B. I. News on the 'Net, August 4-10, 2014

From the Sheriff's Department

News Release

Sheriff Don Schneider of the Charlevoix County Sheriff's Office would like to report that his department, in collaboration with local law enforcement agencies, are forming a Victim Services Unit (VSU) for Charlevoix County.

The Victim Services Unit is comprised of volunteers, aka Advocates, throughout Charlevoix County who assist local law enforcement agencies. The VSU is dedicated to helping victims and their families cope with a crisis or a crime against them.

In order to become an advocate, you must fill out an application and attend a 20 hour training in September. Applications are available online at the Charlevoix County Sheriff's Office www.charlevoixcounty.org/sheriff.asp<http://www.charlevoixcounty.org/sheriff.asp> under Community Outreach, as well as the local law enforcement agencies: Boyne City Police Department, Charlevoix City Police Department, and East Jordan Police Department. We will be hosting interviews at the end of August.

If you are interested in learning more about the Victim Services Unit, please contact VSU Coordinator Sarah Kaminski at the Charlevoix County Sheriff's Office at 231-547-4461.


FUNKY FUN FASHION SHOW will be held on Thursday, August 21, 2014, at 12:30 PM. Don't forget to make your reservations...seats are limited. Pass the word!

King's Highway Paving Progress

The King's Highway Paving Project is moving along quite well. It appears that the main asphalt work is completed from McCauley's Road to the Four Corners. The side roads need to have some work done to match the level of the highway. There is a bit of painting of lines that needs to be completed although there are dashed yellow marks on the highway. The gravel shoulder needs to be completed as well as the gravel level for the many driveways, but the major paving has been completed. Here are two clips of the work, one taken on Thursday and the other taken on Sunday. Note the one done on Sunday shows the deep drop offs on part of the highway.






Olympus binoculars, Holy Cross Church July 31. Please contact Krys Lyle, BICAA Coordinator:krys@kryslyle.com

Homecoming Softball Games

The softball tournament began on Friday, August 8, 2014, with Beaver Island having two teams in the tourney. The first game was won by one team, and then they played each other. McDonough's Market received their first defeat playing against Island Galleries. The video highlights of these two games can be viewed HERE.

Update: Unfortunately, both of the Beaver Island teams were eliminated on Saturday. Video of those games and pictures will also be processed and placed here on the website.

Vankalker Construction from Charlevoix won first place in the tournament. Their excellent fielding and fantastic hitting was the difference between them and the other teams. Tied for second were theGravediggers and Fishhunters. Tied for third place were Armor Seal and Smith Properties. Congratulations to all the teams for a good sportmanship and fun tournament for Homecoming 2014.

August 30th Run Announced

There will be a run scheduled for August 30, 2014, that will begin somewhere near the public beach parking lot. The half-marathon will begin at 10 a.m., and the 5K will beging at 11 a.m. with the plan that both groups will finish at somewehre close to the same time. Today, August 8, 2014, BINN interviewed Tammi McDonough about this family event.

Tammi McDonough at the public beach park and at Donegal Bay

You can participate in the family event and run by going to the website http://beaverisland.org/run and follow the link to sign up and participate.

Video Interview with Tammi McDonough


St. James Township Meeting

The regular meeting of the St. James Township Board took place on Wednesday, August 6, 2014 beginning at 7 p.m..

Video of this meeting is HERE


12:00 PM

Men's Summer Golf League Results

Ron W. & Larry L.
Rob & Dan
Jeff M. & Brad
Bill & Jeff P.
Francis & Larry
Howard & Joe
Ivan & Buck
Frank & John
Travis & Jason
Ron S. & David
Gerald & Kirk
Riley & Chad
*Teams had their "BYE" week.
Team #1 beat Team #11 16-4
Team #2 beat Team #10 14-6
Team #9 beat Team#3 13-7
Team #4 beat Team #8 14-6
Team #7 beat Team #5 12-8
Team #13 beat Team #12 14-6
Team #6 BYE
Team #1 vs Team #12
Team #2 vs Team #11
Team #3 vs Team #10
Team #4 vs Team #9
Team #5 vs Team #8
Team #6 vs Team #7
Team #13 BYE


AMVETs to Get Grant

from Bob Tidmore

St. James Township Supervisor Bill Haggard notified us today that the 2% grant AMVETS Post 46 applied for thru the township was approved. This grant will allow us to complete the landscaping of the berm next to the lake at the Veterans Memorial Park and most importantly purchase bricks to recognize those Native Americans from the Archipelago who served in the Armed Forces of the USA. Thanks to George Anthony and Mary Kenwabikise who provided the initial list for the grant application. We will be working with them and others to make sure all are properly recognized.

We want to thank the Tribal Council of the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa & Chippewa Indians for this grant.

Eagles at Gull Harbor Video Clip


Motor Vessel Spencer F. Baird at BIBCO Beaver Island Dock

Today, August 5, 2014, Primary Day in Michigan, the MV Spencer F. Baird tied up on the end of the BIBCO Beaver Island Dock.

The Fish and Wildlife Service has been raising and stocking lake trout in the Great Lakes since 1960 in an effort to restore populations of this native fish species. It wasn’t until 1989 that the Fish and Wildlife Service acquired a vessel to release lake trout on offshore spawning reefs. Historically, most of the lake trout production in lakes Huron and Michigan came from offshore spawning reefs. The Motor Vessel (M/V) Togue performed this work admirably for more than a decade.

Key principal characteristics of the M/V Spencer F. Baird include:
Length (overall): 95 feet
Beam (molded): 30 feet
Draft fully loaded, amidships: 9 feet, 6 inches
Complement: Captain, Marine Engineer, Seaman/Fisherman, five biologists
Staterooms: two single, three double occupancy
Fuel Capacity: 8,160 gallons
Potable water: 1,925 gallons
Propulsion: Geared diesel engines, 850 BHP each at 2,100 RPM; Two 54-inch diameter, four-blade fixed pitch propellers on solid shafts
Speed: Maximum: 14.7 MPH; Minimum: trawling sustainable for 45 minutes at 1 MPH
Certification: USCG Uninspected Vessel, ABS International Load Line
Route: Exposed waters/Great Lakes winter
Class: ABS A1, AMS, Survey/Fishing Vessel and Ice Class CO notation per ABS Steel Vessel Rules, 2004
Science spaces: wet lab and gill net lifting station in starboard bow, dry lab for electronics and wing control station forward of amidships

Short Video Clip



by Cindy Ricksgers

I used to meet a friend on the mainland, for a couple days of shopping and conversation.

Linda would drive across the state; I’d fly off the island. We’d meet in Charlevoix. Sometimes we’d gravitate north to Petoskey, for familiar sites, family history, bookstores and restaurants. Other times we’d go south, to Traverse City, for a change of pace.

Linda usually brought her dog on these mini-vacations, so we’d take turns: one of us would go in to check out a shop while the other stayed outside with the dog.

Once, in Traverse City, Linda went in to a New Age book store. I stayed on the sidewalk.

After a few moments, Linda came out. “She wants to see you!” she said, “That psychic, she wants you to go in to talk to her!”


In my almost fifty years of association with Linda, I can count on one hand the times someone chose to focus on me over her.

Charming, charismatic and funny, with a deeper, spiritual side and a manner of listening that made any speaker feel important, everyone – from bartenders to shoe salesmen and even my own children – would rather talk to Linda!

Why had this woman asked to talk to me?

Was I in trouble?

Maybe she felt I was loitering? Surely Linda would have told her I was waiting for her.

If it was the dog--if she loved the look and wanted to know the breed or if I shouldn’t be lingering outside with a dog--I would be quick to tell her the dog was not mine.

What could it be??

I went inside. She gestured for me to come over, and offered me a seat. She leaned back in her chair and gave me a big smile.

“So” she said, “I can tell that you see the Wee Folk.”

What would make her think something like that? What would make her ask it?

I am small in stature, perhaps it was a matter of “like is drawn to like.”

It has been pointed out to me that I smile, even when alone in my car with no one to be smiling at. Perhaps I was smiling, out on the sidewalk with the dog, and she felt it was the smile of someone who associated with Wee Folk.

Perhaps she was a fake psychic, and was trying to draw me in to her strange world by giving me weird imaginary powers.

What to say?

Any reference to weirdness or odd-ball ideas or charlatanism were out: this woman had summoned me when she could have been speaking to Linda, who actually is psychic, and understands all of it much better than I do, and who most everyone in the world would rather be talking to.

Of course I would be kind.

I considered brushing it off with a flip comment: “Some people think I am one of the Wee Folk,” but her gaze was sincere.

I told her the truth.

“I don’t,” I answered, “but I see where they live.”

In my walks along wood-lined paths and roadways, sometimes--deep in the woods--an area glows as if lit from within, though there is no obvious source of light.

There must be a break in the canopy of treetops, that lets the sunlight through.

Of course there is a practical and understandable explanation.

But when I see a far bright spot in the center of a dark woods, with grass and leaves and mosses of diminutive size, glowing like the saints in old paintings, with twigs laid out as if by plan, I think of the leprechauns and faeries and wee folk.

If I listened hard enough, I’m sure I’d hear their music.

If I waited, I might even catch a glimpse.

New Book by Lance Olson

"Dog Island: The Plane Crash"

Lance Olson, one of the organizers of the Blacksmithing visits and demonstrations for the Island Museum Week, has written a book. The book is about to be published and may be available in McDonough's Market and/or the Beaver Island Historical Society Print Shop Museum within a week or two. Here is a look at the front cover and the rear cover of this book.

Rollover for Weekly News Delayed

With the busy summer season, the rollover, a switch from one week to the next, has been delayed. There is so much going on, and so little time to accomplish all the photos' and videos' processing. Beaver Island News on the 'Net will continue posting on this page until we get caught up. Perhaps, Tuesday afternoon or evening.

Ballots for St James and Peaine Townships

for August 5th Primary Election

Peaine Township Ballot has two pages

St. James Ballot one page

Fireworks August 12th

AMVETS Post 46 Annual Scholarship Program

Beaver Island AMVETS Post 46 is offering a $1000 scholarship to any student who graduated from the Beaver Island Community School and has completed at least one year of post-high school education and has not previously received an AMVETS scholarship.

We are accepting applications in electronic format at the following e-mail address. 


The deadline is August 31st and the scholarship will be awarded not later than the 15th of September

Remember to Vote on Tuesday

Tuesday, August 5, 2014, is the Primary Election. You must choose to vote either Republican or Democratic ticket. You cannot vote on both. What you can vote on is the non-partisan portion of the ballot. This is the section for Circuit Court Judge for Charlevoix County. It is shown HERE:

BINN will not tell you how to vote, but please VOTE!

MUSIC at Donegal Dannys

Conklin Ceili Band

Irish jigs, reels, and Ballads

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Clip 1


Clip 2


Music for a Star Spangled Evening

The public event took place in a public place, the property at Whiskey Point Lighthouse, owned by St. James Township. The outdoor concert was at 8 p.m. on August 2, 2014. The program stated that this was a concert of the Baroque on Beaver Festival Orchestra with Robert Nordling conducting. It also included the Festival Chorus directed by Peter Sims. There was also a special guest named Dr. Mark Clague.

(Photos by Deb Bousquet)

Gathering and preparing for the concert to begin.

Anne Glendon and Robert Nordling at the beginning of the concert

A view of the many attendees at the concert

Robert Nordling and special guest Mark Clague

John Fiegen was a narrator for the Lincoln Portrait by Aaron Copland

The concert continued

The evening ended with some fireworks set off with the lighthouse in the view.

Video of the event HERE

Livingstone Studio's Annual "Meet the Artists"

The annual "Meet the Artists" at Livingstone Studio at the Rustic Villa cabins is always a wonderful opportunity to see what our local artists and artisans are working on. There is a wide variety of items always displayed artfully and available for sale. This event usually includes different musicians performing as well, some from the Baroque on Beaver musician group, and some local musicians as well. BINN seems to catch Stryder Croswhite in performance each year, but this year, he also had Layla Hall playing also. Deb Bousquet took quite a few pictures around this event and BINN presents them here.

A view as you walk up to the Livingstone Studio

Lots of people made it over to Livingstone Gallery between noon and 4:30 p.m. on Saturday, August 2, 2014! A wonderful event at Livingstone Studios!

Video of the event HERE

Eagles at Gull Harbor

NOT an eagle, but a vulture.

One eagle calling another eagle

Two eagles in the dead tree at Gull Harbor

Circuit Court Judge Candidate Forum

This video is courtesy of Petoskey News Review

Beaver Island Airport Commission Meeting

Today, August 2, 2014, the Beaver Island Airport Commission had its first meeting in several months. Another first is that this meeting took place at the meeting room of the new Beaver Island Airport Terminal Building. There was discussion of a "punch list" on items that needed to be completed on the terminal. A report was given on the five year plan. The lease agreement with Fresh Air Aviation was discussed and approved. The commission went into closed session to discuss the East approach. After the closed seesion, and without any report on the closed session or any decisions made, the meeting continued with the airport manager's report. Elaine West was confirmed as the chairperson with Don Vyse as the vice-chair. Don Vyse also had a list of issues that needed to be discussed.

Interestingly enough, the public wifi has not yet been activated at the terminal, and the emergency radio and antenna have not yet been move and located in the new terminal. This was promised to be accomplished prior to the November 1, 2014 regular meeting.

Video of the complete open session is presented at this link HERE. (Finally processed and uploaded)



Community School Board Meeting,

June 9, 2014

Video of this meeting is available HERE

Information from Our School

Beaver Island Community School Board Meeting Schedule

First Emergency Services Authority Meeting

Video of this meeting HERE

Donate to the Food Pantry

Use this button below to donate to the Food Pantry.

Donation goes to the Christian Church Food Pantry--Click the Donate Button on the far left and above.

Peaine Township Meeting, 6/11/14

Video of the meeting HERE


St James Township Board Meeting, June 4, 2014

Video of the meeting is HERE

July 1, 2014


Waste Management Committee

June 17, 2014, Regular Meeting at 9 a.m.

Link to Video of the Meeting


Beaver Island Community Center


At the Heart of a Good Community


Mon – Sat  9am – 9pm
Sun  10am – 6pm

web: www.BeaverIslandCommunityCenter.org
email: bicommunitycenter@tds.net
phone: 231 448-2022


Community Center Information for Summer 2014


Check www.BeaverIslandCommunityCenter.org or the Community Center for listings

List of Birds Seen on Beaver Island

This list was compiled by Eric Myers with help from others. If you know interested persons, please pass on this list of bird seen on Beaver Island. Perhaps a brochure could be compiled with the time of year and some likely locations. If anyone has an idea that could be posted electronically, please contact BINN via email at medic5740@gmail.com

Click to see the List HERE

Link to the Beaver Island Airport 10-year Plan

Human Services Commission Resource Manual

Complete Guide to Charlevoix County Human Services HERE

On the Beach of Beaver Island

You will need Quicktime or another music player to enjoy this link.

The music played in the Holy Cross Hall in the late 70's and early 80's, recorded for posterity and shared here.

When Santa Missed the Boat to Beaver Island

as read by Phil Gregg

Click HERE

Community Calendar

A completely new feature includes a monthly calendar for each month of the entire year of 2013. Please send me your events and they will be posted so others can schedule their events without conflict. Email your schedule of events to medic5740@gmail.com.

If you or your organization has an event you'd like posted on this Community Calendar, please contact me and I'll add it in.  Please try to get me the information as early as possible.


Meeting Minutes

The minutes of all public meetings will be posted

as soon as they are received.

News on the 'Net welcomes minutes to all public meetings. All organizations are welcome to submit meeting minutes for publication on this website. Please email them to medic5740@gmail.com.

Airport Committee Minutes

Beaver Island Cultural Arts Association Minutes

Beaver Island District Library Board Minutes

Peaine Township Board Minutes

BIRHC Board Meeting Minutes

St. James Township Meeting Minutes

Beaver Island Community School Board Meeting Minutes

Beaver Island Ecotourism Goals Draft, rev. 3, 19 Jan 2010

Beaver Island Natural Resources and Eco-Tourism Steering Committee Minutes

Beaver Island Transportation Authority Minutes

Joint Human Resources Commission Minutes

Waste Management Committee Minutes

Beaver Island Airport Commission Minutes New for 2011!

Kings Highway Update

The first layer of asphalt has been placed on the Kings Highway the entire length of the highway. There are sections where both the east and west lanes of the highway have received two layers. On the way out to the township airport for a meeting at 9 am this morning, August 2, 2014, this video was taken as well as the return trip. If you are interested in the progress of the paving, you'll have to watch the following video clip.


NEWS from the Chamber of Commerce

LABOR DAY WEEKEND FUN RUN--Please share with your friends Facebook info about the ½ Marathon and 5K on beautiful Beaver Island Saturday August 30th found here. www.facebook.com/beaverisland

Details and registration information here. http://www.beaverisland.org/run Register by the 10th so your t-shirt will be ready on run day.

This is a locally managed event. The chairperson is Tammy McDonough. The Chamber of Commerce is pleased to be a sponsor.

Beaver Island Blood Drive a Success

The island people had 57 units collected making the posiibility of 171 lives saved. Thanks to all those who gave, those who tried to give but were turned away do to inadequate staffing. A huge thank you to the many, many Beaver Island volunteers who made it happen: Loaders,  unloaders, cookies bakers, canteen workers, escorts, registrars, drivers and those who recruited donors for us. We will do better next year at processing more donors. 

With much appreciation for the terrific Beaver Island team effort,
Connie Wojan

Island Treasures Sale

Osprey Late in Leaving the Nest

There seems to be only one young osprey in the nest on the microwave tower on Sloptown Road, and this is at least two weeks later than last year or the year before. Is this delay caused by the cool weather? Is this delay caused by something else? Where is the webcam that could answer these questions? Unfortunately, there are more questions than answers.

Men's Summer Golf League Results

Ron W. & Larry L.
Bill & Jeff P.
Rob & Dan
Howard & Joe
Jeff M. & Brad
Francis & Larry
Ivan & Buck
Frank & John
Riley & Chad
Gerald & Kirk
Ron S. & David
Travis & Jason
*Teams had their "BYE" week.
Team #1 tied Team #10
Team #9 beat Team #2 13-7
Team #8 beat Team #3 15-5
Team #7 beat Team #4 12-8
Team #5 beat Team #6 12-8
Team #11 beat Team #13 13-7
Team #12 BYE
Team #1 vs Team #11
Team #2 vs Team #10
Team #3 vs #9
Team #4 vs Team #8
Team #5 vs Team #7
Team #12 vs Team #13
Team #6 BYE

Kings Highway Paving Progress

UPDATE: A report from a reliable source suggests that the first layer on both sides of the Kings Highway has been completed. BINN will wait a day or so before checking out this report.

News on the 'Net continues to provide news of the Kings Highway paving progress with another trip out the highway to see what is going on. The work is obviously continuing with some stretches smooth with paving on both sides of the road.

Just south of the Four Corners we see this sign about uneven pavement, but right away we see both sides of the roadway with pavement.

Pavement or asphalt on both sides of the road.

Continuing south we still see pavement on both sides of the road with cones marking the edge of the asphalt.

As we get well south of Welke Airport, we see the flagman sign with vehicles waiting to continue south.

Up close at the flagman stop, just behind the Jeans Lawncare truck.

We now have some pavement on the south lane, but the north lane has been sprayed with some dark material, probably in preparation of paving.

We continue south to the end of pavement and turn around to head north.

This is a picture now looking north from McCauley's Road down the Kings Highway.

This is looking north from the intersection of Paid Een Og Road.

Zoomed in from Paid Een Og Road.

Video of the Paving as of 7/30/14


Transportation Authority Seeks Executive Director

News of Our Emergency Medical Service

Beaver Island EMS ambulance and emergency response vehicle responded to a life-threatening emergency at the Beaver Island Boat Company Dock yesterday, July 28, 2014, just before the loading of the boat, approximately 11 a.m. A 46 year old male patient was stung by a bee and was having a severe allergic reaction. The patient was treated by the advanced life support BIEMS, transported to the Beaver Island Rural Health Center and released that same afternoon. Congratulations to our EMS and rural health center staff on a job well done!

BIEMS responded to another emergency on July 28, 2014. Just after the BIRHC had closed for the day, a patient arrived that was having severe difficulty breathing. BIEMS responded and helped the patient into the BIRHC, began care, helped out the BIRHC provider while arrangements were made to evacuate the patient. The 78 year old female was flown using the Island Airways air transport vehicle licensed by BIEMS to provide advanced life support care in the aircraft. Another life-threatening emergency stabilized and transported by our local BIEMS.



Due to the cold weather we had this spring, we are running about a month behind. We were originally supposed to get the first batch of chicks May 1st, but the fact that it was still so cold here made us have to postpone their arrival until the third week in May. In short, they will not be ready until about the second week in July. We apologize for the delay, but they will be worth the wait!!!

John Works and Staff

Church Schedule Changes

June 15-August 31, 2014 Beaver Island Christian Church Service is at 9:30 am on Sunday

Holy Cross Sunday Morning will have two Masses at 8:00 am and 9:30 am

The Episcopal Mission will still have their service at 10 a.m. on Sundays

The Lighthouse Church will still have their service at 10 a.m. on Sundays

St. James Episcopal Mission
Schedule of Clergy

August 10th & 17th - Rev. Susan Bock

August 24th & 31st - Rev, Jeanne Hansknecht

September 7th - Rev. Michelle Meech

Sept. 14th & 21st - Rev. Bruce Campbell

September 28th - Rev. Ann Webber

Holy Cross Mass Schedule

Beginning Father Day's Weekend, June 14th-15th

Saturday Evening Mass will be celebrated at 4:30 P.M. The welcomed change will provide a GOOD NIGHT OUT and SACREDNESS OF FAMILY TOGETHER IN SUMMER ON THE BEAVER. Tammy McDonough will grace us with her talented guitar and prayer filled song...this Mass will prove to be more than the "Guitar Mass" of yesteryear.

Sunday morning Mass at 8:00 A.M. (for early risers, workers, golfers, boaters)...this Mass will be quieter but ALWAYS a prayer filled better than "LOW" Mass.

Sunday morning Principal Mass at 9:30 A.M. (This time change is to better accommodate our Beaver Island Boat Schedule to Charlevoix which leaves at 11:20 A.M.) Followed by the Divine Mercy Chaplet Prayer for those wishing to remain to pray.

Weekday Masses: Tuesday and Thursday at 9:00 A.M... Wednesday Rosary at 9:00 A.M.

BIRHC Meeting Dates Set

The board of directors of the BIRHC has set these meetings for 2014:
All are Saturdays at 10 AM in the Community Room at the Center:

Sept. 21

Annual meeting Dec. 13.

Island Treasures New Schedule

We are excited to announce that we will be open Wednesday through Saturday from noon until 4:00 starting on May 7, 2014 Please support your Fire Department and EMS with your donations and purchases. We are also looking for a couple of volunteers for this summer. If you have questions or need help with your donation, call Donna at 448-2797.

Need Asphalt Work Done?

Paving Contractor Contact Information

If you are interested in getting some asphalt work completed on your property, it appears that the contractors for the Kings Highway repaving project are searching for additional work or side jobs. While the asphalt plant is on the island, you could get your driveway paved, a parking lot paved, or other work completed. Here is the information for calling to set up an appointment in the spring for an estimate:

Rieth-Riley Construction Company

Contact: Mark Wagner or Jim Pemberton, 231-439-5757, or 06795 US-31 N, Charlevoix, Michigan 49720

B I Christian Church Ministers

August 10 and 17:  Pastor Todd Sutton, Washington DC
August 24:  Greg Lawson (son-in-law of Bill Fox)
August 31: Pastor Howard Davis
September 7:  Pastor Dean Byrom (brother-in-law of Ed Troutman)
September 14 and 21:  Pastor Don Sinclair, Central Lake

Bible study

every Tuesday evening at 7:00; discussion led by pastor of the previous Sunday-

-Everyone welcome!!

  Bible study 7:00 - 8:00; coffee/dessert fellowship after Bible study.


Save the date of Wednesday, July 16, 2014, (RAIN OR SHINE!)

Where: Beaver Island North End Gardens  -- 9 am until 4pm

Tickets: Available at the BIRHC lobby starting  July 1st

This years all day tour will be through the gardens of 6 unique residences starting early with a wake-up al fresco breakfast,  having lunch at the Beaver Island Lodge, then ending with a dessert tea and home tour. Each host will be showing us the highlights of their gardens; some being container gardens, some with elaborate decks and water systems. All of them as unique as their proud owners.

As usual the price will reflect the cost of the lunch and transportation as needed.  We ask you to remember that the ticket price will include a donation to the Wellness Garden and Forestview Apt. Landscape Project.

More details including price and transportation logistics will be in the June newspapers and at Beaver Island News on the Net starting June 1st.

Call Leonor for more questions (448-2894)


Gregg Fellowship Center. Doors open at 6:15 pm and games start at 7:00 sharp onevery Wednesday!

Beaver Island Human Services Commission 2013 Meeting Schedule

Beaver Island Human Services Commission
2014 Schedule of Meetings
3:15 p.m.
Beaver Island Community School
The Commission is a collaboration of organizations that advocates for the emotional and physical needs of island residents and visitors of all ages.
September 16, 2014
November 18, 2014
***additional meetings may be posted as needed

Members: _rotating_(Char-Em Human Service Coordinating Body), Adam Richards (BIRHC),  Alice Belfy(BICS), Judi Meister (Food Pantry), Ann Partridge(COA liaison/Community Center), Lois Williams (Hospice/Helping Hands), Kathy Tidmore(St. James Township Rep.), Pam Grassmick (Peaine Township Rep.),        ______ (AmVets)

Message to All B.I. Organizations

BINN is willing to post any and all events on the News on the 'Net website! There is one exception to this rule.

BI News on the 'Net cannot post your event if you don't send the information to BINN!

Subscriptions Expire

You can subscribe online by using PayPal and a credit card. Please click the link below if you wish to renew online:


Museum Week Art Show

The Museum Week Art Show was located at the Gregg Fellowship Center last week, Wednesday-Friday, July 23-July 25, 2014, from 12:00-5:00 pm each day.

Kay Masini

Bob Anderson's Lures

Cathy Jone's Quilts

Vince Beilman's Models Planes details

Doris Larson

Lois Stipp

Cindy Ricksgers

Betsy Borre

Judy Jones

Antique Show

Another one of the activities during Museum Week, last week, was the Antique Show. The following are pictures by Frank Solle of this gathering at the Beaver Island Community Center on Wednesday, July 23, 2014.

Ward and Chuck displaying the hat someone gave Chuck...

2014 Summer Men's Golf League Results

1 1 Ron W. & Larry L. 38 13 93 301 37.63
2 2 Jeff M. & Brad 41 4 84 311 38.88
3 5* Bill & Jeff P. 0 0 82 267 38.14
4 9* Rob & Dan 42 7 81 285 40.71
5 13 Francis & Larry 48 5 80 361 45.13
6 8* Howard & Joe 35 16 78 275 39.29
7 4* John-Doug 40 7 74 259 37.00
8 7* Ivan & Buck 38 13 72 285 40.71
9 12 Ron S. & David 46 12 69 394 49.25
10 10* Frank & John 38 15 66 290 41.43
11 3* Travis & Jason 40 7 63 289 41.29
12 6 Riley & Chad 46 13 62 364 45.50
13 11* Gerald & Kirk 43 8 56 306 43.71
*Teams had their "BYE" week.
Team #1 beat Team #9 13-7
Team #8 beat Team #2 16-4
Team #7 beat Team #3 13-7
Team #6 beat Team #4 13-7
Team #10 beat Team #13 15-5
Team #12 beat Team #11 12-8
Team #5 BYE
Team #1 vs Team #10
Team #2 vs Team #9
Team #3 vs Team #8
Team #4 vs Team #7
Team #5 vs Team #6
Team #11 vs Team #13
Team # 12 BYE

Beaver Island Christian Church Bake Sale

The Beaver Island Christian Church is having a Bake Sale on Saturday, August 9, 2014, from 9am until noon at the Gregg Fellowship Center.

Majority of Subscriptions Have Expired Prior to or in July

Several family and business subscriptions expired in June . This is a reminder to those that wish to renew online. If you do renew online using a credit or debit card, and the Paypal SUBSCRIBE button, BINN will automatically make a donation of $10 in your name to the Beaver Island Food Pantry. If you are not sure when your subscription expires, please email the editor at medic5740@gmail.com, and your subscription expiration will be included in a return email.


Write Something


"Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain…and most fools do."

~Benjamin Franklin 

When I started this writing practice, it was with specific intentions.

A string of deaths in my family, including two siblings, had caused me to think about my own life. Nothing, I tell you, causes a person to realize their own mortality more than the death of a sibling.

We learned that lesson young in my family, as my parents lost two babies in infancy, before their oldest child was sixteen. As brothers and sisters, we noted how those experiences changed us. We lost some of the carefree abandon of childhood. We became more aware of danger, protective of our parent’s feelings, fearful for our own babies. We all share a dark sense of humor.

We learned it again in middle age when my little brother David’s untimely death was followed less than fourteen months later by the sudden, unexpected death of my sister, Sheila.

In science, one is an anomaly...but two is a trend.

Just as I was, as a young girl, forced by circumstance to look at life differently, I found myself looking again at the years gone by...and the time I have left.

I realized that I was mostly wandering blindly through my life, letting forces beyond my control change my direction or alter my course. I noted how many years had passed when I wasn’t really noticing.

I started this writing practice as a means of changing that.

My intent was to pay closer attention, to be more aware of my surroundings and more mindful of each day. I had a few other rules: give credit; don’t be mean; use the practice to hone writing skills.

Looking over the one hundred and ninety plus posts I have published here, I have succeeded, for the most part, in my goals.

Lately, though, with distractions abounding, I’ve gotten a little lax.

The frequency of posting is not a problem: once a week, more or less, is fine with me.

I’ve noticed that, lately, much of my writing has degenerated to the level of the forty years of journal pages that preceded it: whining, self-pity, excuses and complaints.

That has got to change!

We create our world, by the way we look at it.

When something is written down, it is given even more credibility.

Some things are beyond our control, sure, but we can always control our response.

It’s time to start looking up, and to let my writing reflect that.

It’s going to get better!


"Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” Ben Franklin

Folk Songs from "Michigan-i-o"

The program at the Beaver Island Community Center was funded by the Michigan Humanities Council and the Michigan State University Museum. The program was to celebrate the 75th anniversary of a visit to Michigan in 1938 by a young folk music collector named Alan Lomax. The program took place on Thursday, July 24, 2014, at 7:30 pm after the Beaver Island House Party fundraiser at the Beachcomber.

Video of this presentation of Musicology is HERE

Harbor Pictures on Thursday

Teri Bussey and the Archeology Presentation

This presentaation took place at the Community Center on Tuesday evening at 7:30 pm. Although Editor Joe Moore was unable to attend this presentation, it was videoed by Deb Bousquet, who also took a few pictures. Deb stated, "It was really interesting." You can be the judge by viewing the video of the program.

Well-attended.......Teri Bussey on stage........The Stone Circle

Teri explains...............Artifacts.................Interesting art

Video of the presentation HERE

Mackinaw Bridge Pipeline Leak Could Destroy Beaver Island Tourism

"A rupture in either of Enbridge’s two oil pipelines running under the Straits of Mackinac could result in an unprecedented environmental catastrophe to the waters and shorelines of northern Lake Michigan and Lake Huron. Within twelve hours a spill could reach Mackinac and Round islands. In two days it could reach Bois Blanc Island with damage stretching to Rogers City within 10 days. Within sixteen days, a spill could reach Beaver Island in northern Lake Michigan."

When, in the past, Beaver Island had a rescue boat, it was included in a plan to be put to work containing a spill or a leak of this pipeline. The two townships raffled off the rescue boat captained originally by Alan Muma, the Charlevoix County Sheriff's Department Deputy on Beaver Island. The BI Fire Department took over control of the rescue boat after Alan Muma left, and, after some unfortunate mechanical problems, the boat was raffled off using the BIEMS raffle license.

There have been some reports of neglect related to the maintenance agreements by those running the oil through this pipeline.

Link to story 1

Link to story 2

Link to story 3

Here's a simulation of a contaminant release scenario from the Mackinac Straits area, based on current flow models, over a period of several days.

Frank Mays, Last Living Survivor of the SS CARL D BRADLEY

Mr.Frank Mays, the last living survivor of the SS CARL D BRADLEY, gave a presentation today, July 22, 2014, at the St. James Township Hall.  The hall was completely filled with people sitting on the floor, standing in the hallway and in the old office area, as well as filling every single available chair in the township board meeting area.  The presentation was filmed by two video cameras, one with a sound person holding a huge directional microphone, the other using only a small Canon HF500 high definition camera. BINN videoed the entire presentation including an equally long question and answer period.  The video will be available when processed

Historical Society member introduces Bud Martin, who then introduced Frank Mays

Frank Mays can't and won't ever forget. His memories remain vivid more than fifty-five years later. For nearly fifteen hours, he and another crewman from the 623-foot limestone cargo ship SS Bradley clung to life on a raft in Lake Michigan, tossed and turned by nearly 40-foot waves during a gale.
During the ordeal, the raft was flipped three times. Two of the four struggling aboard were lost, leaving only Mays, a deck watchman, and Elmer Flemming, a first mate. Desperate to stay alive with waves washing over, a sea anchor got tossed to stay afloat.
"The sea anchor created a drag, and kept us from tipping over," Mays recalls. "I kept saying to Elmer, 'If we make it till daylight, we'll be picked up.'"
The ship sank about 5:30 p.m. Nov. 18, 1958, about sixty-two miles northwest of Charlevoix, between the Gull and Beaver islands. The U.S. Coast Guard cutter Sundew rescued the pair at 8:25 a.m. the next day. Thirty-three crew members were lost when the Bradley sank into the 380-foot depths.

Video of the presentation HERE

Three sailors: Frank Mays, Joe McDonough, and Bud Martin

(picture thanks to KK Antkoviak)

Beaver Island Association Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of the Beaver Island Association took place at the Beaver Island Community Center on July 21, 2014, between 4:30 and 6:30 p.m. Video of this meeting is available HERE.

Music on the Porch 2014

Chair of the BIHS Capital Campaign.....MC Kathy Speck...............

This music is always quite a variety and an opportunity to hear those who come and perform on Beaver Island just once a year. Music on the Porch is usually the kick-off event for Museum Week, but with the Blacksmiths last week and a presentation at St. James Hall on the Marold II and the Boyd earlier in the day, it was not the first event of Museum Week 2014. Many people come to Beaver Island just for the opportunity to perform for this event.

Chairs are set up in the street in front of the main museum, which is directly across the street from the Powers' Do It Best Hardward and the 'Pinky Harmon' residence. BINN always sets up a video camera and takes pictures from the bed of Pinky's pickup truck that she parks in just the right position. Thank you, Pinky! Father Jim, and his friend Doug, as well as Suzie and Willow were viewing the performances from the house, while BINN videoed the entire performances.

Back from previous years were Sheri Timsak, the Brazilian Blues guitarist, the Gerrish family, and several others.

Kevin Bousquet

Beaver Island Strings Program students with Sheri Richards

US Naval Sea Scouts on watch

..........Sing-a-long.....Brazilian blues guitar......Young lady dancing to the blues

Gerrish family sings Spanish and Cuban songs

Sheri Timsak singing "Crazy"

The Gerrishes perform

Multi-instrument Celtic Kilroy

Video of the performances HERE when available

Museum Week Day Presentation #1

Presentation by Alvin LaFreniere and Barry Pischner

Today's presentation (July 21, 2014) was about the Marold II and the Boyd and the sad loss of life and how the two vessels were connected in history. Both Alvin LaFreniere and Barry Pischner had also used information from Joe McDonough and Mike Weede in the presentation. This presentation was quite interesting related to how these two vessels were connected to the Beaver Islanders in the recent past.

J. Oswald Boyd..............Marold II

The entire presentation can be viewed HERE

Model of the Marold II

Alvin LaFreniere and Barry Pischner

Alvin and Barry doing their presentations

Barry performs and sings a personally unique composition.

Silent Auction Items Still Taking Bids

Due to the late summer start we will continue some of the auction items being bid on at the Health Center to support our Wellness Garden. Birdhouses decorated by local artisans (Delores Cochran, Jacque LaFreniere, Alanna Anderson, Jan Paul, Darlene Dooley) as well as our school kids will be available for bidding through August 7th. These alone raised over $700 last year. There are also art pieces and jewelry from Jane Early, Pat Rowley's donation of a watercolor print, an earthenware pot donated by Liz Schrock, Gaye Paget's art piece, a handsewn work apron from Betty Scoggin, Connie Wojan's quilted Beaver wall hanging, an acrylic original by Lois Stipp, and much more. Come on in and see what we have! Any questions please call Betty (2275) or Leonor (2894), M-F (9-5) or email leonor.jacobson@gmail.com. Thanks for your interest and support of our gardening endeavors. From the Wellness Gardeners

School Board Meeting Video

BICS Board Meeting, July 14, 2014 Video HERE

3rd Beaver Island Vintage Vehicle Show and Parade

3rd Beaver Island Vintage Vehicle Show and Parade will take place on August 10, 2014, Homecoming Sunday. Set up 12:30pm Show 1-2:30pm Parade thru town 2:30. Bring your cool vintage vehicles or just come and look

From Maplewood Farm

A majority of you have already been contacted by Jennifer yesterday, but the rumors are true. (Are there rumors? Let's start one.) The chickens are oven ready! We have them available frozen, and not. Give us a call at 448-2301, or just stop out to the golf course!

Happy Eating!

Peaine Township Board Meeting, July 9, 2014

Video of the meeting by Kaylyn Jones

Clip 1


Clip 2


Joan Vyse's Memorial Service

Joan Vyse's memorial service will be on Saturday, August 16, 2014 at 1:00 pm at St. James' Episcopal Church. Light refreshments to follow.

BI Community Center Events for Summer 2014

Holy Cross Mass Schedule-Summer 2014


Watercolor Class Schedule and Sign-up for September 8-12

September will bring watercolor artist Sharon Long to Beaver Island once again. With a generous mini-grant from Beaver Island Cultural Arts Association helping the community, the class fees have been reduced this year. Half-day sessions will cost $45 and full day sessions will be $90. The fees include 3 hour or six hour lessons including all supplies. There is a limit in class size due to her  teaching style Those of you who have taken classes with Sharon previously are urged to sign up by emailing me as soon as possible. New students need to be aware that the beginning of the week, Monday-Wednesday (Sept 8-10), will be more intensive class instruction (perfect for beginners), especially morning time sessions. The afternoons and latter week days (Thursday and Friday), are generally more relaxed creative time for individualized help, as well as intermediate and advanced artists participation. As a bonus (weather permitting) Sharon will be giving a photo walk on Sunday Sept 7th to teach you about using the lens as an artist's eye. This is free of charge to all class enrollees. Please go to sharin2art.com/blog for a look at her work. If you know you can participate in the classes or have any questions, please email me at leonor.jacobson@gmail.com. I will get back with you about scheduling after July 10th. Have a wonderful summer!!

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