tina!)

Steve West Introduction on Premiere Night


You can view the 12-minute video HERE

Ted Nicholas Gets a Round of Applause

Ted Nicholas Says a Couple Words


BICS School Newsletter Number 1 for School Year 2011-2012

The file is a PDF and can be viewed HERE

New Charlevoix County Link for NRESC

http://www.charlevoixcounty. org/govern7039258.asp

Men's Fall Golf League Continues

With the summer men's golf league over, there are still many wanting to continue to play into the fall. Congratulations to those who did well during the summer league. Now it is on to the fall league where the competition continues to be very tight.

Handicap scoring keeps the Men's Golf League very competitive. You can see after week one of the fall leagure that the team with the third worse score is in first place while the team with the best score is in fourth place. The idea is to give everyone a chance to win if you play an exceptionally good round of golf. The second best score is in third place ahead of the best score of the night. It really depends upon how each team plays on a particular night. One chip shot and one putt can make the difference between first place and fifth place.

1 1 Joe-Buck 36 15 38 108 36.00
2 6 Frank-John 36 14 36 109 36.33
3 5 Jeff-Ryan 34 14 35 104 34.67
4 2 Rob-Dan 39 14 32 118 39.33
5 3 Chuck-Ernie 42 5 28 122 40.67
6 7 Bob E.-Ron M. 43 6 27 124 41.33
7 4 Francis-Larry 45 6 22 132 44.00
8 8 Stan-Ron S. 47 6 22 140 46.67
TEAM #1 BEAT TEAM #3 15-5
TEAM #2 BEAT TEAM #4 14-6
TEAM #5 BEAT TEAM #7 14-6
TEAM #6 BEAT TEAM #8 14-6
TEAM #2 VS TEAM #6 TEAM #2 -1
TEAM #3 VS TEAM #8 TEAM #8 -5
TEAM #4 VS TEAM #7 TEAM #4 -1

Beaver Island Association Schedules Beach Clean-up

The Beaver Island Association Beach Cleanup is Saturday September 17, 2011. Like last year everyone meets at the Community Center at 9am for bags and data cards, then returns at noon for a free hot dog lunch. Call Ken McDonald with questions or to get materials early.

Beaver Island Association Invasive Species

Click Here to View Slides

Veteran's Memorial Park Update

We will be receiving another order of bricks this month for installation at the Memorial Park. Additionally we will be making another order in September for delivery in October. This will be the last order until next summer and this is the last batch where a credit card can be use. The Charlevoix State Bank generously waved the credit card fees for a year and we have to return the machine the end of August.

Our brick count is over 270 and we want to thank all those who purchased bricks and supported the park for your support.
BOX 319

Peaine Township Meeting, August 10, 2011

There was just a quorum of three township board members with John Gallagher absent and Paul Welke absent from the meeting. Each was absent for personal reasons. Colleen Martin, clerk, called the meeting to order explaining that two members were absent. She also made a motion to appoint Pete LoDico to chair the meeting which was promptly passed. This township meeting was a very short meeting with business completed quickly and without much discussion. The total time for the meeting was 12 minutes 4 seconds including the introduction and the motion to adjourn. You may watch the video of this meeting by following the link below.

Meeting Video for August 2011

B. I. AMVETS Offer Scholarship

Beaver Island AMVETS Post 46 is offering a $1000 scholarship to any student who graduated from the Beaver Island Community Schools and and has completed at least one year of post-high school education.?

We are accepting applications in electronic format at the following e-mail address.


The deadline is August 31st and the scholarship will be awarded the first week of September.

AMVETS Post  46
Box 319
Beaver Island, MI  49782

Island Teamwork at Whiskey Point Tower

Your can tell from the video below that a lot of effort, time, and teamwork was necessary to get this project under motion.


This video was taken by Tina Walker over the two days of work on the Whiskey Point Tower. The flag pole and pipe and wind indicator were taken down to be repaired. That's the reason that it is no longer on the tower at Whiskey Point. The parts are at the township airport hangar to be worked on for future re-installation on the same tower. The pictures and story were done last week, but this week the video was completed.

The day was great preparation for the American flag to be flown once more at Whiskey Point. Thanks again, great job! 

St. James Township Meeting, August 3, 2011

The Board of St. James Township met at 7:30 p.m. at the township hall. Minutes and Bills were passed after discussion. There were several letters reported in the Correspondence item. Rick Speck got some information together about the millage rate that has to be turned in to the County in September. No action needed is on this issue. Discussion included NO decreases in medical center or EMS millage. Rick presented an extensive report about the reservations consideration for the the public marina. There will not be any reservations system put in place using the State of Michigan at this time. Pete Plastrik was appointed as the St. James representative to the soon to reform NRESC. St. James Township board will ask NRESC to participate in the writing of the Five Year Recreation Plan to qualify for grants. Deadline for grant submission is January 2012. Kathy Tidmore reappointed to the Human Services Commission as St. James representative. There was board comment and public comment.

View Video of the Meeting HERE

Parking in Charlevoix

Click the above link to go see their flier.

First of all, BINN wants to welcome its newest business subscriber, Mainland Parking and Shuttle Service.

The parking issue at the Charlevoix Airport has caused some consternation to some people who have parked their vehicle there. (See the story and update below.) The City of Charlevoix has taken over management of the airport, and has hired an airport manager. This manager appears to view the Islanders using the airport for parking as just another source of income for the airport.

Mainland Parking and Shuttle Service is a new business located just down the road from the airport. Mainland is literally directly across the highway from Dr. Shaperkotter's office. If that doesn't ring a bell, then it is next to an old motel and before Fox Motors. They have a nice sign that indicates the location. If going south from the airport, it will be on your left side.

The editor of BINN met with one of the two partners in this venture, Daniel J Drost to see an enthusiastic person who wants to help resolve these parking issues for the Islanders. The business is just getting off the ground floor with just one year round parking permit issued at this time. Mr. Drost wants to make certain that everyone knows that they began this venture because of the City's position on the parking at the airport. Mr. Drost wants to let everyone know that he has done work over here on the island, spent money here for lodging, meals, and relaxation at the local pubs. He is interested in providing lots of service for the Island residents and visitors. In a conversation today, July 22, 2011, he stated, "If someone was needing us to go pick up something at one of the businesses in the area, we would be glad to pick it up and send it over on the plane. We would like to work with the flight services. Perhaps they (the flight services) might be willing to let us know when the owner of a car is flying over to the mainland. We could then have the car ready, warmed up if its cold outside, and ready to go. We fully expect that we might need to jump a car or two if the battery goes dead. That will all be part of the Parking Service that we offer. We had a few people who went over on the boat as customers this week. They came and picked me up, and I drove them back down to the boat dock, then brought the car out here. There was no extra charge for this service. Of course, we did it exactly in reverse when they came back to the mainland."

For this extra service, Mainland Parking and Shuttle Service charges the exact same amount as the City of Charlevoix at the airport. They have an economy plan that allows you to be responsible for you own transportation to your car, but be sure to talk to them about this, if you are interested. BINN has the second year round parking permit at Mainland Parking and Shuttle Service, and is more than willing to share our experience with you.

Holy Cross Altar Society Raffles Original Lighthouse Painting by Lois Stipp

The Holy Cross Altar Society is doing its annual raffle for fundraising. The Altar Society will be selling raffle tickets from now until October when the Bite of Beaver takes place. This smaller print of the original painting will be presented to the altar society member who sells the most tickets. The drawing will take place on October 8, 2011, at 2 pm at Holy Cross Parish Hall. The tickets are on the island, and they should be available now. Tickets are $1 each or 6 for $5. They will be for sale after mass on weekends, at McDonough's' Market, or you can contact Audrey Beilman for more information at 448-2083. The altar society has received a raffle license from the State of Michigan, #X78435.

Natural Resources and Ecotourism Steering Committee Resolution

Proposed By-laws for NRESC

2011 Car Raffle is a Chevy Cruze


On August 29, 2001, the Rural Health Center wants you to know: Only one week left to buy your ticket!

BIRHC Will Dispose of Expired Drugs

Rather than just throwing your expired prescription drugs or over the counter drugs in the trash or down the drain, the Beaver Island Rural Health Center has become a "pill drop off" location. They will dispose of these items for you. The rural health center also has needle disposal containers and are willing to provide them to you as well. Here is their flyer.

Summer Update from Stoney Acres and Donegal Danny's

Summer Hours at Stoney
Lunch Mon-Sat 11-2
Dinner Mon - Sunday 5-9
Thurs-Baby Back BBQ Ribs
Fri-Yellow Lake Perch
Fresh Whitefish Daily
Daily Specials plus full Menu

Danny's Pub
Mon-Sat 11-2am
Sunday 12-2am
Stoney menu available daily till 9pm/Pub menu till 2am
Sunday- Danny's Bloody Mary Bar & Complimentary Hot Dog Buffet

Music most weekends...never a cover charge or drink price increase
Rides Available
Enjoy a Safe & Happy Summer!
Our Best to You!
Liam & Marilyn

Bike Event Will Precede Boodle 5K in October

A bike ride to benefit Beaver Island Sports Boosters will be held, Saturday, Oct., 8, 2011, at 8 a.m . Bikers will meet at beach parking lot next to Holy Cross Parish Hall , bike 2-12 miles and make a donation of your
choice based on miles biked. Flyers will be posted around town after July 4th and be available at the Chamber of Commerce office . Bike rental is available. You could make it a duathlon if you register for and run or walk the Island Boodle 5K at 10 a.m Registration fee benefits the Beaver Island Sports Boosters. Call Linda Frysinger at 231-651-9618 for further information.

Message to All B.I. Organizations

BINN is willing to post any and all events on the News on the 'Net website! There is one exception to this rule.

BI News on the 'Net cannot post your event if you don't send the information to BINN!

We post school events, religious events, sports events, visiting minister events, and many other events including musical events, special events, and even regularly scheduled events. At the very least, the event will go on the Community Calendar, so others won't schedule something at the exact day and time of your event. Imagine the following:

Two well known and exceptional fundraising events are scheduled on the same day. How sad for those who work so hard to raise funds for a good cause.

This can be avoided by sending your dates to BINN,. You can send them by postal mail, email, or even call the editor at 448-2416. Email medic5740@gmail.com

Human Services Commission Resource Manual

The Human Services Commission of Peaine and St. James townships has put together a resource manual--a guide to services available to all residents of Beaver Island.  A copy of this resource manual appears below.  Printed copies will soon be available at a number of locations, including the medical center and the library.  Other locations will be announces later.  Many thanks to Joan Vyse and Judi Meister for coordinating the information in the manual.

Complete Guide to Charlevoix County Human Services HERE

BI Christian Church Resident and Visiting Ministers

September 4: Howard Davis

11: Howard Davis

18: Harold Kruse

25: Harold Kruse

Consultant Report Available

The Feasibility Evaluation for Establishing a Fixed Wing Medical Evacuation Capability for Beaver Island EMS was presented to both St. James and Peaine Townships at their meetings in August. This feasibility evaluation was completed by a consultant Michael Slattery to eliminate any misunderstandings and to provide the information for BIEMS and the two townships to move forward. This report is many pages long, but Beaver Island News on the 'Net believes that it is important enough to post the entire document including all of the legislation that pertains to this issue. You may view this report by clicking on the link below.

Feasibility Evaluation for Establishing a Fixed Wing Medical Evacuation Capability for Beaver Island EMS

Air Transport for Island Medical Emergencies (ATIME for Us)

by Joe Moore

Read Article HERE

32 Miles of Water

(Copyright 2004, Phillip Michael Moore)

Update: 2/19/11---This video has had 108 viewings in the months of January and February so far. We hope that the views are getting the importance of having an air ambulance on Beaver Island and ready to go for the emergencies that have occurred here. It is obvious that ill and injured people are searching out other methods of transport since the transports for 2010 were down 50% compared to the last four years. While part of the cause is the depressed economy, the other part is the concern of being transported to the mainland and having a huge bill for that transport. BINN will continue to have this video available until something gets resolved with this issue. Comments so far: "You must be very proud of your son for doing this excellent video." "We never realized that this was still an issue." "Wow, a very important issue that seems to have been put on the back burner for too long. It's a burning issue."

Beaver Island has two flight services, and neither of them are currently certified or licensed to transport emergency patients from Beaver Island to the mainland. We thank the crews of the USCG helicopters for coming to do medical evacuations. We thank the flight services that have helped us get patients to the mainland for the last seven years and before. We thank Northflight for providing this service as well.

While a lot of things have changed over the last 7 years including a new school, a new executive director of EMS, new township supervisors,and new rural health center board members, there is one thing that has not changed.

Beaver Island does not have an FAA Certified Air Ambulance that is licensed by the State of Michigan.

When Phillip Michael Moore made this video as a Master's degree project, no one would have guessed that seven years later Beaver Island would still not have achieved this goal.

Please take the time to view the video. Please take some time to think about this, and then start asking some questions about how this can be resolved.

Beaver Island News on the 'Net Presents "32 Miles of Water" in its final form (28.5 minutes). The previously video, viewed here, was a slightly shortened version. The video is in high quality, but is still streaming video.


On the Beach of Beaver Island

You will need Quicktime or another music player to enjoy this link.

The music played in the Holy Cross Hall in the late 70's and early 80's, recorded for posterity and shared here.

Beaver Island Transfer Station Information

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September Community Center Activities

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