Baroque on Beaver 2007

Thursday Night's Concert of Chamber Music at

the James C. Gillingham Academic Auditorium

Photos by Phyllis Moore

The program included music by Carl Philip Emanuel Bach, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, John Downland, Palestrina, Ludwig von Beethoven, and Franz Schubert. The wide range of composers and styles was complimented by the wide range of sound combinations in this wonderful auditorium.

The introduction to the evening was done by Jason Economides who welcomed everyone to the Chamber Music concert. Jason recognized the beautiful program completed by Kris Lyle.

The first piece of music was performed by Len Allman on trumpet, Matt Thomas on trumpet, Chas Krutz on trumpet, and Kurt Hodges on trombone playing a "March" by CPE Bach.

The next performers were Jason Economides on violin and Jennifer Alman on viola playing a "Duo for Violin and Viola K423 by Mozart.

The Krutz-Lutz Orchestra performed "Three Dances" by John Dowland. Performing on violin were Chas Krutz, Jamie Krutz, Holly Lutz, Anna Lutz, Amy Krutz, Carl Krutz, and John Krutz. Performing on viola was Elizabeth Lutz. Performing on Cello was Katherine Lutz.

The Beaver Island Recorder Ensemble made up of Jayne Bailey on alto recorder, Julie Roy on soprano recorder, Bill Detwhiler on tenor recorder, and Joe Moore on bass recorder performed a "Kyrie" by Palistrina. Jayne's introduction got a pretty good laugh and was, "We saw that the music had quarter notes, half notes, and whole notes with an occasional eighth note, so we thought we should be able to play it. We soon discovered, due to the polyphonic nature of the piece, that these notes were never played together. We even discussed what we would do if we got off, but that won't happen tonight."

The next piece was a duet of woodwind instruments with Joan Van Dessel on clarinet and Drew Hinderer on bassoon. They performed the "Beethoven Duo Sonata No. 1."

The final performers performed two fast movements, Scherzo and Allegro Vivace in the first movement and Andante molto and Allegro in the second movement, from the Franz Schubert "Octet in F Major Op. 166." Performing was Joan Van Dessel on clarinet, Jill Sipe on French horn, Drew Hinderer on bassoon, Jason Economides on violin, Mary McCoy on violin, Timario Wilkins on viola, Jaime Fiste on cello, and Leon Bennett on Bass.

The Octet and the total chamber concert was ended with a standing ovation for job well done by all.

Friday Night's Chamber Music Concert at Beaver Island Christian Church

(I apologize for the poor pictures. I didn't want to disrupt the concert by using a flash. I did the best I could.)

Jason Economides Introduced the Program

Tonight's concert had completely different music and completely different combinations of sounds from the concert at CMU. The chamber music concert started off with a "Lyric Piece" written by a Polish composer, Andzej Panufnik. On clarinet were Joan Van Dessel and Constance Currie. On bassoon was Jennifer Dean. On French Horn was Jill Sipe. On trumpet was Len Allman. On trombone was Kurt Hodges.

Mark Mantel, the composer, introduced his "Six Last Visions for String Quartet." On violin were Jason Economides and Mary McCoy. On viola was Timario Wilkins. On cello was Jamie Fiste.

Next on the program was a group of three very talented young boys; Ivan Suminski on violin, Nicholas Suminski on piano, and Andrew Groenleer on cello. They performed a "Piano Trio" by Franz Joseph Haydn. Although all were impressive, particularly impressive and playing the piano with gusto was Nicholas Suminski.

Gabriel Faure composed "Sicilienne, Opus 78." It was performed by Jeanne Howell on flute and Jane Maehr on piano.

Mezzo soprano Rachel Allman, accompanied by Sharon Van Overen on piano sang "Silent Noon" by Vaughan Williams.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's "Quintet in A Major, 1st Movement, K. 581" was performed beautifully by Constance Currie on clarinet, Jason Economides and Mary McCoy on violin, Leslie Fox on viola, and Jamie Fiste on cello.

Rachel Alman and Anthony Patterson, piano, were up next to perform a piece not on the program, but very much reminiscent of the blues and big band era.

A wonderful piece arranged for two bassoons was performed by Jennifer Dean and Drew Hinderer. The melodies are from "The Barber of Seville" by Giacomo Rossini. There was one point when Drew asked Jennifer, "Are you done?" This comment was quite a crowd pleaser as was the music that they performed.

Last on the program was a woodwind octet titled, "Octet in E-flat" by Franz Krommer. The piece was written for two oboes; Lynn Hansen and Kathleen Light; two clarinets; Constance Currie and Joan Van Dessel; one bassoon; Jennifer Sipe; one contrabassoon; Drew Hinderer; and two French Horns; Jill Sipe and Jack Karsten.

Franks Photo's are much better. Thank you, Frank for these shots.

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