B I Cultural Arts Association Minutes

Meeting of Board of Directors

Beaver Island Cultural Arts Association

November 23, 2008


Present: Jayne Bailey, Sandra Birdsall, Paul Glendon, Leonor Jacobson, Krys Lyle, Kitty McNamara, Joe Moore, Deb Plastrik.

Secretary Glendon convened the meeting at 2:10 p.m.

Baroque on Beaver 2009: The group reviewed Chairperson Maehr's written report on status of music programming development for B-on-B 2009 and expressed appreciation for her efforts. In addition to the written report, Glendon reported that Maehr has said she is working with orchestral conductor Jason Economides to develop programming for a smaller orchestra than in 2008. By consensus, Directors appointed Moore and Plastrik as members of a concert programming committee, chaired by Maehr, to be involved as a group in further discussions with Economides and choral conductor Kevin ________ to choose musical selections for all four concerts to achieve Board goals of accessibility for audiences and increased participation by local musicians without sacrifice of performance quality. Once committee has finalized such programming, it will be submitted for full Board approval. The group also agreed Kevin's preliminary work with chorus, as early as May 2009, should be coordinated with Scott Kasbaum and Peter Amster so that they can work effectively with local participating singers when Kevin is not on the island.

Concert sponsorship solicitation reports: McNamara has sent letters to Charlevoix State Bank and Great Lakes Energy, will call to follow up. Glendon is awaiting word from the Northwestern Bank marketing department, to which local contact has forwarded request, also will follow up with TDS in January. Similar report from Birdsall for Citizens Bank. McNamara suggested investigating GLE grant program; Glendon will check on that.

Poetry Slam : Bailey will talk with daughter Melissa, Robert Cole (who recently won a Slam in Chicago), and other local poets who might participate, and will distribute a report and recommendation (by mid-January, for consideration at next meeting) for an April 2009 event to be organized and sponsored by BICAA.

Art Show : Lyle presented summary of preliminary considerations and recommendations and group agreed to proceed with more detailed planning for a show to be held at Beaver Island Community School approximately September 18 to October 11 featuring new, not-previously-exhibited work by artists living on or significantly connected to Beaver Island. Moore reported that he discussed this idea with Bill Cashman who is fully supportive (on behalf of the Historical Society) as long as there is no chronological conflict with BIHS's annual show. Pieces to be exhibited will be chosen by a jury and artists invited to show will be expected to deliver, install and remove their pieces. Pieces displayed will not be available for sale at the show, but artists may negotiate post-show sales with persons who view the work at the show and wish to purchase. Participating artists also will be invited to hold workshops and make presentations to BICS students and perhaps the public. An opening reception will be held for the artists and the public. Students will be encouraged to act as docents at various times during the show. Lyle (chair), Birdsall, McNamara and additional non-Board members they invite to serve will form a committee to explore and arrange all necessary details, including list of artists to be invited to submit new works for jury consideration; display and security arrangements at BICS; appointment of jurors and jury review procedures and timetable; reception location, schedule, provisioning and publicity. Committee will present detailed report and recommendations at next meeting.

Year-end Fundraising : The group processed almost five hundred letters, including hand writing notes on many of them, for mailing ASAP. Bailey reported that a few donations already had been received; she will continue to check BICAA P. O. Box regularly, record and deposit all donations received, and coordinate efforts with Glendon to issue receipts and thank yous.

Meeting adjourned at 4 p.m.

Next meeting: February 1, 2009 at 2 p.m. at BIRHC Community Room.