Merry Christmas


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Christmas Shopping aka Holiday Nightmare

Most women love to shop, my sister, my mother, my kids love it, most of my friends.  Loving to shop, that's probably the most incredible understatement and is on par with stating, "Attila the Hun was sorta crabby".  For most of the women I know shopping is in their blood and requires some sort of of treatment... K-Mart Dialysis or Wally World Insulin.  The longer they go without getting that treatment the weaker they become.  Let the holidays begin and it's like Popeye and spinach... they thrive.  Meanwhile, I've discovered that shopping is equal to Superman and kryptonite... I wilt.  According to my mother, my dad and I are too much alike.  We're both Scrooges (in capital letters she says).  Dad's idea of Christmas shopping is waiting until December 24th and making a run down to Power's Hardware to shop for Mom.  She's received such thoughtful items as a mop, toilet plunger, and once an electric dishwasher, which was actually a dish-cloth with an electrical cord attached.  This year I was right on the ball NOT.  As usual I made my mad panic dash to the mainland.  I fought for parking spots, I discovered that every aisle in every store should have signal lights because otherwise you can have a dandy smash-up between a 96 year old granny and some 27 year old mom with a screaming kid attached to her ankle.  At one of the stores there was a six cart pile-up when the speaker system announced, "Blue Light Special in aisle 10".  I finally finished up shopping on the second day and headed to the airport.  On the way there I passed a 7-11... dang, next year I'm doing my shopping there.  Just think: a Slim Jim for the uncle, a Slurpee for the youngest, lottery tickets for Grandpa and Grandma, Penthouse or Playboy for the brother-in-law, the list is endless and just imagine how much money I could save.  Heck, I could do all my shopping in say half an hour.  At the present time I've still got to wrap "stuff" that I've hidden on my side of the bedroom which is driving Joe nuts.  He says, "I've gotta go" to which I respond, "Do NOT go in there, use the girls bathroom", ".... but there is a fourteen year old in there doing her make-up and I need to go NOW".   Ain't Christmas grand?

Special Event

While home on leave for the first Christmas in 13 years, MSG Ron Gregg, will be presenting "Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF)": a soldier's perspective, an interactive Slide Show and Lecture at the Beaver Island Community School on December 23rd at 7:00 p.m.  The program will consist of a slide show with a brief introduction and discussion afterwards, with time for questions.  The focus will be on the 101st Airborne Division's role in the operation and what the life of a deployed soldier is like.  Plan on attending and learning about the war in Iraq from someone who was there.  In advance, thanks go to Gregg for giving an evening of his short leave time to share his experiences with the whole community.

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