Open Letter to Businesses for Support of

Beaver Island News on the 'Net


P. O. Box 50

Beaver Island , Michigan 49782

January 7, 2008

Dear Business Owner,

Beaver Island News on the ‘Net is now in its eighth year of existence. All but the last year were under the editorship of Phyllis Moore, and now under the editorship of her husband, Joe Moore. This weekly news service, the Beaver Island 's only weekly news service , is published to the Internet at least every Monday, but usually, updates take place daily if there is news to post.

Our business subscription costs have not gone up in price ever. The fees for business subscription include five access usernames and passwords to the website , posting of a business card and link to the business's website, access to the ‘News” forum, and free posting of classified ads . The current fees are $150 for the first business card . If you have more businesses, contact us for prices. These are the lowest advertisement prices on the Island , and you get 365 days of exposure on the home page for our website. People can use this website's homepage to access the Community Calendar and as a portal to access your website by clicking on the business card for your business even if they are not subscribers . Subscribing as a business partner will provide employees access to the website as well using one or more of your logon usernames.

We have made great strides in technology on Beaver Island with the WIFI company Central Solutions, Inc. (CSYIP) Many in the town area are now connected to a high speed Internet connection. Towers are planned and construction begun on three additional towers to provide high speed service to the rest of the Island . TDS Telecom is also considering a DSL Internet program within approximately the same area served by CSYIP in town. This leads to the possibility of video clips as part of the Beaver Island News on the ‘Net that we have experimented with in the past. We will work toward providing you the best information possible in the most up-to-date technology possible. We attempt to update the website several times each week with new information as it becomes available.

All of dialup customers should know that we will still continue to provide photographs and written text as well as these newer video technologies.

A business may subscribe to this website completely over the Internet. From the main page of the website address ( ), scroll to the bottom of the page, and click on the large word SUBSCRIBE. Choose the “Buy Now” button below the business subscription text, choose credit card, and enter the rest of your information. You may email your business card as a jpeg to us at Once payment has been received, your business card and a link to your website will be posted on this main page. Usually this will happen quickly, but almost always within 24 hours of notification of payment.

You may still subscribe to Beaver Island News on the ‘Net as a business by sending a check in the amount of $150.00 for individual subscription along with your business card, website address (if you have one), mailing address, and current email address to the above address.