BICS Construction Site Walkaround 110108

As you can see in these pictures, a great deal of cement work got accomplished this past week. There seems to be cement everywhere you look, but that is just because you are not used to looking onto the property for the location of parking and a special location for dropping off the students. Parents will be able to drive off the Kings Highway onto the driveway, drop their children off, and then follow the driveway back around to the Kings Highway, eliminating a great deal of traffic congestion and concern for student crossing the main highway going in and out of the town area.

Walking from the corner by the library out toward the Kings Highway, the two building are not yet joined together.

See the new sidewalk work?

Walking along the Kings Highway looking toward the west at the front of the building......

Every day the site begins to look more like the artist's rendering.

Continuing to walk south and then looking back toward the north at the parking area and the driveway....

Now, walking along the Palmer's property line looking north and northeast......

Walking around the corner and out onto the soccer field looking northeast and east..

The outside of the building is slowly, but surely being closed in. There are still the two locations where the old building meets the new building that have not been closed in, and there is still a lot of interior work to be done. Keep checking back for progress.