B. I. News on the 'Net, August 3-9, 2009

Homecoming at the Ball Diamond

As of the afternoon of the 8th of August, the McDonoughs Martket team is out of the playoffs and done for the season. Ryan Smith Construction beat them in a very close game today. The tournament is still on, but there are many good actions pictures from Friday and from Saturday on the website.

Friday pictures

Saturday pictures

Rick Speck Appointed Supervisor

At the St. James Township meeting last night, August 5, 2009, Don Vyse's letter of resignation was accepted with regret by the rest of the board. In Don's place, a new supervisor needed to be appointed by the board. Rick Speck was appointed St. James Township Supervisor at this meeting. Rick was sworn in by Clerk Jean Wierenga at the end of this meeting.

St. James Meeting-Happy and Sad

The township meeting on August 5, 2009, had its happy and amusing moments, and it had its sad moments as well. Pictures of the appreciation, the transition, and the new St. James Supervisor are HERE.

Don Vyse's Comments at the End of the St. James Meeting

Quicktime Streaming Video clips are HERE

Meet the Seasonal Deputy

Doug Edgar

Quicktime Streaming Video Clip Interview HERE

Closer, It Could Not Get in Men's Golf League

Week 10 of the Men's Golf League saw two teams changing place (2nd & 3rd), and the 1st place team of Joe Moore and Howard Davis losing 1/2 of their lead over 2nd place.  With just one week of regular play left and the playoffs, 1st place is now up for grabs the teams of Joe & Howard and the team of Jeff Mestelle and Ryan Smith .  Ironically (since the schedule was done 3 months ago) these two teams play head to head next week. There is plenty of competition for 3rd place as the teams in 3rd through 7th are separated by only 8 total points. Another amazing irony is that in all the matches being played next week, the opposing teams are so closely matched in their stroke average for the year,  that no team will receive any handicap.  
Current Standings after Week 10 and next week's schedule: 1st Howard & Joe 114 points; 2nd Jeff & Ryan 109 points; 3rd Larry & Joe 107 points; 4th Frank & John 104 points; 5th Ron & Jeff 103 points; 6th Chuck & Earnie 102 points; 7th   Ivan & Buck   99 points; 8th Rob & Dan   87 points; 9th   Francis & Larry  84 points; and 10th Neal & Kevin  83 points. One week or regular play and one week of playoff remain.

How much closer could the standings be? How about one point separating the first and second place team? What will happen with only two Wednesdays left?

Great Lakes to Decommission Dial-up

The old BIIP dial-up, taken over by Great Lakes and managed by TransWorld Network, Corp., will end service on Beaver Island. Below is a copy of an email received by one of BINN's subscribers.

TransWorld Network, Corp. will be decommissioning the local dialup number in your area effective December 8, 2009. We have been able to identify that you have used the dialup telephone number that is being decommissioned, to access the Internet over the last 30 days:

Beaver Island Pop# 231-448-2132

Action is now required on your part if you would like to continue accessing the Internet after December 8, 2009 as your current dial-up number will no longer
work. We apologize for this inconvenience and would like to help you find an alternate provider. TDS Telephone provides Dialup (There is no TDS dial-up on Beaver Island.) and DSL Internet access and service is available in most areas. To find out if their service is available in your area, please call 1-866-571-6662 or visit http://www.tdstelecom.com

Once you have transitioned service to another provider, please contact us so that we may terminate your account and mail you a final adjusted invoice.

If you do not take any action after receiving this notification your Dialup Internet service account will be terminated on December 8, 2009, and you will
be mailed a final prorated invoice for this service.

If you currently have an email address through TransWorld Network, Corp., your email account will remain active for 1 year at no cost to you.

Please contact us as soon as possible if you have any questions. You can reach a customer service representative at 1-866-711-6290, Monday through
Friday between the hours of 8:00 am and 10:00 pm EST or Saturday between the hours of 8:30 am and 5:00 pm EST.


TransWorld Network Corp.
Your Great Lakes Energy Internet Service Partner

Late Afternoon at Gull Harbor

Gulls fighting over fish entrails--Wait--That's not a gull! That's a heron!

More pictures of the heron and the gulls HERE

Osprey Young Still in Nest

The young ospreys that hatched on top of the microwave tower and have grown up there are still in the nest. These photos are of the youngsters still hanging around the nest. Photos are HERE

Baroque on Beaver-A Terrific Experience

If the method to measuring success is the size of the audience, the first two days of Baroque on Beaver is off to an excellent start. CMU's auditorium in the Jim Gillingham Center was packed to the rafters for the Thursday night performances. Many extra chairs were brought in and people were standing on the sides as well. "Standing room only" is the rule so far for the B on B concerts. Friday night the venue changed to the BI Community Center and is was also packed. The "Bach Bookends" Friday night performance included a Baroque orchestra for the Bach Double Violin Concerto, a Classic orchestra for the Mozart Clarinet Concerto, and then quickly changed to a string octet for the Mendelssohn, and another change for the brass quintet.

Pictures and more story for Friday HERE

36 Quicktime Streaming Clips of Friday's Performance HERE

Posted 4 p.m. August 3, 2009

The third performance was held on Saturday, August 1, 2009, at 7:30 p.m. at the Holy Cross Parish Hall. The program was entitled "Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Orange." The program name was quite appropriate for the the older items were the Brandenburg Concerto #3 in G Major by Johann Sebastian Bach and the closer "Te Deum" from Ode to St Cecilia by Purcell. The new included four songs from the Where Grief Slumbers composition for sopran, harp, and string octet by Earl Kim sung by soprano Martha Guth. This Korean collection was 20th or 21st Century music. Martha also sang two pieces with kyboard accompaniment: A Clear Midnight and Beginning My Studies by Lee Holby. Next on the program was a complete change in timbre and the return of tonality with the Beethoven Wind Octet in E-flat Major, Op. 103. This piece featured Lynn Hansen and Dan Rubbles on oboe, Joan Van Dessell and Steve Landane on clarinet, Drew Hinderer and Jennifer Dean on bassoon, and Jill Sipe and Lisa Honetcutt on French horn. The classical structure of this piece brought us back our comfort zone in time to listen to the Baroque on Beaver Chorale and Orchestra's performance of the closing piece. This concert took us to realm of space and back, from the 16th century to the modern era of musical composition. It demonstrate the many talents of the individuals participating in this venture.

54 Quicktime Streaming Clips of Saturday's Performance HERE

Posted 1:30 p.m., August 4, 2009

Pictures and more story for Saturday HERE

The Sunday, August 2, 2009, concert was held at the Holy Cross Parish Hall at 2 p.m. This concert had to be one of the most awesome displays of talented musicians that can be seen anywhere in the world. With the timbre and tonal changes available to please the human ear, there can be no doubt as to the high quality of the performers here. The program started off with a tuba soloist playing Three Irish Songs, which was really four songs, wonderfully performed by Daniel Clouse. This instrument must be the loudest instrument in the orchestra, but the arrangement by deWin blended the tuba with the orchestral sound. Next, the beautiful tones of Lynn Hansen's oboe caressed the ears, providing many emotional moments in Gabriel's Oboe, from the Mission by Enio Morricone.

So far, the program had everyone's attention. Then the orchestra played Three Contredances, K. 267 by Mozart, but Jason Economides joked, "(something) at the music," so they only played two of the dances. What a marvelous combination of music sounds so far! Next, Le Tombeau de Couperin by Maurice Ravel, which dedicated one movement to each of Ravel's WWI friends who died in action.

From the moment that Martha Guth began her performance today, the audience was in awe of her talent. The first piece was a Bach Contata written for soprano and trumpet, "Jauchzet Gott in allen Landen." The trumpet soloist was Leonard Allman with Martha Guth as the soprano. Next came Red is the Rose, a traditional tune arranged by David Cullen, which featured Martha Guth with the festival chorus and orchestra.

In a change from the program, Bach's Sheep May Safely Graze, by J.S. Bach was performed next with the orchestra and festival choir. Then came The Heavens ar Telling from The Creation by Franz Joseph Haydn. The closing was the Gaelic Blessing by John Rutter, which may become the traditional closing piece for Baroque on Beaver. What an amazing concert this was! If you missed it, you missed an excellent combination of musical styles and an amazing collection of music talent!

Pictures and more story for Sunday HERE

50 Quicktime Streaming Video Clips HERE

(These clips are a little longer than the others.)

Pictures from the Inland Seas Kayaking

Ken Bruland has taken many pictures during his kayaking adventures. Here are a few pictures of some of the exciting things that he has shown his groups.

Pictures and more story HERE

GVSU Boat Visits the Island

This research vessel arrived on Beaver Island to help CMU provide water tours of the Beaver Island Archipelago.

Letter Received Regarding Seney Wildlife Refuge Meeting

We felt we had a successful open house event at Beaver Island on Wednesday, July 22.   We had a total of 29 people who signed in on our sign-up sheet at the event.   We feel we had another 10 people  who stopped by during the event but didn't sign our sign-up sheet, thus estimate about 40 people total stopped by during the time period 3:00 to 7:30 pm.   We also meet with the Beaver Island Wildlife Club from 3:00 pm to about 4:15 pm prior to the scheduled open house event (4:30 - 7:30).   There were about 14 people from the wildlife club at this early event and they are included in the 40 people total estimate.    Cormorant control was the primary topic brought up with most people, but not all who attended, supporting it.

This open house event was the first step in development of the Comprehensive Conserviation Plan (CCP).   What we hear about Refuge management, including this open house event and any written or email comments (have received two written comments in the mail to date), plus the purposes for which the refuge was established and the policies of the National Wildlife Refuge will be the basis for developing different management alternatives.   These alternative will be evaluated through an environmental assessment.   Once we've completed the environmental assessment and selected a preferred alternative for Refuge management, we will release a draft CCP and that will be open for public comments.   Then we will revise the document as necessary based on the comments received and issue a Final CCP.   This whole process usually takes around two years.

We are not expecting the plan to be finalized in 2010.   Thus, in 2010 cormorant management will continue to follow guidelines from the Public Resource Depredation Order (PRDO) from 2003.   The PRDO authorizes Wildlife Services to kill or harass double crested cormorants and also oil their eggs.   In 2007, 2008 and 2009, Seney National Wildlife Refuge issued Special Use Permits to Wildlife Services to conduct these activities on Shoe and Pismire Islands and off shore of Hat Island.   In addition, a 2006 environmental assessment established an allowable take of up to 10,500 double crested cormorants annually in the State and waters of Michigan.   This environmental assessment is being looked at and may be updated this winter which may change the total allowable take of cormorants allowed in 2010.   Wildlife Services is the lead agency on this EA with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources working with Wildlife Services.      These will all be considered in any permit we issue in 2010.

We will consider all comments received at the meeting in looking at our management for 2010.   As an example, we received several comments concerning the issue of tree nests of double crested cormorants on Gull Island.   Unlike the ground nests which are available for egg oiling, most tree nests are unavailable.

I hope I have anwered your questions.   If you have any followup questions, please let me know.


Greg McClellan
Seney NWR
1674 Refuge Entrance Road
Seney, Michigan 49883
PH:  906-586-9851 Ext. 13, Fax:  906-586-3800

Leone Schellenberg Update

From email received on July 28th:

Leone's medication was not reducing her fluid retention, as a matter of fact she gained 10 pounds  It was necessary to take her to Spectrum hospital yesterday.They will give  her special care Please keep her in your prayers. I will keep everybody up to date.       Chuck Schellenberg

July 29th:

I spent the day with Leone at the hospital today. She is doing fine. She is being fed medication intravenously and they were able to remove a  liter of fluid today. She has a good appetite. She had an echo gram today She is in Spectrum Hospital in Grand Rapids Room 6020 N. Phone 616-391-7153 She has a good appetite and is able to sit up in a chair. She had an echo gram today.                           Chuck Schellenberg 

Aaron Ryan Anthony

TRAVERSE CITY — Aaron Ryan Anthony, age 29, of North Glenn, Colo., formerly of Traverse City, passed away unexpectedly Tuesday, July 28, 2009.

He was born Nov. 29, 1979, in Charlevoix, to George and Pauline (Kenwabikise) Anthony. He was a graduate of Traverse City High School.

Aaron enjoyed drawing, painting, and he was an avid mountain hiker and runner. He was a member of the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians.

Aaron is survived by his parents; brother, Andrew (Caiti) Anthony of Empire and their children, Amelia and Margaret; a sister, Amrena "Amy" (Karl) Kitchen of Peshawbestown and their children, Adam, Brendan, Cameron and Evan; a sister, Angeline (David) Avis of Traverse City and their daughter, Jillian; a brother, Alec (Katrina) Anthony of Traverse City; girlfriend, Jennifer Haflich and her son, Logan; and numerous aunts, uncles and cousins.

Aaron was preceded in death by his maternal grandparents, Paul and Isabelle (Wabanimkee) Kenwabikise; and paternal grandparents, Amos and Eva (Gemmel) Anthony; and many aunts, uncles and cousins.

A visitation will be held Sunday, Aug. 2, 2009, from 2 to 4 p.m. and 6 to 8 p.m., at the Covell Funeral Home in Traverse City. A funeral will be held Monday, Aug. 3, 2009, at 1 p.m., also at the funeral home.

Please share a memory of Aaron at www.MeM.com .

Arrangements have been entrusted to Covell Funeral Home of Traverse City.

TDS DSL Quits Working

For our off-Island friends...We will get back to you as soon as we are able...

Update: Internet is back working on Wednesday, July 29, 2009

As of Wednesday morning, July 29, 2009, the TDS DSL service to Beaver Island is still not working. It went out on Tuesday. If off-Island people wonder why Island people are not returning their emails, if confirmation of shipping is not known, and if the confirmation of flight reservations is not possible, you might guess it's the TDS DSL service (or rather lack of service) that may be the reason. It's pretty amazing how much we have become dependent on the Internet access that this service provides. Everything mentioned already, plus online ordering, online reservations at motels, and many other things in modern, everyday life have come to a screeching halt.

The librarians must be beside themselves as they get asked, "Why is the Internet down?" As if, by some miracle, the librarians might know the cause of the outage. "When will it be back up?" Again, a ridiculous question since the technology for even phone service is complicated by a microwave tower, radio systems, and technicians working, not only on Beaver Island, but also on the mainland where it takes 'one here and one there' to accomplish the task. Then, once all is working, it must be in "synchronized" to provide the services that we so much have become dependent on.

"When will it be back up?" is just a little like asking a weather man "When will it stop raining?" It will begin working again when all systems are repaired, and certainly not before. "When will that be?" Give me a moment while I look into the crystal ball. Perhaps it can provide an answer.

It was also interesting that the credit machines at McDonough's market would not work for debit cards unless the "credit" button was chosen. The 'debit' button simply would not work.

Cedar Waxwing Babies Can Fly

"Dad, dad, where are you?" my daughter hollered as she came running in the back door. "One of the babies fell out of the nest." With shaving cream still on my face, I emerged from the bathroom and went out the door. "Do you have any gloves?" she asked in a panic. I went back into the bathroom, found a pair of vinyl EMS gloves, and went back outside. "The baby is down here on the ground, and we don't want Goober to eat it," my wife stated clearly. (Goober is our Jack Russell terrier.) I reached down with my gloved hand and picked up the baby cedar waxwing. It bit at my hand and struggled to get away. "How will we get it back into the nest?" I asked slightly concerned at the heighth of the nest in the red maple next to our back deck. My daughter tried to reach it by standing on the railing of the deck. "I can't reach it," she said, "but you can if you stand on the railing." Pulling a lounge chair next to the railing, I stepped up on the chair, grabbed the trunk of the tree, and stepped up onto the railing of the deck holding a cedar waxwing baby bird in one hand and grabbing the tree with the other.

Now I was reaching up toward the nest. As I reached on the tips of my toes, I heard a clatter of sounds, and, as I placed the cedar waxwing baby on the edge of the nest, three other baby birds arose from the nest and flew off. As soon as my hand released the baby, it also flew off. All of them were putting up quite a squawk from the cedar hedge. Apparently, today was "learning to fly day" for the waxwing babies. The one who fell out of the nest hadn't quite gotten the idea of what flying was all about, and also apprently, (s)he had kind of fluttered down to the ground at the base of the tree. My big hand reaching toward the nest must have provided all the babies with the inspiration necessary to fly off without any more teaching effort, just complete instinct to escape.

Moral of this story: You can try your darndest to help mother nature, but mother nature takes care of her own.

July 27, 2009

Men's Golf League Results for July 29, 2009

Week 9 saw Howard Davis and Joe Moore holding on to 1st place after winning 11-9 although their cushion dropped to 10 points over 2nd place. Larry Laurain and Joe Wlliams moved into 2nd place by one point with their 14-6 win. Jeff Mestelle and Ryan Smith dropped into 3rd place by one point despite winning 14-6.
Chuck Carpenter and Ernie Martin remained in 4th place 4 points out of third after a 9-11 loss. Frank Solle and John Runberg moved into 5 place 1 point out of 4th even after their 9-11 loss. Ron Wojan and Jeff Powers fell into 6th place, 1 point out of fifth, after a 8-12 loss. Ivan Young and Buck Ridgeway stayed in 7th place, moving within 3 points of 6th with their 11-9 win. Rob Latimer and Dan Merriman remained in 8th place after a 8-12 loss. Francis Pike and Larry Kubic remained in 9th place after a 6-14 loss. Kevin White and Neal Boyle remained in 10th place after winning 12-8.

Next week's matches:

1st place, Howard and Joe vs 6th place, Ron and Jeff
2nd place, Joe and Larry vs 4th place, Earnie and Chuck
3rd place, Jeff and Ryan vs 8 place, Rob and Dan
5th place, Frank and John vs 9th place, Francis and Larry
7th place, Ivan and Buck vs 10 place, Neal and Kevin

With 2 weeks of the regular season left and "PLAYOFF NIGHT" remaining, just about anything can happen, especially between 2nd place and 6th place.

Mongolian Children's Dance Troupe

Performing to a completely full house at the Beaver Island Community Center on Monday, July 27, 2009, the children's dance troupe provided an hour of absolutely wonderful entertainment. The audience was obviously pleased with what they saw because the standing ovation and adulation was heartfelt. What an amazing group this is! How lucky the Islanders who were able to see the performance!

From traditional dance from many parts of Mongolia to the Latin dance routine, all present were amazed at the talent and the beauty of the dancing.

More story and pictures HERE

Links for 35 Quicktime Streaming Video Are HERE

The Eagle Has Landed, Part 2

It is amazing to find how few people are observant of their surroundings. On July 28, 2009, the car was parked near the second sign on Gull Harbor. The video camera was set up and running, and a photographer was kneeling down trying to get the 'perfect' picture. A total of six cars drove by, and none of them slowed down to view the eagle sitting in the tree. The same was true for some bikers, one motorcycle, and three groups of walkers. Only one older couple stopped and chatted for a moment after taking the time to take a few pictures. This statistically would equate to less than 10% of the people. Can you believe that less than 10% of the people were observant enough to view a bald eagle in a tree? What was their purpose in riding, driving, or walking on the Gull Harbor Road? We'll never know, but it's sad that the majority did not see this:

Eagle pictures HERE

Links to one longer Eagle clip and one longer Osprey Clip HERE

Waiting for the Boat

There it is!

Public Beach

These gulls were around the picnic table looking for handouts. The baby was just so cute. Who could resist? The mom was pretty good at allowing the baby get about every eighth of the French fries that were provided.

While the geese looked on....

Ospreys and Loons and Cedar Waxwings

The osprey nest on top of the microwave tower has provided many a visitor and many a resident with entertainment from the beginning of the nesting season until now, and probably will for a little while longer. There have been several nesting pairs of loons on Font Lake, but the outcome has not been all positive. Only one of the loon babies on the road side of the lake has survived. "It's as big as its parents now," was the report from residents on the lake. The nesting pair on Barney's Lake has shared a small island with mute swans, and the loon babies hatched, but the mute swans abandoned their nest. Following the babies on Barney's Lake has become an obsession with some, and that is the reason for this picture. The two loon babies on Barney's Lake have learned to dive, which is one of the primary ways to protect themselves. For some pictures, more story, and video clips of the ospreys and the loons, click the link below:

Pictures and Quicktime Streaming Video clips, HERE

Ten Video clips posted on July 27, 2009

This osprey from the microwave nest was hovering over Barney's Lake looking to provide some food for the youngsters in the nest. Between the boat being launched and the canoe being loaded, the osprey decided to look elsewhere.

BIRHC Holding Fundraiser Golf Outing

Charity Golf Outing and Picnic Supper

To Benefit

Beaver Island Rural Health Center

Sunday, August 23, 2009, with sign in at 12:30, tee-off at 1 p.m.

4-person Scramble Format with Three Flights: All Men teams, All Women Teams, Mixed Teams (2 men, 2 women)

Prizes for each flight, plus individual prizes for men and women, Closest to pin on 4 & 6, Longest putt on 1,Closest to center of fairway, Longest drive

Lots of Door Prizes

A fun Outing –buy Mulligans & Other Aids to Help the Team Score

Don't Golf?—Try it or just join us for the picnic supper following golf

Sign Up Now –No Later than August 19, 2009

Marathon Update

We are fast approaching our initial goal of 250 marathon runners for the inaugural Beaver Island Marathon. With approximately 40 days to register participants we should easily exceed that goal. I am receiving emails and phone calls daily asking “logistical” questions from runners around the country wanting to get-in-on this event. I recently talked with a woman from North Dakota that turns 72 on September 5 and wants to run the Beaver Island Marathon and celebrate on the Island . This should be fun for the participants and us at Good Boy Events. We certainly hope the residents and business owners find this to be a profitable and enjoyable endeavor.

We still have some needs:

•  Five or more volunteers to be available Friday, September 4 th to welcome the runners and their families that are arriving on the Beaver Island Boat. There will be several hundred runners and their families arriving Friday morning from around the nation. We certainly want a favorable first impression of Beaver Island and our race. The welcoming volunteers will direct the participants, most have never been to the Island , to their motel, rental home, race registration, car rental and just available to answer general questions and make everyone feel welcome. Possibly give-out maps and general info on the Island and the race.

•  Someone or a group (Scouts, American Legion) to sing/play National Anthem at the start and possibly a Color Guard to present the Colors.

•  One more aid station to staff: A station should have a minimum of 3 really good individuals at each station to hand water, Gatorade, GU and candy to the runners. Aid station workers would call us if help is needed by any marathon runner. These workers will also have the responsibility of picking-up any cups/papers that may “hit the ground”. This is an opportunity for a sports team, band members or church organization to earn some extra cash. Hours would be from 9:00AM until approximately 3:00PM. Each aid station will earn a minimum of $125 for the day plus runners will “judge” the best station and we will pay a $50 bonus for the favorite, most energetic station.

•  Road “Pointers”: Volunteers would to be available at 9:00AM and would have the duty of keeping runners on track and shouting encouragement. These folks could be on bikes!

•  Along Main Street (by the light house)

•  At Donegal Bay Road and Main

•  At the Marathon turn point

•  On Donegal Bay at the paved bike trail (both ends)

•  Day worker(s): This individual will help with the set-up on Friday, the set-up early Saturday morning and the clean-up afterwards. This is a minimum wage job. Duties include helping to cone the course, setting up aid stations Friday evening, loading our truck after the race and clean-up. This person(s) will work approximately 10 - 12 hours.

Below is the complete contact information for the Sept 5th Beaver Island Marathon. This is the best (most direct) information. The Chamber can answer most questions, but the promoters are managing the event - selling entries - arranging for temp staff - etc.


Race Director
Ron Suffolk
P: 248.446.1315
C: 248.921.1032
F: 248.493.5911

Registration Coordinator
Sharon Suffolk
P: 248.437.4524
C: 248.921.2720
F: 248.493.5911
Sharon@goodboyevents.org Elaine

B. I. Christian Church Announces Benefit Concert

The 2nd Annual Gregg Fellowship Hall Benefit Concert will be held on August 23, 2009, at 7 p.m. Proceeds will go toward the fellowship hall. This has proved to be a very well-attended gathering with lots of musical and other talents. Mark your calendars for this wonderful event!

If You Don't Have It, You Need It!

The wonder of watching a video clip of loon parents feeding their babies, the wonder of watching the ospreys in the nest on Sloptown Road, and a glipse of the Beaver Tales performance, and many other clips will not be yours unless you have high speed Internet and Quicktime to view these video clips. If you have a dial-up connection, you might still be able to view them, but it will take a while to download. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video clip is worth ten-thousand words. We hope you will give the video clips a try. Quicktime Streaming Video clips are viewable by anyone with a high speed connection and a Quicktime viewer.

Don Vyse Submits Resignation

Long time St. James supervisor, Don Vyse has submitted his letter of resignation from the supervisor's position in St. James Township. Citing health issues as his reason for stepping down, Don still wants to be involved. Don has received Citizen of the Year for his many accomplishments. More information will be provided as it becomes available.

Jerry Sowa Memorial Golf Outing Scheduled

The 4th Annual Jerry Sowa Golf Outing was held Friday night, August 31st  with a cannon shot signaling the "shotgun" start at 5:15 p.m .

After a couple last minute glitches, 1 team had two members, miss the boat, literally, and get stuck in Charlevoix and another team losing a member due to a "back" injury, minor adjustments were made on how a team would play like 4 players when in fact they had only 3 members. Although birdies were difficult to find, a few teams found them in bunches and the competition was close at the top.  Scores ran from a low of 29 to a high of 45. However, despite the frustration felt my many teams, overall everyone regrouped and smiles were seen everywhere, especially at the top. We had an outright winner, but had to hold a playoff for 2nd and 3rd place.

The team of Jim, Alex, Steve, and Chad Banghart from Indiana shot a fantastic 29, 6 under par to claim 1st place and get there names on the Plaque in the clubhouse. The teams of Bob Simpson, Fred Rheem, Ron Wojan, and Mike Wojan tied the team of Jeff Mestelle, Rob Latimer, and Howard Davis, both shooting 32's.  The "Wojan" team clinched 2nd place with a birdie on the 1st playoff hole. Two teams just missed out on the playoff with a score of 33.

Much work must be done to put on the Outing each year and I would like to thank everyone who worked hard to continue the success of the Jerry Sowa Memorial Golf Outing . Thank you's go to John, Carolyn, Jennifer, for there continued efforts and also to Shirley Sowa and Lous Stipp for their continued help each year. Without them the Outing would be difficult if not impossible to hold each year. I would also like to thank everyone who participated again this year.  A field of 12 teams makes it a busy but fun evening of golf followed by a picnic lunch.

Buck Ridgeway

BICS Press Release

August 4th School Election: Annual Local Operational Millage Renewal question presented to voters.

The only question on the August 4 th ballot is whether or not to renew the amount of taxes levied on non-homestead property at the level originally approved by Beaver Island voters in 1993. The request is for a one year renewal of 15.7980 mills to fund the general operation of the K-12 program. If you own just your primary residences (homestead property) or qualified agricultural property, you do not pay this tax. For the last 10 years, the district has put this question to the voters for renewal each year. Passage of this millage is essential to the school as it provides over 90% of the district's operational funding. Voters will receive an informational brochure in July. The polling place for all island voters is the St. James Township Hall.

In other budget-related business, the school district is watching closely as the state deals with its massive budget problems. The good news for the Island school is that so much of its revenue is generated locally so it does not rely on the state for a big percentage of its revenue. For the past five years, the district has received approximately $115,000.00 from the state as one of 5 Isolated Districts. The district will be working closely with the legislature to try to maintain the Isolated Districts funding. The school holds its annual budget hearing and adoption of the budget each June. The district must adopt its 2009-1010 budget by June 30.

Talking Threads to Raffle a Quilt

The Talking Threads Quilt Guild will be raffling off a quilt on August 9, 2009. The quilt has been named "Bits and Pieces" in honor of Phyllis Duda who started the built guild on the Island. She was a long time quilter and an inspiration to all of us. After she passed away, her husband Dave generously donated some of her fabric to the build. These pieces of fabric were used to design and make the quilt--thus the name "Bits and Pieces."

McDonough's Market has generously agreed to display the quilt in their market.

The tickets are $3 each or 5 for $20. All of the proceeds will be distributed to the Beaver Island Fire Department, BIEMS, and the Food Pantry. Anyone wishing to purchase a ticket may do so at McDonough's Market, Island Energies, Island Treasures Resale Shop, Whimsy, or by calling Judi Meister at 448-2963. Thank you for your support.

Update on Men's Health Fair

While there are some stories that must be written from the third person, a first person experience seems to be the best. That's the jist of the this story.

The first day of the Men's Health Fair was very successful. Twelve very brave men attended the first day, July 8, 2009. Why is the word 'brave' being used? The male prostate exam is an invasive procedure. It involves determining the size of the internal organ located near the urinary bladder. The common external access to determining the size of the prostate involves a digital (finger, not x-ray) exam through the man's rectum. "The normal 16-year-old's prostate is the size of a large green grape," Dr. Wartinger stated. "As men age the prostate grows. At your age (late fifties), it is normally the size of husk-covered walnut, but I have seen them much larger."

The preventative screening included review of the blood test results of a test named the PSA. This provides information about the possible diagnosis of prostate cancer or benign prostatic hypertropy (enlarged prostate). The preventative screening also included personal discussions related to erectile dysfunction and possible treatment options.

This screening offering was completely free of charge to the men of Beaver Island. No charge means exactly that. The costs are being covered in conjunction with a grand received by the Great Lakes Energy People's Fund according to Donna Kubic, Managing Director of the BIRHC. Another day of screening is planned for sometime in August.

Men's Health Fair

Dr. David Wartinger, urologist, from Michigan State University

Dr. Wartinger is Here on the Island

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