Chenille Sisters at BICS

See some video clips from the Friday School performance HERE.

The Chenille Sisters presented a very special show for elementary students at the Beaver Island Community School on Friday afternoon, October 5, 2007, beginning at 1 p.m. This program was made possible by the Beaver Island Cultural Arts Association in conjunction with organizer Krys Lyle.

Pincipal/Superintendent Kathleen McNamara ( also BICAA Board member) introduced the Chenilles.

Including music, drama, and dance, the group was very entertaining for all ages of elementary students (and adults)

The Chenilles included many with the audience participating. They did finally get the box open with Susie's help.

From dinasaurs to doggies, the little kids loved it.

There were all kinds of props to help demonstrate and show the words to the songs.

The performance was followed by a question and answer period. Then everyone received a small gift from the Chenille Sisters as a way to remember the performance. It certainly was a memorable performance.