Beaver Island Boodle--5K Run Walk

October 6, 2007

The Beaver Island Boodle, a 5K Run/Walk competition and activity began at 10 a.m. on October 6, 2007. The start was signified by a canon fired from the Civil War replica canon owned and operated by John Works, Jr.

Videos of the Start of runners headed by the Post Office and a short video clip of the male winner of the Boodle may be found HERE. Remember that some of these clips may take a while to load, particularly for the dialup customers. It may take anywhere from 20 seconds to five minutes depending on the speed of your connection.

The morning began with quite a bit of fog.... Awaiting the start either on the porch or in line for the race...

From the first runners starting with a canon shot to the walkers who appeared a short time later, it was a great start.

This was the true finish line.

The winners were:



Alex Cannon 20:04

Bill VonMatt 23:46

Matt Hohn 24:26



Linda Freisinger 26:52

Amy Grondin 28:08

Megan Heller 29:07



Male: Rick Speck (No picture available)

Female: Tina Morgan with Kerry Speck close behind

More Boodle Pictures Below

This was the sign that most were looking for on the return trip past the Post Office.

A Notice to cars and trucks

The feeling of elation when you saw that finish line. Almost there......

BICS teacher, Mr. Martell, in the runner group

I'm done.

New BICS student completes race

These social walkers got competitive in the last fifty yards.

From the older participants to the youngest participant, we're glad to be on Beaver Island.

Who are these famous performers walking down Main Street?