Beaver Island District Library--January 2008

The Beaver Island District Library is delighted to announce the receipt of a significant financial donation from long time summer resident Peggy Banghart. Her gift is specifically dedicated to funding the costs associated with converting the library to an automated system. Mrs. Banghart, who has a background in library sciences, has indicated her wish that the Beaver Island Library system be on par with other libraries within our cooperative and within our state. Her gift will permit such an upgrade to be realized. Some of the huge advantages of this gift will be that our resources will be expanded and library cooperation will be enhanced. It will improve efficiency and workflow in the library operation. Shared cataloging will be more feasible. The automation process will allow the library to tell if patrons have returned all check-outs when asked.

This wonderful contribution will require some changes on both the part of the Beaver Island District Library and its patrons. The librarians will have to learn the new software and how to check in and check out books. The library will be providing patrons with wallet size library cards. Patrons will have to learn to carry a library card that can be scanned. Our paper card catalogue will be placed on computer and accessible by all.

It will take several months to implement these changes, but the library Board of Directors, and staff, is looking forward to seeing our library come into the 21 st century.

Other library news is the recorded book sale going on right now. Come in a see the fabulous deals on audio books by your favorite authors. Check out the used book table.

Did you know that you can check out music CD's, video cassettes, and DVD's at the library? They check out just like books. It's free, it's easy, and it's a great way to come in and see all the changes made over the past year from the Langford Music Room to the new lighting. Come in, sit and enjoy listening to music from anywhere in the building or pick out your favorite CD, relax in an over-stuffed armchair, close your eyes and unwind listening to jazz, classical, country or Beaver Island music. It's all here and waiting for you at the Beaver Island District Library.