Cantata 2007 Video and Audio Clips

In the spirit of the Christmas Season, and for the benefit of those who were not at the Cantata 2007, the seventh annual Cantata presented as a gift to the Island community, News on the 'Net presents these few audio and video clips for your enjoyment. Remember that the download time on videos is extended, particularly for those who have dialup.

The video is truly amateurish, but the audio is worth the wait. The glorious choir voices and performers presented here represents a wonderful gift seven years in a row. The videos are presented a full week after the performance due to memory issues on the server. One year of Archives needed to be deleted to make room for the new 2008 year of News on the 'Net, as well as these videos.



Carol of the Bells

Listen, Listen

Children's Chimes

Amen x7

Get Ready for the King to Come

Prepare Your Hearts