B. I. News on the 'Net, December 18-31, 2017

First Broadcast on Beaver Island TV

The first three hour broadcast of recorded video took place on Beaver Island TV tonight. Eighteen unique IP addresses viewed the broadcast of Stanley Floyd identifying post cards, the Cold Last Day of 2017, a little of the 2nd Annual Christmas Cantata, and the Jerry LaFreniere Roast. The equipment worked well after quite a long experimentation using different connections and different programs. This may not seem unusual to those who watch the satellite channels or any of several different video streaming services, but News on the 'Net wanted to give this a try, and it worked well.

So, there are several other ways to provide parts of the Beaver Island life besides reading about it in a paper. The live stream of Mass from Holy Cross took place this morning as well. It is interesting that this could not have happened at any better time. The BINN website had surpassed expectations this month, and had amazingly used up the bandwidth limits imposed by the hosting server site. So, for a short period of time, no viewing of Beaver Island News on the 'Net was possible. After negotiating an upgrade in bandwidth, the limitations was lifted and the bandwidth was doubled. The growth is quite beyond expectation on both websites; BI News on the 'Net and Beaver Island TV, and the possibilities are endless as we move into 2018.

Cold Last Sunday of 2017

Well, the weather report this morning stated that the temperature was twelve below zero, and it was pretty obvious from the frostnip hands that it was cold outside when the pictures and video were taken just after 10:30 am. There is not much to say beyond "BRRRR" other than we have since had a heat wave at 2 p.m. of eleven degrees, a twenty plus degree difference. Anyway, it is still pretty out there, even though it's very, very cold, particularly when you get in a little breeze.

Whiskey Point from the Public Beach (not a day for a beach party)

Beautiful trees on the King's Highway

The sunshine peeks through the bigger trees and illuminates this one pine tree.


Mass from Holy Cross

December 31, 2017

Our own Father James Siler read the Gospel and gave the sermon about the importance of family, the importance of the Holy family and each individual's responsibility to live the example given. The reader today was Jacque LaFreniere. The server was Jared Robert and the Eucharistic ministers were Pete LoDico and Mark LaFreniere. Tammy McDonough lead the choir and played her dad's guitar.

Saturday night lector Heidi Vigil

Sunday morning lector Jacque LaFreniere

Sunlight shining in the stained glass window

Father Jim Siler giving the sermon

View video of the service HERE

Phyllis' Daily Weather

December 31, 2017

Brrrrr, I say again, brrrrr! No mincing words, it's damn cold out there. This morning it is MINUS 12 (thank the Lord it isn't windy), humidity is at 79%, pressure is rising from 30.45 inches, wind is from the north (although it isn't blowing at the moment), and visibility is 10 miles.
TODAY: Partly sunny. Slight chance of snow showers in the morning, then a chance of snow showers in the afternoon. Highs around 11°. Light winds becoming southwest at 10 mph with gusts to around 20 mph in the afternoon. Chance of snow is 50%. Wind chill readings 13 below to 23 below zero.
TONIGHT: Snow showers in the evening then snow showers likely after midnight Lows around 5°. West winds 5 to 15 mph. Gusts up to 25 mph increasing to 35 mph after midnight.


ON THIS DATE of December 31, 1929 - Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians played "Auld Lang Syne" as a New Year's Eve song for the first time. What's the story behind the song? Do you know all the words? There's still time to learn them before midnight tonight. Thanks to Traci L. Weisenback of the Huron Daily Tribune for the history of this special song:

"The clock strikes midnight. The sparkling ball drops at Times Square. Streamers fly, horns blare, glasses are clinked together and champagne is sipped in celebration of a brand new year.

Then, people start singing a song that, on the surface, doesn’t make a lot of sense. Something about old lang sign?

By the time the song is sung, though, many people have had too many drinks to care if the song is nonsensical.

The song is “Auld Lang Syne,” and the only time it’s typically sung is New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Where did this song come from, and what does it mean?

According to about.com and infoplease.com, “Auld Lang Syne” started its life as a poem written by Scottish poet Robert Burns. He transcribed it (and made some refinements to the lyrics) after he heard it sung by an old man from the Ayrshire area of Scotland, Burns' homeland.

Although Burns' poem was dated to 1788, there are some lyrics that appear to have been taken from an earlier poem by James Watson, titled “Old Long Syne.”

It wasn't long before the song became traditional in Scotland and the British Isles as a folk song to be sung to commemorate the New Year. As folks from that area of the world immigrated to the U.S., they brought the tradition with them and it became a part of American tradition.

It was bandleader Guy Lombardo who popularized the song and turned it into a New Year's tradition, according to infoplease.com. Lombardo first heard “Auld Lang Syne” in his hometown of London, Ontario, where it was sung by Scottish immigrants. When he and his brothers formed the famous dance band, Guy Lombardo and His Royal Canadians, the song became one of their standards. Lombardo played the song at midnight at a New Year's eve party at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York City in 1929, and a tradition was born. After that, Lombardo's version of the song was played every New Year's Eve from the 1930s until 1976 at the Waldorf Astoria.

The literal meaning of “Auld Lang Syne” is “Old Long Since” or “Long, Long Ago,” according to about.com. The original language of “Auld Lang Syne” is actually Scots, which is an Anglic language of Scotland.

The lyrics talk about raising a toast to days gone by and all the festive adventures shared between friends.

The portion of the song most people sing is the first verse: “Should old acquaintance be forgot / and never brought to mind? / Should old acquaintance be forgot / and days o' lang syne?”

These lines ask whether one can forget the days that have gone by and the friends with whom those days have been spent.

This year, blow your friends and family away by singing the chorus and the other verses of the song, which recall fun days gone by.

The chorus:

For auld lang syne, my dear,

For auld lang syne,

We'll take a cup of kindness yet,

For auld lang syne!


And surely ye'll be your pint-stowp (pint tankard)

And surely I'll be mine,

And we'll take a cup o kindness yet,

For auld lang syne!

We twa (two) have run about the braes (hills),

And pou'd (pulled) the gowans (daisies) fine,

But we've wander'd monie (many) a weary fit,

Sin auld lang syne.

We twa (two) have paidl't (paddled) in the burn

Frae (from) morning sun till dine,

But seas between us braid (broad) have roar'd

Sin auld lang syne.

And there's a hand my trusty fiere (friend),

And give us a hand o thine,

And we'll take a right guid-willie waught (goodwill drink),

For auld lang syne

The song has been used in many films over the years. According to about.com, its first film use was in the 1937 Shirley Temple film “Wee Willie Winkie.” Shirley sings the song to a Scottish soldier on his death bed.

The confusion of the meaning of the song was depicted in the film “When Harry Met Sally,” in which Harry (Billy Crystal) states he never fully understood what the song meant.

“I mean, 'Should old acquaintance be forgot'? Does that mean that we should forget old acquaintances, or does it mean if we happened to forget them, we should remember them, which is not possible because we already forgot?” he said.

“Auld Lang Syne” has been used in a variety of songs, as well. Some performers record the original song, while others do their own version.

Bobby Darin recorded a Christmas version in 1960, titled “Christmas Auld Lang Syne.” in 1976, a disco version of “Auld Lang Syne” was recorded by Salsoul Orchestra, headed by Vincent Montana, Jr., and was released as a full disco album. They then became known as the Mistletoe Disco Band. To date, this is still one of the most widely played versions of “Auld Lang Syne,” being played on radio and television shows around the world on New Year's Eve.

Dan Fogelberg recorded a solemn song called “Same Old Lang Syne” on his 1981 album “The Innocent Age.” The song was about encountering an old flame not on New Year's Eve, but on Christmas Eve.

The Canadian band Barenaked Ladies performed a rendition of the song “Auld Lang Syne” on their 2004 CD “Barenaked for the Holidays.” Billy Joel sang and released “Auld Lang Syne” in his live CD titled “2000 Years: The Millennium Concert,” and is known to play the song both lyrically or piano solo in his concerts during holiday seasons.

Kenny G recorded a saxophone version of the song in 1999 to commemorate the Millennium.

Whether you just listen to the song or you partake in singing it at the top of your lungs, now you have a better understanding of the tradition of “Auld Lang Syne.”

Just don’t forget about it.

DID YOU KNOW THAT Since New Year’s Eve 2008, the city of Mobile, Alabama raises a 12 foot tall lighted mechanical Moon Pie to celebrate the coming of the New Year.

WORD OF THE DAY: resolution (rez-uh-LOO-shuh n) which means:
1. a formal expression of opinion or intention made, usually after voting, by a formal organization, a legislature, a club, or other group.
Compare concurrent resolution, joint resolution.
2. the act of resolving or determining upon an action, course of action, method, procedure, etc.
3. a resolve; a decision or determination: to make a firm resolution to do something.
Her resolution to clear her parents' name allowed her no other focus in life.
4. the mental state or quality of being resolved or resolute; firmness of purpose:
She showed her resolution by not attending the meeting.
5. the act or process of resolving or separating something into constituent or elementary parts.
6. the resulting state.
7. Optics. the act, process, or capability of distinguishing between two separate but adjacent objects or sources of light or between two nearly equal wavelengths.
Compare resolving power.
late 14c., "a breaking into parts," from Old French resolution (14c.) or directly from Latin resolutionem (nominative resolutio) "process of reducing things into simpler forms," from past participle stem of resolvere "loosen" (see resolve ). Sense of "a solving" (as of mathematical problems) first recorded 1540s, as is that of "power of holding firmly" (cf. resolute ). Sense of "decision or expression of a meeting" is from c.1600. Meaning "effect of an optical instrument" is from 1860.

BIRHC Strategic Plan

Although Editor Joe Moore offered to post this for them on News on the 'Net immediately after their December 9th meeting, it was never sent to BINN. The minutes for that meeting have not been received fourteen business days after this meeting. BINN downloaded the Strategic Plan from the BIRHC website to make it available to subscribers and other interested individuals. It will be available immediately, and another formal request was sent for the minutes as well.

BIRHC Strategic Plan HERE

John Lorenzen Presents 'Celtic Culture and Native American Life'

This video is from Museum Week on July 17, 2002. This presenter takes time to make a direct comparison between the Celtic culture and the Natuive American culture and life. John Lorenzen uses a flip chart and some handouts to provide evidence of the comparisons.

View video of this presentation HERE

2nd Annual Christmas Cantata, Tape 2

The Cantata Choir

Melissa Bailey Sings a Solo

One special song with cool bass line

This is part of the project of digitizing the collection of tapes at the Beaver Island Historical Society. This is the second tape, but the first tape has not been found at this point. This was about fifteen years ago. The video includes close-ups of the choir members.

View this video HERE

Phyllis' Daily Weather

December 30, 2017

....and it's STILL snowing (big surprise there) ....and we are still in a winter storm warning (no surprise there either). Right now I'm showing 11°, humidity is at 80%, pressure is rising from 30.03 inches, wind is from the NNW at 5 mph, and visibility is 3 miles. IF you are waiting for the weather to lift so you can get home for NYE, just have patience. You DO NOT want to be in a plane if the pilot doesn't want to fly.
TODAY: Snow showers in the morning then a slight chance of snow showers in the afternoon. Snow may be heavy at times in the morning. Highs around 13°. North winds 5 to 15 mph with gusts to around 30 mph, so be careful with those wind chills.
TONIGHT: Partly cloudy with a 20% chance of snow shwoers. Lows around 4 below. Northeast winds at 10 mph. Gusts up to 20 mph in the evening. Wind chill readings will be 7 below to 17 below zero.

ON THIS DATE of December 30, 1980 - "The Wonderful World of Disney" was cancelled by NBC after more than 25 years on the TV. It was the longest-running series in prime-time television history.

DID YOU KNOW THAT The cheetah’s legendary top speed of 70mph is just a myth. But their true speed of 58mph is still extraordinary.

WORD OF THE DAY: crackjaw (KRAK-jaw) which means 1) hard to pronounce; 2) a word or phrase that's hard to pronounce. From crack, from Old English cracian (to resound) + jaw, from Old French joue (cheek). Earliest documented use: 1827.

Studio Time

by Cindy Ricksgers

Helen Collar at the Print Shop Museum

Interviewed by Shirley Gladish, August 1990

Helen Collar on the Irish immigrants to Beaver Island

Helen Collar was interviewed at the Print Shop Museum with her drawings of the Irish immigrants on the wall behind her. She is interviewed by Shirley Gladish, former BIHS director. This video is nice and clear and full of information.

View video of this interview HERE

History of Medicine on Beaver Island 1997

Presentation by Doctor Phil Lange

This is another of the collection of VHS tapes at the Beaver Island Historical Society. This video tape has seriuosly degraded audio. Every effort was made to get the audio recovered, but the process was not as successful as this editor would like to have accomplished. This tape had no credit written on it, but was definitely part of Museum Week. It took place in the Holy Cross Parish Hall where the audio is always a challenge.

Henry Hill introduces Dr. Lange

Dr. Phillip Lange

Dr. Lange speaks about the early doctors on the island, but concentrates upon his ideas regarding the reasons for the departure of our non-physician provider, on-call 24/7365. The issues of required changes in the medical center, why it had to change its name, and the independence of EMS, as well as the costs of emergency air transporation.

View video of this presentation HERE

Phyllis' Daily Weather

December 29, 2017

Still cold, still snowing, so the snow-mobile users and skiers are loving this weather. Right now i'm showing 13°, with a wind chill of 6°, wind is from 4 to 7 mph from the NW, humidity is at 84 %, pressure is falling from 30.19 inches, and visibility is 2 miles.
We are in a WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY until 6 am on Saturday.
TODAY: Periods of snow showers. HIghs around 15 °. South winds at 10 mph with gusts to around 20 mph shifting to the west in the afternoon.
TONIGHT: Snow showers. Lows around 9°. Southwest winds at 10 mph. Gusts up to 25 mph after midnight.

ON THIS DATE of December 29, 1812 - The USS Constitution won a battle with the British ship HMS Java about 30 miles off the coast of Brazil. Before Commodore William Bainbridge ordered the sinking of the Java he had her wheel removed to replace the one the Constitution had lost during the battle.

DID YOU KNOW THAT horses have more bones than humans? Most horses have 205 bones in their skeleton but this can vary across some breeds. Arabians, for example, can have fewer bones in their spinal column. And while most horses have 18 ribs, because some Arabians' thoracic spinal column is shorter, this breed may only have 17 ribs. Eight of these ribs—for all breeds—are considered "true ribs", meaning they completely connect between the spinal column and the sternum. The remaining ribs are called "floating" because they do not reach all the way to the sternum.

WORD OF THE DAY: bedizen (bih-DAHY-zuh n) which means to dress or adorn in a showy, gaudy, or tasteless manner Bedizen is not a common verb in English. It is a derivative of the even more uncommon verb dizen, which occurs only from the 16th century and becomes obsolescent by the end of the 19th century. The element diz- is probably the same as in distaff “a staff for holding flax or wool for spinning” and is probably related to Middle Low German dise “bunch of flax on a staff for spinning.” Bedizen entered English in the 17th century.

December Video Report

With no days left in the year of 2017, the statement that this has been "a very good year" is definitely true as related to the viewing of video clips and live streaming for the island. In this month of December so far,there have been 585 unique IP addresses viewing 2852 video clips using 244.3 GB of bandwidth.

There has been more live streaming done this month than in the few months preceeding December. The live streams have been viewed by 106 people. The recorded video has been viewed by 429 unique IP addresses. This information comes directly from the video server hosting the live stream and the video clips.

The most popular video clip this month was the "Bethlehm Babe" historical performance during a Christmas Cantata in 2010 along with the interview of our historical society director regarding the Waterways exhibit. Both of these video clips has over two thousand views this month. Several others have been viewed over a thousand times. These include the "Oldest Deer" video, the "Change in the Circle M" video, the "Donegal Bay Road Project" video, and the "Visit of the Mackinaw" video clips.

The "Ordination of Jim Siler" had over six hundred views during this month of December as have my favorites "Fledged Osprey Feeding" and the "Ryan Wellman Flyover." Over four 29ndred views to the "Christmas Breakfast' and the "Light Snow on Evergreens" clips.

Strang Reenactment and Olsen Play

Strang reenactment

This video was already digitized in the collection at the Beaver Island Historical Society. There are some glitches in the audio. After spending five hours trying to fix the audio, this editor gave up and is posting it just the way it is. There isn't anything that this level of audio knowledge can do to fix this up. Another was thrown out completely since it could not be fixed and could not be heard at all.

The video presented here is a Fremont Middle School Reenactment of the Mormon history of James Jesse Strang on Beaver Island and the shooting. Afterword, there is a play with Phil Becker, Jayne Bailey, Melissa Bailey, and Barry Pischner and discussion after that.

The play followed by questions and discussion

View video HERE

Phyllis' Daily Weather

December 28, 2017

As you know if you watch the news, it's still a wee bit chilly outside. At the moment I am showing 5°, with a wind chill of
-1, humidity is at 80%, pressure is steady at 30.61 inches, wind is from the north at 3 mph (big surprise there), and visibility is 7 miles.
TODAY: Mostly cloudy with scattered snow showers. Highs around 14°. Southeast winds at 10 mph. Gusts up to 25 mph in the afternoon.
TONIGHT: Scattered snow showers in the evening then numerous snow showers after midnight. Lows around 8°. Southeast winds 5 to 10 mph with gusts to around 30 mph.

ON THIS DATE of December 28, 1937 - The Irish Free State became the Republic of Ireland when a new constitution established the country as a sovereign state under the name of Eire.

DID YOU KNOW THAT ice skating rinks always go counter clock wise (for the majority of people that are right handed needing to hang onto the rail)

WORD OF THE DAY: tabernacle (TAB-er-nak-uh l) which means any place or house of worship, especially one designed for a large congregation.

One of the meanings of Latin tabernāculum, a diminutive of taberna “hut, booth, cottage” is “(soldier’s) tent.” In Roman religious usage, the technical phrase tabernāculum capere means “to choose a place outside the city walls to erect a tent from which to observe the auspices.” The Roman religious usage passed over easily into the Vulgate (St. Jerome’s edition or translation of the Bible) to translate the Hebrew Sukkoth (sukkōth) “(Feast of Tabernacles”), mishkan “residence, dwelling place,” and ōhel (mōʽēd) “tent of (meeting).” Tabernacle entered English in the late 14th century.

The Tabernacle (Hebrew: מִשְׁכַּן‎, mishkan, "residence" or "dwelling place"), according to the Hebrew Bible, was the portable earthly dwelling place of God amongst the children of Israel from the time of the Exodus from Egypt through the conquering of the land of Canaan. Built of woven layers of curtains along with 48 boards clad with polished gold standing like vertical blinds held in place by 5 bars per side with the middle bar shooting through from end to end and furnished with items made from the gold, silver, brass, furs, jewels, and other valuable materials taken out of Egypt at Yahweh's orders, and according to specifications revealed by Yahweh to Moses at Mount Sinai, it was transported
by the Israelites on their journey through the wilderness and their conquest of the Promised Land. Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem superseded it as the dwelling-place of God some 300 years later.

BIESA Minutes of November Meeting


by Cindy Ricksgers

Subscribers, Please Renew Your Subscription

There are many subscribers that are currently expired. The editor would prefer to spend his time converting videos and working on live streams and converting and presenting videos to you all rather than have to take the limited time to send renewal notices. There is so much information to get across to you and so little time to get it done, that we would prefer if you could check your records for the renewal.

Expanded services always mean expanded costs. BINN now has the ability to live stream from anywhere that can reach a cellphone tower. In an attempt to provide expanded services to our subscribers, the first attempt was a live stream of a boodle around the town area and out to Eagle Hill Road to show the Christmas decorations on the island. The second event was the live stream of the Candlelight Christmas Eve Service from the Beaver Island Christian Church.

BINN is now working on a method to use the live streaming website to display recorded content, and this, too, will take additional effort and time to accomplish. Perhaps the beaverisland.tv website can become similar to an Internet video website with historical video included as part of the programming on this website.

You can support our efforts by renewing or extending your support for our three websites. These websites are beaverislandnews.com, beaverisland.tv, and beaverislandnewsarchives.com.

Here are the links to help us continue to provide our services and expand them into the future.

http://beaverislandnews.com/Subscription%20page.htm to subscribe

http://beaverislandnews.com/Donation%20Page.html to donate to the Food Pantry or to the Live Streaming Project.

Thank you for your encouragement and support of the efforts to provide "Today's News as Close to Today as Possible" and now live streaming as it happens.

The Rushin' Girls

The following is from beaverisland.net, copyright Island Design

In "1941, five young women from Pontiac who had grown to know and love Beaver Island banded together to produce the monthly Rushin' News, so called because they were always "rushin' around." Their idea was to help Beaver Islanders in the service maintain contact with their home during the fearful days of the war. Their first issue contained stories and snippets of news that were similar in tone to Margaret Hanley's contributions to the Charlevoix Courier (see The Journal of Beaver Island History for samples.) Month by month over the next three and a half years the subscription list grew, until it passed 285. News from the Island was gathered until a few days before the publication date, and then the five girls (Marian Rick, Mary Fox, Rita Vallier, Margaret Lynch, and Kay Partney) worked through a few nights on an old mimeo machine to get the ten-page paper ready to mail. Collections, dances, and other fund-raising activities took place both on and off the Island to cover costs; their was no subscription fee. When Kay Partney joined the WAVES in 1944, artist and poet Eleanor Harrington was drafted to take her place.

Some of those who received the paper are familiar names: Erwin Belfy, John Bonner, Dan, Owen, Pat, and William Boyle, Francis and John Burke, Daniel F, Daniel L, Edward, Eileen, Francis, James, Leo, Norman, and Victor ("Father Vic") Gallagher, Paul (Danny) and Robert Gatliff, Robert Gibson, Dan and Gerard Gillespie, Dan Greene, Fred Korthase, Art, Bing, and Pete McCafferty, Rolland McCann, Don and Ed McCauley, Robert McDonough, Ben, Bernard, Billie, and Francis O'Donnell, Charles Pischner, George and Henry Ricksgers, and many others. The letters they wrote back to the staff indicated how much these issues meant to them, and how important they were for keeping them sane when the whole world was going mad.

When the war ended, the returning service men and women frequently stopped by the editorial office to say hello to the intrepid staff, whom many of them had not previously met. As it turned out, two members of the staff wound up marrying subscribers. The cessation of hostilities also brought to an end the printing of the paper. It would be ten years before the Beacon arose to resume carrying the news of our goings-on to the Island's many friends."

The interview took place by Bill Cashman and Robert Cole as part of the Historical Society collection of videos of the oral history of Beaver Island. These files are being digitized by BINN Editor Joe Moore and presented to BINN subscribers as part of this agreement between the BIHS and BINN. The Island Design copyright is for the website beaverisland.net. The above information was written by Bill Cashman.

View video HERE

Phyllis' Daily Weather

December 27, 2017

Brrrrr! and that's just putting it mildly. It's 6° with a windchill of -8 (at the moment) humidity is at 72% pressure is rising from 30.50 inches, wind is at 9 mph from the northwest, and visibility is 9.2 miles.
TODAY: periods of snow showers. Highs around 10°. East winds at 10 mph with gusts to around 30 mph. Wind chill readings will be from 4 below to 14 below zero. (Keep your pets inside)
TONIGHT: Periods of snow showers. Lows around 3°. Light winds.

ON THIS DATE of December 27, 1971 - The "Sonny & Cher Show" began airing on CBS. The show ran for four 1/2 years.

DID YOU KNOW THAT another Christmas tradition stemming from Saturnalia was the Christmas tree: During the winter solstice, branches served as a reminder of spring — and became the root of our Christmas tree. The Germans are credited with first bringing evergreens into their homes and decorating them, a tradition which made it's way to the United States in the 1830s. But it wasn't until Germany's Prince Albert introduced the tree to his new wife, England's Queen Victoria, that the tradition took off. The couple were sketched in front of a Christmas tree in 1848 — and royal fever did its work.

WORD OF THE DAY: pinquid (PING-gwid) which means fat; oily. The Latin adjective pinguis means “fat, fertile, plump, in good condition” and by extension “heavy, dull, gross, stupid.” The English adjective pinguid may derive from Medieval Latin pinguidus (with the same meaning as pinguis), or it may derive from pingu- (the stem of pinguis) and the suffix -id, as in fetid, humid, and pallid. Pinguid entered English in the 17th century.

Phyllis' Daily Weather

December 26, 2017

Holy cow it's cold out there! If you don't watch your pets carefully you are going to be seeing them suspended on golden pedestals. Right now it's 2° with a wind chill of MINUS 20°, humidity is at 59%, pressure is steady at 30.28 inches, wind is from the west at 17 mph with gusts to 26 mph, visibility is 10 miles. WE ARE STILL UNDER A WINDER STORM WARNING THAT IS NOW EXTENDED UNTIL 5 PM WEDNESDAY Just be very careful out there!
TODAY: Periods of snow showers. Patchy blowing snow. Highs around 9°. West winds at 10 to 20 mph with gusts to around 35 mph. Wind chill readings 13 below to 23 below zero.
TONIGHT: Patchy blowing snow in the evening. Periods of snow showers. Lows around 4°. Northwest winds 5 to 15 mph with gusts to around 35 mph. Wind chill readings 5 below to 15 below zero.

ON THIS DATE of December 26, 1963 - Capitol Records released the Beatles' "I Want to Hold Your Hand" backed with "I Saw Her Standing There."

DID YOU KNOW THAT Horatio Nelson, one of England’s most illustrious admirals was throughout his life, never able to find a cure for his sea-sickness?

WORD OF THE DAY: abeyance (uh-BEY-uh ns) which means 1) temporary inactivity, cessation, or suspension 2) a state or condition of real property in which title is not as yet vested in a known titleholder. 1520s, "state of expectation," from Anglo-French abeiance "suspension," also "expectation (especially in a lawsuit)," from Old French abeance "aspiration, powerful desire," noun of condition from abeer "aspire after, gape, open wide," from à "at" (see ad-) + ba(y)er "be open," from Latin *batare "to yawn, gape" (see abash).

Originally in French a legal term, "condition of a person in expectation or hope of receiving property;" it turned around in English law to mean "condition of property temporarily without an owner" (1650s). Hence "state of suspended action or existence." The French verb baer is also the source of English bay (n.2) "recessed space," as in bay window.

Dolores P. Welke, RIP

Dolores P. Welke, age 85 years, of Archbold, passed away Saturday morning, December 16, 2017, at Fairlawn Haven Care Center in Archbold. She was born March 17, 1932, at Plymouth, MI, the daughter of Joseph and Catherine Hulack. She married Donus E. Welke on June 21, 1952, and he preceded her in death on November 15, 2010. An Archbold area resident since 1962, she was a homemaker, cosmetologist, and a bookkeeper for Form Tool and St. Peter Catholic Church. She enjoyed piecing quilts as well as tending to her beautiful flower gardens, birding, walking trails and cooking. She was a member of St. Peter Catholic Church in Archbold and the Altar Society.

She is survived by two children, Donus D. (Lisa) Welke of Gladwin, MI, and Dawn (LaMar) Gerig of Archbold; 8 grandchildren; 2 great-grandchildren; 2 brothers; and 2 sisters.

She was preceded in death by her parents; her husband; and a brother.

Friends may call at Short Funeral Home in Archbold from 4-8 PM on Thursday. Services will be held at Holy Cross Catholic Church on Beaver Island, MI at a later date with the interment in the Welke Cemetery on Beaver Island.

Removing Fuel from the Boyd

This video was found amongst the many VHS tapes at the Beaver Island Historical Society. There was a letter that was inside the tape box. It is posted here below:

View this video (no sound) HERE

The clip above has something edited out of it. Some would not understand the reason for this, so the editor will explain it. As part of the original video on the VHS tape, the recovery of a body is shown. After discussion, it has been determined that the policy of BINN is compromised by not presenting the tape in its entirety. So both versions are being provided to subscribers to provide them with the option of viewing this entire clip as filmed.

View this video (no sound) HERE including the removal of a victim

Merry Christmas from News on the 'Net

December 25, 2017

The editor of Beaver Island News on the 'Net wanted to make certain that any and all those wanting to view a Christmas Service from Beaver Island had that opportunity. All five church services in the last three days were live on the Internet at http://beaverisland.tv as well as recorded. Since performing some music for the last three services, the last three were still being processed as of 3 p.m. on Christmas Day.

Some of the highlights include the blurry performance of the "O Holy NIght" and many Christmas Carols and readings from the Christian Church Candlelight Christmas Eve Service at 5:30 p.m. on the 24th. This was followed at 8 p.m. with the Christmas Eve Mass from Holy Cross, which had some wonderful music performed by Tammy McDonough, her daughter Bailey, and her daughter-in-law. The service included several Christmas Carols as well. After a snowy and blowing wind night, the last service of this series took place at 9:30 a.m. at Holy Cross with wonderful Christmas lyrics sung to the Leonard Cohen "Hallelujah" by Sheri Timsalk. There were carols sung during this service as well.

All in all, it has been a wonderful end of the Advent Season and the beginning of the season of Christmas!

Candlelight Service at the Christian Church, 5:30 p.m., Christmas Eve

View a small gallery of photos HERE

Christmas Eve Mass, 8:00 p.m.

The reason for the season, Nativity in front of Holy Cross

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Christmas Morning Mass, 9:30 a.m.

Father Jim Siler giving the sermon

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View video of the Christian Church Candlelight Service HERE

View video of the Holy Cross Christmas Eve Service HERE

View video of the Holy Cross Christmas Morning Service HERE

Phyllis' Daily Weather

December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas everyone! Wishing you all the very best holiday season and that 2018 will be even better yet!

We are in a Winter Storm Warning until Tuesday at 7:00 a.m. I know that Charlevoix and Petoskey have lots of snow thanks to the lake effect. We get some, but not on that scale. Just be very careful out there.
RIGHT NOW: it's 17°, cloudy skies, wind chill is -3°, humidity is at 72%, pressure is rising from 29.87 inches, wind is from the west at 17 mph with gusts to 26 mph, and visibility is 7 miles.
TODAY: Periods of snow showers. Patchy blowing snow in the morning. Areas of blowing snow in the afternoon. Breezy. Highs around 18°. West winds 10 to 25 mph with gusts to around 40 mph.
TONIGHT: Periods of snow showers. Areas of blowing snow in the evening. Patchy blowing snow after midnight. Breezy. Lows around 4°. Northwest winds 15 to 25 mph with gusts to around 45°. Wind chill readings will be from 6 below to 16 below zero.

ON THIS DATE of December 25, Saint Francis of Assisi is credited with creating the first nativity scene in 1223 at Greccio, central Italy, in an attempt to place the emphasis of Christmas upon the worship of Christ rather than upon secular materialism and gift giving. The only historical account we have of Francis' nativity scene comes from The Life of St. Francis of Assisi by St. Bonaventure, a Franciscan monk who was born five years before Francis' death.

DID YOU KNOW THAT in 1914, during World War I, British and German troops observed an unofficial truce and even playing football together on the Western Front?

WORD OF THE DAY: yule (yool) which means Christmas, or the Christmas season. The English were converted to Christianity centuries before the Norse (Danes, Swedes, Norwegians), and in Old English geōl (earlier geohol) and geōl(a) mean “Christmas day, the twelve days of Christmas, Christmastide.” Old English maintains the phrases se ǽrra geōla (“the earlier Yule”) and se æftera geōla (“the later Yule”) for December and January, respectively. Old English geōl and its other forms corresponds exactly to Old Norse (Icelandic) jόl, the name of the pagan winter feast lasting 12 days, later applied to Christmas. Yule entered English before 900.

4th Sunday of Advent Mass

Saturday night and Sunday morning, the services from Holy Cross were live at http://beaverisland.tv. The Christmas Eve service at the Christian Church and the Holy Cross Catholic Church service will also be live at that same location. Sunday morning service was the fourth Sunday of Advent, which is prepartation for Christmas.

Sunday morning had two serviers....Joan Banville did the readings....Father Jim Siler gave the sermon

Making a point about Advent as preparation for Christmas

On Saturday night, Father Siler was on his own with no server and no reader.

View video of Sunday service HERE

Snowy White Christmas

For those that are not on the island, these pictures and video are for you. It is absolutely gorgeous on the island right now. It may be below freezing. It may be windy. It may be snowy.

It is, however, beautiful! These pictures and video were taken on the eve day of Christmas Eve.

View a gallery of photos HERE

View video of this HERE

Phyllis' Daily Weather

December 24, 2017

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas! Hopefully you've all made it to your destinations safely.

We are in a Winter Storm Watch from LATE TONIGHT THROUGH LATE MONDAY NIGHT Please take the watch into consideration if you have to do any traveling. Besides snow, wind will cause significant reduction in visibility. Cold wind chills as low as 15 below zero will cause frostbite in as little as 30 minutes to exposed skin.
RIGHT NOW: We have cloudy skies, 24°, wind chill of 5°, humidity is at 61%, pressure is falling from 30.12 inches, wind is from the WSW at 18 mph with gusts to 23 mph, and visibility is 10 miles.
TODAY: Mostly cloudy. A 50% chance of snow in the afternoon. Highs in the mid 20s. Southwest winds 5 to 10 mph with gusts to around 25 mph.
TONIGHT: Snow. Lows around 15°. West winds at 10 mph. Gusts up to 20 mph increasing to 30 mph after midnight.

ON THIS DATE of December 24, 1906 - Reginald A. Fessenden became the first person to broadcast a music program over radio, from Brant Rock, MA.

DID YOU KNOW THAT Stealing kisses used to be just the beginning. The holiday flora is an ancient symbol of fertility and virility — and the Druids believed it was an actual aphrodisiac. (So thank them at the next awkward holiday function.) And the name even has a funny meaning: The mistle thrush bird eats the berries, digests seeds, and the droppings eventually grow into new plants. So, the Germanic word for mistletoe literally means "dung on a twig."

WORD OF THE DAY: crèche (ˈkresh , ˈkrāsh) "She wrapped him in swaddling clothes and laid him in a cratch." That may not sound like a familiar translation of Luke 2:7, but back in the 1300s, the substitution of cratch for manger probably wouldn't have raised any eyebrows. Back then spelling was imprecise, and several different words and spellings, including cratch, cracche, crache, and crecche, were used to describe a trough for holding feed for livestock or to identify the manger where Jesus was laid. By the late 18th century, crèche (which we borrowed from French and now sometimes spell without the accent mark) had displaced those older forms, and the word had lost its former "manger" meaning, coming to refer instead to a representation of the Nativity scene itself.

In the 19th century, crèche took on secular meaning as a word for a day nursery, and in the early 20th century, scientists borrowed the term for a group of young animals, such as penguins or bats, of different parentage that are cared for collectively by one or more adults, like at a day care.

Christmas Lights on the Eve of Christmas Eve

This "boodle" around town was live streamed. The first of an experiment in live streams from anywhere.

The trip around town was windy and cold with blowing snow. The decorations were amazing an usual. Every year many island residents go all out. This year, there seem to be quite a few peope off the island, so their decorations did not get recorded. Here are just a few examples of this trip in pictures.

The reason for the season....

Just a few...

View a small gallery of photos HERE

View videos HERE

There were some lights viewed out on Lake Michigan off Luney Point last night, the eve of Christmas Eve, and it was a little mysterious until some research on marine traffic found the answer to the floating lights seen from Whiskey Point. Out in Sand Bay, the Prentiss Brown was anchored in the lee of the island.

At 11 a.m. on Christmas Eve, the Prentiss Brown is near Charlevoix with that as its destination.

Phyllis' Daily Weather

December 23, 2017

Today begins our "temporary" isolation via water to the mainland. Congratulations to Captain Kevin McDonough who made his final trip after 47 years with BIBCO. Now he's ready to enjoy retirement! Rumor has it that he stopped into the Beachcomber with Captain Mike Green for a toast or two or three! Today there will be lots of folks out driving to make it to someplace special for the holiday, please be careful! Roads are slick!

Right now I'm showing 25°, wind chill of 17°, humidity is at 85%, pressure is falling from 29.95 inches, wind is from the NW at 8 mph, and visibility is 10 miles.
TODAY: Mostly cloudy. Isolated snow showers in the morning, then scattered snow showers in the afternoon. Highs in the upper 20s. Northwest winds at 15 mph. Gusts up to 20 mph increasing to 30 mph in the afternoon.
TONIGHT: Mostly cloudy with a 50% chance of snow showers. Lows around 14°. West winds 5 to 15 mph with gusts to around 30 mph. Wind chill readings 1 to 11 below zero.

ON THIS DATE of December 23, 1823 - The poem "A Visit from St. Nicholas" by Clement C. Moore (" 'Twas the night before Christmas...") was published.

DID YOU KNOW THAT The original lyrics to "Hark! The Herald Angel Sings" were "Hark! How the Welkin rings!" Pretty catchy, right? (Welkin was an old English term for heaven.) And though "Silent Night" was rumored to be a Christmas miracle by Father Joseph Mohr of Oberndorf, Austria, whose organ was broken, the truth was less dramatic: A Catholic priest wrote the poem "Stille Nacht! Heilige Nacht!" in Mariapfarr, Austria. Two years later, he transferred to Mohr's St. Nicholas Church and asked Franz Gruber to put it to music, which they performed on Christmas Eve 1818.

And the holiday classic "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town" has a less jovial history. Songwriter James "Haven" Gillespie was asked to write a Christmas song. At the time, he was broke, jobless, and mourning his brother's recent death. Despite being overcome with grief, he found inspiration in the holiday memories he and his brother had shared.

The best selling tune of all time is Irving Berlin's standard, "White Christmas."

WORD OF THE DAY: eggnog (egg-nog)

Fog-drams i' the' morn, or (better still) egg-nogg, / At night hot-suppings, and at mid-day, grogg...

Those words are from a pastoral poem by Jonathan Boucher in his Glossary of Archaic and Provincial Words (written circa 1775) and were said to be "drawn from the life, from the manners, customs and phraseology of planters … inhabiting the Banks of the Potomac, in Maryland." Boucher defines fog-drams as "drams resorted to on the pretence of their protecting from the danger of fogs" (or, in other words, "drinks to clear your head") and egg-nogg as "a heavy and unwholesome, but not unpalatable, strong drink, made of rum beaten up with the yolks of raw eggs." Boucher was a clergyman and philologist who intended his glossary to be a supplement to the dictionaries of Noah Webster and Samuel Johnson, and in the case of eggnog, his intentions are appreciated. He may have provided us with the first use of eggnog in print.

The nog in eggnog is of unknown origin, but we know that the word has been used since the 17th century for a strong ale, especially one brewed in Norfolk, England. We raise a glass to Humphrey Prideaux, a "Sometime Dean of Norwich," for using it in a letter dated 1693 to John Ellis, a "Sometime Under-Secretary of State," providing us with a clue to when the word was first used.

Peaine Minutes

December 13, 2017

St. James Rescheduled Meeting Minutes and Documents

December 12, 2017

Just One Nightmare After Another

by Joe Moore

Well, the trip out to Donegal Bay to get a sunset picture and video for the Winter Solstice didn’t really work out real well.  Getting stuck in a snow bank trying to turn around caused me to mess up my back digging out the crusty snow, finding a little sand, thawing out the sand in the warm car, and finally putting the sand on the ice that caused the sliding and the car getting stuck.

I did get the car out of the crusty snow bank after several tries, and, eventually got headed home after the sun had set without showing itself for the sunset.  If that were all, then this event wouldn’t have been too memorable, but the two nightmares that I had last night really made this event stand out.

Nightmare number one was me going down the Eagle Hill Road trying to get a view of the sunset.  After all, you know that the sunset is now happening farther south than the Donegal Bay area this time of the year.   Who knows what prompted the trip down Eagle Hill Road, but once down there, there wasn’t any sunset and the darkness was approaching.  There wasn’t even a cool reflection off the clouds to capture.  I was late for dinner, which is something that I never miss, now that I’m retired from EMS.

Anyway, here I am down by the Creaser residence at the bottom of the hill, Eagle Hill.  I come around the corner to head up the hill, and I get just past the Keebler Trail and glance down to see how far above the trail I am.  I immediately lose traction and my tires begin spinning on the ice.  Oh, no!

I begin to slide backwards on the hill with all the tires losing traction. Crap!

In this first nightmare, I have to back back down the road to the bottom of the hill.  I make three tries to get enough traction to get up the hill, and fail all three times.  I begin to talk out loud to myself since there is no one else around to listen.

“I know what I’ll do,” I say.  “I’ll back down the road toward the Creasers’ and get up some speed, and that will help me get up the hill.”

That’s exactly what I do. I back down the road to the north and then begin to speed up as I approach the turn to the east that will take me up the hill. 

“I am so stupid,” I scream out loud as I slide past the turn and get stuck in the snow bank on the south side of the turn. 

There may have been more than one expletive that escaped also.  I just hope I didn’t say them and scare my wife in the middle of the night.

All I know is that at this point in my dream I was awakened by a bladder that needed emptying.  Perhaps the dream was the cause, or it could be just the old age kicking in here.  Whatever it was, after lying awake for a bit, but finally getting back to sleep, the dang nightmare continued.

It started again with me down at the bottom of the Eagle Hill stuck, but then switched to a scene of me trying to teach a physics concept to students that hadn’t had any physical science before.  We are working with Algebraic Equations of force and acceleration, and POP, I’m back at the bottom of Eagle Hill.    Somehow, in my sleep, my brain kicked into the calculation process and determined that I needed a particular speed to make it around the corner without losing traction, but that speed had to be enough to get me up the hill.

I’m now outside the vehicle walking back down the north turn of the Eagle Hill Road toward the Creasers’ and, after sixty-eight paces, I plop my butt down on both sides of the road to make a mark that I can see through the blowing snow from the car’s window.

“That should be enough distance to get just the right speed,” I said to no one.

I noticed how quiet it was down here and I also got a little scared.  It was dark.  I had no cell phone service, and I had no way to contact anyone if anything went wrong.  After a little conversation with myself, I headed back to the car, and began backing down until I could see the two dents in the snow bank on both sides of the road in my headlights.

“Let’s hope the physics and mathematics were right,” I said as I began to pick up speed toward the turn.  As I begin the turn, I’m amazed that the car does not slide and lose traction, and I make it up the hill with just a little of spinning tires as I approach the top.  I make it to the top of the hill.

Awake once more for the same reason, I look at my watch to find it is only 1:30 a.m., so I head back to bed.

Nightmare number two begins, but the outcome of the trip up Eagle Hill heading east is entirely different.  As I lose traction almost to the top of the hill, I begin sliding backwards with the traction completely gone.  I can’t even steer and no amount of shifting causes me to stop.  I slam the automatic transmission into park and push hard on the brakes, but I continue sliding and now I sideways at about a forty-five degree angle.  I can’t stop the car, and it picks up speed even with the brakes locked and the car in park.

The front of the car hits the snow bank causing the car to turn around to almost a ninety degree angle to the roadway.  I look out the windshield and watch in slow motion, and the car goes over the bank and the car is sliding and then falling, falling, falling……..

I wake up about 3 a.m. in a panic.  I’m covered with sweat, and, yes, I need to empty my bladder again.  I guess that I was quite glad that it hadn’t leaked.  I am on the floor of the bedroom.   I thought about my unusual approach to the Keebler Trail from Eagle Hill Road.  I actually do a head to toe EMS exam on myself to make sure I didn’t hurt myself in this nightmare.  I reasoned that something made me have this truly scary nightmare of rolling a vehicle over and over again down the hill to the Kuebler Trail.  I am thankful that I am still alive.

I’m still sleeping, but emptying my bladder makes me realize that this was only a bad dream.  I’m awake now.  It’s not time to get up.  I go back and climb into bed and note that my back hurts, I have a stiff neck, and I have a headache.  I wonder how my wife slept through my contortions that must have taken place to have all this pain.  I lay there in the bed trying to put this all out of my mind, and eventually my mind finally goes to the tape of a Jerry LaFreniere Pole Barn Party from 2000 that I am digitizing.

I’m now dreaming about playing music with my son, John McCafferty, Dudley Stevens, Edward Palmer, Kevin White, Cindy Cushman, and Kevin White.  Thank goodness!

I am finally having a good dream.  What caused it?  I don’t know, but it certainly was an interesting night, and I remember the nightmares and the dreams completely down to the last detail.  What does this mean?  Once again, I don’t know, but I know a couple of things.  I won’t be on Eagle Hill Road or near it for quite a while, and it is time to play some music with some, if not all of these people once again.

Happy Winter Solstice to you!  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Jerry LaFreniere Pole Barn Party

November 2000

This video is part of the oral history and recordings on VHS tape by Robert Cole that Editor Joe Moore is digitizing and posting on BINN.

This particular video is one of the amazing memories of many island people -many who are no longer with us, either passed on or moved on to another destination.  The night was spectacular from yet another perspective.
November 25, 2000, was memorable from a music perspective because it included so many musicians, all just enjoying the opportunity to play together.  Here is just a partial list:

Edward Palmer, piano, harmonica, and guitar
Joe Moore. bass, vocals, and fiddle
Mike Moore, guitar and vocals
Robert Cole, sax
John McCafferty, guitar
Kevin White, guitar and vocals
Dudley Stevens, fiddle
Cindy Cushman, vocals
Hilary Palmer, vocals
Jack Spanak, poem

The pole barn was packed with people from early in the evening on, and Robert Cole and Jack Spanak videoed the party.  Here are some of things that stuck out for the editor and digitizer of these two VHS tapes.

There is nothing but pure joy, friendly socialization, and great fun and dancing shown here.  There is no division into small cliques, nor any disagreement shown in this video.  This represents the best of the House Party Tradition with historical pictures and discussion and traditional Beaver Island music all rolled into one evening by a truly wonderful host for many of these types of gatherings, Jerry LaFreniere.

A few other things popped out at the editor while working on this tape.  One was the willingness for people to notice the camera and to make every effort to prevent blocking the camera.  The next is the dancing.  I noted Barb and Bud Cruikshank, Becky and Sandy, Cindy and friends, Red and Pat, Richie O, and many others.

This is the Beaver Island from seventeen years ago.  Maybe this type of gathering can happen again without the divisions into factions.  Maybe the complete happiness and joy shown in this video will return to the island that welcomed anyone and everyone.

Merry Christmas! This wish is to all those shown in this video and to all that have joined us since this party.  Let’s try to do this one more time in the near future!

View a gallery of pictures taken from the video HERE

View video of this event HERE page 1

View video of this event HERE page 2

Phyllis' Daily Weather

December 22, 2017

Today is the last ferry of the season, from now until April, we will depend on the air services to get us to and from the mainland. As a result, this is the last day for the Marine Report until the ferry begins her 2018 runs. The island is wearing a petticoat of white along her shores as ice begins to build, and she's covered with a white, fluffy blanket of snow. So we'll be having a white Christmas. Right now I'm showing 25°, wind chill of 9°, cloudy skies, humidity is at 90%, pressure is falling from 30.07 inches, wind is from the east at 15 mph, with gusts to 21 mph, visibility is 10 miles.
TODAY: Snow and a slight chance of freezing drizzle in the morning, then a chance of snow and a slight chance of freezing drizzle in the afternoon. Patchy fog through the day. HIghs in the lower 30s. East winds at 10 mph with gusts to around 25 mph.
TONIGHT: Mostly cloudy. Chance of snow and a slight chance of freezing drizzle in the evening then a chance of snow showers after midnight. Patchy fog through the night. Lows in the mid 20s. Southeast winds at 10 mph, shifting to the southwest after midnight. Gusts up to 20 mph
MARINE REPORT: We have another Hazardous Weather Outlook: This hazardous weather outlook is for northern Lower Michigan...eastern Upper Michigan...and adjacent nearshore waters of Lake Michigan...Lake Huron and Lake Superior.
.DAY ONE...Today and tonight. Accumulating snow will continue across a good part of northern lower Michigan this morning with impacts to travel expected. Snow will taper off through day, possibly mixing or changing to patchy freezing drizzle. See ongoing winter weather advisories for details.
.DAYS TWO THROUGH SEVEN...Saturday through Thursday.
Accumulating lake effect snow showers will likely impact travel
in the Lake Superior and Lake Michigan snow-belts Sunday night through Wednesday. Very cold air will overspread the Great Lakes Christmas Day...with below zero wind chills likely through Thursday.
TODAY: East wind 10 to 15 knots. Gusts up to 20 knots early in the morning. Snow through the day. Slight chance of drizzle and freezing drizzle in the morning. Waves 2 feet or less.
TONIGHT: Southwest wind 10 to 15 knots with gusts to around 20 knots. Snow likely. Waves 2 to 3 feet.

ON THIS DATE of December 22, 1864 - During the American Civil War, Union Gen. William T. Sherman sent a message to U.S. President Lincoln from Georgia. The message read, "I beg to present you as a Christmas gift the city of Savannah."

DID YOU KNOW THAT: Though the first American batch of eggnog was created by the Jamestown settlers, by the time the Puritans settled Boston, Christmas was illegal. (The word nog comes from the word grog; that is, any drink made with rum.) From 1659 to 1681, celebrating the once-pagan day could cost you a fine of as much as five shillings. And after the Revolutionary War, the new Congress found the day so unimportant that they held the first session on Christmas Day, 1789. It wasn't proclaimed a federal holiday for nearly another century.

WORD OF THE DAY: rumball (rum-ball) As well as being the name of a type of confectionary made from sweet mince, a rumball is a feast served up the day before Christmas, rather than Christmas Day; Rumball Night is an old 18th century nickname for Christmas Eve.

Early Morning Pictures of the Harbor

Harbor light.......Looking back at town

Waiting for the store and bank to open

Viewing the point through the light snow

Not So Dumb Turkeys

While workig on a computer this morning and early afternoon, there were turkeys outside the kitchen window. There were a few ducks under the bird feeders that were quickly chased away by the turkeys. The bluejays would land on the feeder and their landing would cause some of the seeds to fall from the feeder to the ground. The turkeys would all rush under the feeders and gobble up the sunflower seeds. While waiting on the phone, a turkey jumped up and wiggled the feeder, which knocked some seeds out of the feeder onto the ground.

This happened several times while the work was finished on the computer. The photographer then grabbed a camera to try to capture the intelligent turkey who kept jumping up to hit the feeder and knock the seeds down. After thirty minutes of waiting to capture the smart turkey, this mission was given up, and the work on the computer began again. The turkey was never captured doing the jump and wiggle, but he was caught on the ground under the feeder along with his buddies just before his jump and just after his jump. After bumping the feeder, this character made an unusal sound and all his buddies rushed to eat the bounty.

You think I can't do the jump?

Hey, man, that's cool. Do it again!

Light Snow on the Evergreens

Some of the beauty of winter on Beaver Island is the silent walks that you can take down a trail when there is a nice frozen base, but you don't need to get very far off the road to find some beauty in the winter time. Stopping along the Kings Highway to get a couple of pictures and just a little video shows the light snow on the Evergreens and its beauty.


Circle M Kitchen Progress

East view......................West view

Quick inside view

The Circle M is getting a new kitchen. This new building addition will also have a freezer and a walk-in cooler. The new addition is more than three times the size of the old kitchen, which was torn off. The kitchen will be much larger, and it is assumed it will provide much more room for the excellent chef that has worked there several years. The business was quite busy this past summer, and a larger more efficient kitchen will only help to improve the excellent food and service.


Marguerite Cole Mulligan 1990

This is another of the interviews completed by Robert Cole as part of the oral history project for the Beaver Island Historical Society. This interview is about the logging industry on the island as well as the settlement of Nomad and the beginnings of the Wildwood Inn and summer cottages. It is also quite fascinating.

View video of this interview HERE

St. James Recreation Plan and Grant Cycle

Public Input Session for 2018 St. James Township Five-Year Recreation Plan
Join us for lunch, learn about and contribute to our plan for future recreational opportunities on the island. Everyone is invited!
Wednesday, January 3rd 12:00-1:00PM at Beaver Island Community School. Lunch will be provided.


Perhaps the following will help people understand the St James Township Recreation Plan process.

A few bullet points:
• If the township holds up the process until after summer 2018, it will miss the major State of Michigan DNR, CZM, MNRTF Granting Cycle which happens in the spring of each year – the island would have to wait until spring 2019 to apply for the State Grants.
• The township decided last winter to wait until the extensive Master Planning process was completed before updating its Recreation Plan so that it could include all input gathered through that process
• The Master Plan Process (which culminated in the adoption by both townships of the Beaver Island Master Plan in May 2017) included several and varied community input mechanisms over a period of several months from summer 2016 through early winter 2017. The Approved Master Plan includes community defined action items and several pages of survey results, much of which is related to natural resources and recreation. Click here to view BI Master Plan http://www.stjamestwp.org/government_departments/planning_commission/index.php
• The Recreation Plan has been an item on the township agenda every month since last spring, during which time the board sifted through the surveys and action items in the new Master Plan and narrowed down the items that were of interest to most of the respondents.
• In October of 2017 the township applied for a $5,000.00 grant from the Charlevoix County Community Foundation for the purpose of completing the formal Recreation Plan and developing up to 4 grant-ready recreation based grant proposals for the spring 2018 State cycle.

In November of 2017 the following was posted on the Township Website: RECREATION PLAN UPDATE
Deputy St James Township Supervisor, Patrick Cull (BICS class of 2009) has been busy updating the township’s 5-year recreation plan. When the plan is completed and accepted by the State of Michigan, the township will be eligible to apply for major grants to complete projects that will improve and promote access to recreational sites for residents and visitors. The plan is being drafted based upon input from the recently completed Master Plan process and township adopted recreation goals. Click here to view Township Goals: http://www.stjamestwp.org/Adopted%20St%20James%20Township%20Goals%202017-2018.pdf

As soon as the rough draft is ready for review, we will place a link here (meaning the Twp Website). In January 2018 the township will host a public informational session to get feedback as well as an electronic format for people to comment and provide feedback. The plan is expected to be adopted in February 2018 following a formal public hearing. The plan will be adopted in time to apply for grants during the State’s spring 2018 granting cycle.

The township received a grant from the Charlevoix County Community Foundation to help fund the planning and development of a 5-Year recreation plan and grant-ready projects.

In Early December 2017 – The following note was included in the tax bill of every taxpayer in St James Township: Check out the NEWS & ANNOUNCEMENTS tab on our homepage for more information about our draft 5-Year Recreation Plan. This page (meaning the Township website) will soon have information on how to provide your input in one of these ways: attend a public input meeting, complete a recreation plan survey, email or phone one of us, or stop in to visit.

We hope as many people as possible can attend the meeting on January 3rd, or view it on Beaver Island News on the Net. Within a week after that meeting, the draft will be posted on the township website along with information about providing your input electronically. There will be a 30-day period of formal public comment, and then a formal public hearing in early February.
If anyone would like more information, please contact us – all contact information is on our website: http://www.stjamestwp.org/

This posting submitted by K McNamara, Supervisor

Christmas Breakfast

This tradition is just one more of the wonderful things about the island. This traditions is traced back to the old school, the one just before the new building that is across Kings Highway from the Catholic Church. The editor believes that this tradtion was started by Donna Stambaugh, and it was always the week the kids got out for the Christmas vacation.

By the time Donna Stambaugh retired, the tradition could very well have been lost, but there was a former Beaver Island Community School graduate that took over the tradition, just as she took over the teaching assignment of the retired Donna Stambaugh. Deb Robert has continued the tradition. The main difference is that the breakfast is now held at Deb Robert's home instead of in the school.

Today, December 21, 2017, the day of the Winter Solstice, was also the day of this special gathering of kids for a very specail day of breakfast, sliding, games, and presents.

Caught Deb Robert putting icing on the sweet rolls that she had made for the breakfast.

While waiting for the breakfast to be ready, some of the kids went out to do some sliding on the hill next to the house.


From Donna Stambaugh:

"That means it was probably in 1989. I could not bear the traditional table full of sugar that most elementary classroom parties entailed in those days. I also knew that if kids help cook healthy food , they will eat it ! So many great memories !"

Winter Solstice Sunrise

The editor was out of the house just before first light this morning and headed to Gull Harbor to try to catch the sunrise on the shortest day of the year, December 21, 2017, the day of the Winter Solstice. It was just geting light as the first picture was taken, but was before the time of the sunrise.

This is pre-sunrise picture taken from Gull Harbor toward Luney Point.

As the sunrise time approached, disappointment reigned because there was cold and blowing snow with an east wind. Even though the mainland could be seen, the sun didn't appear, and no artistic photographs could be taken.

An hour after the scheduled sunrise, some evidence of its existence appeared on the horizon.

View a short video clip of the winter solstice morning HERE

Congratulations, Katie LaFreniere!

Beaver Island has another licensed EMS provider! Katie LaFreniere is now a licensed medical first responder! This is quite an accomplishment for a high school student! So far, this is the only one that has licensed from the class taught at school.

Beaver Island Community School Weekly Update

December 21, 2017


BICS Students Spread Holiday Cheer!
The BICS National Honor Society distributed baked goods and the elementary students (with lots of parent, community, and middle/high school helpers) sang holiday carols from around the world to community members across Beaver Island this week!  Such a great tradition!

January Breakfast and Lunch Menus Attached
Kudos to Kathie Ehinger for running the most nutritious and delicious school food program on the planet! Join us in 2018 for breakfast and lunch. Please send your child(s) selections by email to Jamie jamiem@beaverisland.k12.mi.us by December 29th.

Bringing Back Inter-Island Competition--BICS Basketball January 5th & 6th
In an effort to re-kindle the tradition of playing our Island neighbors to the west, our basketball teams head to Washington Island, Wisconsin to take on the Bucks. This will be the first Beaver Island vs. Washington Island battle of northern Lake Michigan in over 20 years. Go Islanders!

Robotics Kickoff, Saturday, January 6th
The kickoff for the robotics team begins on Saturday, January 6, 2018!  Robotics Team members, plan on being in the Robotics Room to see the unveiling of the challenge and the start of build season. Let the creativity and the problem-solving begin!

St. James Township Recreation Plan Public Input Session
Plan on stopping by the school at 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm on Wednesday, January 3, 2018 to learn more about, and provide input into, St. James Township’s draft Recreation Plan. The public input session will take place in the BICS Art Room and lunch will be provided!

Free Community Concert—Noon on January 12, 2018
Please mark your calendar for noon, Friday, January 12, 2018 for a concert by The Cummings String Quartet. This professional string quartet will be joined by several of our students to perform some wonderful classical selections. This is a sure cure for the beginning stages of cabin fever—All community members are welcome, so plan on being there and bringing some neighbors along!  More details on location will be forthcoming in early January…but for now plan on enjoying great music at noon on January 12!

Friday December 22nd - Tuesday January 2nd: Holiday Break.
We wish  you a wonder-filled holiday season with your friends and family. The office will be closed during break.  School resumes January 3rd. We will see you next year!

Happy Holidays!

Phyllis' Daily Weather

December 21, 2017

Another sleepng in day (obviously). Right now I'm showing 24°, wind chill of 21°, humidity is at 90%, pressure is steady at 30.18 inches, win is from the ENE at 5 mph, and visibility is 3 miles. Oh, and it's snowing.
TODAY: Snow likely in the morning then snow in the afternoon. Highs in the upper 20s. Southeast winds at 10 mph.
TONIGHT: Snow in the evening, then snow likely after midnight. Lows in the mid 20s. East winds at 10 mph with gusts to around 20 mph.
MARINE REPORT: We are still under a Hazardous Weather Outlook.
TODAY: Southeast wind 5 to 10 knots. Snow. Waves 2 feet or less.
TONIGHT: East wind 10 to 15 knots with gusts to around 20 knots. Snow likely. Waves 2 feet or less.

ON THIS DATE of December 21, 1620 - The "Mayflower", and its passengers, pilgrims from England, landed at Plymouth Rock, MA.

DID YOU KNOW THAT a snail can sleep for 3 years? The reason snails sleep are they alike many other animals hibernate. Hibernation means that snails sleep when weather becomes excessively cold; it is a necessary for the survival of snails. ... Snails will bury themselves in the ground and close their shells off with their own slime.

WORD OF THE DAY: sugarplum (sugar plum) A sugar plum is a piece of dragée or hard candy made of hardened sugar in a small round or oval shape. The term sugar plum came into general usage in the 1600s. At that time, adding layers of sweet which give sugar plums and comfits their hard shell was done through a slow and labour-intensive process called panning. Until the mechanization of the process, it often took several days, and thus the sugar plum was largely a luxury product. In fact, in the 18th century the word plum became British slang for a large pile of money or a bribe. However, by the 1860s manufacturers were using steam heat and mechanized rotating pans, and it was then available for mass consumption.

Today, some candy manufacturers have taken "sugar plum" literally, creating plum-flavored, plum-shaped candies and marketing them as "sugar plum candy".

Demolition and Burning of Grace Cole's House 2000

Normally, the demolition of a single home would not seem to be newsworthy, but this home was known by the majority of island people since its location was right next tot he public beach and right down the road from the Beaver Island Community School at the bottom of the hill, across from Holy Cross Hall, and location of one of the island's historical structures right next door to the Gillespie garage. The Beaver Island Fire Department was on location when the building was burnt, and many, many people stopped by to see the event.

While progress is an important thing, the removal of this house and the Gillespie house across the street seem to leave a sadness that cannot be described unless you are related or have lived here year round for many years. Friends and family will appreciate the efforts of Robert Cole in recording this video of his grandma's house being demolished and burned. There are many views included in this video including a construction lift view.

View video of this HERE

Rod Nackerman and Ed McCauley 2009 Interview

This interview is done by Shamus Norgaard at the Emerald Isle on Beaver Island in 2009. The majority of the interview is with Rod Nackerman with Ed McCauley speaking and adding a few details.

View video of this interview HERE

Allie "Shivery" McDonough

This is another of the interviews completed by Robert Cole as part of the oral history project of the Beaver Island Historical Society. Through an agreement with BIHS, BINN is digitizing these videos and making them available on this website. This interview is about life on the island and the required moving around for jobs when the economy of the island took a dive. This one also has some really interesting stories on a more personal basis.

View video of this itnerview HERE

Jimmy "Swifty" Martin

at the Marine Museum, July 2001

This tour through the Marine Museum by one of the people who actually worked in that net shed and his memories is priceless. Jimmy Martin talks about the harbor and the commercial fishing in the harbor in days past. This is part of the oral history project. This video was taken by Robert Cole, and it includes John Runberg, Senior, talking with Jimmy Martin about the history of the harbor related to fishing.

View video of this HERE

Phyllis' Daily Weather

December 20, 2017

When I went to bed it was almost 40°, not the case any more. Right now I'm showing 25°, wind chill of 12°, humidity is at 65%, pressure is steady at 30.06 inches, cloudy skies, wind is from the WNW at 13 mph with gusts to 18 mph, visibility is 10 miles.
TODAY: Mostly cloudy. Numerous snow showers in the morning, then scattered snow showers in the afternoon. HIghs in the mid 20s. Northwest winds 5 to 15 mph with gusts to around 25 mph.
TONIGHT: Mostly cloudy. Slight chance of snow showers in the evening, then a chance of snow showers after midnight. Lows around 18° Light winds.
MARINE REPORT: Small Craft Advisory in effect until 5:00 P.M.
We are still in a Hazardous Weather Outlook (see yesterday's post)
TODAY: Northwest wind 10 to 20 knots with gusts to around 25 knots decreasing to 5 to 10 knots in the afternoon. Scattered snow showers early in the morning, then isolated snow showers in the morning. Waves 4 to 6 feet subsiding to 2 to 3 feet in the afternoon.
TONIGHT: East wind 5 to 10 knots. Chance of snow showers. Waves 2 feet or less.

ON THIS DATE of December 20, 1954 - Buick Motor Company signed Jackie Gleason to one of the largest contracts ever entered into with an entertainer. Gleason agreed to produce 78 half-hour shows over a two-year period for $6,142,500.

DID YOU KNOW THAT ice skating rinks always go counter clock wise (for the majority of people that are right handed needing to hang onto the rail)?

WORD OF THE DAY: magi (MEY-jahy) which means the wise men, generally assumed to be three in number, who paid homage to the infant Jesus. I can only find references to the word back to the sixth century.

Video Report for 2017

With holidays almost upon us, the information here is through mid-December for the year of 2017. The most popular video clip for the entire year was the interview of the Historical Society Director about the Waterways Project that is coming to Beaver Island for Museum Week in 2018. This video clip has had 7,977 views from 907 unique IP addresses. Several video clips have over two thosand views. These include the video of the new kitchen on the Circle M, Museum Week Lighthouse Letters, Bethlehem Babe performance, Conflict Presentation Group Work, and Eagles Feasting on the Ice. Fourteen video clips had over fifteen hundred views. The most popular in this group was the BICS Writing Project. Forty-three had over one thousand views and fifty-four had over five hundred views.

Total views this year so far include 31,655 using bandwidth of 1,695 GB, from 4,714 unique IP addresses. The most demanding video work this year was the live stream and recording using a three camera mixed broadcast for the Ordination at the Holy Cross Catholic Church, but it was well worth the effort.

It has been a busy year for video on Beaver Island and about Beaver Island. Previous years' video clips are available to anyone at http://beaverislandnewsarchives.com There have been clips viewed from 48 of the fifty states of the USA, as well as some from around the world, the most common being our neighbor Canada.


“As we near the end of another successful season here at BIBCO, we want to honor our dedicated and hardworking employees on their milestone years of service. Thank you for all you do! A special farewell to our Senior Captain, Kevin McDonough on his last year with us and wishing him the best on his upcoming retirement.”

In the Dark

by Cindy Ricksgers

Phyllis' Daily Weather

December 19, 2017

We are having a little bit of a heat wave. Right now it's 38°, wind chill makes it feel like 25°, cloudy skies, humidity is at 77%, pressure is rising from 29.62 inches, wind is from the west at 16 mph with gusts to 23 mph, and visibility is 10 miles.
TODAY: Mostly cloudy. Chance of snow showers and a slight chance of rain showers in the morning, then a slight chance of rain and snow showers in the afternoon. Highs in the upper 30s. West winds 10 to 20 mph with gusts to around 40 mph.
TONIGHT: Snow showers likely. Breezy. Lows in the lower 20s. Northwest winds 10 to 25 mph with gusts to around 45 mph. Chance of snow 70%.

Hazardous Weather Outlook:
Light drizzle and snow overnight and temperatures just above
freezing may lead to slick spots on area roadways this morning...particularly across eastern upper Michigan and the higher terrainvof northern lower Michigan.

Gale force wind gusts will impact the northern Michigan nearshore waters through tonight.

.DAYS TWO THROUGH SEVEN...Wednesday through Monday.

Low pressure will track into lower Michigan Thursday into Friday. Significant snow accumulations are possible across all of northern Michigan. Rain may mix with the snow near Saginaw Bay. Travel maybe impacted.

ON THIS DATE of December 19, 2003 - Images for the new design for the Freedom Tower at the World Trade Center site were released. The building slopes into a spire that reaches 1,776 feet.

DID YOU KNOW THAT 2003 - Images for the new design for the Freedom Tower at the World Trade Center site were released. The building slopes into a spire that reaches 1,776 feet.

WORD OF THE DAY: (YOOL-tahyd) which means the 1) the Christmas season; 2) of or relating to the Christmas season. Yule is the ancient name in the Germanic lunar calendar for a winter festival corresponding to December and January. Later, yule referred to the twelve-day holiday associated with the Feast of the Nativity after the widespread adoption of Christianity through Northern Europe..Late Middle English word dating back to 1425-75.

I Remember Christmas

by Cindy Ricksgers

Charlevoix Dentist

That Tooth Guy

If you are looking for a dentist on the mainland, Editor Joe Moore can recommend this one. His office is right down next to the Beaver Island Boat Company dock there in Charlevoix. Click the tooth above to access his website.

The Baby

by Daniel R. Craig

Daniel R. Craig is a friend and former co-worker of Kathie Ehinger; he spent a few days as paramedic in the summer of 2015-16

"The Baby"

The call came in at two or three in the morning . "Sick infant"!

We make the scene, an apartment complex on the outskirts of town. Find the address and approach the door with caution . I approach every scene with senses on "high alert". Looking for potential danger, a way out if need be. Knock on the door and we're greeted by a young woman of seventeen or eighteen. I instantly hear a baby crying from within. "Music to the ears....we have a patent airway"!

We follow the young lady towards the sound of the infant, all the while surveying the scene. Young man to my left sleeping on a couch. Two other teenagers awake on the floor with blankets or sleeping bags. I spot the infant lying on the bare floor crying up a storm with a young woman kneeling over him or her. I say infant but a newborn of two or three days.

My mind flashes.....five teenagers in a one or two bedroom apartment sparsely furnished. No place for a baby! Scene safe....in a couple of quick motions I drop the jump kit to the floor and sweep in and snatch the baby off the floor. The floor was carpeted, a small dining area. Quick assessment as I resurvey the scene. My partner is right beside me as I slowly walk cuddle and rock the baby. Being a mother herself her protective and caring instincts kick in and I know she wants the baby.

Well now the baby was settling down just fine in my arms and maybe I don't want to give her the baby! I look at the young lady on the floor and ask "Are you the mother"?

She said "yes". The mother was seventeen or eighteen.

Sternly I said "You never lay a baby on a bare floor....always lay a blanket down first"! Oops. ..Mom was about to cry! Time to go to work. I handed the baby off to my partner knowing that the infant was in the best of hands and would get a head to toe inspection with tender loving care. At this point I didn't think anything was medically wrong with the infant. Maybe a diaper change or a feeding.

I moved off to the side with a scared young mother as my partner tended to the baby. I got her story.....she was living in the apartment with her friends and fiancée until they could get a place for themselves. Her mom wanted her to come home but her dad hated her! She was on the verge of tears. I calmed her with positive reinforcement about caring and love. Bonding and the relationship of mother and child. Assured her that her father didn't hate, but loved her and would accept her child. Silently I prayed he would.

Then I looked at her and asked her "Does your baby belong in this apartment?"

She said "No."

Then I asked her "Where does your baby belong?"

The tears were flowing now! She said "At home with mom and dad".

I made her promise me that she would go home in the morning. She promised me she would. She needed her mother to guide her, nuture her in the care of an infant. She was a scared, confused young mother out of her element.

I believe she did go back home, as she was a smart young lady, who knew she was in over her head. She wanted the best for her baby. All was good! My partner reluctantly handed the infant over to her mother. Funny how the infant relaxed in experienced, loving arms. Arms the children in the apartment didn't have yet.

The dude was still sleeping on the couch as we exited the apartment. Everyone else was awake and he's still sleeping! I think not! Got down a little low and gave the couch a good hip check while shouting in his face "Hey dude".

Yep, that jolted him out of a dead sleep!..lol. Such fun playing part time social worker and comedian!

Stay safe, smile, laugh, love.....494

Do We Need to Save a Lighthouse?

There are some people quite concerned about the Southhead Lighthouse and Light at the south end of the island. There have been several pictures taken inside and out that suggest that the current owners are not in a position to restore the lighthouse to the previous state of repair that was accomplished several years ago with grants. Those that may be involved have received information from the Great Lakes Lighthouse Museum that is being shared here.

See the "Beginning Guide to Saving a Lighthouse" HERE

There a an interesting link to viewing some information about the Southhead Lighthouse HERE


The Beaver Island Emergency Services Authority has canceled its regular meeting for the Month of December 2017.


The Thursday, December  28, 2017 Regular Meeting of the BIESA is canceled.

Favorite Pictures and Clips

by Joe Moore

Going through some of the archives of Beaver Island News on the 'Net for ten or eleven years ago, I came across these two pictures that stood out. These pictures were taken by Phyllis Moore, and represent the News better than any that have been taken recently. Looking at the world of Beaver Island from a unique perspective, but relying on facts instead of rumor is what the News is all about.

This unique sunset picture looking across the harbor toward Whiskey Point is amazing.

This is a sunrise picture that mimics sunset pictures by others.

Great job, Phyllis!

Then I looked for one of my pictures that had the same vintage, but also had a unique perspective. I chose the one picture that fit that description of a missing man formation by Island Airways.

Thanks, Island Airways!

And then from five years ago, these were found as some of my favorite things, (photos)

A Super Moon

A night time photo of the Wendy Anne coming in.

And my favorite video clips from last year:

Ryan Wellman Fly Over


Fledged Osprey Feeding

There are so many video clips from this year that there is no way to choose just one or ten. This year has been made up of many of my favorite things 

My favorite live streaming event had to be the Ordination of James Siler to the priesthood at Holy Cross Church on Beaver Island.

Entrance and Greeting by the Bishop and priests of the diocese 

A Favorite Christmas Eve

by Phillip Michael Moore

It's not Christmas Eve, but today I was thinking of my favorite one today.

There was snow on the ground, but not enough to cover your feet if you watched where you walked. It was one of those nights that seem too warm. That is, until the smallest wisp of wind reminds you that it's December like a playful slap on your cheek.

I was making my way to midnight Mass- which used to actually be at midnight. There was that magic glow from the stained glass that beat back the cold as I neared.

For whatever reason, I was by myself, and I happened to see Rory near the door. We exchanged pleasantries, and went in.

We met up again outside after Mass.

He asked, "Coming to breakfast?"

"Huh? Breakfast?... Now?"

"The old timers used to- right after church."

Right about that time, Rory's grandma (a great or two) finished chatting with some folks, and the two invited me over.

Walking out the doorway, we noticed the snow falling in slow motion- like bits of down scattered from high above.

The house was just about exactly across the street, and we sauntered through the snow. Grandma using Rory as a cane, and me at her other elbow- just in case.

We walked up onto the porch, and she told us to sit. Seemed like a bit of an order, and so we did- right there on some chairs on the front porch.

I asked Rory if she was really going to make us breakfast- already feeling a tug of guilt as it was after 1am.

Rory started to reply, but in came grandma with a tray full of cookies.

"I don't have breakfast, but I've got some cookies."

After thanking her, and some other pleasantries, the conversation turned to Christmases past, and that is when the magic began.

Apologies now for any innacuracies- it was 1am, this was 20 years ago, and there was a stout spirit served with the cookies from a bottle that was poured generously.

She began by telling us that she had gone over with her mom to the mainland. Mom was to give birth.

After the baby was born on the mainland, the three wanted to get home to the island- it was Christmas Eve.

It was a cold winter, she said with a shiver in her voice. The only way back was across the ice.

The mother and two small ones hitched a ride on a sleigh carrying mail. A one horse open sleigh, as it were...

Anyhow, she said that the trip was fine- but when she said "fine," you could hear a bounce and excitement that told you that this was not like riding in a Cadillac.

All was well until the horse encountered a large fissure in the ice.

The driver went left for a half mile, and had no change. The process was repeated to the right with the same results.

They were halfway between the island and the mainland- with not even a hint of land for 10 miles in any direction. Standing at the edge of a fissure, on a sheet of ice- quite literally in the middle of winter itself.

The driver brought the horse to the narrowest part of the crack.

She said the horse snorted something fierce, and then bolted forward.

She looked from under her mother's arm to see the sleigh straddle and slip over the void to safety.

Thr next excitement came when they saw the lights in the harbor. She said that that's when everyone relaxed. They were home for Christmas.

Three things. I can't recall (but I'm sure you'll tell me) how many greats this grandma was to Rory- doesn't matter too much to me: she's really great in my book!

Next, there was another story that followed about coming home another time on a fishing boat- wish I could remember the details, maybe someone has that story?

And, finally, what a gift to hear stories like this from our elders! Some of my favorite moments.

Hope your travels are safe- and your horses step safely past the obstacles between you and home this Christmas.

Thanks Mary, for the best Christmas Eve I've had so far. Rory, thanks for having me over those years ago.

Phyllis' Daily Weather

December 18, 2017

Slept in. Ever have one of those nights where you are absolutely exhausted? That was me last night. I went to bed early (for me) and honestly don't even remember putting my head on the pillow. However, I'm up now and enjoying my cup of coffee. On to the weather...

Right now we have cloudy skies, 35°, feels like 30°, humidity is at 89%, pressure is steady at 29.83 inches, wind is from the WSW at 7 mph, and visibility is 10 miles.
TODAY: Mostly cloudy. Patchy fog in the morning. Slight chance of snow showers in the morning then a slight chance of drizzle and snow showers in the afternoon. Highs in the mid 30s. Southwest winds at 10 mph. Gusts up to 25 mph in the afternoon.
TONIGHT: Mostly cloudy. Chance of rain showers in the evening then a chance of rain and snow showers after midnight. Lows in the lower 30s. Southwest winds 5 to 15 mph with gusts to around 35 mph.
WEDNESDAY... We are also in a hazardous weather outlook: DAY ONE...Fog and freezing drizzle may deposit very light icing on roads
and other surfaces today, mainly this morning.

A wintry mix of snow, rain, and freezing drizzle is expected tonight, especially north of M-72. Light snow accumulations are expected in eastern upper Michigan. Icy spots could develop again on some roads in northern lower Michigan.

Gale force wind gusts will occur tonight on parts of Lake Michigan and the Straits of Mackinac.

DAYS TWO THROUGH SEVEN....A light mix of freezing drizzle, light rain and light snow is possible Tuesday morning which could result in icy road conditions.

Gale force wind gusts will continue into Tuesday night on some northern Michigan nearshore waters.

A more significant winter storm may impact northern Michigan Thursday into Friday. The track of this system is still uncertainand various types and amounts of precipitation are possible. Travel may be impacted by this storm and travelers should stay tuned for later updates.

ON THIS DATE of December 18, 1865 - U.S. Secretary of State William Seward issued a statement verifying the ratification of the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The amendment abolished slavery with the declaration: "Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction."

DID YOU KNOW THAT your liver has over 500 functions? It processes virtually everything you eat, drink, breathe in or rub on your skin. Every day, your liver helps your body by providing it with energy, fighting off infections and toxins, helping clot the blood, regulating hormones and much, much more.

WORD OF THE DAY: tannenbaum (TAH-nuh n-boum) which means a Christmas tree. In German Tannenbaum merely means “fir tree” and by itself has no association with Christmas. The connection of Tannenbaum with Christmas lies in the song O Tannenbaum, written in 1824, by the Leipzig organist and composer Ernst Anschütz, and based on a Silesian folksong dating from the 1500s. The original lyrics do not refer to Christmas or describe a decorated Christmas tree but refer to the tree's evergreen qualities as symbols of constancy and faithfulness. Anschütz added two verses of his own to the one original verse, and as the custom of the Christmas tree developed in 1800s, O Tannenbaum came to be regarded as a Christmas song. The word entered English in the late 1800s.



Cinematic Tour of Beaver Island

The Chamber of Commerce of Beaver Island has posted this, and BINN found it on facebook. It's a very nice video, viewable on YouTube.

View it here

Holocaust Survivor Martin Lowenberg

Video by Kaylyn Jones HERE

Airport Commission Meeting

April 1, 2017

View video of the meeting HERE

Emergency Services Authority


BICS Board Meetings

November 14, 2016

School Board Meeting Packet HERE

View video of the meeting HERE


Anti-Bullying Presentation to BICS Parents

View presentation HERE

St. James Township Meeting Video

April 5, 2017

View video of the meeting HERE

April 24, 2017, 7 p.m.

View a small gallery of pictures of the meeting HERE

View video of the meeting HERE

May 3, 2017

View video of the meeting HERE

June 7, 2017

View video of the meeting HERE

June 19, 2017

View video of the meeting HERE

Link to the Beaver Island Airport 10-year Plan

On the Beach of Beaver Island

You will need Quicktime or another music player to enjoy this link.

The music played in the Holy Cross Hall in the late 70's and early 80's, recorded for posterity and shared here.

When Santa Missed the Boat to Beaver Island

as read by Phil Gregg

Click HERE

Meeting Minutes

The minutes of all public meetings will be posted

as soon as they are received.

News on the 'Net welcomes minutes to all public meetings. All organizations are welcome to submit meeting minutes for publication on this website. Please email them to medic5740@gmail.com.

Airport Committee Minutes

Beaver Island Cultural Arts Association Minutes

Beaver Island District Library Board Minutes

Peaine Township Board Minutes

BIRHC Board Meeting Minutes

St. James Township Meeting Minutes

Beaver Island Community School Board Meeting Minutes

Beaver Island Ecotourism Goals Draft, rev. 3, 19 Jan 2010

Beaver Island Natural Resources and Eco-Tourism Steering Committee Minutes

Beaver Island Transportation Authority Minutes

Joint Human Resources Commission Minutes

Waste Management Committee Minutes

Beaver Island Airport Commission Minutes New for 2011!

Subscriptions Expire

You can subscribe online by using PayPal and a credit card. Please click the link below if you wish to renew online:


Christian Church Bulletin

December 17, 2017

Christian Church Christmas Eve Service

Mass from Holy Cross, 9:30 Sunday

Father Jim Siler is in his home parish celebrating Mass, so Beaver Island's Holy Cross Parish had a visiting priest this morning. Father Don Geyman celebrated the service today with Patrick Nugent doing the readings.

Pat Nugent doing the readings

Father Don reading the Gospel and giving a short sermon

Fr. Donald Geyman is the appointed Rector of St. Mary Cathedral and Pastor of St. Mary in Grayling, St. Thomas Aquinas in Elmira and Holy Redeemer in Vanderbilt. Fr. Geyman has also been appointed the Vicar for Clergy for the diocese.  Many of you are familiar with Fr. Don as he has served as the Director of Vocations for the Diocese of Gaylord since 2007. He has also been serving as the Sacramental Minister for the Boyne Valley Catholic Community which includes the parishes of St. Matthew in Boyne City, St. Augustine in Boyne Falls and St. John Nepomucene in Praga.  Fr. Don began his service to the Northern Lights Catholic Community on July 1, 2015.

View video of the service HERE

Phyllis' Daily Weather

December 17, 2017

Went to Mass last night so I don't have to venture outside until around 12:30 to take Mom and Ruthie to the airport for Mom's doctor appointments (and most likely some shopping).

Cloudy skies at the moment, 21°, feels like 13°, humidity is at 80%, pressure is steady at 30.24 inches, wind is from the east at 8 mph, and visibility is 10 miles.
TODAY: Mostly cloudy. Slight chance of freezing drizzle and flurries in the afternoon. Highs in the upper 20s. Southeast winds at 10 mph. Gusts up to 20 mph in the morning.
TONIGHT: Mostly cloudy. Patchy fog. Chance of flurries and a slight chance of freezing drizzle. Lows in the mid 20s. Southeast winds at 10 mph shifting to the southwest after midnight.
TODAY: Southeast wind 5 to 10 knots. Slight chance of flurries in the morning. Waves 2 feet or less.
TONIGHT: Southwest wind 5 to 10 knots. Patchy fog. Slight chance of freezing drizzle and snow showers. Waves 2 feet or less.

ON THIS DATE of December 17, 1986 - Wayne "Danke Schoen" Newton won a $19.2 million suit against NBC News. NBC had aired reports claiming a link between Newton and mob figures. The reports were proven to be false.

DID YOU KNOW THAT What is called a “French kiss” in the English speaking world is known as an “English kiss” in France.?

WORD OF THE DAY: wassail (WA-sail) which means spiced ale or mulled wine drunk during celebrations for Twelfth Night and Christmas Eve. Traditionally drunk as an integral part of wassailing, a Medieval English drinking ritual intended to ensure a good cider apple harvest the following year. Also drank at Pagen celebrations such as Yule.

Ramon Nelson

on the

House of David on High Island and Benton Harbor

This is anothe roral history interview done by Robert Cole. Ramon Nelson was interviewed in 1991, twenty-six years ago. The video has degraded a great deal, and so did the audio on the VHS tape. Editor Joe Moore spent the better part of two full days attempting to remove a high pitch squal from the audio. The video files were taken into Sound Forge, and a parametric equalized was used to attempt to rescue the voice of Robert Cole and Ramon Nelson. It was not possible to remove all the noise from the video, but a serious attempt was made for those interested in learning about life in the House of David on High Island as a young boy and young man.

View video of the 1991 Interview HERE

Beaver Island Community School Weekly Update

December 15, 2017


Homework Help at the Library
The great staff and volunteers at the Beaver Island District Library will be coordinating study sessions at the Library Monday through Thursday from 3:30 pm-5:00 pm. Volunteers will be on hand to help with all subjects, including math. Remember too that your teachers are available to meet with you for extra help after school every day!

BICS Basketball December 15th & 16th
Our basketball teams head to Hannahville to take on the Soaring Eagles. Go Islanders!

Santa’s Workshop and Santa Visit!
Brought to you by the Friends of Veterans and AMVETS, the wonderful Santa’s Workshop and Visit will take place from 11-2 on Saturday, December 16th. Please note that Santa will arrive around noon.  All kids will be able to shop, visit with Santa and EVERYONE is welcome to enjoy a complementary hot dog lunch.  Notes and Christmas Labels have been sent home with your children.

Mark Your Calendars—Don’t Miss “A Cowhand’s Christmas Carol”
Please join us at the Beaver Island Community Center at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, December 19th for this year’s BICS Christmas Play: “A Cowhand’s Christmas Carol.” Brought to you by the BICS secondary Drama Class, this play will be sure to delight plum pudding lovers of all ages! Admission for adults is $5.00, and students are free!

Back by Popular Demand—Holiday and Christmas Caroling!
On Wednesday, December 20th, our students will be bringing joy to homes around Beaver Island with their lovely voices singing such holiday favorites as Silent Night, the Dreidel Song, and We Wish You a Merry Christmas. The students will leave school about 2:00 pm and make 10-12 stops, ending at Forest View.  Please considering helping out as a driver or making a treat to share with our carolees (the people to whom we will be caroling).  If you can help out, please contact Mrs. Robert.

Annual 4th/5th grade Christmas breakfast at Mrs. Robert’s:
The 4th & 5th grade students will be spending the day at Mrs. Robert’s house making breakfast, baking and sledding on Thursday December 21st, please be sure to turn your permission slip into Mrs. Robert.

Secret Santa:
The secondary students and staff will be participating in Secret Santa all week:
Monday: Food/Drink; Tuesday: Card/Ornament; Wednesday: Gag Gift; Thursday: Final Gift Exchange.

Friday December 22- Tuesday January 2nd: Holiday Break.

Have a Fantastic Weekend!

2004 Hall Dance for Museum Week

In July 2004, the Museum Week still had a Holy Cross Parish Hall Dance for Museum Week. The dance included entertainment by Rich Scripps, Edward Palmer, Hillary Palmer, and Cindy Gillespie Cushman. The video was only a short snapshot of this dance back then. This is a continuation of the project mentioned previously.

Pictures from the video of this performance

View a couple of video clips of this night HERE

"The Tinker" 1994 Production

by the Beaver Island Community Players

This also is part of the digitizing project that BINN Editor Joe Moore is doing for the Historical Society. The production took place in the Holy Cross Parish Hall with Pinky Harmon, Joddy Croswhite, and Patrick McGinnity as some of the performers in the program. The video is not as clear as the standards of today, but the historical filming marks an important point in the history of the island community for drama, directing, and acting. The three mentioned actors have given their approval for the presentation of this with the best comment being,"I'd like to see it myself. I didn't know that it was recorded."

Here are a few pictures taken from the video:

View the video HERE

New, but Familiar Deputy

Nate Humble will be moving to the mainland to take over the schedule of this new, but familiar deputy. We all know this deputy as Nicole Smith, who is married to Nick Olson now, so our deputy to replace Nate Humbold is Nicole Olson. They, Nick and Nicole, are moving to the island this weekend. Nicole has island connections. Her parents are the Prawats, and her grandfather is Jack Gallagher.

"Nate Humble will be coming over to the mainland this weekend to take over Deputy Olson’s schedule.  Nicole is very fond of Beaver Island and all the citizens, and she is looking forward to making it her new home.  Please welcome her with open arms.  Nate Humble is excited to come to Charlevoix for his duties, Nate is now engaged to his girlfriend who lives on the mainland." (from an email from Debbie Storm of CCSD)

Gerald LaFreniere has posted an invitation on facebook for the island residents to attend a going-away party, 6-8 p.m., Friday, December 15, 2017, at the LaFreniere residence on Freesoil Avenue.



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Christmas Lunch and Santa's Workshop

The Beaver Island Friends of Veterans will hold the Annual Children's Christmas Lunch and Santa's Workshop on Saturday, December 16, 2017 at the Beaver Island Community School. A hot dog lunch will be served at 11:00, with a visit to Santa to follow.  We will also hold Santa's Workshop that same day so the youngsters can purchase their Christmas gifts for family and friends at a nominal price.  We wish you all a Happy Holiday!!

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Library Story Times

Please join early childhood educator, Kim Mitchell, for story time with your baby, toddler, or preschooler beginning Monday, September 11. 2017, at 10:30 a.m.. As well as reading stories, also included are songs, finger plays, movement, art, and free-play. Each week will focus on a specific theme along with activities to develop listening, socialization, gross and fine motor skill-building, creativity, as well as play-time while caregivers get a chance to socialize, and of course, check out books!

No cost is required, but registration is appreciated so enough materials are available, though visitors to the island are welcome to drop-in. Kim has taught toddler play groups for Lamaze and preschool and has numerous books, toys, and activities she would love to share. If interested, please contact Kim at beaverislandkim@gmail.com or call 448-2532.

New Library Hours

The Beaver Island District Library is pleased to announce new hours of operation intended to optimize the availability of our facility, staff, and resources to the school.

*Note also the new closing time for the school year.*

Weekdays:   8:30 - 5:00

Saturday:   12:00 - 5:00

Weekdays during scheduled school breaks, the library will open at 10:00 and close at 5:00.

Island Treasures Resale

On Tuesday, June 6, 2017,  the Resale Shop will welcome donors and shoppers at noon as we begin our summer schedule. The summer schedule is Tuesdays through Saturdays from noon until 4:00.

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Island Treasures Resale Shop

We will be open Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from noon until 4:00. During those hours we will gladly accept your "gently used, barely used, like new " items. Please be sure that your donations be in season, clean, and in good repair. Thank you for your support !

Open for shopping and donations

If you need help with your donation, call the shop at 448-2534

or Donna at 448-2797.

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